Part 1

Jeannie clinched her eyes tight and bit her bottom lip as she felt her climax getting closer and closer. Tim held her legs high and kept them spread wide as he plunged his dick hard and fast into her soaked pussy. Harry, her husband, sucked hard on her titty, biting one nipple lightly while he pinched the other one with his fingers. When her climax started, she tried to stifle her moans by biting her lip harder but Harry was watching her and released her nipple to put his head close to her ear and encourage her to let go.
“No baby,” he whispered. “Don’t try to keep quiet. Let us hear you.”
Tim smiled as he joined in. “Scream if you want to, Jeannie. No one will hear but us.”
Encouraged by the two men, she quickly released her lip as her head thrashed from side to side, her climax now right on the verge.
“Oh yes!!” she moaned as she lifted her body off the bed. The men continued to offer encouragement and she finally opened her eyes and pulled Harry’s head down so she could kiss him. They kissed briefly while Tim kept driving his dick in and out and she finally broke the kiss and looked deep into Harry’s eyes.
“Ah, Ah, Ahhh!” she cried. She then looked at Tim. “Fuck me harder. I’m right on the edge. Please fuck me harder!”
Tim smiled, and then lowered her legs as he dropped on top of her. Her legs wrapped around his waist immediately and he started making short, hard thrusts. Harry could hear the sound of their bodies slapping together with every thrust and Jeannie was now moving her lower body to meet every one of Tim’s thrusts. Suddenly, she threw her head back and arched her body as she cried out.
“Now! Now! Cum now! Hurry so I can cum with you!”
Tim started thrusting faster as his hands cupped her ass and held her body tight against his. Finally, he drove his dick deep into her pussy and froze as he closed his eyes too. “Oh, yea baby. Here it comes!”
His body shook briefly and Harry knew he was shooting his hot cum deep inside Jeannie’s pussy. Jeannie immediately arched her own body off the couch as her legs tightened around Tim’s waist.
“Oh yes! That’s so good!!!” she cried out as her climax finally peaked.
She kept her legs locked around Tim’s waist and he could feel her pussy squeezing his dick, refusing to let it slip out of her soaked pussy. After a few seconds, her legs relaxed and she dropped them to the bed. Her pussy relaxed at the same time and he was able to pull free and drop to the bed beside her. Both of them were almost exhausted.
Harry lay down on the bed beside them and waited for her to open her eyes and look at him. When she did, he spoke silently but his words were clear. “I love you! I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.”
She smiled at him and it was all the answer he needed. She slowly turned towards Tim to find him watching her as well. “That was great Jeannie,” he said with a big smile as he reached over to gently caress her sensitive titties.
Harry smiled at them as he rolled from the bed. “I’m going up to check out some of the exotic drinks. I’ll be back in a little while.”
As soon as Harry left the room, Tim kissed her again and began to massage her titties harder. Slowly, his hand moved down her body until his finger moved into her soaked pussy. Minutes later, he plunged his dick into her again. They fucked for another half hour as he brought her to another roaring climax before filling her pussy with his hot cum once more. Afterwards, he dressed and kissed her lightly before leaving the room. Harry returned minutes later while she was still lying nude, totally relaxed and satisfied. He walked over to the bed and kissed her lightly, then kissed both of her titties as his hand cupped her cream filled pussy. She winched involuntarily at his touch and he removed his hand with a light laugh.
“I imagine you are sore. He fucked you hard and fast for over an hour all together. Why don’t you soak in a nice, hot bubble bath?”
She looked at him with a smile. “You weren’t gone long enough to go up on deck. Where did you go?”
He laughed. “I just went out in the hallway. I listened at the door. I suspected he might want some time alone with you.”
She just shook her head at him. “That bath you mentioned does sound good,” she said as she sat up and kissed him lightly.
He smiled as he stood up. “You go ahead. I’m really going up on deck this time. I’ll be back shortly.”
She was in the tub minutes after he left. She let the water sooth her body as she lay back against the tub. Harry had been right. It had been a long time since someone had fucked her so long and hard and her pussy was sore as a result. She closed her eyes and thought about how everything had happened.
For the last couple of years, Harry made it a point to talk to her whenever they made love, telling her about his fantasies of her having sex with another man. It had never gone any farther than that, until tonight. Now, she couldn’t wait until the next time. It had felt so good and Harry had seemed delighted about the whole thing. They had been married over 15 years and their sex life was becoming dreary. Harry had booked this cruise as a chance for them to rekindle their romance. She had never suspected it would evolve to this.
They met Tim that morning when they were boarding the boat. While they waited in line, he told them he was an engineer who owned a small consulting firm. When they got to their cabin, Harry had teased her about him.
“Tim couldn’t take his eyes off you the whole time we were talking. I bet he was wondering what you would look like naked,” he said with a laugh.
She chided him playfully. “You’re crazy Harry. He was just being friendly.”
They met him again later in the passenger’s lounge where everyone was encouraged to meet and greet the other passengers. The more they talked with him, the more Jeannie liked him and it was fairly obvious that he was attracted to her. When Harry left to go to the serving line to refresh their drinks, she turned to see Tim staring at her intently.
“Is something wrong?” she asked.
His smile got bigger. “I was just admiring. You’re a beautiful woman.”
“Thank you,” she said softly. She blushed and shook her head. Her long red hair and slim body often caught men's attention but she still blushed when she knew someone was paying her special attention, particularly now. She was glad that Harry returned to the table at that moment.
They sat and talked a few more minutes before Harry suggested they go outside for a walk around the deck. They ship was already out of sight of land and they quickly found themselves walking in an area lit only by overhead lights that cast a warm glow on the deck without a glaring light. They passed a couple setting in deck chairs but there was no one else around. She and Harry held hands as they walked but Tim was close enough to her that she felt his arm graze hers occasionally. Harry led them well away from the passenger lounge before he stopped and leaned against the rail, looking out over the calm, moonlit ocean. He put his arm around her and she could feel Tim’s arm touch her as he stepped to the rail beside her.
Without warning, Harry pulled her closer, and then kissed her. It was unexpected and she almost pulled away knowing that Tim was right beside them. Harry held her firmly though and kissed her long and deep before finally breaking the kiss. He looked at her with a wicked smile, then leaned forward to look at Tim.
“She’s quite a lady, Tim,” he said calmly. He then looked at Jeannie. “I think it’s only right that you kiss Tim too. We don’t want him to feel left out.”
She was shocked and it showed on her face. She looked from Harry to Tim, then back to Harry.
“Are you serious?” she asked.
Of course, I’m serious,” he replied with a bigger smile. He quickly glanced at Tim again.
“You don’t want to feel left out, do you Tim?”
Tim wasn’t sure what Harry had in mind but he quickly spoke up. “I would love to kiss her. It would definitely make me feel better.”
Harry laughed. “See. Now, kiss him. I know you want to.”
She decided to call Harry’s bluff and quickly turned to Tim, put her arms around his neck and kissed him. She had intended for it to be light and quick but she felt Tim’s arms go around her and pull her in close. She hadn’t expected him to be such a good kisser, much less to probe her mouth with his tongue. When they finally broke the kiss, she was light headed, not really believing she had let him kiss her like that.
Harry feigned hurt. “You didn’t kiss me like that,” he said as he quickly kissed her again.
It went on like that for several minutes. Each time Harry kissed her, it was longer and deeper and Tim responded in kind. Each time the men would hold her a little tighter. She hadn’t expected anything like this when they walked out on deck. Finally, Harry pushed things to the next level. While he was kissing her, she felt his hand slide under her loose blouse to cup her titty. She reached for his hand to stop him but he spoke firmly without breaking their kiss.
“No!” he moaned into her mouth.
His emphatic tone stopped her and she moved her hand and put it back around his neck. She knew Tim could see what he was doing and she suspected Harry did too. Still, she allowed him to cup her titty, and then felt him release the front catch of her bra and push it aside so he could cup it without the bra in the way. When he broke the kiss, he turned her towards Tim, just as he had done each time before. Tim quickly kissed her and she felt his hand move under her blouse in back, then around to the front. Just before he reached her titty, she grabbed his hand, thinking Harry had never meant for it to go this far.
She had barely touched Tim’s hand when Harry reached from behind her and pulled her hand away and held it at her side. While she and Tim kissed, he whispered into her ear. “Don’t stop him. He’s just doing what I did. It’s okay.”
He then placed her arm back around Tim’s neck and she felt Tim’s hand move again. When he touched her titty, she let out an involuntary moan. His touch was so unlike Harry’s. His fingers touched her lightly and she moaned long and deep into his mouth. She couldn’t help herself. He squeezed her titty firmly and reluctantly broke the kiss. Looking deep into her eyes, he slowly removed his hand.
Harry was smiling when she turned back towards him. She wondered briefly how much longer he would let this go on. He kissed her lips lightly at first, and then looked into her glazed eyes.
“You liked that, didn’t you?”
She just nodded her head “yes” and then he kissed her long and deep again. This time, he pulled the straps of her bra off each arm, then from under her blouse. He pushed it into his pocket, and then reached under her blouse to play with her titties again, but only for a second. She felt his hand leave her titty and she started to break the kiss but he held her firmly. His hand moved down until he reached her waist. He boldly worked at the button of her jeans and she grabbed his hand again. He broke the kiss without moving his hand.
“Move your hand,” he said firmly. “Don’t make me ask you again.”
The intense look in his eyes and the firmness of his voice alarmed her. He had never spoken so sternly to her before and she suddenly realized why he had made her promise to obey his every wish during this cruise. She slowly moved her hand and felt the waist band of her jeans loosen as he undid the snap. When she felt him pulling down the zipper, she had to fight back the urge to stop him but he was looking deep into her eyes as if daring her to try. When the zipper was all the way down, she felt his hand slide inside her jeans and then into her panties. He kissed her again as his fingers gently parted the lips of her pussy but he didn’t finger her. Finally, he moved his hand and broke the kiss.
She didn’t turn to Tim at first, certain what would happen when if she did. She didn’t know if she could stand it. Finally, Harry pushed her gently towards Tim. She turned slowly and saw the look of desire in his eyes immediately. He didn’t waste time. As soon as they started kissing, his hand moved inside the open waist of her jeans. His finger caressed her pussy through the fabric of her panties, then eased the fabric aside and touched her pussy. Her juices were already flowing and his finger slid in easily. He pressed his thigh between hers and eased her legs apart, then pushed his finger in deeper. She suddenly rose up on her toes as she kissed him deeper and his finger easily slid in all the way. He started moving his finger in and out slowly until he heard her moan softly into his mouth. He felt her pussy tighten, and then her juices flooded his finger. He broke the kiss but kept his finger buried deep inside her. Harry whispered softly behind them.
“Someone’s coming,” he warned.
Quickly, Tim removed his finger and the three of them turned to face the water again until the couple from the lounge chairs walked past and disappeared from sight. When they were gone, Harry laughed lightly.
“Why don’t we go up to the cabin? I’m sure Tim wouldn’t mind joining us for some wine.”
Jeannie looked from Harry to Tim. Tim had a big smile on his face and his arm tightened around her waist. “I’d like that,” he said calmly.
She realized now that Harry planned to turn his fantasies into reality. Without replying, she started to fasten her jeans. Harry stopped her again.
“Leave them like that. Just pull your blouse down.”
She didn’t argue. They led her into the ship and Harry found an elevator to carry them up the two floors. When they stepped inside, Harry waited until they moved to the back, and then turned to face the elevator door as it closed. Tim immediately pulled her to him and kissed her again, then broke it quickly. He calmly pulled her blouse up and dropped his face down to suck on her titties. At the same time, he pushed his hand back inside her panties. He didn’t have to force her legs to part this time. She willingly parted them, eager to feel his finger slide into her pussy. He fingered her slow and easy while his mouth moved from one titty to the other. All she could do was close her eyes and enjoy it. Somewhere in the distance, she heard Harry announce that the elevator door was opening. Tim quickly removed his hand and pulled her blouse down and they followed Harry to the cabin.
As soon as Tim closed the door, Harry turned to Jeannie and put his hands on her blouse, then pulled it up and off. She demurely lifted her arms as he pulled it over her head. She was now nude from the waist up and she felt Tim’s hands reach around her from behind to hold her titties firmly. Without hesitation, Harry pulled her jeans down, taking her panties with them. He lifted her feet and slid the jeans and panties off, then tossed the garments aside. Silently, he took her hand and led her to the bed. Smiling, he pushed her onto her back and knelt beside her.
He kissed her deep while his hands played with her titties. She felt Tim push her legs apart and then his tongue lightly stroked her pussy before pressing inside. Both men worked on her body with their hands and mouths until she was right on the edge. When he felt her body begin to tense, Harry broke the kiss and looked down at Tim with a smile. Silently, he nodded at Tim. Tim moved upwards and she could feel his hard dick as it moved across her legs and then as the tip touched her pussy. He held himself above her body and he smiled even bigger as the tip of his dick edged against her pussy. When he pushed the tip in, Jeannie let out a sudden "Ohhhhh!. She had been fucked by men other than Harry before they married but none with a dick as big as the one pushing into her tight pussy at that moment. Tim just smiled and pushed harder, his dick sliding easily into her soaked pussy until his full 9 inches was buried inside her. When he was all the way in, Harry sat up on his knees beside the bed to watch. Tim fucked her slow but steadily for the next 45 minutes, at least according to Harry. She climaxed so many times she lost track of the time and her climaxes.
Jeannie shook herself out of her memories and climbed out of the tub. Slowly, she dried her body and then her hair. Finally, she put on a housecoat, remaining nude underneath. She wanted to be ready for Harry when he returned. He deserved that much. She had just climbed into bed when she heard the door open and she looked towards it. She was totally surprised when Tim walked inside.
“Where’s Harry?” she asked as she kept looking at the door.
Tim laughed lightly as he held up the key card for the cabin. “He told me to come up and keep you company. He’s in my room watching a movie.”

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It's only make believe take it with a pinch of salt whatever turns you on

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Damned people who surf the porn sites and want to preach while jacking off. They feel guilty about being turned on by the stories they read and want to deny it. Sick MoFos.

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Hey Harry,

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