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Vampires suck cock
Vampires suck cock

Edward and Cullen are 2 vampires that are madly in love with each other, they live together in a luxurious mansion.

Cullen a young looking man with short curly blond well styled hair, a pretty boy and with jade green eyes.

Edward taller, more dark in manor and speech, shoulder length deep dark black hair, less attractive than his vampire mate Cullen.

The immortal vampires enjoy nothing more than the sexual arts.

On 1 especially gloomy night Cullen and Edward spoon in bed naked as the day they were born.

They embrace and snuggle each other for hours before they begin stroking each other to new heights of arousal.

Cullen gets on top of Edward and shoves Edward’s cock deep in his ass, feeling as Edward fucks his ass, thrusting up over and over.

Cullen moans and rubs Edward all over.

Edward fucks Cullen for hours in lots of positions, pounding Cullen’s rectum mercilessly, Edward finishes by fucking Cullen like a dog and unloading his sperm into tight anus.

Unknown to Cullen Edward had kidnapped a skinny village girl, leaving her in a trunk in the next room.

Edward pulls out and as he is leaving the bedroom says, “I have a surprise for you Cullen.”

Edward returns with inhuman quickness dragging the trunk, he unlatches and opens the trunk revealing the frightened girl paralyzed with fear.

“Who might this waif be?” Asks Cullen as he approaches the girl in the trunk.

Edward answers in a soft voice that hides his sinister intentions, “I plucked from under her parent’s lazy watch, humans such frail creatures and sleep so soundly.”

Wanting to get a look at the girl Cullen grabs her by her upper arms jerking her violently up out the trunk and into his sight so fast it seems impossible.

She glances and quickly averts her eyes from Cullen’s erection then with a shaky voice begs, “Please sirs let me go, please don’t hurt me, I beg of you please have mercy.”

Cullen suddenly realizes he knows the girl, “Edward this is Donald’s little girl, Donald the merchant, he was here the other night, I remember seeing this girl in the carriage while her father was peddling his worthless wares.”

The girl feels as if she is somehow invisible to the vampires, while still held in the death grip of Cullen’s cold lifeless hands.

Edward asks the girl, “What is your name and how old are you?”

She stammers out, “My name is Annabelle and I am 11 sirs.”

Cullen grins a terrible grin and comments that, “We were in need of a new Renfield.”

In a flash Edward shreds Annabelle’s nightclothes from her body leaving her pale flesh to be hungrily ravaged by the cold eyes of her captures.

The terror palpable, Edward and Cullen silently with their looks back and forth decide who would turn the Renfield this time,

Annabelle feels as suddenly Cullen is enveloping her, wrapping his arms around her in an almost affectionate way, cradling her neck and head in his hands as he sinks his fangs into Annabelle’s virgin unpunctuated flesh bleeding her out some enjoying the fresh blood energizing him.

It the event almost like some kind of death kiss, before Annabelle totally succumbs to the hard pull of death Cullen bites his own wrist and drips some of his blood into Annabelle’s mouth turning her painfully into a vampire.

Still in a kind of blood frenzy Cullen begins sucking Edward’s cock, pleasuring Edward almost to orgasm, but bite his cock at the base preventing Edward from cuming.

Annabelle in and out of consciousness kind of fades into the next night and realizes Edward is feeding her with an ornate glass human blood.

“Am I alive?” Asks Annabelle.

Cullen answers as he thrusts his cock suddenly into Edward’s anus, “Not really alive and not really dead.”

Edward continues the conversation grimly, “Annabelle you are our Renfield now, you work for us, you’re not a full vampire yet, you would need more vampire blood, for now you can still go out in the day and sometimes it is useful to have a Renfield go out for us or watch over us while we sleep. Either you do this, or we kill you for real Annabelle.”

Edward gives Annabelle some new clothes after Cullen had cum in his rectum.

It was no sooner had Annabelle dressed an angry mob attacks the mansion intent o murdering Cullen and Edward no doubt upset over the missing girl.

The 3 vampires flee and Annabelle finds her running speed impossible.

So it was they would have to keep running from each place at some point after the 3 had bitten too many residents.

Annabelle takes to serving Edward and Cullen not minding her obvious younger age and also that she was a little different kind of vampire all didn’t bother her.

It was the blood sucking Annabelle really finds her life calling, to bleed out unsuspecting humans and consume their life force.

Annabelle does soon show her worth to her vampire masters by bringing them humans to feed on for when they awoke each night.

It was not until several years had passed did Annabelle begin to fall into a depression, realizing she was not aging she would stay a small girl forever.

It didn’t help that Edward and Cullen we always so close, it only became a reminder that she would never get to be with anyone, that her existence was horrible aberration, a perversion, and even worse Annabelle comes to realize hr demonic nature.

A few more years of seeing Edward and Cullen sucking each others cocks and riding each other’s dicks Annabelle becomes more a creature that didn’t care anymore, luring men into alleys in the broad daylight with perverted offers of sex only to sink her teeth into jugulars and drink from the fountain that is the punctured human artery.

It was on a night where Edward and Cullen we just awaking that Annabelle decided to take her revenge on the duo she tries to kill them but Edward easily overpowers the over zealous vampire girl.

Annabelle screams, “You both did this to me, I’m a monster, I hate you both, I want to die, but not until I end your lives, I will kill you Edward and Cullen!”

Edward laughs at the struggling girl and says in a voice that sends shivers up and down Annabelle’s spine, “We can always kill you and get another Renfield, how many have we had now Cullen.”

Cullen continues the speech Edward had started, “How many Renfield’s now, let’s see counting Annabelle here, I would have to exactly 7 and my mate is right Annabelle it will be so easy to replace you.”

Feeling humiliated Annabelle stops struggling and gives up fight the much stronger vampires.

For her crime Edward and Cullen have her dig a hole, they put her in an iron coffin and bury her under 6 feet of earth.

Annabelle nearly goes mad alone in the pitch-black darkness with only her thoughts and the horrible thirst for a few years that when Edward and Cullen finally feel generous enough to dig her up.

What came out of that ground that day was not Annabelle, not the waif, not the little girl.

She had the look of a refugee, emaciated and weak.

They take her home with them lock her in a room with a few servants, as they retire to their room to suck each other’s cock at the same time and penetrating each other’s ass with their fingers.

The End?


2012-10-04 22:50:54
wow such a middle finger to twilight not even trying to hide it lol the story itself sucks but the message it sends brilliant

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2011-05-22 22:49:28
WTF???? This is really crappy... Take a literature class! You need to learn ENGLISH!

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2011-03-26 13:05:43
that didn't turn me on. at alll.

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2010-11-23 23:12:47
His name is Edward Cullen

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2010-08-14 23:11:28
1179 views sounds like a lot

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