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This is a story about my first sexual experience. I left the ending open-ended. If you like the story and have ideas about what to include in one or more sequels, I might follow up with more.

When I grew up into adulthood during the 80’s, in a lot of ways I was a nerd. Not necessarily with my appearance (I didn’t wear horned glasses or pocket protectors), but I concentrated on my studies rather than seeking out parties and girls. In addition, I was quite shy. All that meant that I didn’t get have any relations with the opposite sex. I still had your typical teenage male hormones, and I resolved that predicament by regularly satisfying myself through jacking off my dick.

This continued in college. I lived in a co-ed dorm and even had a room to myself. And I still didn’t get the chance to hook up with any of the women around campus, not even any of those who lived in the same dorm as I did. During my junior year I started to tutor other students to earn some extra income for myself. One of the guys I tutored lived in a frat house. I quickly noticed through what he told me that his social life consisted of everything I had heard of that goes on among the wilder fraternities. He casually mentioned the parties he attended and the sexual exploits he had with members of the opposite sex. One day he asked me about the extent of my sex life. I suppose he had noticed that I wasn’t very extraverted, and I never had anything to talk about with regards to parties and/or fucking girls. So he didn’t show much surprise when I told him that I was still a virgin. He responded by promising me that he would make some calls to ensure that I would get some tutoring myself, in the subject of fucking. I could feel my dick tingling at the thought of that.

A couple of days later, on a Saturday evening, I was sitting in my dorm room studying. I heard a knock on the door to my room and said “Come in”. The door opened and two – gorgeous – girls came in. I wondered what this was about for a moment, and then I remembered what the student I tutored had promised me a couple of days prior. After stepping into my dorm room, one of them locked the door behind them. My heart skipped a beat in anticipation. The two girls introduced themselves. They said they were roommates, both 18-year-old Freshmen, and had just noticed a message on their answering machine when they returned from a day at the beach. The message was from our mutual friend who asked them to take care of me since I had never had sex before. They said they were quite turned on by the prospect of providing the first sexual experience for me, and they would be happy to tutor me how to do it right. One girl, named Lisa, was white, with blonde hair and blue eyes. The name of the other girl was Tonya. She was a very dark skinned black. Both girls very petite and had tight bodies. My dick was already as hard as it could get in my shorts, and I’m sure the girls were able to see the bulge it was creating. Lisa said “let’s get started”, and they proceeded with taking their t-shirts and athletic shorts off. I followed their lead and took off my clothes. While they stopped when they were still in their bikinis, I took off everything. When I stripped off my underpants, my dick sprang to full attention. The girls seemed to be pleased with what they saw. They made an approving sound and Tonya added that it is a shame that no other women ever had the pleasure of feeling my big dick inside them before. Then they came close to me and asked me to take off their bikinis. I reached around their bodies, one at a time, and pulled at the strings that each of the bikini tops and bottoms were tied to their bodies with. One after the other, the two tops and bottoms fell to the ground, having been untied. They stepped back again a little and I was able to see their bodies in their full glory. They both had B-cup sized cute perky boobs and neatly trimmed pubic hair, just enough to ensure that nothing was going to peak out when they were in their bikinis. Lisa’s day at the beach was very obvious. The areas that had been covered by her bikini were white as a sheet and were surrounded by a nicely tanned body. The sight of this turned me on even more. Seeing both of them standing there, fully in the nude, made my very hard dick jump, without me touching it. Even now, years later and I’m happily married, I still get turned on and my dick grows hard when I think of them standing in front of me, stark naked with their hot bodies.

Tonya pointed out that it looks like I have a lot penned up sexual energy and they would need to take off the edge of this. They both kneeled down in front of me and gave me my first blowjob ever. First Lisa took my dick into her mouth as much as she could, closed her lips around the shaft, and moved back and forth. A few seconds later, she removed herself and Tonya did exactly the same. This being my first sexual experience other than jerking off my own self, I had an orgasm just a few seconds after Tonya took over. I pumped my load with Tonya’s lips firmly sealed around my throbbing dick. She didn’t even flinch and swallowed every drop as I stood there, moaning, with my knees buckling every time I ejaculated another shot of cum into her mouth.

Lisa took the initiative of starting the main course of my tutoring lesson. She stepped up close to me and locked her lips onto mine. Right away she thrust her tongue into my mouth. Although this was my first French kiss, I instinctively did the same, resulting in a very passionate kiss. All the while, I was able to rub my flaccid penis along her body. She was helping out by pushing the lower part of her body harder at me. She pulled her mouth away from me and said she would teach me some of the basic moves to make a woman feel good. She had me lick and kiss her earlobes and neck, lick the front of her body and her breasts and nipples in particular. When I moved down her body further, she sat down on the bed. While I was still licking, she had me lightly stroke her inner thighs. Then she asked me to focus on her pussy. First I touched her clit with my finger, then I began working on it orally. Flicking it with my tongue and sucking on it alternately. At the same time I slid a couple of fingers into her already very wet pussy. I easily slid in and out, in and out. She was moaning and groaning, and while I was doing that, Tonya was sucking on Lisa’s breasts. Then Lisa started trembling and shaking, having an orgasm from all the stimulation she was receiving. It seemed to last for a couple of minutes. When she was done with it she shouted out “Put your dick in me, NOW”. I was happy to comply. She laid back on the bed and I moved over her. I positioned my dick that had gotten rock hard by now again near her pussy, and she used her hand to guide me in. I was pumping her pussy as if my life depended on it. In between her moans, Lisa told me to pull out when I would be ready to cum and spray my cum juice all over her. This being my fist time fucking, not a minute later I got to that point. I quickly pulled my dick out of her pussy and positioned myself right over her upper body. We watched as my cum landed on her luscious boobs, shot after shot. When I was done, Lisa rubbed the gooey liquid all over her boobs. Whatever was left on her fingers, she licked off in her mouth.

While we were fucking, Tonya was masturbating the whole time, rubbing her right hand vigorously over her clit and vagina. Seeing me cum pushed her over the edge at the same time. She then helped cleaning up my cum juice on Lisa’s boobs by licking off some of it herself. After that was done, Tonya told me to lay down flat on the bed. Lisa got up and I took her place. Tonya then kneeled down on top of me, facing me. As she lowered her body, she sat down on my now limp dick and rocked back and forth in a way that stimulated her clit, until she reached another orgasm. By that time, my dick was hard again. She guided it into her pussy and proceeded to fuck me, moving her body up and down on my shaft. I was able to last a little longer this time, until I had yet another orgasm. I couldn’t believe how much cum juice I had left. When Tonya raised her hips over me to pull herself off my dick, I could see the cum leaking out of her pussy. I could clearly make out the pink flesh of her vagina surrounded by her dark swollen pussy lips, as she was still squatting over me. Then she got off me completely. While she was standing next to the bed, Lisa kneeled in front of her and cleaned the pussy and cum juice off Tonya’s vagina and surrounding areas.

When they were done with this, the two girls said they would return to their dorm room, but they promised they would be back for more sex. They said that despite my inexperience and inability to last very long, they felt quite good while it lasted. They were sure that more tutoring and practice would get me to last longer.

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2010-11-30 12:31:44
you should include some pictures in d story.

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2010-08-03 13:58:58
Finally, something that reads like a true story.

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2010-08-02 13:46:41
you should do another story but it should be longer than this one

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