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This is my story; some of the names are fake. It takes place about 6 months ago, after my ex dumped me and became a player. (A very retarded and unrewarded time in my life). This is my story of the madness that consumed me. The story is true. This story involves teen sex, if that disgust you then do not read any further. This is a story. If your just looking for a way to get off this isn’t what you want. Constructive criticism please.
The First Month:
“Oh baby! Mmmm! I love being here with you… Mmmm yeah right there!” My girlfriend sighs heavily and her body contracts around my dick.
“Shit angel, I’m almost there. So close hold on!” I push harder and harder trying to reach my orgasm that is just barely out of reach.
“Fuck Ethan, you’ve been going for the better part of an hour and you ain’t came once. I’m done. Let it go,” she says as she slides out from under me, leaving me hard and frustrated. This is gonna be a lonely night.
My name is Ethan Mathews. Nothing really special about me, I’m an average guy with an average shitty life. I’m 5’7, 155 pounds. I’m not just nothing but muscle but I’d say that I’m pretty fit. I’m not overly huge. Just a little over 8 inches but my girlfriends tell me I’m big so whatever. I’m 17 and from a small town in Texas. I would say that I’m a good ole’ boy. But that will change soon.
One Week Later:
“What the fuck do you mean you found someone else?!” My voice is tempered with undiluted rage and I can barely control myself.
“I mean that it’s not working between us anymore. I’m sorry, you know I’ll always love you,” my now ex girlfriend whispers into the phone.
“Love me?! Bullshit! Woman don’t you dare lie to me like that! This is not how its gonna end! Before god I swear it isn’t!” at this point subtlety isn’t my strong suit.
“Ethan there’s nothing else to say. I’m sorry, just let me go…” I hear the tears on the other end of the line but it’s not enough to force my sympathies.
“I swear to you Maggie, I swear that by the end of the week that I will go out and fuck a random girl. You say you love me? Prove it. Stop me. You know how.” Don’t you just love a guys bargaining skills?
“Ethan do what you want. It’s not my concern anymore” The line goes dead as I whisper my last “I Love You” into the receiver.
My anger was so intense that I threw my cell across the room and shattered it on the wall. “Well there goes $300” I thought to myself darkly.
I went into the living room and grabbed the house phone, ignoring the questions from my family and hitting the speed dial for my best friend Desmond.
“Hey bro, I need your ass here before I go crazy, Maggie just left me, turns out she’s been fuckin around for the past 8 months.” At this point I’m way too exhausted to be any kind of mad. And I could tell that freaked him out.
“Shit man, ight. I’m pulling out now” then I hear the sound of a ignition and the line goes dead. 5 minutes later he walks through my door and straight into my room.
“Hey man, how ya holdin up?”
“Shit man, I don’t know. I’m holdin I guess. I don’t think it’s even hit yet.”
“Well I’m here as long as it takes. Don’t let this get to you to bad. You felt this comin for months. You knew it had end sometime. At least it didn’t drag on any longer.” He sits down beside me as I finally break down and cry till I fall asleep, I just lost the one love of my life.

Three Days Later:
“Ethan! Hey open up! Its Sadie!” I wake up to tapping on my window and I look at my clock. Shit. I forgot that she was comin.
“Yeah alright, alright I’m comin,” I say sleepily as I make my way to the window and open it up for her to climb through.
“Not yet, but I promise you will be.” Hmm sarcasm, I knew there was a reason why I liked her, well not liked but I sure was gonna fuck her tonight.
“You know that this is just a fuck right Sadie? Nothing more?” I had to make sure. These little freshman tend to get that fact confused.
“No shit! Damn I wish I knew that before, I wouldn’t have made the trip. Shut the fuck up I know it is, now let’s do this, I’m horny.” Sarcastic and direct. This should be fun.
She runs her hands up my bare chest. Not wanting to waste any time I pick her up and throw her on the bed. I quickly move on top and kiss my way down to her shirt. Damned things always seem to get in the way. Once her shirt is on my floor I undo her bra and throw it. I get impatient at times. I quickly suck a nipple in my mouth and pinch the other, rotating every now and then. I want her more than ready before I slam hard into her. I need to forget. She starts to breath heavy and moan and it’s not till then I decide she is ready and I kiss and bite my way down her stomach. Now the pants are being a nuisance, they are quickly removed. I can smell how horny she is and I want it. Desperately. I pull my boxers down and off and lay on top of her. As soon as our bodies make contact I feel my dick line up at her pussy without even a thought. I try to push in but it’s almost impossible, she is way too tight for this shit.
“Fuck girl relax. I can’t even get in right now. Be calm.”
“Yeah, like I can be calm with that monster coming at me.”
“Then close your eyes, fuck”
Her eyes close and I push a little harder and my head pops in, and then I just shove hard and I’m buried to the hilt. I start to lose control and I’m slamming harder into her, too hard, but I can’t bring myself to care. I need this. I have to forget.
“Oh I love being here with you!”
What?! Oh no! Did I just see Maggie’s face? Shit no, this isn’t happening! Did she seriously just fuckin say that?! Fuck well this shit is ruined.
“Ok, yeah we’re done, get dressed and go home.”
“What? Why? What did I do?”
“I told you Sadie. Just sex. Now it’s been ruined, I got now use for you now. Leave.”
“Fine, fuck you then asshole! I’ll get it somewhere else!”
“Yeah you do that.”
After she leaves I change my sheets and lay back down. Well that was a major disappointment, well here’s to another lonely night…

The Second Month:
“Hey mom just left for corpus with the Auto Tech class for state competition. I’ll see you in a few days, love you.” Its gonna be a LONG drive, at least ill get plenty of sleep. Time for the snoozes…
7 Hours Later:
My Auto Tech teacher wakes me up,
“Hey Ethan, come on! We made it to the hotel, grab your bags. Room 215”
Shit, did I sleep the whole way? Well hell I’m in corpus now. Nothin like a bunch of beautiful Texas babes in bikinis’ to keep me company. As I get up to my room I change into my shorts and a muscle shirt and head to the beach. Time to make friends. Can’t anyone resist a cute southern boy.
I get down to the beach and start lookin around for some potential “friends” when I spot a big group of people with a GORGEOUS brunette in the middle. It takes me a second to see if she has a boyfriend. Yep, there he is, alright this should make it even more fun!
“Howdy yawl, m’name’s Ethan how’r yawl?”
The brunette speaks up, chatty, I like that.
“Well hey there, my name is Melanie. We are from New Braunsefulls.”
“Ah well that’s cool, I love the lake there, it beats the beach in my book any day.”
“Yeah I agree.”
“So hey if you want Darlin, we can go chill at the pool, you seem pretty nice, I would like to get to know you better,” I say with a wink.
“Oh that sounds great! Can I break Rick? He’s my boyfriend.”
I have to grin at that, she thinks she just shut me down.
“Yeah sure, I don’t mind, just hangin out.”
Later That Night:
Her boyfriend is stoned and wasted, passed out on the beach beside us (the loser) and we are all three just chillin on the beach. Time to make a move.
“Melanie, you seem like an amazing girl, I just wish my ex was as good as you…” The ex girlfriend sob story. Gets me some every time.
“I’m really sorry honey”, she says as her hand comes to rest over mine.
“I just wish I could forget sometimes, ya know?”
“Well then let’s forget…”
“Lets? As in both of us?” a look of pure innocence on my face
“Shh. No more talking…” then I feel her lips against mine, so cool and inviting I just lay her down, and climb on top of her. I push my body against hers as my dick starts to rise. She feels me and pushes back, wanting to feel my dick against her body. She runs her hands down my chest and stomach and down to my shorts.
“Why don’t we let him out? It’s a shame that he has to be all cooped up in there…”
Then she pulls my shorts down and my hard dick pops free and I grown in pleasure. FINALY! I pull her top off and pinch and pull at her nipples, making her moan. I drop my head and grab a nipple with my teeth. I like it rough and apparently so did she.
“Mmmm, yeah baby, give it to me! I want it so hard, please Ethan! My pussy is so wet for you. Fill me with your hard cock.”
Instead of granting her request I slowly work my way down towards her prize. Damn I can’t wait to open that “box”. When I get down to her bottoms I pull them aside to savor her aroma and then dive in, I run my tongue from the top of her slit down to her opening and probe my tongue in. then I move back up and flick her clit rapidly making her moan out loudly, but at this point I could care less about the noise, I had to have this girl. Making up my mind I jerk her bottoms down and pull my shorts the rest of the way off. Time for the fun part.
“Mmmm, shit baby, fuck my tight little pussy!”
I push my dick only slightly and my head pushes right in. this is gonna work out well. Not being the one to take my time I slam deep and hard into her hotbox. While she’s under me I grab one of her legs and roll her to her side while I’m still in her and pull her leg up until its vertical to my chest and sink down deeper into her. She reaches down and starts rubbing her clit roughly as I pump into her. It’s not long until I can feel her already tight pussy clamping around me. Knowing she’s about to cum, I push harder and faster, trying to time my orgasm with hers. Not five minutes later I’m cumming deep inside of her and her cum mixes with mine as it leaks out around my softening cock. I roll of off her and look into her eyes. She is already asleep, but I can’t be having that.
“Hey Melanie wake up! Hey! Up an at um! Let’s get yawl to your room, what’s the number?
“Ummm, 491 I think.”
Not too long later we are up in her room and I’m just laying her boyfriend down in his bed. He’s gonna be feelin like shit in the morning, but then again it’s his fault.
Two Days Later:
I’m back home and as soon as I walk in the door, I get a text from Fiona, wanting to hang out, with Fiona its always nothing but sex. Sounds like another fun day… to be continued.

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