My older sister and I had just had sex for the first time (described in Part One) and we were ditching school for the day for more fun.....
I went downstairs to see how Christine was progressing with breakfast. She was in the kitchen at the stove cooking eggs, completely nude, her beautiful round ass and magnificent 36D breasts jiggling as she worked the spatula. I snuck up behind her and slid up to her back, reaching around her to cup her tits in my hands, gently squeezing them, as I pushed my once again hard cock up between her ass cheeks. Since at 5'9" I was only an inch taller than my older sister, this felt comfortable.

"That was so hot, sis, thanks for making my fantasies come true" I murmured in her ear. She giggled and pushed her ass back, moving it up and down to caress my cock.

"Well, to tell you the truth, you weren't the only one with fantasies. I've been imagining you fucking me as well for a couple of years now while I masturbated, ever since I saw what a package you had when I saw you in your underwear" she replied. She turned her head to look into my eyes, then gave me a romantic tongue kiss. I slid my right hand down and began to softly rub her pussy lips.

"Whoah, boy!" she laughed and bucked backwards, pushing me away. "We've got all day for that. It's only 9:00 and Mom and Dad won't be home until 6. Let's eat some breakfast- I have a feeling we'll need the energy". I sat at the table as she dished out bacon and eggs, taking her plate and sitting across from me. We quickly began to wolf down our food.

"Just where did you learn to fuck like that, Jake? You're only 15" my sister asked as she ate, with a mischievous smile. I replied: "Well, I've watched a lot of porno on the internet and I've fucked a couple of girls my age from school. But NONE of them compare to YOU. And you said I was the best fuck YOU ever had, too. How many times have YOU done it?".

She laughed. "I'm only 17, it's not like I'm some slut or something. I've done it several times with guys I dated, but they all just jumped on top and rushed through it. I had to fake orgasms because they didn't last long enough to get me off."

"You mean I'm the first guy to make you cum?" I said with surprise. She smiled demurely, looking down, and softly purred: "yeeeahhhh.....THREE times!".She closed her eyes and tilted her head, remembering their intense lovemaking, and moaned: "mmmmmmmmmmmm.........". Then she stood up abruptly, her plate clean, and said: "I'm going to take another shower- you left me all sticky and sweaty before" and walked to the stairs. I hated to see her go but I sure enjoyed watching her breasts and ass jiggle as she left. She stopped a couple of steps up and looked back at me. "You can join me if you want to" she said suggestively. She didn't have to ask me twice, I chased her up the stairs into our bathroom.

My sister turned on the water and hopped in the shower once it had warmed a little, and I followed. I took off the detachable shower head and rinsed her off from head to toe, and she did the same to me. "Wash me, baby" she purred in my ear. I turned the shower head away, took the soap and lathered her head to toe. I spent a lot of time sliding my hands in circles over her big, slippery tits, squeezing and groping them, and did the same to her round, yet firm, ass. We tongue-kissed passionately as I fondled her soapy body. I was in heaven with this tactile experience, living out the shower fantasy with my older sister that I had enjoyed so many times before while jerking off. She groaned and squirmed with pleasure as I manhandled her, stroking my cock with her slippery hand. I finished by soaping and washing her pussy, then rinsed her off.

"Your turn" Christine whispered breathlessly, repeating my treatment of her on me, paying special attention to soaping and washing my cock, balls, and ass. She rinsed me off, then dropped to her knees, and as she softly stroked my 8" cock with her hand she put my balls in her mouth, gently sucking and tonguing them. The feeling was so exquisite and the sight so erotic I nearly blew my load then and there, but I restrained myself with huge effort.

I let my sister suck my balls for another minute, then lifted her up forcefully and blurted: "I want to fuck you NOW!". I placed one of her feet up on the shower stool that Christine used to shave her legs and placed the head of my rock-hard cock just inside her pussy lips, grasping her ass with both hands. "Do you want it, Christine? Do you want it?" I lustfully murmured in her ear.

"YESSSSSSS.......STICK IT ALL THE WAY IN! FUCK ME, LITTLE BROTHER!!" she moaned. I teased her by only pushing in a tiny bit and then pulling my cock nearly out, over and over. She began to groan and squirm her ass in frustration, then began to try to lunge down and impale herself on my meat, my firm grasp on her ass preventing her from doing so. Finally I slowly pushed my cock entirely in to the hilt, as my sister hissed with pleasure. I began to slowly thrust my cock into her tight sopping wet pussy, over and over, faster and faster, as my sister rocked her hips towards me while I bucked mine towards her. The sight of my cock plunging into my older sister's cunt was awesome as was the feeling of her pussy squeezing on my cock to milk the cum out of me.

"OH MY GODDDDDDD!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" Christine screamed as I continued to pound her pussy with my pulsating cock, sawing it in and out. She snapped her head from side to side as she screamed in ecstasy. I took my hands from her ass and grabbed her large perfect bouncing wet breasts, pushing them up and towards each other, circling the half-dollar size aereolas with my tongue, sucking her hard nipples and pushing them close to each other so I could lick them both at once from left to right while I squeezed her ample breasts with my hands. I alternately sucked as much of each tit into my mouth as I could, pulling them out until I released them with a pop from my mouth. My sister screamed her approval of this while she continued to grind her pussy towards my lunging cock, my balls slapping against her ass with each thrust.

We fucked like animals for several minutes, our excitement increasing and our moans growing louder as we both approached climax. Finally my sister gripped my shoulders hard and began to scream: "OH!! OHHH!!!! OHHHHHHHH!!! I'M CUMMINNNNNNGGGGGG!!!!!!!" I could feel her pussy pulsating and attempting to suck my cock in deeper as it plunged in and out. With that I began to feel the cum boiling up in my balls so I intensified the speed of my cock pounding into her cunt. Finally the sperm raced up my shaft and exploded into my sister's pulsating womb in burst after burst, flooding it and streaming down my cock as I continued to slam it in and out of her, grunting with pleasure.

Finally we slowed down and Christine collapsed in my arms, shuddering. "Jesus Christ, you leave me weak in the knees, Jake!" she muttered tiredly. I smiled and kissed her tenderly, my cock still buried and throbbing inside her cunt. I could feel her pussy continue to flutter on my shaft as her orgasm subsided. We softly french-kissed, our tongues circling each other. She pulled back, looked me in the eyes dreamily, and softly said: "I bet every girl wishes she had a little brother like YOU". We kissed a little more until I grew soft inside her, then I pulled out and we washed up again.

We quickly dried off, then my sister led me by the hand to her bedroom. She laid on the bed on her side and patted next to her: "C'mon, little brother, come keep me company" she said with a sly smile. I smiled as well and climbed next to her. We kissed softly as I ran my hand over her smooth ass and gently squeezed her beautiful breasts. She reached down and cupped my flaccid penis, giggling: "this poor guy must be all worn out after three orgasms in one day". I replied with a leer: "Just give him a little while, I've jerked off many more times than that in a day".

Christine looked thoughtful as she fingered my cock, then frowned slightly and said: "You know this is a sin, don't you? Incest?" I stroked her hair and replied: "Hey, it's not like I raped you or that I'm your father and you're a little girl. We're both practically adults. This is just sex for fun, we're not hurting anyone. And we won't be getting married or having any kids together, since you're on the pill". She smiled, reassured. Then she frowned again. "Whatever you do, don't tell anyone about this. If you go bragging to your friends about it the whole school will find out and we'll be outcasts. And Mom and Dad will find out, too. This has got to be our secret". I nodded agreement, and she smiled again.

My sister lovingly caressed my penis for a while, and eventually it began to respond, slowly getting harder. Once it was firm I mounted my sister. She spread her legs eagerly, and I eased my cock into her willing cunt. She was already wet, evidently she had enjoyed playing with my meat. We began to screw slowly, taking our time for once and enjoying the sensation of my cock slowly sliding in and out of her tight wet pussy, my sister squeezing my ass and pulling me into her, moaning.

After several minutes of delicious slow-screwing, I pulled out of Christine and said: "Turn around, let's do it doggy-style". She complied willingly, getting on all fours, and I gripped her ass as I slid into her pussy from behind. I slowly plunged my cock in and out, spreading her ass and watching her pink asshole pucker and open slightly as I did so. I got an idea and wet my forefinger in my mouth, then rubbed it in circles around her asshole and over it when it puckered.

"Oooooooo.......that feels goooooodddd......" my sister moaned. Encouraged, I spit a gob of saliva on my first three fingers and rubbed it around and on her asshole, lubing it up. I inserted my forefinger into her asshole slowly and gently, feeling her sphincter squeeze and release it. Christine gasped in pleasure as I slowly frigged her ass with my finger. Then I spread her ass and pulled my dripping cock from her cunt and placed it at the entrance to her bunghole, pushing against it gently.

"Whoah! Whoah! What are you doing back there?" said Christine, looking back.

"C'mon, sis, let me fuck you up the ass. That's always been another fantasy of mine" I pleaded.

She replied with a frown:"I don't know... I've never done that before. I bet it hurts like hell!" I said: "Hey, millions of women enjoy taking it in the ass. Shouldn't you try it at least once?" I gazed at her imploringly.

She hesitated, then said doubtfully: "Well, OK, but go slow and stop if I tell you to". I answered: "No problem. Now just try to relax your asshole". I very slowly began to push my cock in a fraction of an inch at a time, waiting until her rubbery sphincter became used to the intrusion at each stage. Eventually the entire cockhead was inside her, and I waited while her asshole spasmed and puckered on it, my sister gasping: "OH! OH! OH! OH!"

Eventually I felt her sphincter relax completely, and I continued to push my cock in deeper, my sister's ass shuddering in my hands, her moaning increasing. Finally I was balls deep in her ass. The tightness was incredible. I waited a little, then pulled back slowly, only to again ease it back in all the way. I continued this, gradually increasing the tempo while I grunted with pleasure, squeezing her ass cheeks harder and harder as I progressed.

"Ooooooooohhhhhh........that feels gooooooddddd....." my sister moaned. "I think I like it up the aaaassssssss...." I continued to ream her faster and faster, the vise-like grip of her ass on my cock driving me into frenzy. Christine reached back with one hand and began diddling her clit as I pounded into her harder and harder, my balls slapping up against her pussy and fingers.

"YESSSSSS!!!!!!" my sister screamed. "FUCK MY ASS, LITTLE BROTHERRRR!!!!" Her screams and the thought I was finally fucking my own sister in the ass, a long-time fantasy of mine, drove me almost wild and I hammered my cock in and out, over and over with increased brutality. After several minutes of this I could feel myself approaching climax, and I hoped my sister was almost there as well.

Finally I heard what I was hoping for. Christine screamed: "AH! AH! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I'M CUMMING AGAAAAIIIINNNN!!!!!" I could feel her body shudder violently and her sphincter began to spasm, gripping and releasing my cock as I continued to ream her. That was all it took for me. My balls went tight and released what sperm was left in them to surge up my shaft and shoot deep into my sister's ass. My loud groaning matched my older sister's screams of pleasure. I stopped and shuddered myself, grunting as my cock pulsed repeatedly in the throes of orgasm, buried to the hilt in Christine's ass, which continued to alternately squeeze and release my cock.

We stayed that way for a minute as our orgasms subsided, then my sister collapsed onto her stomach with a satisfied sigh, her asshole pulling off my cock with a soft pop. She looked back up at me dreamily and purred with a salacious grin: "That was AWESOME. Thanks, little brother. I LOVED getting ass-fucked. We've got to do that AGAIN".

"Don't worry, we will" I replied with a smile, rubbing her ass which shuddered slightly at my touch. I looked at the clock, which read 11 a.m. Our parents still wouldn't be home for at least seven more hours.

This was going to be the best day of my life!

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