Part 3

Jeannie sat between Tim and Hank in the cab with Tim’s hand around her shoulders. As he and Hank talked, his fingers touched her neck lightly, moving back and forth over the sensitive skin. Just before they reached the shopping district, she felt his fingers moving down lower until they were stroking her skin just above the v-neck of her blouse. When his fingers moved inside the top of the blouse, she quietly put her hand over his to cover it. He seemed not to notice as his fingers moved even lower to touch the top of her titty and then move inside her bra to toy lightly with her nipple. It was already hard but it got harder as he flicked it back and forth. When the cab stopped, he looked at her and smiled as his fingers closed around her nipple and squeezed. She closed her eyes and then opened them again as she looked at him.
“You’re terrible,” she said with a smile as she pulled his hand away slowly.
They strolled around the shopping district for an hour or so and she made several purchases before they found a shop where they sold hand sawn native dresses. One caught Jeannie’s eye and she held it up in front of her. The native floral print was beautiful. The dress simply wrapped around and was held closed by two buttons at one side. When it was fastened, the dress came to a vee at the bottom and the top. She held it up in front of her and both men nodded their head in agreement. Tim smiled at her.
“Try it on. I’d love to buy it for you.”
Jeannie just smiled. “I couldn’t let you do that,” she said shaking her head.
“Nonsense,” he said quickly. “Try it on. Do it for me.”
She looked at Hank and he was smiling in agreement. She shrugged. “Okay,” she finally replied with a smile.
She stepped into the small dressing room and put it on. The only mirror was outside the dressing room and she stepped outside. The men smiled when they saw her.
“It looks great on you,” Tim said with a big smile and she looked at Hank to see he smiling just as big.
Jeannie looked in the mirror. The hem hit at mid-thigh and the vee came up even higher at the center. The deep vee at her neck was almost as bad. It barely covered her bra where it plunged so low.
She laughed lightly. “Too short,” she said calmly. Her fingers then moved to the vee at her neck. “It’s too low too.”
“It looks great on you,” Tim said quickly. “Keep it on.”
She looked at him quietly. “Do you really want me to wear it?”
“Yes”, he said calmly. He then looked at Hank. “How about you? Don’t you think it looks great on her?”
Hank’s face was all smiles. “Absolutely,” he said quickly.
"Do you think Harry will like it?"
Time just smiled. "Most definitely."
She took a deep breath. “Okay,” she said.
Just as she stepped back into the dressing room, Tim stepped up to keep her from closing the curtain. He had a big smile on his face. “Take your bra off,” he said calmly. “Then it won’t show,” he continued as he stepped back and pulled the curtains closed for her.
She stood thinking for a minute before she opened the dress and released her bra. Taking it off, she put it in her purse and then fastened the dress again. She had never gone out in public without her bra on before and she suddenly felt very sexy. When she stepped out again, she saw Tim’s smile widen. She avoided looking at herself in the mirror, afraid that she wouldn’t be able to wear it if she did. She was extremely aware of her nipples rubbing against the thin silky material and she knew they were getting harder by the minute. Tim paid for the dress and they walked outside. It was just 5:30. They still had two hours before they had to be back at the ship. Tim looked at Hank.
“We have some time before we have to head back. Didn’t you say there was something you wanted to do?”
Hank quickly spoke up. “Yes. There’s an ancient Indian Temple somewhere on the island. I’ve heard they’re pretty interesting.”
“Is that okay with you Jeannie?” Tim asked.
Jeannie shrugged her shoulders. “It’s fine with me.”
A few minutes later they were in a cab. Again, she rode between Tim and Hank and Tim quickly put his hand back around her shoulder. However, when he turned to talk to Hank, he put his other hand lightly on her knee. As they talked, his hand moved higher until it was under the hem of the short dress. She felt his hand slip inside the folds of the dress but didn’t stop him until she felt his hand moving higher. She quickly put her hand over his again but he just kept talking to Hank. A minute later, she felt his fingers lightly touch her pussy through the thin panties she wore. She quickly tightened her grip on his hand and looked at Hank. She saw his eyes quickly dart down and then back up as he smiled and spoke to Tim again. A second later, she felt Tim’s fingers easing the fabric of her panties aside as his fingers moved inside to touch her pussy. She couldn’t stop him without making it more obvious so she tightened her thighs to keep him from pushing his finger into her pussy. Tim looked at her with a sly smile and then spoke to Hank again.
“She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” he said and it caught her off guard.
Hank was quick to agree. Then Tim went even farther. “She has a beautiful body too,” he said calmly as his hand moved inside the top of her dress to close over her titty. She had been concentrating on the hand at her pussy so hard she hadn’t realized he had put his hand in the top of the dress. Without hesitation, he pulled the top of her dress aside to reveal one of her titties.
“Look at that Hank. Her titties are just as beautiful as she is,” he said calmly.
Before she could pull the dress back over her titty, he had opened it to expose her other titty as well. His words surprised her even more.
“Touch them Hank. Feel how soft they are.”
Jeannie sat frozen, unable to believe what was happening but found herself helpless to stop it. Hank calmly reached up to cup the titty closest to him and smiled as he squeezed it softly, then took the hard nipple between his fingers and rolled it.
“Yes,” he said with a big smile. “They are soft.” He looked into Jeannie’s eyes then and squeezed the nipple lightly. His smile got bigger when he saw her close her eyes briefly. “They’re sensitive too, aren’t they Jeannie?” he asked calmly.
She looked at Tim first and then at Hank. “Yes,” she said honestly.
She was suddenly aware of Tim’s finger caressing her pussy as his hand cupped her titty lightly. Hank continued to touch her other titty while both men admired her. Tim put his head close to her ear.
“Spread your legs for me,” he whispered as his finger pressed harder against the lips of her pussy.
Unable to resist any more,, she relaxed her legs and shifted her feet slightly. When his finger slipped into her pussy, she laid her head back against Tim’s chest, certain now that he planned to let Hank see everything he was doing. When his finger pressed into her pussy, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. He pushed his finger deeper and held it there briefly before pulling it out. She felt him push the folds of the dress apart and then his finger was back inside her panties, easing into her pussy again. He fingered her slowly and she opened her eyes slightly. Hank was watching intensely as Tim’s finger moved in and out of her pussy inside her panties. Again, Tim whispered into her ear.
“I like you better without panties,” he said. “Take them off.”
Her eyes came open and she turned quickly to look into his eyes. “Now,” she asked in a hushed voice.
He laughed lightly. “Yes,” he said. He then looked at Hank. “Better yet, Hank, why don’t you take them off for her?”
She looked at both men quickly and then she closed her eyes again and leaned back against Tim’s shoulder as she felt her will to resist disappear.. A few seconds later, she felt hands reaching under the dress to grab her panties. When they tugged, she lifted her ass just slightly and felt her panties being pulled down her legs and then off her feet. She knew the panties were soaked. At that moment, she felt the cab come to a stop and opened her eyes. They were at the temple. Looking from one man to the other, she took a deep breath. She then looked for her panties and realized that one of them now had put them in their pocket. She wondered if she would ever see them again and quickly decided she didn’t care. She felt wicked knowing she was wearing the dress and nothing else.
They led her to the temple and paid the admission before leading her into the museum part of the temple. There were very few tourists inside and Hank led them from one room to another until they were in a small dimly lit room that was obviously some type of trophy room. Hank wondered around the room looking at the ancient weapons mounted on the wall but Tim wasn’t interested in weapons. He was behind her and she felt his arms go around her waist just before he kissed her shoulder lightly. She turned her head to look at him and he kissed her long and deep. He turned her to face him and put his arms around her waist as he pulled her in close to kiss her deeper. She suddenly realized he had released the buttons holding the dress closed when he pulled it open to press her naked body tight against his. She tried to push away but he held her tight.
“Tim,” she said with panic in her voice. “Hank is here with us!”
He laughed lightly as she looked over her shoulder. Hank was still admiring the weapons displayed on the wall as he slowly moved around the room.
“So what,” Tim replied quietly as his hand cupped her pussy again. She felt his finger moving inside her pussy and she tried to pull away again without success, quickly losing the desire to resist as his finger probed deeper.
There was a large stone slab in the center of the room that was covered with Indian inscriptions and he pushed her back against it. Without breaking the kiss, he lifted her up on the slab and stepped between her legs. Again she panicked as she realized he fully intended to fuck her while Hank was there with them. She looked at Hank again and then heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper being pulled down and then strong hands grabbed her wrists and held them firmly in place. She felt cold steel encircle her wrists and then snap shut and realized she was now imprisoned on the slab at the disposal of both men. Her heart pace increased as she remembered how many times she had dreamed about being just like this and now it was actually happening.
When she look back at Tim, his lips closed over hers as he stepped forward. His dick drove into her pussy at the same time that his tongue went into her mouth. At that point, she was beyond caring whether Hank was there or not and what they had planned for her. Just so long as they fucked her long and deep. She kissed him passionately as he drove all the way inside her and then began to fuck her slow and easy.
He had been fucking her for only a minute when she felt Hank reach from behind her to capture both of her titties and it suddenly dawned on her even more that she at the mercy of these men. While Tim kissed her mouth, Hank kissed her ears, neck and shoulders. Her nipples suddenly became rock hard in Hank’s fingers and Tim’s dick became even harder inside her pussy. She resigned herself to the situation and put her legs around Tim’s waist to draw him in tighter, enjoying every thrust of his big dick into her pussy. She had climaxed when he first entered her and it wasn’t long before she was climaxing again. Finally, Tim broke the kiss and smiled into her face as he started fucking her harder and deeper. It didn’t take him long to explode inside her pussy.
When he pulled out, he looked over her shoulder and nodded and she knew immediately that Hank was going to fuck her too. Tim smiled as he looked into her eyes.
“Release her hands Hank. I want her to turn around and lean over the table,” he said calmly as he pulled his dick out and stepped back.
She felt the shackles loosen and drop away just as quickly as they had appeared. She slid from the table and turned around quickly so she was now watching Hank he walked around behind her. A second later, Hank pushed his dick into her pussy and she had to take a deep breath as he penetrated her. His dick was even bigger than Tim’s but he penetrated her completely with that one push. She gripped the edge of the table and closed her eyes as he gripped her hips and plunged into her hard and fast. It didn’t take him long to explode inside her but not before she climaxed again. When he pulled out, she could feel the massive load of cum inside her pussy begin to leak out and then run down her thighs. She was weak from her many climaxes and both men calmly pulled her dress back around her body and fastened it. They were about to walk out the door of the room when several older couples entered. With a big smile, the two men led her back to the outside. A few minutes later, they were on the way back to the ship.

Part 4

When they got on the bus, Kathy walked in front of Harry and led him back to the where they had sat on the way over. She turned to look at him and motioned for him to get in first this time. She then sat next to him demurely as the rest of the passengers boarded. When she realized that everyone had gone back to their same seat to leave them alone in the back again, she smiled and turned towards him.
“Put one leg up on the seat and then lean back against the bus so I can lean on you,” she said with a twinkle in her eyes as she stood up.
Harry shrugged and put his leg up on the seat and then leaned back. She quickly set back down and then leaned back against him. She looked back at him with a sly smile.
“Well, are you going to put your arms around me?”
He laughed lightly and put both arms around her and she took his hands in hers and pulled them around her tighter. Looking back over her shoulder, she snickered as she took one hand and put it inside the top of her blouse and then took the other and placed it in her lap where the short skirt ended high on her thigh. She released his hands then and laid her head against his chest and closed her eyes. He squeezed her titty lightly and caressed her thigh with his other hand. His hand caressed higher until his fingers touched her soaked pussy under the dress. Instinctively, he withdrew his hand but he felt her hand close over his and push it back under her skirt and then release it. With a silent smile, he cupped her pussy with his open hand. Slowly, he pressed his middle finger against the wet folds of her pussy and felt her legs open slightly. He pressed harder and his finger spread the folds of her pussy and he could feel his cum oozing out to coat her thighs and then the seat.
She opened her eyes and looked back over her shoulder and whispered quietly. “I’m so full of your cum that it just keeps pouring out,” she said and then pressed his finger deeper in side.
He eased his finger deeper into her pussy and she just smiled and closed her eyes again. He continued fingering her and squeezing her titties for the remainder of the trip. Twice, he felt her body shiver lightly as she climaxed. By the time they got back to the dock, the seat of the bus was soaked with his cum and her juices.

The cab was a Toyota, much smaller than the three of them rode in earlier. Hank started to get in the front but Tim stopped him.
“We can all get in the back Hank,” he said calmly and then turned to Jeannie. “You don’t mind setting in my lap, do you?”
Jeannie just shrugged and nodded her head. Hank smiled and hurried around to the driver’s side to get in and Tim climbed in and then patted his lap for Jeannie to climb in. She set in his lap and he helped her turn around so she was facing Hank with her legs in the middle between the two men. Tim put his arm around her and held her lightly while Hank told the driver where they needed to go. As soon as the cab started off, Tim pulled Jeannie toward him and kissed her. She thought it would just be a light kiss but he kissed her long and deep and she couldn’t help but put her arms around his neck to return the kiss. She then felt Tim’s other hand cup her titty but she was no longer worried about what Hank would think. It was only seconds later when Tim eased the vee of her dress open to push his hand inside to cup her titty firmly. She felt Hank’s hand on her leg massaging it lightly, each time moving his hand higher. It wasn’t long before he was stroking her upper thigh and then his hand stopped to pull the dress apart where it overlapped at the bottom. Tim held her tightly against him while he kissed her and played with her titties. When she felt Hank push lightly against her leg, she didn’t hesitate to part her thighs. As soon as she did, his hand moved quickly to cup her mound. Seconds later, he pushed a finger into her soaked pussy and eased it in and out, fingering her slowly. She suddenly found herself pushing her pussy tighter against his finger as she tightened her arms around Tim’s neck. Hank slowly added a second finger and then twirled them slowly inside her pussy.
Tim finally broke the kiss and Jeannie buried her head against Tim’s chest. Tim smiled at Hank and then winked. He looked at the driver and smiled again when he saw the man had adjusted his rear view mirror so he could watch between the split seats. He calmly turned back to Jeannie and pulled softly so she moved away from his chest. He looked deep into her eyes and he could see the effect Hank’s finger was having on her. His fingers touched the top of her dress and then pulled it open. Calmly, he pulled it apart far enough to expose both her titties and then leaned over to suck on one, teasing the already hard nipple as he sucked on it lightly.
Hank’s fingers started moving slightly faster and pushing deep every time he drove them back into her pussy. His and Tim’s combined cum was already flowing from her pussy to coat her thighs and the seat between the two men. Hank smiled as he removed his fingers and pulled on her legs until she slid from Tim’s lap so her ass was resting on the seat between them. He quickly released the buttons holding the dress closed and pulled it all the way open. She sat lower in Tim’s lap now and he turned her body so he could suck on the other titty. That left her body fully exposed to the driver’s rear view mirror as the two men worked her to a fever pitch. As Tim sucked her titties harder, moving from one to the other, Hank kept fingering her faster and faster. He felt her juices flowing again as they coated his fingers. When he felt her body begin to shake, he drove his fingers deep and then twirled them around and spread them as wide as he could. At the same time, she felt Tim’s fingers touch her clit and then squeeze it lightly.
She buried her head against Tim’s chest again and held him tight as her climax peaked. Both men continued to work on her pussy until they felt her body sag in exhaustion. Slowly, they removed their hands and pulled her dress back together and waited for her to lift her head. When she did, she smiled at Tim and then looked at Hank.
“That was really good! I just can’t believe I let you do it,” she said quietly.
Tim kissed her lightly and then Hank leaned across to kiss her too. She set up straighter in Tim’s lap and turned to look towards the front of the car. She realized then what the men had known all along; the cab driver had been watching. She snapped her head back at Tim and then to Hank. Both men had big smiles on their face. With a giggle, she leaned back against Tim and spoke to the cab driver.
“I hope your seats don’t stain easily.”
He smiled and shook his head “no” quickly but he didn’t turn to look at her.
A few minutes later, they climbed out of the cab and started up the passenger ramp. As they started to board, Tim saw the passenger bus pull up to the loading gate.
“Let’s wait for Harry and Kathy,” he said and the three of them headed back to wait at the gate.

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