A story written for my wife, hope it's enjoyed by all who read it.
It was summer holidays and the kids and my brother were going to spend three weeks with my mother in Portugal. I was to drive them there and be back in three days. So on Monday morning the five of us left you at home bound for Portugal.

Later that morning, after you had bathed, played with your hot little pussy and then gotten dressed, you left the house to go shopping for things we would need for the next three weeks as our intentions were to have three weeks of wonderful, earth shattering, horny, dirty sex and not have to leave the house for anything.

While at the shops you passed by two very handsome, sexy and well groomed guys and a very tiny, pretty girl. They great you as they pass and in doing so you realise that they are American and also remember with complete panic that you have forgotten to put any knickers on under your tiny brown dress.

You move on and now totally aware of your vulnerability you become very aroused and feel your pussy getting wetter by the second, your clit also swelling and as you reach the car and sit down you burst into orgasm, your juices drenching the seat.

Once you calm down you start the engine and head for home. When you get home you bump into Jackie and chat for a short while and then head upstairs with the shopping.

You just start unpacking and the buzzer goes and thinking its Jackie you simply open the door without checking who it was. Before you can make a sound a strong hand is shoved over your mouth and you are forced backwards onto the stairs, slapped hard in the face and dragged up the stairs by your hair. Once at the top of the stairs you are slapped again, this time causing you to pass out.

You are rudely woken by an ice cold glass of water thrown into your face you can't move at all and seem to be gagged and tied up to the bed, your knees spread and pulled up on your left and right and your hands tied and pulled up tight above your head and there kneeling around you on the bed are the two guys and girl from the shop.

Both of the guys are totally naked, one to your left, the other to your right. Both were around my hight and well built. The one on your left had short, neat blonde hair, blue eyes with a handsome sexy face, hairless well tanned body and an uncircumsized cock a little bigger than mine.

The guy to your right had dark brown hair, green eyes and was also very handsome but a little more tanned and rugged looking. He had a bit of stubble and was otherwise quite hairy aside from his cock which was completely shaven, circumsized and large. Probably twice my size and thickness with balls to match.

The girl was at the end of the bed, she had on a very sexy half cup bra with her quite big pink nipples and half of her sexy C cup breasts protruding over the top and a matching pair of crotchless knickers. Her frame tiny and she couldn't have been any taller that five foot. She had a sexy, toned and tanned body with auburn hair and deep blue eyes. Her lips were full and pouty and in all, she was very pretty. Her pussy seemed shaven from what you could make out and from what you could tell by their body language was in charge of the proceedings.

"My name is Taryn" she says and looking from her left to right says " He's Jake and he's Mark, behave yourself and you may just enjoy what's coming and be sure to answer me when I speak to you." You don't respond and within seconds Taryn slaps you hard with a flat hand directly on your very exposed cunt and clit, you wince in pain. " Answer me bitch " she shouts and quickly you nod your head indicating yes. " That's a good little slut" Then looking to your right at Jake she says " Cut the dress and bra off so we can have some fun " and almost immediately Jake leans forward and begins to cut at your dress with a sharp knife, the unmistakable sensation of his massive flaccid cock bumping into and rubbing over your exposed and surprisingly very wet cunt. Mark tugging at the loose pieces as Jake cut, leaving you entirely naked in a minute flat. " That's better isn't it boys and what a sexy little slut she is " says Taryn while tugging firmly on both your now erect nipples. Your heart tremors and your cunt convulses causing you to buck your hips a little. " Oh my, and it looks like she is up for more boys. Let's give it to the little whore then shall we." And with that both Mark and Jake grab a nipple each and pinch, pull and twist it and as they do Taryn spits on your pussy and shoves three of her fingers into your now dripping cunt then leans forward and sucks your swollen clit hard into her mouth. Your screams of pain and pleasure muffled by your ball gag but clear to the three rapists who begin to enjoy what they are doing. Jake and Mark now have a fist full of tit each. Jake's free hand slapping you in the face and Mark's, pulling your hair roughly and spits in your face as he does. These sensations along with Tarry adding another finger to your cunt and quickening her pace plus the sight of pre cum dripping from the rock hard massive cocks of both guys sends you over the edge and causes orgasm after orgasm to rip through your body." That's right little whore, squirt that cunt juice all over my face, fill my mouth slut. " screams Taryn, and as she does more cunt juice than you have ever seen squirts from your pussy and fills her mouth and covers her face.

This along with her free hand buried almost entirely in her own cunt, sends Taryn tumbling into orgasm, quickly she gets up, the guys move and she straddles your face. All the while rubbing her clit furiously and as she cums she pulls the gag out of your mouth and pushes her cunt strait down into your mouth and begins to cum in ernest. She bucks her cunt hard into your mouth and squirts her cunt juice again and again down your throat. " Drink it all you dirty whore, drink it bitch " and she slaps your face.

Mean while Mark has made his way around to your ass, lifted you up and slid himself horizontally under your body and is rubbing his pre cum dripping, rock hard cock head over your tight little asshole. You feel him press it firmly against the opening " NO DON'T! " You scream deep into Taryn's cunt and as you do Mark shoves his massive cock head into your hot, tight, little asshole. You scream an uncontrollable scream into Taryn's cunt and a sharp stinging pain runs through you like a blade. " Fuck the dirty sluts ass hard Mark, make it big and loose big boy" orders Taryn.

Mark waists no time in ramming the whole rock hard length of his massive cock into you. Taryn spins around on your face and sits on it with her full weight, her cut on your mouth and her tight asshole on your nose smothering you, causing you to buck your hips and force marks cock deeper and faster into your ass. Mark now groaning loudly as he fucks your slowly loosening asshole. The sting now not so intense but you start feeling light headed from lack of oxygen, Taryn raises her ass off your face and you take a massive breath only for her to shove her asshole back down on your dripping, cunt juice covered face and mouth, this time shouting " Lick my asshole you dirty whore, shove your tongue deep inside."
You immediately begin to lick out her asshole as she had ordered as doing so keeps you able to breath. You feel Taryn claw at both your tits and then the pain as she grabs both nipples under your nipple bars and pulls up as hard as she can. Your scream again muffled by her asshole on your mouth. " Mmm, did that feel good you sexy slut? Did it hurt you good ? " Then a viciously hard slap on your clit and you buck in pain. " You didn't answer me bitch! " so you mumble the words yes into her asshole and nod your head frantically.

Marks fucking of your asshole now becoming not only bearable but enjoyable as your once tight hole has now been stretched out and lubed really well by the overflow of your cunt juice and his pre cum.
His pace has now quickened and his steady rythem and the slapping sound of his body hitting your ass as his large juice coated cock slides in and out of your now wanting asshole almost hypnotising you. Then out of the corner of your eye you see him, Jake, whom you had until now totally forgotten. There he was, slowly running his hand up and down his now fully erect cock which was close to the size of a grown mans fist and forearm. What was he waiting for. Where was he going to put that giant monster of a cock? Then he looks you straight in the eyes and you know its coming what ever it was. He spits on his massive cock head and rubs it in looking at you menacingly, then disappears from sight. Taryn leans forward and you feel her slap your pussy three or four times, then rubs your clit roughly and again, three or four slaps, a little harder this time. Then she pushes three fingers from each hand into your pussy and pulls them apart, stretching you wide open. Adding another finger from each hand she repeats what she had just done pulling you open a lot harder this time. Mark stops fucking your ass and an unbearable pressure in your cunt is all you feel, Taryn gets off your face and lifts your ball gag back into your mouth and raises your head with some extra pillows to give you a better view of what's going on. There he was, Jake, standing on the bed, straddling your pussy, both hands around his cock shaft and the tip of his monster spit and pre cum coated cock pushing hard against your cunt opening. Taryn leans in right close to your cunt and spits on Jakes cock head then stands up and moves to the back of him. She places a hand on either side of Jakes ass and you feel the pressure increase as she starts to push from behind. " You want it don't you, dirty fucking whore." She shouts and with a massive shove from her Jakes giant cock head bursts into your cunt, " AAAAH YESSS! FUCK ME!! " groans Jake. An inaudible scream from your mouth and then a deep long groan, your eyes watering and legs quivering. " Yes! I knew the little whore would take it, now fuck that sluts juicy cunt Jake, fuck it nice and hard." Orders Taryn. " Yes mistress " replies Jake.

Still holding his cock shaft in two hands Jake starts to squat a little and you watch and feel as an inch or so of Jakes cunt splitting cock forces its way further into your aching cunt. He then pulls it out and as he does because of how tight it is, it raises you off the bed and then you drop back down as it slips out by an inch. He and Taryn both spit on the shaft and quickly Jake pushes back into you, this time a little further in than before and the walls of your pussy now stretched paper thin, you feel every bump and vein on every millimetre of Jakes cock that enters your cunt.

Taryn leans over to your face and says " I'm going to take your gag out and if you even try to call out you will die, do you understand me you dirty cock loving whore? You nod and say yes, and she quickly takes of yours gag.

By now Jake is getting almost eight inches of his cock into you and is pumping slowly in and out of your cunt and loud grunts coming from both of you. " That's right you dirty cunt, take some more bitch whore " Jake says as he now starts getting into a rythem and forces another four inches of massive cock into you. You let out a really deep groan as this happens. Jake gives you three firm strokes like this and then pulls his cock all the way out, the massive cock head making a popping sound as it clears your cunt hole leave your pussy gaping enough for a large male fist to slide in clenched. As soon as it was out Jake rammed it all the way back in, this time to the hilt. " AAARG, MY, GOD!!! AAAAH MY FUCK!!! YES!, YES!, YES! FUCK MY PUSSY, YOU MOTHER FUCKING CUNT!!! " You scream uncontrollably and Jakes again pulls all the way out and slams himself back into your cunt. Mark now able to move again starts to fuck your asshole once more. The pure size of Jakes cock in your pussy making your asshole feel so fucking tight. Taryn grabs and tugs on your nipples and tits again, slaps and spits in your face and grabs you around your throat squeezing. You start to cum like a mother fucker and as you do you squirt jets of pussy juice with every one of Jakes thrusts. Mark now seriously fucking your ass, Taryn fisting herself and sucking on your sexy little tits. " I'm going to cum " shouts Mark and gets up quickly from under you freeing his cock from your gaping asshole, straddles your face with his ass juice and pre cum covered uncut cock and rams it all the way down your open throat and begins face fucking you as hard and fast as he can causing you to gag and wretch again and again, then starts to cum deep in your throat and mouth filling the later. He then rams it all the way in and holds it there gripping the back of your head and forcing it onto his still shooting cock water streaming from your eyes..

Jake sees his chance and pulls his monster all the way out of your cunt one last time and presses it as he did earlier with your cunt but this time into your asshole. Your eyes widen but not a sound escapes your mouth with Marks cum and cock rammed down your throat.

Jake shoves hard one last time and slides deep into your asshole and in second with you bucking again for breath past Marks cock, Jake is fucking your asshole balls deep. Pulls out and slams back in again and again. Taryn's free hand now fisting your cunt ass Jake fucks away, Taryn stars to cum and Jake soon follows suite! Taryn squirting all over your face and tits and Jake stroking his giant cock shoots his massive load all over you coating you in his very thick, off white and salty cum. Your body bucking as you climax one last time Taryn finally with both fists rammed into you, one in either hole. You pass out from sheer exhaustion and trauma....

When you wake, you realise you are untied and under the covers, you hear talking in the lounge and slowly, apprehensively make your way trough and there you see me sitting having breakfast with Taryn, Jake and Mark. " Hi my sexy darling, I believe you have met my friends , I asked them to start our holiday while I was gone, are you ready for some more? .................


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The story was fast paced. You did use traditional & conventional paragraphs in about 1/4 of the story. Then you fell off the wagon and returned to your sloppy ways. 53,010 people read this story by February 22, 2015 only 135 voted for your story. The software on this blog does not permit an up or down vote, thus what we have is not accurate.

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OMFG!!!!!!!!!!so fuckin hot

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