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there is always war
She was found in the old nearly forgotten temple. She had hidden behind the old altar in hopes of escaping. They backed her into a corner. She had found an old sword. It was heavy and awkward for her, but she was determined to keep them away or make them kill her. Death by the sword was preferable to being used until she died. She was exhausted, hurt, and weakening.

A huge man appeared behind her attackers. Her heart sank. He stood seven feet tall or more. Short, Blood-red hair just brushed massive shoulders. His muscles rippled as he moved with cat-like grace. One by one, he killed the men threatening her until he alone faced her. She did not relax, although the old sword was now almost too heavy for her. She looked up into golden eyes that gleamed with amusement. That made her angry. She tightened her grip on the blade, her red eyes cold. The huge man before her was impossibly handsome.

“Why did you kill them?” she asked coldly. “Weren’t they your friends?”

The amusement flared brighter. He shook his head slowly his red hair swaying. “You came in here for sanctuary,” he said. His deep, rich voice resonated in her. “They profaned by attacking you.” He gestured at the blade she still held. “You did well with my blade. Even though it is not suited to you.”

Her mouth was suddenly dry. She was in the temple of her War God. He smiled slightly as he saw the knowledge light her eyes. She sighed and lowered the blade. Then she wiped off the blood and offered it back to him, hilt first. As he took it, the blade changed, becoming bright and clean. A mortal man had stolen his blade, diminishing his power. This woman had, unknowing, restored him. The exhaustion and pain finally caught up with her. She collapsed without a sound. He sheathed his sword and gently lifted her in his arms. A black mist swirled in the temple. When it cleared, only the bodies remained.

He laid her on soft black and red cushions and removed her tattered clothes he observed her for a moment taking in her features. She had long red hair, a shade darker than his. her lips were painted black. she was in her own way very beautiful. Shaking his head he returned to his current actions. A basin of warm water with healing herbs in it appeared at his elbow. He carefully cleaned the cuts and scrapes. Then, stripping off his clothes, he again lifted her in his arms and carried her to a steaming pool. He entered it, lowering both of them into the soothing warmth. His hands gently caressed her as he cleansed her body. Her breath was warm and soft on his skin as he held her.

He felt desire stirring and was a little surprised. His usual release was in the midst of war and battle when he would ravish as many women as he could find. It was not always satisfactory, but it…eased…his need. He stroked her body, cupping her breasts, feeling her pierced nipples harden under his hand. He rose from the pool, cradling her gentle against his chest. He again laid her among the soft cushions. He lounged beside her, gently caressing and stroking her.

She finally stirred and awakened to his arousing touch. She opened her eyes to look into his glolden gaze. She saw desire and lust. She felt his massive penis stirring against her. She reached up to touch his messy blood-red hair and run her fingers through its silky softness. Her fingertips caressed his lips. He leaned down to kiss her with soft hunger. She yielded to his kiss, feeling his hunger arousing her. His massive penis suddenly surged to full erection. She softly caressed the hot length. He was easily as long as her forearm and as thick. The fist-sized glans burned her long fingers as she stroked it.

“ Oh my God of War,” she murmured, “will you accept an offering given freely?”

“What do you offer, mortal woman, that I cannot take?” he stared down at her.

She again caressed his lips. “You can take my body,” she replied softly, acknowledging his power. “I offer myself.” Then she pulled his head to hers, kissing him softly, holding him to her as she focused completely on the touch of his lips on hers. He felt a stronger surge of desire. His erection lengthened and thickened, becoming impossibly massive. He moved over her. “Take my body,” she whispered, “take me now.”

He thrust hard into her. She arched and screamed as he forced his monstrous erection completely into her. Her long black nails dug deeply into his back. He held her tight as she trembled with the excruciating pain of his sudden penetration. Then he kissed her with fierce hunger while he began thrusting hard and deep into her. She writhed against him, moving with him, urging him into her. He took her hard and long, pounding deep into her for hours as she began to climax again and again. Her pale body convulsed hard around his massive, thrusting erection. He climaxed, pulsing his fiery ejaculate deep into her, fueling her ongoing orgasm. He kept thrusting, pounding deep into her, pulsing hotly into her throbbing, convulsing body. He took her to sated exhaustion and beyond until he felt a massive climax build and then explode, pouring his fiery ejaculate deep into her as she arched and convulsed with intense orgasmic spasms.

He lay heavy on her as she trembled with the fading echoes of the intense orgasm. He slowly eased from her. She moaned softly in protest. He pulled her close as she sighed into exhausted sleep. She had given him a most unique offering. She had sated him. He found it a most fitting offering in return for sanctuary. His hands again began stroking her body. A soft sound of pleasure as she responded to him in her sleep.

He let his awareness drift and she slept warm against him. A battle caught his attention. His nature reveled in the blood, carnage and death. He felt the battle lust pulse through him. A soft touch on his rampant penis brought his awareness back to her. She saw his lust and opened her arms to him. He had always eased his lust by ravishing he women of those who lost the battle. But the battle still raged. He could feel it in his blood. Her soft body aroused him more. He mounted her and thrust hard and deep into her. She thrashed and screamed as he forced his monstrous erection completely into her. He took her hard, hurting her, reveling in her screams of pain. And when she arched and shrieked, her body convulsing with a massive orgasm, his lust surged greater. The distant battle boiled in his blood, the lust flowing through him as he took her, pulsed his fiery ejaculate into her convulsing body. He took her for all the time the battle raged and all the time the victors pillaged and raped. Her screams were hoarse, her body convulsing in constant orgasm as she writhed and thrashed under him.

The lust finally faded with his final hard orgasm pouring into her. She lay limp, breathless under him. He again eased from her body. She looked up into his blazing golden eyes. Her hands caressed his face.

“Mortal woman,” he said, “you have given yourself to me. And I have taken you in battle lust.” His hands caressed her large, round breasts. “Mortals are always at war.” His eyes grew briefly distant and then glowed brighter. “Shall I return you to the mortal world?” His penis was again hugely erect, hot and hard against her.

“What would happen if I stay?” she asked softly. He leaned over her, holding her down on the cushions.

“Mortals are always at war,” he said again, softly. “The battle lust is seldom gone.”

Her eyes were soft with desire. “I would stay,” she whispered.

“Another battle rages,” he said.

“Yes,” she replied. He moved over her, thrusting his monstrous erection hard and deep into her. She screamed at the tearing pain.

“This battle has just begun, mortal woman,” he growled. She writhed under him, his hot hardness deep and tight in her.

“Will it be a long battle, My God of War?” she gasped. He thrust sharply into her, the friction of his burning erection making her scream again.

“A very long battle,” he replied, thrusting again.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!” she screamed, her hips moving to accept his savage thrusts. She writhed under him. “Good!” she gasped. His golden eyes blazed. He thrust hard into her again and again as the battle raged for days in the mortal world. His fiery ejaculate filled her convulsing body as he sated the battle lust in her. When he finally withdrew from her, she sighed in sated pleasure.

Then he turned her over and raised her hips. “Another battle begins,” he whispered. She trembled in his hands. He thrust hard into her from behind. Again, he took her as she climaxed screaming, her hips moving to his savage thrusts. This time he only climaxed three or four times in her before the lust faded. He allowed her to collapse among the cushions.

Her respite was short. He again had her on her back, his huge penis rampant, lust gleaming in his golden eyes. She reached for him. “There is always war,” she whispered. He kissed her hard and long. Then he again thrust hard and deep into her. He took her constantly. She accepted his savage lust, shrieking in orgasm.

And the battles raged on.

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yes a part 2 would nice since many still fight wars that last even it is has been "long " past

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it would be nice if a part 2 is done since some of "Us" still fight
some every old battles

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I can't tell if those are "w" or "r" for the comment below me;)

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true war goes on yet so does passion and lust
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