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this is one of the many things I have done to and with my wonderful wife!
Am I normal? Part 1

This was written by me for my wife she has read it for accuracy as she is not big on these sites her thing is to not know what I am am going to do with her and to be surprised!...

I have had all these feelings since I was a young girl or am I perverted. My man likes to blindfold me tie me up and take me some place so that he can have sex with me I never know where it is. It usually starts out with a nice dinner, and after when we are in the parking lot of the restaurant he will put on my blindfold, we then drive to a secluded area and he gets me out of the car, and strips me leaving only slinky underwear or nothing just heels. At this point he puts a coat over my shoulders and has me stick out my hands, I always do what he asks, with them out he puts on soft leather wrist cuffs and buckles them very tight. I am now back in the car and we are driving, I do not know where, but I am getting wetter by the minute. It could be out into the woods or to a raunchy motel or to someones basement I never really know.

When we get there, he gets me out of the car and usually takes my coat off and leads me by one of my nipples to where ever he is taking me. It never occurs to me to protest as I am always anticipating and fantasizing as to what might happen he wants to scare me and I want to be scared.

In this particular case I am taken to a sleazy motel and across the street is a topless bar, I do not know this at the time, although I am always Fantasizing about the most wild of things that could happen to a woman who is in my naked and helpless position. It is late in the evening he has prearranged everything, so to do what he wants, he waits until there is no one around, and because the car is parked close by, never seems to have any trouble getting me from the car and into the motel room. ( Once he cleared it with the manager of an adult motel first and led me from the car that was parked out front through the corridor next to the office and to our room when I was totally nude and wearing only heels a couple that was in the office was shocked!) This is after all a sleazy motel and even those who have seen that I am nude do not want to get involved or care.

Sometimes he will make me stand in front of the window with the curtains open so that anyone, if they are passing by can view my naked female charms, then he will have me lay on the bed and tells me to open my legs wide, at first he kisses me deep and passionately, from there he slowly goes down to my breasts nipples and to my pussy which is now so wet I can hardly stand it,then he performs oral on me, he is good at it and I really want him to.

I climax several times my breathing is more rapid my clit is very sensitive and my thighs are trembling. He releases my wrists and tells me to rollover and lay face down on the bed, I comply immediately there are three pillows under my waist he tells me to spread my arms and legs and to arch up my bottom. I feel soft leather cuffs being tightly belted to my ankles, next my wrists and then my ankles are tied off in several directions so that I am now spread very wide and I cannot move.

This feeling is so helplessly wonderful he asks me if I can get loose. I say no he asks me again and to try, sometimes I can and he then makes sure I cannot. At this point I am nude tied spreadeagled to the bed and cannot see, furthermore I do not know where my clothes are or where I am at, this for me is an incredible feeling.

He will then lean over to my ear and whisper into it and in this case he says something along the lines of hey baby I am going to go across the street to watch the girls dance and I am going to tell the first guy I meet that there is a naked girl who is tied and wearing a blindfold in the motel across the street, and the key in the door. So if you want the best piece of ass you have ever had in your life you might want to go over there, and take some of your buddies with you, because your going to need help, as this woman is really hot horny and ready to go!.

Or he will say, their are 10 well hung black guys out in the parking lot that know you are in the motel and when they find out which room your in you are going to get the fucking of your life! Another of the perversions I fantasize about.

With this comment I usually hear the door close, I never try to get loose, sometimes its only a matter of minutes until I hear the door open and some times it seems like hours I am now so wet with anticipation, and he has told me numerous times that with my bottom up in the air like it is, that my little cunt just opens up and that my clit just sticks right out especially after I have been sucked on or played with, it is ready and so well trained, he tells me its the most sensual and erotic thing he has ever seen.

He then mounts me and even with a very hard dick I am easily penetrated he loves it and I love it. I know its him? at least I think its him he is my man and we have made love often so I should know right? he gets off a certain way that I expect, as he grabs my ass this time its not quite the same, oh I can tell its him by the size right? "or can I" it is a really good fucking, and that's what I want. After he gets off he gets up I hear the bathroom door close the water run for a moment and then I hear the door to our room open and close.

It was him? sure it has to be,?I ponder this for a short time and I hear the door open again followed by someone touching my ass his fingers run down into my wet cunt that still has cum dripping from it, he knows how to stick his fingers in and turn them around just the way I like it and he pushes them up just inside of my opening and rubs them at the top of my love canal, it has to be him, as I feel the bed sink and him penetrate me again how could he get so hard so fast? as he uses me again. He has told me so many times that with me in this position it is very easy for him to do it more than once, I feel him get off the bed and the door open and close yet again I lay there wondering as the door opens once more. Tonight is exceptional, between the sucking and now with three exceptional sessions of hard fast fucking. I have gotten off well over half a dozen times it is what I fantasize about and what I want.

I have done this sort of thing well over 100 times, I never say no I always stick my hands out I do what ever he asks I never think of trying to get loose and of course it is always him isn't it?.

Am I a pervert am I normal is he normal or is this just normal for both of us

Name withheld by request


2013-07-05 21:42:14
Hi Hearts & Roses, I enjoy reading this encounter told by your wife. I love reading and hearing about the anticipation that your wife has about what is going to happen to her in the hotel room. Thanks for posting this encounter told in her words and point of view!

anonymous readerReport

2012-02-06 22:47:18
I love this idea, and am loiokng forward to seeing what you coume up with for each letter.I think maybe I 'specially love it because I'm a big fan of sound as a constituent of sex. Not specifically any of the things you've mentioned like talking dirty or phone sex, just... sound.

anonymous readerReport

2011-11-16 12:24:04
What I find so interetisng is you could never find this anywhere else.


2010-07-27 12:55:21
Why be normal...? It is better to be fucking HOT. This sounds like fun, and fun is the best thing to have!

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