This is my story about raping a new girl in school
Okay first off this is not a real story if you enjoyed it please comment and I will make a sequel. this is my first sex story and yes this story is about rape, yes, sexual activities that the other person doesn't want. If you do not like anything that has been put in this stories category then don't read it. I'm all up for constructive criticism but if your just gonna be an ass-hole then don't bother commenting. I come on the site often and I will probably read all comments posted on this.

This is my story. It all started in Year 9(I'm English). We were all going through serious hormone changes, and I, being the typical 14 year old virgin, was incredibly desperate for sex. Which is why when I saw a new girl come to our school that looked like such a dirty slut, I got instantly turned on. To match it she was a total bitch and I just wanted to fuck her brains out and teach her a lesson. I fantasized about this every night. But one day I decided I could not hold myself back any longer. I was at detention when I realised that me and her were the only ones there, I knew I could take advantage of this. There was only us two alone and our teacher had left for the day, the only thing we had stopping us was the teacher next door who had been told to watch out in case we tried to sneak out. It was risky, but the reward was well worth it. I got up and walked over to the teachers desk and pulled the drawers, grabbed the key and locked the door. I grinned and turned back to the bitch was about to get taught a lesson. She clearly felt uncomfortable as I walked towards her. I grabbed her tit and she slapped me and tried to escape me. I pinned her to the wall with my hard 6 inch cock rubbing against her panties under her miniskirt. "Help me! He-" I slapped her across the face. "Shut up you bitch. Be quiet and do what I say or I'm gonna fucking kill you." This was clearly a lie, but I knew that I had scared her. Her whimpering turned me on even more. I unbuttoned her top and undid her bra. She was crying to herself and started whispering "please..noo.." and I started to feel her tits. I licked her face as I was caressing her tits and twisting her nipples. "Your mine you fucking whore. Your my little slut" and I started to grab her panties roughly and rubbing her pussy. "Have you had sex before?" I asked. She nodded her head, just as I thought."How many times you dirty slut?"She replied telling me she had only had sex once. I knew this meant her pussy would be tighter, I'm sure she felt my dick twinge on her panties. I instructed her to get down and suck my dick like a little whore. She started crying and tried to struggle again. I grabbed her by her ponytail and pulled her head straight down. I ordered her to Strip my trousers and to suck my cock. She hesitated for a second but then took down my trousers and started to wine a little, probably after seeing the huge bulge in my boxer shorts. She pulled down my boxer shorts and I loved it as my dick fell on her face. She begged me to let her go but I just laughed. She cried that she couldn't do it. This little bitch wasn't going to get away that easy. "Very well then you little slut, if you won't suck my dick I'll just fuck your face" Tears fell down her face. "No, please n-"and then muffled shouting. I was shoving my dick in her mouth over and over again. Her warm saliva felt so good. I was giving her as much of my dick as I wanted, pressing her face onto my dick. I heard her choking a little but I didn't really give a shit. My balls were bouncing against her chin and tears were rolling down her face as my cock went in and out and in and out. I felt like I was going to come to my end but I didn't want to pull out. I smirked and said "Oy, slut! Swallow my cum!" I was just preparing her, its not like she had much choice after all. I was fucking her mouth with all I had. My thick cock was deepthroating this little whore. She had given up on resistance and just closed her eyes and waited for me to finish up with her. I was coming to my limit. I started panting and saying "Your my little slut baby your mine your mine your mine" and then I came in her mouth. I pulled out and let some of it dribble on her tits. I told her to meet me in this room tomorrow, the same time, or else I would kill her. and I threw her bra at her and told her to clean herself up. I got dressed and left the bitch sat on the floor crying. I looked forward to school the next day..

Dont forget to leave comments with constructive criticism or saying you enjoyed the story. If many people enjoyed it I will write another. Feel free to give suggestions. More details on her appearance? More details on my appearance? any specific sexual activities? These will probably stay under the genre of rape and will possibly involve threesomes but it will NOT involve Bestiality as these are made for my own personal enjoyment and I dislike bestiality.I am glad you read through the entire thing and I hope you enjoyed the read!

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