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Elizabeth said, “I’ll go first.” She threw the dice high into the air and let them land on the blankets. Sidney looked at them and read the results. “Lick Mouth,” she told Elizabeth.

Instead of saying anything, Elizabeth dove onto Sidney and pinned her to the bed. She laid down on top of Sidney, pressing their boobs together and grinding pussy to pussy, mixing their fluids. She started at Sidney’s chin and licked it slowly. She moved up to her lips and stopped briefly for a kiss before moving on. She moved on to Sidney’s cheeks and moved her tongue in circles. Sidney found it to feel much like a massage. Elizabeth’s hot breath fell on her face, and Sidney smelled peppermint. Elizabeth dragged her tongue across Sidney’s forehead, brushing hair out of her way. As she sat up, she gave Sidney’s nipple a tweak. Smiling, she said, “I just couldn’t resist.”

Sidney was about to throw the dice in the air when she got an idea. “Hey,” she said with a suggestive undertone in her voice, “how would you feel about a bit of background noise?”

Elizabeth nodded. “I’d love it.”

“Great.” Sidney got off the bed and moved to her sock drawer. She pulled out ‘Jackie Cummings Solo 5’. She held it up, showing Elizabeth the cover. “A classic.” Elizabeth nodded in agreement. Sidney slipped it into the DVD player and as soon as Jackie’s body lit up the screen Sidney moved back to the bed and rolled the dice. They rolled across the bed and bounced off the pillows. Elizabeth read them. “Fondle Breasts. Well, get going.” She slapped her tits softly, shaking them. Sidney laughed, “Oh, you fucker,” and crawled over to Elizabeth.

She took hold of Elizabeth’s shoulders and maneuvered her so she was standing on her knees, straight in the air. Sidney moved behind her and took a breast in each hand. She pulled back, knocking Elizabeth over so she was lying on top of Sidney, and Sidney began to jiggle her hands, sending shakes through Elizabeth’s tits. Sidney said aloud, “How long do you want me to do this, hot stuff?”

Elizabeth propositioned, “Five minutes sound good?” Sidney nodded, and Elizabeth set her gave on the TV screen. Jackie was still showing off her assets to the viewers, flaunting her bare tit’s and thinly covered pussy, concealed only be a black thong that rode low, showing a neatly trimmed V of pubic hair right over her pussy. Elizabeth began to lightly finger herself, just using one finger, not wanting to orgasm without help from Sidney, her lover for the night.

Sidney was softly pinching Elizabeth’s nipples, if such a thing as a soft pinch existed. She gingerly moved the erect nipples between her index fingers and thumbs as if she was playing mini violins. Elizabeth sighed. “I think that’s five minutes.”

She sat up and took hold of the dice. She shook them briefly in her hand, and playfully tossed them at Sidney. They landed on the bed and Sidney announced what her poison would be for the next few minutes. “Fondle Ass.” She turned around and stuck her ass up in the air, shaking it in Elizabeth’s face.
Elizabeth grabbed her cheeks and spread them, getting a nice look at Sidney’s still-tight asshole and pretty bald pussy. “Mmm,” she said, but consented to just knead Sidney’s ass for the next five minutes. Her fingers worked their magic on Sidney’s ass, and Sidney closed her eyes and rested her head on the bed for a few minutes, taking the time to relax. She had a feeling that she would be getting quite the workout that day and late into the night.

Too soon, she felt, it was Sidney’s turn. On a whim, she placed the dice just a few centimeters inside her pussy and pushed, so they popped out and spun on the bed. Elizabeth read, “Jackpot! You rolled the 69 side! I don’t give a fuck, I’m eating your sweet kitten until you come in my face. C’mere.” Sidney took her position on top of Elizabeth’s supine form and without further ado, they both dove into each other’s pussies, racing to see who could make the other come faster.

Sidney began with a simple tactic best described as ‘storming the trench’. She licked Elizabeth’s tasty twat from clit to asshole as fast as she could, almost headbanging over her vagina. She switched to tonguing, shoving her tongue into Elizabeth’s eager pussy, twisting it around and around, sending shivers of pleasure to Elizabeth’s brain. At random intervals she would pull out and press her tongue directly on Elizabeth’s clit for an extra boost of climax inducing bliss.

Elizabeth decided to take hold of Sidney’s clit and labia and suck on them, stretching them out and letting them spring back to her body with a satisfying smacking noise. The pounding started to induce Sidney’s body to lean forward as Elizabeth sucked back. Elizabeth decided that moving a few fingers wouldn’t hurt, so she put her index and middle fingers into Sidney’s pussy palm down. She started bending them at second knuckle, as if she was beckoning Sidney towards orgasm. She slid her other hand’s middle finger into Sidney’s ass and pistoned it back and forth at an astonishing rate.

This was too much for Sidney and she came hard, squirting juices onto Elizabeth’s face, and Elizabeth eagerly opened her mouth, swallowing as much of the sweet juice as she could. Sidney’s arms gave out, and her head fell directly into Elizabeth’s pussy, burying her tongue up to the hilt in Elizabeth’s wet pussy. Her teeth rubbed over Elizabeth’s clit, providing the extra stimulation that sent her too over the edge, falling down into the metaphorical canyon of cumming. And cum she did, filling Sidney’s mouth with warm juices. The volume caught Sidney off guard and she coughed, sending some of the liquid out of her nose. Elizabeth saw, and laughed.

When their shaking had died down, Sidney moved so she was on her side next to her, one arm wormed behind Elizabeth’s neck, the other draped just under her breasts, hugging Elizabeth loosely. The two of them fell asleep, recuperating from an early morning fuckfest.

When they woke up, Sidney moved groggily to the kitchen and fixed some oatmeal for the two of them, with a glass each of box wine, which Sidney saved for special occasions. Elizabeth took a spoonful and stared at it. “Is this the oatmeal with dinosaur eggs in it?” Sidney nodded and took a sip of wine. “What about it?”

Elizabeth let out one of her charming laughs. She took a big bite of the oatmeal and poured herself another glass of the wine.

When the two of them finished their somewhat unmatched meal, Elizabeth walked over to her bag and pulled out a glittering blue thong and slipped it on. She also grabbed two matching stars and stuck them over her nipples. “Just sit, and enjoy,” she said to Sidney. Elizabeth gave a spin, showing off her tits and ass, rubbing her neck and thigh. Sidney decided that another glass of wine would go well with the performance.

Elizabeth walked over to Sidney’s chair and straddled it, hovering the thong just an inch over Sidney’s pussy, bouncing her tits just as close to Sidney’s face. “I’ll bet you’d like to suck these, wouldn’t you, you dirty girl,” she teased, giving Sidney some of the dirty talk. She turned around and grinded her ass against Sidney’s pussy.

“You’re such a slut, you filthy whore. Grind on me. You want my pussy, I know it. Say it!” Sidney returned the dirty talk in kind, turning Elizabeth’s dance into a nice little roleplay scenario.
Elizabeth moaned, “Aah, I’m such a whore, I do, I want your pussy. I just want to bury my face in it and drink from your fountain. It… entices me.”

Sidney was getting ideas. “You dirty bitch, I better clean you off.” She took hold of Elizabeth’s hand and led her to the bathroom. She sat her down on the counter and ran a bath. As the water warmed up, Sidney pulled off the nipple stars and played the nipple violins a bit vigorously, giving Elizabeth a bit of a pinch. She took hold of the thong in her teeth and pulled it down, watching Elizabeth’s pussy pass in front of her eyes. She let it fall to Elizabeth’s ankles and stood close to Elizabeth, on hand on the small of her back, one hand pressing against her mound, applying pressure. She whispered into Elizabeth’s ear, “I want your dirty; I want to be dirty too.”

Elizabeth responded by shoving her tongue into Sidney’s mouth.

The water filled up the tub and Sidney sat laid down on the bottom. Elizabeth moved in and straddled her abdomen. She took hold of Sidney’s breast, which were underwater, and kneaded them like she had down with her ass. Sidney moaned and pulled one of Elizabeth’s hands towards her mouth and sucked on her fingers, just reveling in the erotic nature of the bathroom. Elizabeth stood up and got out of the tub. “Wait here,” she said, and walked out of the room. She returned with four thick candles. She set them around the room and lit them. She turned off the lights and returned to the tub.

“Isn’t this… romantic? A part of me just wants this moment forever. I want to give you something.” She slid back and positioned her hands side by side at the entrance of Sidney’s delight channel. “You know what’s next, don’t you.” Sidney nodded, biting her lip in anticipation. Elizabeth started out with one hand at a time, sliding her finger in up to the base before completely withdrawing it and switching hands.

This proceeded for maybe five minutes in the flickering candlelight and Sidney’s breath was coming in short breaths.”Up to eleven,” Elizabeth muttered to herself. She began to speed up her pace, pushing in and pulling on hand in and repeating the motion with the other in just under a second. The water bubbled over her hands, and Sidney cried out. The water around Elizabeth’s hands became warm as Sidney’s love liquor spurted out of her pussy. Sidney didn’t form any coherent words, just one long “uhnnng!”. All throughout the orgasm Elizabeth didn’t pull out or even slow her pace, and she only did so when Sidney stopped wriggling.

Her first words summed up her feelings about Elizabeth’s fingerfucking prowess. “Holy fucking shit! That was up in my top five orgasms for sure. Sweet Christ, no one else could have done that,”
Elizabeth smiled and blew Sidney a kiss. “Grazie, grazie.”

Sidney drained the tub and was dried off by Elizabeth in the candlelight. Sidney suggested a bit of recuperation time. “Want to watch a movie?”
Elizabeth questioned, “What movie?”

“Mine.” Sidney skipped into the bedroom, followed by Elizabeth. Sidney loaded the blank DVD into the TV and sat back on the bed. “Just enjoy. No touching or fondling, I just want to relax.” Seeing Elizabeth’s crestfallen expression, she relented. “Okay, maybe a bit of light petting. I’m too tired for penetration, so take it easy.”

Elizabeth moved behind Sidney and began to kiss the back of her neck and shoulders as the DVD spun into action. She massaged Sidney’s shoulders while watching her antics onscreen. Sidney just relaxed and allowed any remaining tension to be gently worked out of her body. She began to fondle her own breasts, not pinching or pulling, just rolling them around in a way that complemented the massage.
About the time that Sidney was sharing a glass of milk with Lady Jacqueline, Sidney and Elizabeth switched places, so that Sidney was moving her hands across Elizabeth’s back. “Do you think I could make some of that?” Elizabeth asked.

“Let’s see.” Sidney moved her arms around Elizabeth and grabbed hold of her breasts. She moved her hands forward, squeezing her tits. She stopped just behind Elizabeth’s nipples and squeezed down and forward. Nothing happened. Sidney tried again, to no effect. “I don’t think anything’s coming out, baby,” Sidney said.
“I’m not giving up that easily. Move around front here.” Sidney kneeled in front of Elizabeth. “Now, repeat that motion while sucking. Maybe you need to give the extra push, or pull in this case.” Sidney placed her mouth around Elizabeth’s erect nipples and tried to squeeze the milk out of one with both hands while sucking as hard as she could. Soon, a warm liquid filled her mouth, thick and creamy. She swallowed a few mouthfuls before rising to kiss Elizabeth.

She forced some of the milk into Elizabeth’s mouth, who drank it without hesitation. They shared several mouthfuls until her tit ran dry. Sidney ran to the kitchen and grabbe a cup. She spit each mouthful from the other breast into the cup until it was full to the brim, and swallowed the last few herself. She held the cup over head and gave it to Elizabeth. “I want to see you pour this on your tits while I cum on the screen.”

Elizabeth looked to TV and saw that Sidney was being dropped onto the dildo for the last time. She poured the milk over her tits as Sidney’s screams poured out from the speakers.

Sidney looked up at Elizabeth, peering over her dripping tits. “That was impressive.”

Elizabeth leaned back. “I’m exhausted. How about you clean me up?” Sidney moved up and buried her face between Elizabeth’s tits, sucking up any pools of milk that hadn’t splashed off. After a thorough cleansing, Elizabeth and Sidney fell asleep again, their curvaceous bodies entwined on Sidney’s bed.

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