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Dante loses his virginity
Ichigo fang 2 (wolven vcard part 2)


Tommy awoke to hot breath and a tingly feeling on his dick. He opened one eye and looked down to see

what was causing it. Apparently Dante had rolled over in his sleep because now his head was resting on

Tommy’s abs and ever time he breathed, he tickled Tommy’s dick with his breath. That wasn’t the only

thing- Dante was a drooler, Tommy now released, and a big pool of it had formed around Tommy’s abs

and groined area- it was a cute scene but it kind of annoyed Tommy. He rolled Dante over, whipped all his

drool off himself, and sat up looking for his pants. He found them in a corner and reached into one of his

pockets to find his cell phone. Tommy flipped the lip of the phone and gawked at the screen, it read:

Monday 4:55am. Tommy freaked, not only had he and Dante slept through Sunday, they were gonna be

late for swim practice. Just as he closed his phone, Tommy heard a knock at the door (it made him jump) -

it must have been Dante’s mother. “Dante wake up honey your gonna be late for practice!” she yelled.

Dante leaped out of bed-as if he had just received an electric shock- and started get dressed franticly. “Do

you need a ride?” his mom asked hearing the commotion. Dante looked up at Tommy, who in turn

nodded. “No I’ll call Tommy, he’ll take me” he said. “Oh alright, good now I can go back to bed” said

Dante’s mom as she walked back to her room. “Meet me at my truck in 3 minutes” said the already

dressed Tommy as he leaped out the window.

[Swim practice]

The coaches were still on this group swim kick and were determined to get everyone in tip top shape for

nationals, they also got the whole team off of school so that they could train all morning and rest all

evening. The team was broken up into groups of four -2 boys/ 2 girls- which they hoped would spark some

gender rivalry. However not too many were paying attention to what the coaches were saying, they were

much too busy gawking at Dante and Tommy. Tommy, because it seemed like he got hotter over the

weekend- which no one thought was possible- and a vaguely familiar look boy that couldn’t possibly be

Dante. Both were dressed in their standard issue black and blue Speedo pants and were just stand off to

the side, yawning. Tommy stood 6’ 10” tall with a football/swimmer hybrid build- large muscles, yet thin

waste. His tan skin a little bit darker from Saturday sun exposure and his jet black hair seem shaggier for

some reason even though it only came down to the base of his neck. But most were concentration on was

his feral dick that was straining against the confines of his Speedo- a distinct bulge lead down his right

pant leg, which he had to adjust ever so often. But now there was one that rivaled Titan Tommy- a new

upstart, Dante. Thou he was shorter than Tommy-5’ 10”- he was just as good looking and just as built,

though Dante had more of a swimmer/soccer build – where he was more lean and slender instead of

bulky. His trade mark red hair was just as shaggy as Tommy’s, but longer coming down past his

shoulders. Somehow he had kept his childish cuteness, may be it had to do with his large crystal blue

eyes and/ or his baby face, but something made the girls on the team do that cute creature sighted sigh

and the guys on the team wonder what the fuck kind of growth spurt did he go through over the weekend?

What also caught every ones attention was Dante’s new massive member, which he could barely hide in

the Speedo that barely fit him anymore. To say the least -the girls wanted them and the boys envied them,

a win win all around. “Group 6: Dante, Tommy, Rachael, and Cyara” the coach yelled which broke every

one out of their revelry. Group 6 climbed into their lane and prepared to get ready. Dante and Tommy curse

the coach’s name mentally- he had put them in a lane with their respective crushes and it was already

hard enough trying to keep their boners in check without temptation dress in skin tight suites swimming

next to them. But the boys couldn’t stop staring the girls seem perfect in every way they both even had the

perfect hourglass figures, what more could you ask for? Rachael was a 5’7” brunette with long hair, she

was fair skinned-not too tan, but not too white- a very cute face and her perky C cup breast were the best in

Tommy’s opinion [and looked like a brunette version of Megan fox to Dante]. Rachael’s green eyes flashed

as she caught Tommy looking at her. Cyara was an African goddess in Dante’s eyes- She had radiant light

brown eyes, wavy brown and black hair, a milk chocolate completion and looked like a cross

between “shut up and dive” Rihanna and Beyonce. Cyara was 5’6” tall and also had C cup breast. In all

truth she had been Dante’s crush since the 7th grade but he never had the courage to ask her out

because he feared being rejected and he didn’t know if she was into interracial. “Titan and Titan Jr. what

are you waiting for you own private invitation? Get moving!!” yelled the coach waking the boys up from their

day dream. Flustered the two boys began swimming at a break neck pace to catch up with the girls.

[Later on in the practice]

“Alright team line up for Dives” yelled the Coach and the team filed out of the water and started to line up

behind the diving blocks. To Dante’s surprise Cyara was in front of him in the diving line which gave him a

second chance to examine her pleasing anatomy.

“First group step up” yelled the Coach.

Cyara climbed up on the block and took her mark. {For all who don’t know when bending over in a female

Speedo, the suite rides up exposing a girl’s treasures to all that are positioned behind her- not just her

ass and pussy but her boobs too} To say the least Dante was a bit overwhelmed at the moment- with this

glorious sight in front of him- and began a mental struggle [moral + embarrassment vs. hormones +

gratification]. The struggle was easily noticed by Dante’s Alpha (Tommy), who whispered in his ear “calm

down dude, take ten deep breaths, and then do math problems in your head- increase in difficult when

horniness overwhelms you”. Dante looked back at Tommy with a hopeless stare and a crimson inferno

consuming his face. Tommy-confused- examined Dante to find out what was the problem, he quickly

found it. Dante’s Speedo trunks were too short and in his moment of weakness his dick took the

opportunity to slip out from under its covering- at the least the head was exposed. Tommy knew that Dante

was in a panic, so he quickly mouthed the word “bathroom”. Understanding instantly Dante rushed off

towards the locker room without further dely. However not before several witnessed the problem- one of

which was Rachael.


“Alright hit the showers all expect Dante- who seems to think that the rules don’t apply to him. 3000 Dante

and no stopping- maybe now you’ll learn there are no pee breaks in the middle of a set!!” yelled the Coach

as he dismissed everyone. Dante cursed heavily under his breath as he began his punishment.

[Girls locker room]

Cyara was beginning to undress when Rachael walked up to her and stopped her. Confused Cyara gave

Rachael a questioning look. “Are you up for a little fun” asked Rachael as she eyed Cyara closely. Cyara

nodded with a smile, not truly knowing what Rachael had in mind. “We’ll need to move quickly, I think the

boys are almost done” she said as she half dragged Cyara out of the girls locker room. The two girls

stealthily maneuvered down the hallway towards the boys locker room and while they waited Cyara tried to

find out what was this “fun” that they were gonna have. But Rachael wouldn’t say all she responded with

was: “how much do you like Dante?” Cyara was totally taken aback by the question and needed a few

seconds to answer. “Honestly I’ve had a crush on him since the 5th grade; he’s like my soul mate.” She

gushed as she spilled her guts to the senior. Rachael smile at the young freshman and said well you’re in

luck …..” but her sentence was cut short as Dante walked in from his punishment and entered the boys’

locker room. Rachael waits 30 seconds and then dragged Cyara into the locker room after Dante

[Boys locker room]

Exhausted Dante turned on the showers and began to wash up. He listened as the shower water

splashed against the tile floor and echoed throughout the seemingly empty locker room. Dante sighed and

began to wash his hair, unaware that he was being watched by two stow- a- ways. Just as Dante was

about to turn off the water to the shower, too very powerful and very familiar arms grabbed him and lifted

him into the air. Tommy had stayed after and snuck up on Dante and was now proceeding to play with his

squirming Beta. “Hey you miss me” Tommy said as he lowered Dante down and proceeds to tickle him in

a playful way- Dante laughed accordingly. “Hahahaaaaahaahahaaaa… stop it ...stop it I’m

ticklish...sStop!!” Dante screamed as Tommy continued to tickle him. Dante squirmed in Tommy’s grip as

he tried to get away, but was thrashing around so much that he accidentally stimulated Tommy’s dick. As if

a switch had been flipped, a massive bulge erupted from the seemingly smooth surface of Tommy’s

Speedo. Dante felt himself being slowly lowered towards the ground and looked up at Tommy with a

mixture of lust and fear- he did not want a repeat of his first encounter with Tommy. Tommy noticed the

hesitation in Dante’s eyes and responded “we don’t have to if you don’t want to.” Though it was obvious he

really wanted it, Dante couldn’t decide so he leaned up on his elbows and kissed Tommy- to assure him

that he understood this time (“its not gay, it’s a bi thing= he likes girls and guys and so do I” thought Dante

as he began to relax.) But as they broke their kiss they both heard a load intake of breath.

“Whose there?!!” Tommy yelled/barked- the demand was full of authority and almost made Dante feel the

uncontrollable urge to respond, but he keep his cool and now focus in on the two females entering his

field of vision. To both boys surprise it was Rachael and Cyara.

“Rachael I thought you left with the other girls, I thought you forgot” said Tommy as though he was

expecting her-which he was he had called her from his truck while waiting for Dante.

“No I did forget, I just wait till Titan Jr. here was done his laps so I could get a good look at his growth spurt.

I also was kind enough to bring the new puppy a playmate” said Rachael as she gestured to Cyarra. The

two senior quickly glanced at their charges- both had a look of embarrassment and amazement on their

faces as they were gathering what the seniors were hinting at. Then Cyara released something “what do

you mean? We just witnessed them kiss each other wouldn’t that mean….”she said uncertainly. Rachael

and Tommy both dismissed it as “there is a middle category you know.” Rachael walked over to where

Dante sat –still in shock. “Alright let’s get a look at the monster, Dante can I?” Dante, for some reason

couldn’t find his voice, he blush and nodded with a slight smile on his face. Rachael proceeded to pull

down Dante’s Speedos, which she was greeted with a slap to the face- for the now free Dante dick, with

nothing to hold it back, sprang forth. “Well hello to you too” Rachael said with a smile as she took a hold of

his dick. “It’s almost as big as yours Tommy, damn cute as hell and packin mad meat you’re a lethal

combination.” Said Rachael as she began to rub his shaft. But then someone else’s hand griped Dante

shaft’s lower parts, Cyarra was now staring at Dante in amazement as she griped his cock to make sure it

was real. The two freshman locked eyes and seem to be on the verge of an understanding. Rachael

interpreting a signal let go of Dante’s dick and went over to the now naked Tommy, who had been jerking

his foot long while watching the show. Rachael stripped off her swim suite and proceeded to clamber over

Tommy’s thighs and plop down on Tommy’s pube area –using it like a chair to make out with Tommy.

Dante looked over at his Alpha at work and was turned on by the sight he saw- Tommy and Rachael

making out while Rachael sat on his groin area and Tommy’s trailing up her back. But his attention was

brought back to his situation because Cyarra began to jerk him off and the sensation was drivin him wild.

[Dante and Cyarra]

Cyarra had what Dante called pillow hands- where they soft and plushy and when those types of hands

give you a hand job it’s almost like having your dick in one of those fleshlights. As she went up and down

with her hand on his shaft Dante felt he was on cloud nine, then after about 5 minutes of jerking Cyarra

tried a something new. She took her pointer finger and her thumb, made a ring under the head of Dante’s

11 inch cut head and proceeded to rapidly jerk in that concentrated area. Dante felt a surge of sexual

electricity race all over his body and it somewhat caused him to raith on the floor in pleasure, Cyarra took

this that he liked what she was doing and continued. Dante’s breathing was getting shallower and Cyarra

took this as a sign that he wouldn’t be able to last much longer. Dante, not wanting to cum just yet,

reached up and forced Cyarra’s hand away from his pulsating pleasure pole. He then gasp for air his

chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath, Dante then glanced up at Cyarra to find her with a look of

confusion and worry on her face.

“Did I do something wrong, I did mean for it to hurt, I was just..” she stammered obviously upset but before

she could continue her apologetic rant Dante shot up and kissed her- it was a deep kiss and he hoped he

was downing it right because Cyarra was the first girl he’d ever kissed- and then retreated to look her in

the eyes. “You were doing great, actually too well and I wanted to wait until you cum or at least let me return

the favor before I got off.” Said Dante as he smiles at her, which he saw her flush for the first time. He

kissed her again and began to lay her down on her back onto the showers’ soaked tilted floor. Dante

proceeded to pull off Cyarra’s blue swim suite and gaze upon her beautiful body: her perky C cup breast,

tight tummy, baby bottom smoothly shaven pussy- she was definitely the most beautiful girl to Dante.

“Dante, stop staring your embarrassing me” Cyarra said as she looked up at Dante-she was doing the

same: Dante’s bright red hair, crystal blue eyes, washboard abs, monster dick- but she sorta felt

uncomfortable with him staring. “sorry.” He said as he kissed her again and then proceeded down to her

nipples and began to suck on them in turn and massaging them with his hands, the sensation made

Cyarra squeal. After about 5 minutes Dante moves down to Cyarra’s tight tummy and looks up at her with a

devilish smile, before Cyarra could say anything, Dante did a raspberry to her tummy –which like Dante

being very ticklish so was Cyarra- causing to giggle in hysterics and got tingles in her already soaked

pussy. Dante getting that she liked it did three more raspberries and then moved down to Cyarra’s pussy,

it was drenched –which was a good thing cause it was going to need to be. Dante gazed at the treasure

cove mesmerized – for it was the first one he had ever seen in real life- and out of curiosity stuck out his

tongue and licked it, Cyarra squealed again. Dante then stuck one of his fingers in Cyarra pussy which

upon entering gushed with her juices and leaked out. He began to finger fuck her slow at first but with

gradually gained speed in tune with Cyarra’s moans, he then added another finger and another, but

released that he couldn’t quite fit the third one so he pulled all of them out and began fucking her with his

tongue. In and out, side to side, wiggling it all around- he kept this up until he got an idea from the

American Pie movies, a move called the Tongue Tornado. He really didn’t know how to do it and they never

really showed it in the films but Dante guessed it had something to do with swirling your tongue around

her pussy, so he tried that and was rewarded by Cyarra shrieks of exscasity and a little surprise of her

own. As Cyarra wraith on the ground, her erupted with a flood of juices that splashed a surprised Dante in

the face-soaking him and drenching his underside. When Cyarra came back down to earth she looked at

Dante and frown. “I’m so sorry Dante you kind of surprised me, it must be really gross you must hate...”

she began to say. “That was soo sexy, you can do that every time!?!?!” Dante gush over joyed that she

could have a female ejaculation.

“Yeah every time I cum” she said shyly. But Dante smile proved to her that he love it. The she looked at

him and said “I just cam and I think now its your turn, and it looks like you need it desperately” as she and

Dante both look down at his dick which had streams of precum leading down into a pool on the floor

underneath his balls.

Dante blush “can I put it inside?” he asked as he looked her in the eyes.

“Do you have a...” she was about to say but three condoms slide across the shower floor from Rachael

and Tommy’s direction. The two freshman had forgot they weren’t the only ones in the locker room and

looked over to see Rachael riding Tommy cowgirl style while Tommy had his hands behind his head, he

gave the freshmen a wink and then went back to fucking Rachael. Cyarra picked up one of the condoms-

Trojan XXL – laid Dante back and began licking most of the precum off his dick, causing Dante to squirm;

she then opened the pocket and pulled out the rubber. She gave Dante 4 good tugs before placing the

condom on his dick and rolled it down. She then laid back and awaited his arrival. But Dante hesitated.

“What is it?” asked Cyarra

“Its kinda my first time….” Dante blush. Without saying a word Cyarra reached up and guided Dante’s dick

to her pussy. “Go slow” she said and Dante slightly push up against her, it didn’t give way so he pushed a

little harder and was rewarded with the feeling that his dick was being engulfed in pure pleasure, Cyarra’s

moans added to his arousal and he continued to push more of himself into her. About 6” in Dante brushed

up against something that drove Cyara wild and made her pussy overflow with sex juices. Dante stayed

there for a couple of fucks but still wanted to go deeper, when he finally got all 11 inches in Cyarra looked

like she was in a sex coma, her eyes glassy and she had a delirious look about her face then she

yelled “fuck me!!” and Dante continued to fuck her. Dante then changed his tactics, he pulled almost all the

way out and would slam all the way back in which would drive Cyarra wild and he kept this up until he felt

an immense pressure building in his balls. “Cyarra I’m abota cum!!”He yelled

“Me too” was her only reply and once she said it she really did it, her juice exploded out of her pussy

drenching Dante and the shower floor. The sensation of her spasming pussy + the flood that had just

rushed past his dick was too much for Dante and he erupted right then and there. He was filling up the

condom so he knew he had to pull out or risk Cyarra getting pregnant, by the time he managed to get his

dick out 55% of the condom was filled with cum. Dante was still experiencing sex quakes when Cyara

force him to lay down on his back and began to remove the condom, once it was off and disposed of she

laid her head on Dante’s abs. “Cyarra I have to tell you something” Dante say as he looked down at her,

she lifted her head leaned in and kissed him “you don’t have to say it I already know” she said as she

smiled back at him.

to be continued..........
[Tommy and Rachael chapter next time + a bully vengence]

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