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The Demonic Ravager takes her.
Lithium closed her eyes. This was just not happening. Why had she agreed to do this? It was just SO boring! Lithium had agreed to spend a night in THAT house. Her best friend Jasity had teased Lithium with a bet of the best fuck of her life with Kyle, Jasity's boyfriend. Lithium had been after him for the longest age, but both Jasity and Kyle had kept Lithium on a tight leash and exploited Lithium's desire. Now Lithium was beginning to wonder if it was worth it.

It was Friday night and Lithium could think of a million other things she had much rather do. The house was your quintessential haunted house – a ramshackle cottage on the outskirts of town. No one was particularly accurate with the history of the house, but many rumours were abound. These rumours were enough to keep the inhabitants of the small town of Tantalus at bay.

There was nothing to do – all Lithium had was her I-pod to keep her company. She had come prepared otherwise with a high powered torch, some candles and odd bits of food to munch on. The food she had eaten, the music she had listened to – hence the boredom. The only company was the hooting of owls outside from the dense woodland surrounding the house.

Lithium released a big sigh. There was no evidence of any haunting – even that would have been a welcomed relief from the boredom! At this point Lithium decided to explore the house more thoroughly. She grabbed her torch and climbed the stairs. The rooms upstairs were bare except for odd bits of furniture that was close to crumbling. Wait a minute! Here was a door she had missed previously! She opened it with her heart beating a bit faster for some reason. It creaked open – like a Hammer House of Horror movie! She thought wryly. There was a flight of dusty stairs leading to what Lithium presumed was the attic.

"Helllooooo..." she called out rather cheerily. "...are you there Mister Ghost?" Lithium giggled to herself and climbed the stairs.

Wow! It was a wide space with nothing but a huge bed in the middle and a small table beside it with candles burning. The bed was sumptuous looking – a four-poster with lush cushions scattered all over it The coverings on the bed appeared the covered with sand. The light from the candles was creating strange shadows on the slanted ceiling Lithium walked over to the bed

"......what was that...?" Lithium spied a fleeting shadow from the corner of her eye, but when she turned towards it, there was nothing. By now her mind was racing with unanswered questions – who's was the bed and how come she had heard nothing? Suddenly it dawned on her! damn them to hell!

"Come on out Jasity! Kyle! I know you're here! You're not funny!" She declared loudly.

"I know not those names – if indeed they are names" a low voice growled. Lithium whirled round and was confronted by a sight that made her faint dead away onto the bed. Out for a few minutes she came round to someone shaking her none too gently.

"Oh my God" she gasped and moved away scrambling to the far end of the bed. "What are you?" she asked awed and afraid.

"I am Shukaku." It said simply. Lithium wasn't sure if this was Its name or It's....It's species. It was like a man in that It was upright with two legs, but Shukaku had a long scaled tail and strong arms ending in sharp black claws and short messy red hair. Its torso was huge – almost five times bigger than Lithium's .

The face was darkly handsome but demonic his eyes were frighting the whites as black as ink, and the iris were gold, his pupils taking the shape of a star but the mouth was truly terrifying. A cruel opening with gleaming white fangs and an undulating tongue. But its colour was the most astonishing thing! It was a light tan like the color of sand covered with strange pale markings .

Lithium's eyes were drawn to It's penis – it was immense! Although semi-erect, Lithium was sure it was about 15 inches. Somewhere in the depths of her fear, Lithium wondered how big it would be fully erect.

"You have trespassed here into my lair. For this there is a toll that must be exacted." Lithium thought It leered at her and her fear increased. Her ability to form speech seemed lost. All that came out was incoherent babble. It raised a hand and crooked a clawed finger at her

"Come." It whispered. Lithium felt herself propelled towards It and Shukaku wrapped his tail about her waist . It swiftly removed Lithium's clothes. Her black shirt was ripped off to expose a black leather bra. Her black and red Tripp pants were undone and also promptly removed leaving a black leather thong still on. Lithium was a beautiful woman with large, round breasts, small waist and long legs. Her hair was long, red and lustrous. Her skin like satin to the touch and a fair pale colour. Shukaku marvelled at this gift that had been delivered up to him.

"Please..." whispered Lithium. "Please let me go."

It replied with a hideous cackling laugh that was gleefully evil. "Oh no, my petite little morsel. Were you not wishing for excitement?" At this It licked her neck. Lithium whimpered. "Did you not want to be fucked as though it were you last? You will get your wish as will I my sweet."

Shukaku threw Lithium onto the bed and bore down on her. Lithium screamed and attempted to get free. There was no escape. It held her arms down and rammed It's tongue into her mouth. It was hot fire in her mouth and travelling down her throat. It's tongue filled her mouth and made her gag. Lithium writhed desperately to break free. Shukaku released her arms, but Lithium could not break free – the sand on the bedcovers transformed into ropy tendrils that held her down. Shukaku travelled down her body with It's tongue – a thick, wet forked instrument that tasted Lithium as though she were a juicy steak. The tongue slid over her bra and removed it deftly. It breathed lustily at the sight of her naked breasts. The tongue attacked Lithium's breasts swirling round each one, flicking the nipples and leaving a wet trail. It rolled each nipple between Its teeth causing Lithium to cry out in pain. Shukaku's huge mouth extended to consume a breast and feed from it like an immense hungry suckling. On and on it fed repeating Itself on the other breast. Lithium at first revolted by Shukaku was now revolted at herself for enjoying It's attentions! Moans of horror became moans of delight. Lithium arched her back in passion and desired for Shukaku to consume her entirely.

Its tongue snaked down her delicious body, which was now covered in a thin sheet of sweat. It swirled around her belly flicking in and out of her navel. Lithium moaned wanting to direct Its head, but her arms were still held in their binding. Shukaku moved down to her pussy and licked and bit all around it – her lacy thongs were soaking wet. Lithium craved for It to ravage her pussy. It moved it's tongue down each leg savouring the taste of her flesh. Shukaku brought It's tongue back up to her pussy. It tore the thongs off with its sharp teeth and brought its nose closer. The pussy smelt divine – a sweet, tangy smell and the juices were pouring out of it.

"Please," she whimpered. "Now."

Shukaku reached out tantalisingly slowly with its tongue with a thick wet lick from her wet pussy to her throbbing clitoris. Lithium bucked wildly and screamed for more. The bindings around her arms were released. Shukaku kneeled on the bed and pulled her up to rest each of Lithium's legs over Its shoulders. Lithium's torso was upside down. Shukaku secured her by having the sand wrap around her upper arms. With his claws, Shukaku peeled back her pussy lips which were swollen with unmet desire and began his begged-for assault. It wrapped Its mouth around her clitoris and sucked gently at first and then increasing the pressure, licking furiously. Shukaku's tongue felt roughly smooth. The sensations were driving Lithium wild further intensified by the animalistic grunting rumbling from deep within Its throat. It slurped her clitoris savouring her flavour.

Shukaku grabbed her breasts and was kneading them hard and then pulling on her nipples. "Oh yes! Uh-uh-uh-uh" she panted as It mercilessly sucked, licked and bit her clitoris. Shukaku drove her wildly to climax as her pussy gushed out its juices. Shukaku scooped these up in its claws and shovelled them into Its mouth. It continued Its ministrations, thinning the line between pleasure and pain for Lithium's swollen and sensitive clitoris. It was unbearable, and then desperately essential. Again and again and again.

Finally It moved Its tongue away from her clitoris and drove it fiercely into Lithium's dripping pussy making her scream out in pleasure. It could make Its tongue thicker, longer and wetter and her pussy stretched to meet it. Shukaku drove Its tongue further inside of Lithium, through her cervix and deep within her womb. Probing, searching, and reaching for some unknown gem. Lithium cared not for this – only for the pleasure to continue. The feel of Its tongue deep within her was driving her wild beyond belief. Deep, long moans emanated from Lithium. Shukaku withdrew Its tongue from Lithium's womb and back into her pussy.

"YEEESSSSSSSS!!" she screamed as Its tongue drove into her G-Spot over and over again. Lithium came, flooding Its mouth with her pussy juice. Her taste was sweet nectar that It engorged hungrily.

Her body was on fire. She was swirling in a crimson sea. Her breath was coming in ragged gaps and her eyes were half open. Through them she could vaguely make It out. It was panting heavily and licking her juices off Its claws. Lithium's breath caught in her throat and her eyes opened wide when she saw his cock. It was gargantuan! At least 23 inches long and 6 inches thick, how could that fit into her already ravaged pussy? That thought terrified her, but also excited her intensely. As if sensing this thrill from her, Shukaku rammed Its cock into her pussy. The pain was intense – she thought her pussy was rent asunder but the fucking continued. It held her arms over her head with it's claws, and her legs wide apart with the sand. It was working itself up to a frenzy pumping her pussy with its massive member. Lithium felt sure that Its cock had penetrated through her cervix and deep into her womb. It rode her mercilessly, roaring and growling as It thrust deeper and deeper. Lithium was lost in a world of pleasure as It drove her wildly to come again and again. Her pussy juices flowed like a river bursting its banks allowing Shukaku's battering to continue. Its tongue was slurping at her breasts – first one nipple was sucked and then the other. Through the orgasmic haze Lithium sensed liquid oozing out from her breasts that Shukaku was greedily drinking and wondered how that had happened.

Shukaku's thrusts became even more feral as it filled Lithium with its seed. It roared savagely throwing Its head back and thrusting Its deepest inside Lithium its long tail lashed side to side. She could feel It's cum inside her – it was fiery and possessed of a life of Its own. She could feel it swimming hungrily inside her. Shukaku's thrusting lessened although Its cock seemed still to fill her up entirely. It was rapaciously sucking her breast. She knew she was lactating, but the feeling was so intense she did not care nor want it to stop. It moved over to her other breast and continued engorging Itself. Lithium lay in a daze that focused only on her bodily pleasure.

Finally It spoke.

"I have filled you with my seed. You will bear Pups that will also fill you. Thus you are bound to me. Your life is now mine as you have given yourself more than willingly to me. Your fate will be decided by me. Forgo thoughts on the life you have led. It is no more."

The words stayed in Lithium's mind like a branding. Funnily enough she was not disappointed – merely looking forward to more pleasure.

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Short n sweet. Loved it. Write more, can only imagine when the pups grow and fuck her head insane!

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