horny only girl talks to horny online boy and she's so horny her brother's dick will have to do
You: asl?

Stranger: 19 m

You: 16 f
You: location?

Stranger: DENMARK
Stranger: U

You: germany XD

Stranger: wow hello neighboor

You: lol hello back at ya ;D
You: what do u look ike?

Stranger: 1.83 80 kg
Stranger: black hair
Stranger: brown eye
Stranger: you??

You: blonde/blue eyes/5"6
You: what ya wearin?

Stranger: clasic german

You: and lol

Stranger: what is 5"6

You: i ain't german though so don't worry lol
You: 5 foot 6 inches

Stranger: hmm

You: i dunno in meters lol

Stranger: hahahaha

You: and a meter and a half i think

Stranger: thats ok

You: XD ta lol
whatcha wearin?

Stranger: ok
Stranger: i did not understand
Stranger: whatca wearing
Stranger: ??

You: sorry i get so use to text language lol
what are you wearing?

Stranger: just underwear boxer it is hot here
Stranger: you

You: nothin lol i'm in bed having a lazy day lol

Stranger: wow you lazy and naughty girl

You: hey, i'm home alone, so my rules XD lol
You: if i wanna be nake i'll be naked lol

Stranger: thats okay then
Stranger: wait i take my boxer off and we will be equal

You: lol i can't see u so i'm ok with it lol

Stranger: yeah :P:P
Stranger: i dont like naked sitting my ass in pain
Stranger: i will wear again

You: lol don't wanna squish ur balls lol
You: i got none so i'm alright lol

Stranger: haha yeah you are lucky

You: yup XD lol
You: u hard though?

Stranger: it depends

You: on what?

Stranger: weather

You: lol why does it depend on the weather?

Stranger: be sure weather has big effect on it
Stranger: i do not know why

You: so if it's cold ur freezin solid then lol

Stranger: haha yeah it likes cold

You: lol i prefer the heat ;D

Stranger: your pleasure

You: lol but i can't find my dildo so i'm stuck with my hands "/

Stranger: hand are good if your dildo is not vibrate

You: it is but batteries ran out lol
so i usually stick it up my ass and inger myself like mad ;D
what about u?
You: finger*

Stranger: haha thats good
Stranger: i use my hand
Stranger: you know and some cream

You: and a cherry on top? lol

Stranger: :D:D yeah ohhhhyyyss
Stranger: are u wet now

You: well i need new bd covers lol
You: 1 sec openin window too hot

Stranger: you should not be worry wait it will be dry

You: i don't i lick em up, i like pussy juice ;D

Stranger: so do i haha
Stranger: i am start to play with my pipe

You: cool ;D

Stranger: because of boredom

You: lol my brither does that lol
You: brother

Stranger: clever boy like me

You: lol i just watch when i'm but lol
but i never go furthur

Stranger: yeah you shouldnt :P
Stranger: wait a minute i am cuming

You: yum lol

Stranger: wow okay i am done
Stranger: when you start :PP

You: when do i stop, u mean ;)

Stranger: hahaha

You: but without my dildo i can last forever "/ berely get any relief

Stranger: think me maybe it just might work

You: how big u hard? and don't give me a stupid answer lol

Stranger: about 25 cm i guess

You: that's about 10 inches r u sure ur 25cm?

Stranger: wow it long button towards d button to enter button on the keyboad
Stranger: do you understand

You: 7 inches nice

Stranger: how big your tits

You: i dunno i don't wear bras

Stranger: oh it is hard to wear bras in the summer

You: that it is
You: but i never wear them at all i cba with them lol

Stranger: hehe interesting

You: i know i drive that bys wild lol

Stranger: it is seductive
Stranger: :P
Stranger: will you go somewhere for holiday

You: i'm goin us in oct

Stranger: that is good enjoy for me there

You: ta ;)
You: so u still hard so has 1 wank finished ya
You: brb fone
You: nvm it hungup

Stranger: what is brb fone

You: brb = be right back
You: fone = phone

Stranger: okay

You: so u still hard?
You: ;)

Stranger: yeah

You: nice ;)

Stranger: yeah because of you

You: i'm still at it me ;)

Stranger: you keep me hard :P

You: thanks ;D

Stranger: my pleasure

You: :)
You: wait someone at the door
You: nvm it's my bro comin in "/ and i was enjoyin the peace and quiet lol

Stranger: haha how old he

You: he's 16 like me
You: we're twin ;)
You: but i'm 5 mins older lol

Stranger: then said him be respectful against you :P

You: yeh lol
You: best thing about it is , is that i was born at 23:57
and he waas born at 00:02
You: so we have different dates ;)

Stranger: hahaha it is like joke

You: i know XD
You: his life's a joke ol

Stranger: you are bigger than him with whole one day
Stranger: :p

You: up so i boss when we're alone ;D

Stranger: yeah you should

You: and i am ;)
You: 1 sec he's at my door but he can't see screen
You: ok he's busy now i can talk again ;)

Stranger: are u still naked

You: damn right i am ;D

Stranger: hahaha i laughed loudly
Stranger: god bless you

You: lol, im not bothered if he sees me naked

Stranger: yeah he needs to see some boobs
Stranger: :P

You: lol yeh he barely see any
You: lol
You: he neve goes out with girls lol

Stranger: oh you can help him
Stranger: meet him with your friends

You: and let him embarass me
You: not thanks

Stranger: then fuck off

You: ?

Stranger: him

You: fuck my bro?

Stranger: let he takes his own responsibilites

You: ahh i get ya
You: but by giving him practice for later on in life help him if u know what i mean ;D
You: but he is my bro "/ not sure what to do
You: any ideas?

Stranger: just wait
Stranger: he will be better in the future

You: but he's wanking in his room now, i haven't had an orgasm yet, and his dick is lookin good at the moment
what should i do?

Stranger: sit on it head :P:P:P
Stranger: just kidding
Stranger: you shoul find your dildo as soon as possible

You: so should i fuck him or not?

Stranger: not not

You: what about a 69er?

Stranger: if you handle do anal

You: that's not a bad idea at all thanks ;D

Stranger: hahaha

You: hang on i'll call him
You: do u think i should do anal with him?

Stranger: can you find another person at the moment

You: not at the moment no

Stranger: your brother what is he saying about situation

You: he's just stood there with his hard dick in his hands waiting for my answer

Stranger: your decision i do not want to affect you about that topic

You: ok thanks i need him
You: i'm addicted to my laptop so i'm not goin ;D

Stranger: ohh i get relax

You: k now what i've never done anal only with my dildo
You: could u guide us please?

Stranger: okay i do not know size of your asshole
Stranger: but first you should enlarge it with your finger

You: ok 1 sec
You: the head of his dick is in, and he lube himself up
now what?

Stranger: oh you should use vaseline or gel or cream otherwise
Stranger: it will be very painful both of you

You: he lube himself with baby oil is that ok?

Stranger: okay okay sorry i did not see
Stranger: he starts slowly pushing
Stranger: if you get hurt please tell immediately

You: ok he's pushin

Stranger: ok how much is his dick in

You: half way

Stranger: okay nnow he dally a little

You: he's all the way in now

Stranger: okay are u ok
Stranger: if no pain

You: yeh i'm ok

Stranger: then your ass i wonderful
Stranger: i wish your ass

You: thanks ;)
You: do we just fuck now?

Stranger: we mean you and brother

You: yeh

Stranger: how can i say yes you just fuck anally

You: ok thanks

Stranger: is he pomping you now

You: yeh back and forth

Stranger: ok tell him one clap to your ass

You: it's good it's really good

Stranger: clap clap he has to know anal fucking process

You: lol thanks for the advice ;D

Stranger: my pleasure
Stranger: while he is fucking your ass you shoul rub your pussy
Stranger: make twice pleasure

You: already beet u to it
You: omg i can't believe it he's already close :(

Stranger: close mean done

You: i know "/
You: i didn't even get 10 mins :( aww welll

Stranger: so say him he will do some exercise to done late

You: yeh lol practice everyday by himself
You: coz i'm onle a special lol
You: -.- ffs he's just cummed on my bk where i can't reach

Stranger: take a shower

You: i will

Stranger: he is too rude

You: ;D
You: lol

Stranger: he did not thanks to me

You: yeh i know what a douchebag "/ o wait he came bk to say thanks then went again
You: so thanks for him and thanks from me ;D

Stranger: hahaha

You: and i'm off to take a shower

Stranger: good boy

You: and i've just realised something

Stranger: what?

You: we haven't commit incest

Stranger: you have

You: we've commited twincest ;D

Stranger: hahahaha
Stranger: :D:D:D

You: anyways i'm not now to take a shower ;D

Stranger: are u regretful

You: not one bit
You: okidokey then i'm off to take a shower ;D bye

Stranger: ok
Stranger: bye

You: ;D x

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2011-07-28 16:37:31
didn't bother to read once i saw it said it was about a
if shes an only girl she has no brother lonely yes only no if you can't get the intro right the rest is no good

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2010-11-21 18:08:48
i thought it iwas funny aswell, and the guy doesn't know that he's on a porn story lol XD classic XD and by any chance was this done on omegle?

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colombia n girl 12 y

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i thought this was actually kinda funny XD

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potrht htht

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