This is just a fantasy concerning my real life BFF Markie and my ex-girlfriend Hannah
My name is Sean, I'm 16 and I'm in Latin and I'm fucking bored. I get a text. Its from Markie. She was stuck in traffic this morning, so she'll be coming to class late. THANK GOD. She is my only companion in this class. And the only reason I'm passing.

She walks in wearing a tang top that's probably not dress code approved. It's the same with her skirt. It's one of those skirts that kinda covers her underwear but not really. She sits down in the desk beside me. Her c-cups jiggle a bit. She flips her hair to get it out of her eyes. It's long, brown, and perfectly maintained. She winks at me.
It all started this summer. She taught me everything about sex. She was my first kiss. She was the first person that I told I was Bi. And I loved her.

The teacher tells the class to go to our study groups so Markie and I push our desks against the wall while everyone else pairs up and do similar actions. Markie keeps fidgeting and slowly but surely hikes her skirt up so that her clean-shaven pussy is wide out in the open. I whisper to her, “You do know that your pussy is showing?”
She straightens in her chair and whispers “Wanna touch?” I look at her disbelievingly and she just giggles at me and keeps going with the lesson.

After Latin, I trudge on through another 2 periods with the thought of her bare pussy in my mind. Time feels like it's wading through butter. Lunch comes, finally. I go sit with Markie, and I'm eating Little Caesars when suddenly I feel something on my leg. Markie's hand. She starts to move her hand up. I quickly start to get hard. She found it. She moves her hand on my dick. Up and down, up and down. It feels so good. I twitch, I'm about to cum. I move her hand off my leg. I look at my phone to look less distracted and I have a text from her. It says "lets go to the auditorium." No one is ever in there during lunch. She gets up and I follow her like a horse to water. I ask her why she is doing this. She responds "I'm horny, sexually frustrated, and I've had a crush on you for years. Also it's about time you fucked someone."

We get to the auditorium and before the door is closed her skirt is off and she's taking off her bra. I just stand there like a fool. She tells me to hurry up. When were both undressed we go to the couch that the actors rest on during rehearsal. Her tongue is suddenly down my throat and she's on top of me. I kiss back. After what seemed like an hour of bliss. I move my hand from the small of her back down to her ass. Smooth. I gently touch her folds with my finger. She squirms, squeals then says "Hurry up and do something."

I move her up, her breasts are on my face I kiss each one. Lick one until that nipple is firm. Then go to the other one. After I'm done there I move her up again until she is sitting on my face. My tongue licks the insides of her lips. I find that sensitive bud right away. She moans, with a noise of someone that is in pure ecstasy can make. I move back down to her hole. I reach in there as far as my tongue will go. She screams. "Fuuuuck I'm gonna cum" a rush of juices fall down onto my face. I lick them up as best I can but she's coming too much. It's a glorious taste. I've heard was good but could never believe it was truly that good. She falls back down. Her head is right next to my dick. She breathes heavily. Her breath feels warm on my dick. She licks it. Again. A wet warmth is on the tip of it. She kissed it. She is teasing me by not fully engulfing it. She finally does, and I moan. The bell rings for us to go to class. She gets dressed and I stare at her like I was dumbstruck. Well I was.

A couple weeks later after the whole ordeal I wind up at her house. Which isn't very odd but I hadn't been over since about two months before. So were rocking out on guitar hero (she is much better at it then I am) and we get to talking between songs. Somehow we get into fantasies, which we had talked about before, but not mine. (I didn't have any at the time) so she asks me what they are and I say, "Promise not to laugh." "Of course I won't." she says "Besides all fantasies are embarrassing no matter what." "OK" I mumble. "I like watching girls masturbate and it'd kinda be cool to watch one up close." She stares at me with those big brown eyes. She bites her lip. Her face turns red then she exhales deeply. OK. That works. Our conversation continues and I end up going home about an hour later.

Its another month later. I'm going to my home for the weekend and I find a DVD in my backpack. "What the fuck." I whisper to myself. I come home; pop it in and there is Markie on the screen in nothing but a robe which she has left open so you can see a nipple. The TV Markie says "This is an early Christmas present just for you." She stands up and lets her robe fall to the ground. And there is the shaven pussy that I so desperately dreamed about for the past two months.

She starts with both hands on her breasts. Squeezing and rubbing. One starts to move south and finds home. With two fingers she spreads herself and with a third she touches her clit softly but with enough force to get a moan. Small circles entail with the finger. Her other hand reaches out of the screen and gets a small pink vibrator. She turns it on and slowly puts it in her self then slowly pulls it out. She puts it back in and starts a rhythm. In, out, in, out. She shudders then squeaks pulls the vibrator out and puts it on her clit. Suddenly she starts to squirt and a small stream of juices comes out. Then another. She then says, barely able to keep her voice steady "Just for you sweet stuff" a wink and the screen goes blank.

I studied those five minutes for hours the next couple days. I memorized every single movement and flutter that she makes. I come to school the next half expecting Markie to be masturbating in Latin. I can't think of anything else. GOD DAMN IT! She isn't here today. Please let her text me!!!! During the last period of the day I get a text from her. She is sick with Shingles (post chicken-pox, chicken-pox). Wow that sucks. She ends up not showing up that week and most of the next. By this time I have all but forgotten about the tape.

Months pass. Occasionally I watch the tape but not very often (the Internet is for porn). I get a real girlfriend named Hannah. Markie comes out of the closet and tells me she is BI (just like me) and is falling for Jamie. A gorgeous curly haired blond with a very strange sense of... everything(which I think is sexy as all hell). She is about 5' 6" and at least a DD-cup. I tried asking her out but she shot me down.

Next week it is Valentines Day, and Markie is going to ask Jamie out (or just seduce her). I also might lose my virginity with Hannah.

When the 14th comes around I get excited, real excited. I'm pretty much walking around with a boner 24/7. I go over to Hannah's house after school and surprise, no one is home. She says "sit down on my bed, sit on your hands, close your eyes and don't open till I tell you to." I happily oblige. She leaves the room, and then comes back about a minute later and puts a blindfold on me. She kisses me and we start making out. A minute later I'm hard and it is painfully obvious since I cant hide it. Hannah gently puts her hand on it. Shit that feels good. She starts to take off my pants. When nothing is on my bottom she tells me to lift my hands straight up. I do as I am told and I am finally naked. Suddenly I feel something on my dick. A wet warmth unlike anything I've ever felt. Soon it has entirely engulfed my dick. Hannah gasps and starts to shake. She clings to my chest and kisses me more passionately then ever before in our lives. She takes off the blind fold and I am face to face with a guy being shagged by a gorgeous 17 year old. Hannah starts going up and down. Fast, too fast for me to handle, after about ten pumps she stops and has another orgasm and sits there for both of us to recover our stamina. Up and down. Orgasm. Up and down this time I cum with her. We lay there for almost an hour muttering "I love you." Me soft inside her cum filled cunny.

A knock at the door brings us to our senses. We get dressed as quick as we can and run to the door. It was nobody, just someone stupid Mormons. I go home about an hour later and text Markie. I don't get a response till about an hour later when she says "you are not gonna believe who I just did?!??!?!!" I respond "OMG. How was it? Tell me everything." She says " Unfucking believable."

*****(This is from Markie's point of view)

I came to school on the 14th and for some reason Jamie is crying. I ask her "Oh sweetie, what's wrong?" "EVERYTHING!!!!!!!" she exclaims "WHY DOES LIFE HATE ME!!!!!" I put my arm around her shoulders and say "Let's start from the beginning. Tell me everything."

"So me and Mark (made up plot character) have been dating for maybe three months and last night I was gonna let him take my "flower." So I go to his house and we're alone and making out. I start to put my hand on his upper thigh and he moves my hand away. I don't think anything of it. I do it again and he moves me away again. I try one more time, a little too much and put my hand on his crotch. He jumped up and said 'What the hell are you doing?' and I just sat there and said 'I want you, don't you want me?' he just storms out and says 'No you fat cow, get away from me.' So I broke his Ipod." By this time she was REALLY angry, red faced, and sobbing. (BTW she isn't fat. she is pretty damn sexy)

"Oh my god you must feel so bad... you are not fat" I said "I know I'm not. He's just a vain, self-centered, ungrateful, shallow pig" (turns out later he is gay) Jamie breaks out into tears again. I put her hand on Jamie's head and has her lay on my shoulder. She looks up after a while and says "... you're trying to seduce me aren't you." I mentally stagger "How can you tell?" "Your hand is in my pants, caressing my ass" She points out obviously "Oh... I... didn't... notice." I manage to stutter out "Bullshit, it's OK though, I like it"

After a while the bell rings and the day begins. And I fall asleep in every single class. During lunch we go to the auditorium and make out. After school we go back to the auditorium and make out again. After a little bit Jamie says "I made a promise to myself last month. And it was to get fucked. I don't care who I just want to get it over with" "... OK, and this means?" I say just a little confused. Jamie sighs and says "Do you have a vibrator and or dildo" I say "yea... Why?!?!?!!?!??!!?!?" Still thinking it was obvious Jamie says "Is your house empty?" "Yes" I say starting to understand where she is going. "Then let's go there."

We get to my house and she has to tinkle first. While she is in the bathroom I go into my room and get my nine inch blue dildo and my six inch pink vibrator. She comes out and I say "How do you want to do this?" She thinks for a little bit and says "Get naked!" so I do. "OK were playing strip Uno. For every three cards I have to draw, I remove a piece of clothing" We sit on the floor and play for about three minutes before she is down to nothing but bright-pink bra and bright-pink, see-through G-string (When Markie saw her G-string she had an orgasm right there) "OK your turn" She says. I say "You're in luck. You have drawn two cards since you took off your pants, and I have a draw two." She hurriedly takes off her bra and says "hurray for me" I say "Oh one more thing." I lay down a draw-four-wild card. She stands up, walks over to me, lays down next to me and says "You do it."

I slowly pull down her underwear and inhale deeply. I fling them across the room and she pulls me up to her face and kisses me. We kiss, forgetting I even had a body, until I feel her hand move from my back to my snatch. Her finger finds my wet little hole and pushes her way in. I have an orgasm within seconds. She smiles realizing how much I am turned on by her. Giggling, she puts her thumb on my clit and rubs. Just this is enough to get another orgasm out of me. I say "Stop and let me have my turn." She giggles again and I lower my head and kiss my down her chest, between her luscious mounds down her belly and find a triangle of hair that has obviously been trimmed. I peel back the tender folds and lick. The taste is miraculously beautiful. I circle her clit with my tongue then slowly push one finger into her vagina careful not to break her hymen. I finger her and lick her clit until she cums madly, shoving my head into her crotch wanting more. Before continuing I ask "are you sure you want me to do this? And not just because you're horny as all hell?" Yes" She manages to gasp out. "In that case, which one do you want?" I show her the six inch vibrator and the nine inch dildo. She thinks for a little and says "I want the pink one but I don't want it to vibrate the first time."

I nod and start to give the vibrator a blow job to get it wet. ( like she wasn't wet enough as it is) After a few seconds I stop and place it gingerly at her hole and push ever so slowly. She shakes and moans. I meet a little resistance when the vibrator comes to her hymen. I stop and look at her. She says a little impatiently "Go on" I push slowly but with force. The resistance suddenly disappears and Jamie whimpers out in pain, but its a good pain. I push it in until its about four inches in, then pull out. Jamie is crying out in ecstasy when she has another orgasm. Then another. She screams "STOP.” we break for a couple seconds and make out. “Turn it on" when I do she moans a deep guttural moan. I pump it slowly but progressively faster. After one more orgasm she has me stop and collapses asleep.

I carry her to my bed and caress her sleeping body until she wakes up. "How long was I out?" she asks "about an hour and a half, my love" she tells me how much she appreciated it and how she is going to go Bi now (she now has undeniable proof that she is) and how she needs to find her underwear. So I say "I'll tell you where it is after you do something" "What?" she asks warily. "Do me." I say. She giggles her classic giggle and reaches for the blue dildo. After trying to give the thing a blow job she stops and notices I am wet enough so she giggles one more time before she slowly pushes the entire thing in. I moan as my familiar friend finds its home and quickly moves out again. After a couple minutes of furious pounding and two heart stopping orgasms (one from me and one from Jamie masturbating) she stops and I pull her underwear out from under the bed. She throws them across the room, tackles me and kisses her way down to my already drenched snatch.

*****(This is from my point of view)

"Wow." I say "I can't believe you did her and yet she forgot her underwear" "She didn't forget them" Markie says "she didn't feel the need to take them home"

I was sitting in Markie's house on her bed. Where an hour ago there were two beautiful naked ladies. I had come to her house about 20 minutes after Jamie had left. I walked in to find Markie in a robe. (the same one from her "movie") "oh good it's you. I need to tell you this" she had said. She let her robe fall showing that she was naked (we had seen each other naked several times by now. Mostly accidents and that one time back at school but we really didn't feel any shyness toward each other, even though I still liked her a lot) She got dressed as I told her what me and Hannah had done then we held each other and watched a movie while she told me of her experiences with Jamie. We kissed, said goodnight, and had good dreams of what we were about to do.

Please tell me what you think. I wrote it about a year ago but i never had the balls to put it online.
It is my first story, and if this goes good, I'll post some stories written by Markie and other ones by me.

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please post the others

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It was a little confusing a couple times but other than that one of the best written stories I've seen on this site.

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