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We starterd out friends...
My best friend Elisa had always told me about how her sister and best friend would always sleep together naked and take showers together. Whenever she'd say this I'd try not to show that I wanted to do that with Elisa.
Elisa also always told me that she sometimes got a little horny. I said I did too, but I actually got really horny. I masterbated ALL the time.
Sometimes I would dream about having sex with Elisa. She's pretty cute. She has blonde hair, tan skin and amazing gray eyes. But I never told her abou the way I felt because I was afraid she would get scared of me and turn away.
One day we were at Elisa's house. Her older sister, Rachel, and her best freind, Denise, were over and we were talking about all the fun times we had had.
"Remember that one time when we fingered each other?" Rachel asked Denise, and they started giggling. So did Elisa and I, but I was starting to get a bit turned on.
"Yeah..." Denise said. Then she went over to Rachel and started making out with her.
"Guys!" Elisa laughed. "I have a guest over. Let's go, Hailie."
"No, that's OK," I said, then said jokingly, "they're turning me on."
Elisa laughed, but I wished that she would realize it wasn't a joke. Rachel and Denise were making out passionatley, rubbing each other's breasts and asses. Elisa and I looked at them for a while and I almost started masterbating when they took each other's clothes off.
"That's enough," Elisa rolled her eyes.
I had never seen Denise naked before. She was so beautiful... she had a shaved pussie and huge nipples that I wanted to suck and a tiny pussy. Denise saw me eyeing her, but I turned away quickly. Rachel and Denise got onto the bed and started licking each other. It seemed so great... if only I knew Elisa was a lesbian.
Elisa looked at me and laughed. "They seem like they're having fun."
"Do they do this all the time?" I asked her.
"Yeah. Pretty soon they're going to invite me to join them."
"They want you to join them?" I asked. I was careful not to sound excited but I secretly wanted them to invite us to join their sex party. I started curling my red hair between my fingers.
"Yeah, but I turn them down a lot," Elisa said.
"Why?" I asked her, but before she could tell me, Rachel looked up. She looked so hot -her hair was all messed up and Denise was sucking on her tits. Rachel's fingers were inside of Denise.
"Wanna come?" she asked, patting the bed.
"No, that's OK-" Elisa started to say, but I said,
"Come on, El. Let's give it a try." I was so excited. Rachel and Denise nodded their heads, and then continued making out and fingering. I took off my top, then after Elise did, I pulled off my mini skirt to reveal my lacy thong. Elisa finally got on the bed, and I went on too. I was nervous, wondering what to do, when sddenly she reached over and kissed me.
We started making out, slowly, then I took off her bra and started feeling her tits. They were nice and round. I got around to sucking her nipples while she moaned. Rachel and Denise came over to us. Rachel stuck her fingers in Elisa's wet pussy and Denise helped me suck and kiss her tits. All the while Elisa's left hand was on my tits and her right hand was on Denise's ass. Elisa let out a yelp once Rachel started licking. God, I wanted to be Rachel or Elisa right now.
"Your turn, Hailie," Denise said suddenly. They lay me down on the bed and Elise stuck her fingers carefully in my pussy. The two other girls started to rub my size C breasts while making out on me. Then, they knelt down so their lips were right on top of mine and we had a three-way make out.
Elise started licking and kissing my crotch, and all of the sudden I had an orgasm. Then we all went in the hot tub.
We washed each other and fingered each other, then walked in the small shower. We were all close to one another and made out while groaning and fingering each other. WE washed each other with oil and soap.
After this we finally went on the bed one last time. We were laughing, still naked and kissing once in a while. Finally, Rachel went under the bed and grabbed a strap on. She put it on, then went under the bed again and pulled one out for Denise.
They gave us the fucking I had only dreamed of.

Later on, after Elisa walked me home, we sat on my doorstep, reliving the memories. We laughed, and talked. Finally, we kissed and Elise said, "Are you a lesbian?" We kissed again.
"I don't know, why?"
"Well, you were pretty into us having a foursome." We laughed and kissed.
"I dunno..." I smiled. Elise looked at me and then pulled down my shirt. She kissed me goodbye, then my nipples, then walked away.

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2013-08-03 09:12:42
Too short not enough detail

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2011-03-02 08:23:21
very good story liked it alot used it to get off before i went to work thank you

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2011-03-02 08:22:53
very good story liked it alot used it to get off before i went to work thank you


2010-07-24 21:00:23
too short but an awesome concept, keep working i say i mean im not one to critisize check out my story and you´ll see what i mean
i wont rate though because my cock didnt even twitch


2010-07-16 19:48:08
Awesome story but always remember details make a awesome story an fucking great one. From now on no more we went there and fuck, then we went there and fucked more detail about the fucking

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