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This is a true story, one that I am happy to pass along for your pleasure. Please let me know if you enjoy the reading as it is my first time posting a story here.
The long drive home
After spending a week away from home, out of state visiting friends, I was glad to be heading home again in the morning. Before retiring for the night, I planned my wardrobe for the long drive I was to have the next day. I chose a loose fitting shirt and slacks that weren’t tight anywhere. I had a plan in mind and was making the necessary moves to see that it came to be.
I rose early and showered and dressed in only the shirt and slacks, with of course socks and shoes. I stopped and filled the car with gas so as not to have to worry about that for several hours. I was out of town early and wanted to put my plan into action soon. I drove a few miles until leaving the state so as not to run into anyone on the road that I might know.
As soon as I felt that I was in the clear, I started looking for an 18 wheeler. I saw one in the distance and approached quickly. As I was about 100 yards behind it, I settled in and started to play with my cock and unzipped my loose fitting slacks to get it out. When I was sufficiently aroused, I pulled alongside of the big truck and adjusted me speed to the same as it was going. I slowly pulled up the point at which I was sure the driver could see me and lifted my shirt so that he could surely see me playing with my cock. I drove along with my dick in hand for about ½ mile and then sped up. I pulled ahead and in front of the truck and turned on my flashers to see if he would respond. Nothing!! I hadn’t made the impression that I wanted and went on to find another.
I was very excited about having done what I did, but a little disappointed about the results. However, I wasn’t discouraged. In a few minutes I saw another big truck and put my “road show” in motion again. This time when I got alongside the cab, I lifted my shirt again and this time with one hand, pulled my slacks down to where the driver got a full view of my cock and balls as I had spread my legs as far as I could. I was so excited at this point I wanted to force the truck off the road and have my way with whomever the driver was right then and there.
Once again I rode along for a little way showing my package to him as best I could and then got myself in front of the big truck. I turned on my flashers again and left them for a bit. Soon, he flashed his headlights at me. I took this to mean that at least he enjoyed the show and also to mean that perhaps he would be willing to take it a bit further. Luckily we were approaching a rest area and I signaled to turn in. Much to my pleasure the driver also turned on his right turn signal. I was in heaven or at least on my way. Heaven was yet to cum!!!
I found a place to park and got myself dressed again and went into the mens room to wait for my conquest to enter. There were a few guys in there already so I headed over to the first open urinal and took out my dick to pee. At this point I had settled down enough to at least get it into a position to piss successfully. I had no idea what the truck driver that I had spent the last mile entertaining was going to look like so everytime the door opened, I looked that was for any sign of recognition. Within a few minutes , my prize walked in. He too went to the urinal and pissed, but all the while watching me. I stepped away from the urinal, not bothering to zip up and went over to the sink to wash my hands. He quickly followed and started the conversation asking me if the car I was in was mine. I said yes and he immediately asked if I would be interested in going back to his truck with him.
I stepped, instead, into one of the crapper stalls and pulled out my cock for only him to see. He followed me in and shut the door. He took my cock in his hands and started stroking it. It felt wonderful. I opened his shorts and freed his bulging member as well and we spent the next few moments stroking each others cocks. I then leaned in close to his hear so that only he could hear and whispered that he should tell me which truck was his and where he parked. Then I told him to go back there and wait for me. His task was to strip completely and get into his bunk and cover up with only the sheet. He was also to pretend to be sleeping when I got there and was not to wake up no matter what I did to him. I nodded in agreement and after I lowered myself just far enough to give his cock a kiss, I tucked him back into his shorts and he unlocked the stall door and left. I got my wits about me and as I was leaving another much younger man stepped into the stall before I got out. He looked me squarely in the eyes and moved his hand to my crotch. He then took out his cock and showed it to me. I was really torn as whether to stay or go, but I was sort of committed to my trucker friend, so I just smiled and gave his dick a little squeeze and left. I told him that some other time might have worked out but I had to go. His look of disappointment was evident but I wanted to see what was waiting for me just a hundred yards away. By the time I got to the right truck I was so turned on from playing with myself the entire walk that I couldn’t stand it anymore. I stripped naked right there in the parking lot and opened the passenger door of the truck and climbed in. I put my clothes in the passenger seat and climbed around the seat to the bunk area. It was a rather large sleeper and as per plan, there was my friend under the sheet, seemingly asleep. I knelt beside the bunk and lifted the covering just enough to get my hand on his chest. Much to my pleasure, he upper body was smooth, no hair. I rubbed gently on his chest and nipples for a few seconds before working my way down his body. As I continued I encountered more smooth skin even to the pubic area. My friend was completely shaved. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on his cock, not to mention my mouth. I glanced at his face as my hand encircled his now stiff cock to see if there was any change in his expression. He was playing along very well and continued to remain “sleeping” for the moment anyway. It was then that I slowly removed the sheet from his upper to his lower body and moved in to take his cock into my mouth. It tasted amazing! I knew I was going to enjoy this. I was so involved in his now huge cock that I didn’t notice that he had decided to get more into the game. He reached around me and pulled my ass and legs over closer to the edge of the bunk. I took notice when he started to rub up and down my crack. As if that wasn’t enjoyable enough, he stopped momentarily and when he returned his hand to my ass crack, he had some lube on his fingers which he was transferring to my asshole. I then quickened the pace on my cock sucking and was shortly to be rewarded for my efforts. He moaned quietly and then filled my mouth with his tasty package. I made sure that I swallowed every drop too. I even licked up the small amount that had escaped down the shaft and consumed it also. By this time the sleeping giant was awakened. He climbed out of the bunk and, taking me by the shoulders, moved me into it. He then pulled me around to where he had total access to my cock, my balls, and my asshole. He then went back to his task of lubing me up and inserted a finger up my ass. I was totally his for anything he wanted to do. He then got down on his knees and took my rigid dick into his mouth. He was so good at what he was doing that he immediately deepthroated me and was tickling the head of my cock with the back of his tongue. I was amazed at how unbelievable this feeling was. By the time I regained even a little of my sense, he had at least 2 or 3 fingers up my ass and was wiggling them around inside me. This drove me even crazier and I came in his mouth almost within seconds. He too was a cum lover and swallowed my offering with ease. I lay there nearly exhausted but he wasn’t about to let this session end just yet. He again lifted my legs up and I happily spread them as wide as I could while he climbed on top of me and slid his once again enormous cock inside my asshole. It was too soon for me to get hard again so I just laid there and let him pump away at me. He was so gentle and felt so good that I soon started to get aroused again. He saw this and caressed my cock gently once more. It was soon hard and at about the time I was thinking of something else about this guy to enjoy, he filled my ass with his hot goo that was the best feeling that I had experienced in a long time. I gave him a moment to finish and then told him that turn about was fair play. He happily took my position and as I was lubing him sufficiently, he smiled and opened up his glory hole with his own fingers. We played with his ass together, intertwining fingers and had several of both digits from each hand inserted to his and my pleasure. I then removed my fingers and he did his also, knowing that it was time for me to get down to business, or should I say “pleasure.” And pleasure it was!! I was in no hurry for this to end so I fucked him for a few minutes and then pulled out and tongued him for a bit. I even managed to give his cock some mouth attention during my time on top. When I had my tongue in his ass, he had hold of my cock and was giving it the attention it deserved. I then would put it back in and pump on a bit longer. We went on this way for probably another 15 minutes until I exploded in his ass with another huge load of cum. We were both worn out by this time and lay there in one anothers arms for a bit until I realized that I, and he, had to continue our journeys to wherever they would end; his on the job and mine at my home back in Iowa. However, I left him with my cel number and told him to call if he was in the area of my hometown and we could continue this adventure once again.
Unfortunately for me, he hasn’t called since that day but that hasn’t stopped me from more of my “Highway Adventures.” Every now and again I find myself traveling the distance from where I live in Iowa to places in Nebraska on Interstates 29 and 80.
So if you are a big truck driver and some day glance out your window at a passing motorist and notice that he doesn’t have his clothes on, who knows, that person my just be me, looking for a good time!!!

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2013-04-30 12:47:40
Jacking off for truckers is really hot.

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2010-11-20 08:04:01
Hot and hard right noe someone txt me 630 363 4396

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2010-11-20 08:03:53
Hot and hard right noe someone txt me 630 363 4396

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2010-10-02 02:39:20
wow Rod, I would let you play with mine anytime you want. I could meet you in a rest area like I did the other guy and I'm sure we would have a great time. Wanna find out??


2010-09-10 21:26:57
wow what sex. If only I could a willing cock sucker with a hot cock. This 66 year old would love to play with it.

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