This is a true story that happened when we were going to junior high school. we were both in our early teens, just under fourteen, we were in the same home room class together her name was lynn and she sat behind me. one day something very strange happened. she leaned over and whispered to me "do you want a piece of tail" i had never heard that expressioin refer to anything before so i asked her "whats that" sheepishly. she said "meet me after school and i'll tell you what it is".

so i met her after school and we went to her house. her parents were away on vacation so the house was empty she tells me to wait in living room that shee will be back in a minute. she came back in just a white lace bra and blue panties she came and cuddled beside me and she tells me to put my hand inside her panties i start to finger her pussy and she says if i put my cock where my finger is "thats a piece of tail" i said "oh really" you want me to fuck you. she moans yes as i undo her bra and slip her out of her panties i then carry her into her bedroom i get undressed she stops me for a sec and tells me this is her first time but she wants me to be the first so i kissed her worked my way to her tits sucking her nipples hard i worked my fingers down to her hot wet pussy she was writhing and moaning so i spread her legs and lifted her ass a bit i rubbed my cockhead up and down her wet slit covering it with her pussy juice i was ready to thrust into her i asked her if she was ready to lose her cherry she moans "yes"yes" "yes" so in it goes it was wet and warm as i pumped into her i kept stroking in a short time she started to come as i could feel her pussy juices pulse over my cock inside her so i held on for a few seconds then started thrusting again then it was my turn as i sprayed her tummy and tits and face with gobs of cum.

we then go have a shower and i guess shes addicted to my cock as she strokes it as she washes it off it gets hard again and she wants to suck it so shes on her knees and first she sucks on my balls then stuffs my cock in her mouth, it feels really good as she plays with my balls soon it wells up and im ready to cum so she opens her mouth as i start to squirt on her face and mouth so u never know u learn something new every day he he he...................

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2010-12-21 09:48:05
My name is Molly and like the girl in the story I lost my virginity when I was thirteen.
I was in detention at school and the male teacher said that if I let him look at my tits I could go home right away. I let him look at them and then feel them and eventually he pushed his cock into me. It was horrible and hurt. His cum was running down my legs on the way home and I cried most nights for a month.
No one has taken advantage of me since, I love to fuck with both girls and boys but on my own terms only


2009-11-20 12:58:24
I want to hear more about her PANTIES.

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2009-09-06 11:02:48
dumb asskid, you forgot about her ass. It was all yours.

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2009-08-26 21:21:59
Hey dummy, why didnt ou get some of that young tee ass? Lose
your mind too.

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2009-01-11 05:37:29
GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND take english, learn puntuation, maybe someday a pussy will get your dick smartening up enough to really get fucked enough to cll yourself a jock, a man,
a cocksman./.

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