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John's sister has a friend over, who gets pretty close to John
I layed in bed, sipping my red bull and watching some terrible show on tv. turns out, theres not many good things on at two in the morning. So i was pretty bored. As a seventeen year old, i could pretty much get a hard on and jerk off at any point, so I did just that. Starting with a little bit of rubbing and pulling, i was at full mast within a minute or two. As i layed there, jerking off, my imagination went into full drive. I have some hot blonde. Great tits, real and what feel like nice C cups. She's on top of me. She's hot as all hell. Riding my cock and yelling in pure pleasue.
Her soaking wet, tight pussy is slipping up and down my shaft. Before i know it, i have her bent over my bed. i pull ouf of her pussy and ram my erection into her asshole. She loves it. I reach in front of her and use the fingers of my left hand to rub her clit. My right hand is on her ass, her perfect ass. She has me lay down. She grabs my shaft and starts jerking me off while sucking my nuts. Then sticks my average, 6.5 incher, into her mouth and sucks. Her mouth works like a pro. I'm getting close to cumming. I roll over, and grab a sock. I cum and it feels....well it feels indescribable.
I go back to watching the shitty shows i was watching not too long ago.

The next day i wake up, shower and head downstairs for breakfast. My sixteen year old sister is already down at the table. "Hey John" she says "Are you gunna be here tonight, im having Christen over and you have the better tv. We wanna have a movie night" I'm planning on staying home, but what the fuck, why not do something nice. And who knows what i may get out of the deal. I mean, her friend is a pretty good looking girl. And from what gets said at school, Shes not the hardest girl to get with. So with the image of Christens nice ass in my mind, i say "If you pick out some good movies, then you can use my tv. But im watching them too"
My sister Megan mumbles something but I ignore her, and pour myself some cereal.

I spent the rest of the day at home. Watching tv and playing some video games. I didnt know when Christen was going to get here, and didn't want to miss the arrival. At about six that night, the door bell rang. I was dressed in some sweats and a t-shirt. Nothing special, but Christen had a different approach. she was wearing a nice tank top, one that made sure every guy in the room would steal a peak at her. The jean shorts had a very minimul fabric amount. I coulda sworn that if she bent over, even a little, I'd get a good look at those ass cheeks.

She walks in and says "Hey Meg, Hey John, I brought some snacks for tonight!" Holy shit, i didn't even notice the bags she was holding. I was too busy checking every other part of her out. from the light brown hair, in a messy bun to the manicured toes, that ended the amazing body. All sitting nicely in some flip flops. We walked to my bed. I have a nice, big king sized bed. It takes up most of my floor but its worth it. I grab the movies my sister picked out earlier. "What the fuck Meg?! i though we were going to watch good movies!" I say as i grab what looks like a whole collection of chick flicks. "Those are good movies, so stop being a bitch and lay down"

I put the movies in my xbox anyway, then press play. The first one starts, 5 minutes in, and I'm already feeling gay. My sister puts the second movie in after the first is over. She claims that this movies better. It showed some tits which was nice, but still overall sucked really really bad. We let Christen pick out the next one. I say that i like the shitty movie she picked out, just because she's the guest....and she had to bend over to put the disc in. That was pretty good too. When she comes back to the bed, she seems to get as close to me as she can. I'm a nice guy, so i don't complain about it.

Meg starts to fall asleep towards the end of the movie. When its over, she says that she's going to bed. Me and Christen decide to watch another movie. Megs too tired to give shit so rubs her eyes and goes to bed. For the next movie, i pick a scary on. As it starts Christine inches her way closer to me, claiming to be scared. During an exeptionally scary scene, she jumps and her hand lands on top of mine. "oh sorry" she says, i tell her its not a problem. "Is it ok if i cuddle up agains you, im really really scared of this movie" she says, in what could be a seductive way. It could be my imagination tho. I agree anyway. Christen scooches closer so that her ass is against my crotch and my hand gets put on her belly.

Through out the movie, she wiggles and moves. Every time she apologizes, and blames it on the scary movie. I half jokingly say "of course it is, you don't just want to get me excited huh?"
"OH im getting you excited John? what if i do this?" and she moves her hand around and grabs at my crotch threw my sweat pants. "well you can do that, if i can do this!" and i reach up and grab a tit in my hand. With her hand on my slowly rising dick, and my hand on her breast, we both freeze. She lets go. I take it as a sign that i should to. We must have crossed a line or something.

Then she turns over, and kisses me. Her soft lips meet mine then she pulls back. i reach for the back of her head and pull her in closer. We start kissing again, my tongue enters her mouth. Its greeted almost immediately by her own tongue, who decides to play with mine. I release my hand from the back of her head and readjust my pants. I now have a raging erection and it needs to be let out. And soon. I use my other hand to grab at her breast. Squeezing and rubbing, I need to take her shirt off. I pull back and reach for the hem of her shirt and lift it up over her head. I'm then greeted by two of the most amazing tits I've ever seen. NIce and up tight to her body, sit two B cups, maybe small C's. I go in for another kiss as my hands enjoy the feel of her naked breasts, and nice pink nipples. NIpples that are longing to be sucked on. I slowly kiss down her neck. Kiss her boobs one after the other then use my right hand to squeeze her left breast while i suck on her right tit. It immedialty hardens in my mouth, and i can feel the other one doing the same in my hand.

"OHH Johnnnn" she moans. The sound of her voice driving me crazy. But before i know it, i feel her hand on the tie to my sweat pants. As soon as its undone, my rock hard cock springs out. I lift my head from her tit and she uses her left hand to lift my chin up for a deep kiss, while her right hand grabs at my shaft. She lifts my shirt off of me, and kisses down my neck, then chest. She reaches my dick and kisses the head, ever so lightly. She then pops the head in her mouth and sucks really hard. At the same time she jerks me off. It is without a doubt, one of the best feelings i've ever experienced. Christen then opens her mouth wide and goes down another 3 inches. She bobs her head up and down while i lay there in absolute heaven. I look down at her and her big, bright, blue eyes are staring up at me, while she is sucking on my cock. It is so sexy that i make her pause so i can pay her back.

I lay her on her back, and kiss each of her nipples. she lets out a deep breath on each. i then kiss down her belly and give a playfull nibble at her pants. I bring my hands up to her button and zipper and have those situated in seconds. I slowly pull them down. Her pink panties are the only thing between me and her sweet pussy. I kiss where her clit lays on the other side of the underwear. I use my teeth to pull them down. Christine's breathing gets very heavy. I lick up from her left thigh, to her dripping wet cunt. The aroma hits me right before the taste. Both, making my senses do back flips. I stick my middle finger into her cunt hole and she lets out a moan. I then lick from where my finger meets her pussy, up to her clit. When my tongue hits it, she trades in her light moan for a squeal. I pump my finger in and out of her wet, shaven pussy. After a couple minutes of licking her slit, fingering her hole, and nibbling her lips. she grabs my hair and pushes with all of her might so that my face is compressed into her pusssy. She orgasms right into my face. And we both love every moment of it.

"Now its your turn to have one" she says, in such a way, that i know im in for a treat. She pushes me into position, so that my back is once again, laying on the bed. Christine goes back to giving me head. Bobbing her head and sucking like a hoover. She lifts up for a moment and spits on the head of my dick. She then sits up a little grabs her tits and lays them down on my cock. As she titty fucks me, she opens her mouth for my dick to enter every time it goes up past her tits. The smoothness of her tits, and warmness of her mouth drive me over the edge in no time. "Oh shit Christine, im gunna cumm!!!"

She then says "mhmmm" with a mouth full of cock. I bust a load right into her throat. Glob after glob shoot into her mouth. The pressure releasing from my body. I tell her 'fuck Christine, I've never cum so hard in my life"

"Oh John, you haven't seen anything yet" she then sucks my dick into full mast again. Climbs on top of me and sits on my belly. She bends forward and kisses me hard. Then she leans back, lifts up and slowly goes down until the head of my dick is at the entrance to her pussy. Then without warning, she drops. Her hands on my chest, she bounces up and down on my cock. I reach up and take a boob in each hand. She rides me faster and faster. I switch my hand placement, one hand on each ass cheek for the rest of the ride.

Just as i cum in her, she orgasms, (from what she told me later, it was the best one she ever had). Christine gets off and lays next to me.Were both breating heavily, her tits rising and falling to the rythme of her breath. She thanks me and as im about to say more to her, she falls asleep. Within a few minutes i do the same.

Later that night, we both wake up to put our clothes back on and Christine and i give each other another passionate kiss. she then goes to my sisters room and sleeps there for the rest of the night. My sister had her over a few more times, some went as good as our first time together, other times my sister would stay up longer than both of us, so it was impossible to get with Christine...or did Meg just want to be invited into the action?

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2010-08-01 17:18:32
Isn't his sister in the room? When did she leave?

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