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Teenage girl Shannon gets herself tanlged with the fantacy world and the undead ever since the day she met her best friend Yamani who is a vampire...though his brother disaproves
It was my first time gazing a pond his beautiful grayish-green eyes, cherry lips and his jelled back slightly spiked hair. He stood in front of my window where he had first showed up when I had first met him.
Yamani was his name and I choked on saying it, big time. Trying so hard to figure out the puzzled look on his face he looked around my candle lit bedroom thinking as if there was another guy that was hiding in the house. Fear slapped me across the face as I finally noticed that he had blood covered on his hands as if it was painted there. Like a piece of dead art that wasn’t found until the century first begun.
“Yamani, is there a problem did something happen”. I questioned him in frustration. I was deeply dying to know why he in my home covered in a water fountain of blood that began to stain my oak floors. He walked pass me making his way to the bathroom, he turned the hot water on burning his hands. I was really starting to get creep out, I felt as if he was a zombie that was invading my home.
“Yamani”, I yelled out.
He yelled in a screechy howling way so loud that I fell to the floor. He jumped passed me and out my window. I lay on the floor crying throughout the whole night hoping that it was just a dream. Hoping and praying that my undead friend was alright.

The next day I had awoken to see that Yamani was standing right at the foot of my bed with a smile streaming across his face as if nothing had happen last night. Maybe he really doesn’t remember anything from last night I had thought to myself as he stood in front of my face still with a smile. My eyes glanced around the room to catch that it was only 2:27 am. My room was still dark believing as if I was going to start my day of new and fresh.
“Y-y-you came by, you had blood on your hands and you weren’t you”. I said panicking. I had known he wasn’t human being a vampire for over 50 years. The full moon was out and his eyes were pitching black, my lips trembled in fear and excitement at the same time. He looked deeply in my eyes with no response to my comment.
“Shannon I just want you to know that I love you”, Yamani blurted out. I was stuck a pond words to say should I say the same I thought. He had me stuck on words and it made me feel great made me feel like he was actually there for me like he said he would be. He grabbed my hand and placed a crescent shaped ring on my ring finger. Yamani then leaned in for a kiss while I still frozen in a block of ice. His bottom lip brushed agent’s mines for some reason I didn’t want to kiss him but it was as if he had a lock on me. I pulled away breaking the kiss what we’re doing wasn’t right. He’s just a friend nothing else Yamani just wasn’t giving up he was ever the type to just say okay and keep it moving.
This time he climbs on top of me and pined my hands above my head. “Just relax”, Yamani whispered into my ear. I wanted to but I couldn’t I just couldn’t, his soft gentle lips went for another try our breath began to connect and my heart began to beat fast. He let one hand go and made a path down to my underwear’s pulling them past my ankles. Yamani began to spread my legs wide open with his. I could feel his big strong hand play with my clit then his two fingers made its way into my juice box. While our tongues were still tangled in a web I started to get a tense feeling, my body got hot as he kept finger fucking me faster and faster. I couldn’t control myself soon I was on the erg of coming and I started to believe that’s what he exactly wanted.
I pulled away from our tangled web of kisses while screams of delight rushed out of my mouth. “Yamani stop”, I yelled. He wasn’t listening to word I was saying he continued to thrust his fingers in and out of my pussy. Oh no I’m going to come, and I can’t show him that I’m enjoying this…what’s gotten into him I thought, he buried his head into my neck and I could feel his fangs wanting to take a bite out of me.
“Yamani, Yamani, wait I’m coming I’m…ahhh god”, I yelled at the top of my lungs hoping that my neighbors didn’t hear the big commotion that was going on. Yamani undressed me until I was completely nude nothing on but the necklace he had gave me for my 19th birthday. He let go of my arms and sat up getting a fool glimpse at my body. “Shannon…your beautiful in so many ways”, he said giving a compliment. My checks began to turn cherry red as I looked him deep in his eyes. I sat up and undressed him seeing the length of his 10 inch manhood just made me a little worried. He lay me down on the bed spreading my legs apart…he stopped for a minute and gazed at my nicely trimmed caramel pussy. He lay on top of me kissing my neck then working his way down to c-cup breast past my navel and down to ending point. I could feel his tongue swirl around my clit, as my juices squirted everywhere, but he was still able to slurp up every drop of my honey. I brushed my hands threw his hair getting it tangled. Yet I was scared for him to do this I was nothing but a mere virgin.
“You taste so good”, Yamani said in short words finishing the job. I began to scream as I could feel he was hitting my G-spot and it was driving me crazy. He pulled away causing me to calm down a little bit but my heart still beat fast and I was still out of breath. He got from in-between my legs and licked his lips. I placed my arms over my eyes because I knew exactly what was coming next. He got harder and harder I could see him so aroused that his hormones were about to burst. He could see the fear written all over my body shaking as if I could sense an earthquake was happening.
“I don’t know about this, I’m scared I’ve never done this before”, I explained to him.
“Don’t worry I’ll take my time and be gentle”. He whispered to me. He began to rub his dick agents my clit until he reach the point. Tears fell down my eyes as he made his head break through my pussy. I began to scream as he kept moving, he was now in half way. I lay on the bed stiff and tense not able to move. Never had I felt such a sharp pain in my life and it was driving me crazy. I could honestly say he was too big for me. “Yamani stops your too big, you’re hurting me please stop “, I screamed. I tried to push him off top of me but he was way too strong and heavy. Tears rolled down my face I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. “Maybe we should do it a different way”. He suggested.
Yamani turned me over onto my knees…he told me to lift my hits up higher I turned my head looking back to see he was biting down on his lips. I could feel him penetrate me then tried placing his manhood back into wetness, it felt a little better until he stuffed his hole dick inside of me I could feel his inch near my stomach. I held down on my lower stomach his cock was hot and ready to pound me. I felt so week in so many ways…Yamani began to thrust every inch of him inside of me there was no way that I was able to say no to the way he worked me and as those sharp pains went away and turned to lust. He tried to keep me nice and quiet but nothing was working, Moans were escaping me uncontrollably…I watched as he kept drilling me harder and faster the juices from my pussy slowly dripped down my leg. I tightened my pussy muscles around Yamani’s dick being that I had seen it on one of the late night series on the late night shows. Tremendously it worked Yamani blurted out with a low moan it had kind of made me feel god that I could please him just as he was doing me.
I was falling in love and usually it wouldn’t be a friend but it was something about my vampire friend that made m felt safe I felt so safe with him; the way he was making me feel probably what no other man could do I was for life.
Yamani’s grip on my waist had gotten tighter and tighter…we both were n the erg of coming I tighten around him tighter as he kept stoking me until we both couldn’t take it any more before he could come inside of me he quickly pulled his man hood out coming all over me. We both collapsed on the bed trying to catch our breaths before I knew it I was so tired my eyes drifted right to sleep.
I woke up to see that the sun was shining and Yamani was sitting right at the foot of the bed. He took a quick glance at me to see if I was waked and surely yeah duhh I was up. I quickly got out of the bed and hopped in the shower hoping that Yamani would still be there because as always he would disappear into howling night to his world of despair and hollow people with no hearts that beats. I hopped out of the shower and put pig tails in my hair sadly to say he left. Being that it was snowing outside I had decided to stay in the house and hope that he wasn’t getting himself hurt as always. I searched threw my dressers to see if there was anything comfortable to wear and surely enough some boy shots and a white tank top did the tick. As soon as I slip the clothes on and turned around there he was…Yamani’s brother Shadow. As Yamani’s brother appeared before my blue eye’s chills began to tingle threw my spine.
“Hello Shannon,” Shadow greeted me on a mysterious way. My body began to ach really bad nothing made me feel more uncomfortable then seeing Shadow standing right in front of me. “Okay let’s cut to the chase, I know you know where my brother is and I know he came by his sent just fills this this whole bed room especially your bed. So tell me Shannon you finally let him fuck your virgin pussy.” He said, trying so hard to read my mind.
‘That’s none of your damn business”, I yelled. I walked around him still being able to keep my thoughts to myself.
“It’s a shame how my brother keeps you as his little human pet, when he could feeding off of that sweet blood of yours.” I looked at him and flipped him the finger but all he did was chuckle at me grabbing me by my arm and threw me on the bed. “So tell me girl what will it take for me to get a taste of that sweet pussy maybe even a taste of something else”, Shadow laughed showing his vicious fangs. Just as soon as he tried to lie on top of me Yamani came jumping through the window willing and ready to pick a fight with his brother.

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