A Black Haired Lesbian a Blond 15 yr Old, and a Dog named Thunder

Part 2

Estelle was naked and almost helplessly chained on all fours as she was pushed out onto the back patio, and Thunder was almost immediately upon her. She had experienced the animals lust but wasn't quite prepared for Lightning as he stood his ground he was a much bigger dog than she had imagined that easily towered over her . This made her feel very submissive as this big dog was very intimidating and could easily do what ever he wanted . This submissive feeling she had and the fact that she was naked and chained, in the dogs fenced back yard made her feel much like a helpless animal and although she didn't realize these strange feelings at the time, it made her feel even more like a female bitch, ripe for the breeding! Thunder was happily licking Estelle's face and quickly went from there to her bare bottom as her little cunt was already seeping virginal secretions from her fantasy thoughts of perverse sex with animals. Lightning was a well trained dog that was used specifically for things that Estelle could never imagine! Although she would find out exactly what those things were and would soon become his innocent willing victim!

The results of this would be Estelle's first experience with brutal and terrifying bestial intercourse, but for now she was quite content being helplessly and naively naked nuzzled and well licked in there presence.

Thunders tongue was licking her slit up and down and it easily opened up from her earlier pleasuring as her young body was starting to respond to any kind of sexual thoughts touch and stimulation! When his warm raspy wet tongue finally found her little clit it immediately started to swell, and as it did “Estelle” had her fourth orgasm of the day! This left her spread with the chains being the only things keeping her barely up on all fours otherwise she would have collapsed completely! Lightning was still enjoying himself by chewing on what was left of her cotton panties! They were just tiny shredded remnants that he seemed to be enjoying. As to him all that was left of her virgin female juices was as if it was some sort of a succulent meaty bone. Lightning and Estelle's eyes finally met, and as they did Estelle instinctively looked quickly down and away in the utter helpless submission of a female animal that had just let this large beast know with her eyes that she will easily submit and would not or could not resist!

Lightning is quite content to wait, and savors the thought as he now knows she is his bitch! This is a scenario that he has played out before with other young virgins and Bobby, Ms Crystal's assistant was one! It is only a matter of time until the opportunity for him to take her, presents itself! Lightning is a very smart dog and in many ways has been trained to think and act much like a human only his entire thought and training are geared around harsh and brutal sex with human animal like females!

Back in the house Irene and Dotty have been waiting for the others to arrive. When a van pulls up to the big living room side door. There was a slight knock as Irene pulled the curtain back and opened the sliding glass. Parked close was this large white van and the invited guests were Ms Crystal Estelle's lesbian gym teacher! She had walked around to the passenger side and slid the vans door open as she greeted both Irene and Dotty. Ms Crystal was wearing a long coat and in the back of this big van was her young female assistant Bobbie. Only she was naked chained and on all fours exactly in the same manner as Estelle! The only difference was her collar and cuffs, they were green leather and embossed on her collar were the words Bobbie Bitch! The green leather contrasted vividly with her dark reddish brown hair and her tan athletic skin . She was then led into the big front room on all fours with a leash attached to her collar as if she too was a naked helpless animal. It was removed and she was chained up tight to a short post in the middle of the room.

Ms Crystal then removed her coat to reveal that she was dressed in a similar outfit, a white leather corset that left her breasts bottom and pubic area naked and exposed. She had elegant silver blonde hair big soft 40” breasts and a well shaven cunt slit and clit! Irene asked what did she have in mind for Bobby ? Going on to say that she, had several things already planned for Estelle later this evening. Commenting, I plan on taking her to Black & Blue's and we can take Bobby along to? Ms Crystal said that would be fine but I think I will have Bobby pleasure you both first. I will give her a short time to do it and if she doesn't do a good enough or fast enough job I will let lightning have his way with her again! She really seemed to like that last time “didn't you”, directing her comment toward Bobby!

Bobby heard this comment about her and Lightning, and was at first terrified that she might be mated to him again! He had brutally fucked and bitten her until she had passed out from the intense sadistic pain of brutal intercourse as only a large animal like Lightning could do...

Irene went on to say tomorrow I am going to take Estelle to Nadine's and let them run her through the first part of animal intercourse training so that Nadine's dogs can play with her and so she will have no problem being around them. Then when I think she is ready and willing I will put the stupid little bitch on the breeding throne and let Lightning break her in right! She is so willing and innocently naive and has no idea what will happen to her virgin little pussy. By the time she figures out what is going on it will be to late! Then she will be a broken piece of well use cunt meat and helplessly mine for as long as I want, that will easily do anything I ask!.
Bobby was now begging “Ms Crystal”, Mistress please don't let Lightning use me again or make me suck his monster cock! I just could not bare take him again, he really hurt and choked me. I could hardly breath with all that sickening yellow dog cum of his and my pussy is still so sore and hurts from his knot! .Please she pleaded again not to Nadine's..I will do anything just don't make me go to Nadine's! Ms Crystal said, Bobby, you are my slutty little slave girl I own you! You are a wanton whore and will do exactly as I say, and if I want you to be a helpless submissive bitch for Nadine and her dogs you will! and if I want Lightning to horribly rape you again you will not resist! Do you understand? She slapped Bobby across the face several times very hard just to make a point. Well do you? Bobby was still terrified as she meekly said yes mistress..

That's better Ms Crystal said as she totally ignored Bobby's plea, now get after those bare wanting pussies and if you do a really good job of pleasuring them to orgasm as quickly as you can, maybe I wont let Nadine's dogs ravish you or have Lightning do you! If you are really good maybe Irene will let you a crack at her new little virgin you know the one at school, the one you have been drooling over for the last several weeks referring to Estelle! You would like that wouldn't you? of course you would? Oh yes mistress Bobby said, I would love to have some of that virgin little pussy and would do whatever you asked ,to have a taste of her! Ms Crystal said fine now get busy as she unhooked her chain from the short post.

Bobby immediately darted for Dotty who was setting on a roll around chair that was specially made that had horseshoe shaped cut out seat bottom. This easily allowed for a helpless willing lesbian bottom like Bobby to get between Dottie's bare exposed inner thighs. Dot had spread wide so that Bobby could easily place her mouth and tongue over her cunt and especially her clit.. Bobby immediately started making unladylike noises as she voraciously went for this older black woman's well used and juicy looking big black cunt lips and pink clit!

The sound of wet female flesh being sucked on and abused was sinfully vulgar, but was also very stimulating. Not only for Dot as she to was making the most delightful sexual noises of pleasure herself. Both Irene and Ms Crystal were now kissing each other like lovers and were quite stimulated from the sounds and thoughts. Dotty was having a hard time holding her orgasm, but she had incredible will power as Bobby tried everything to get her off by aggressively giving it her all.

Dotty was one that certainly wanted to see this young woman get screwed again by Lightning as the first time the sight of her being helplessly and forcefully mated to this large beast of a dog was so erotic and sadistic that she could not wait to see that horrible look of pain and anguish on not only Bobby's face again she really wanted to see the same look on Estelle's. When this big dog had forceful pleasured himself at her expense! Dot was tying but just could not hold back any longer and was close to letting her stored up female lubricant go and as she did, pulled the young woman's head and lips up tightly against her slit and held it there as she released herself! Her pent up vaginal juices squirted out around Bobby's mouth. Dot held her there quite forcefully and commanded her to suck it all. The girl did her best to suck swallowing first as much as possible and then started licking this attractive older black woman's cunt at the same time gasping in between as she tried to catch her breath.

Just as Bobby was almost done Ms Crystal grabbed her dark reddish brown hair, jerks her away forcefully and practically drags her over to Irene who was setting on a similar roll around chair. She then pushed Bobby's head down into her crotch saying you took to much time with Dotty. You had better hurry up with Irene. It had better be a lot faster, or I can just see Lightnings big doggie dick and that horrible knot of his stuck in that sweet pink little pussy of yours just like he did the first time! The thought of this painful and sadistic thing happening to her again had instilled the zeal for her to please Irene as quickly as possible. But Irene was an old pro when it came to savoring orgasms and had no intention of letting Bobby get her off anytime soon as she too would love to see her brutalized by Lightning and to see her magnificent big dog sadistically ruin Bobby's pussy that had just started to recover.!

Irene is making Bobby think she is close and Bobby can feel her pushing her cunt up and is sure that Irene is going to have the orgasm, but just as she thinks that this woman is going to forcefully relieve herself Irene slows her breathing and relaxes she does this several times and each time the pleasurable sucking comes close Irene relaxes. Bobby is beside herself and more scared than ever as she really starts sucking on Irene's clit with ever more concerned ardor as she now knows the battle is lost and collapses with resigned fate as Irene finally lets herself go as the pleasure this young woman has given her floods into orgasm! Ms Crystal has again pulled her off and has undone her chains and removes them followed by pulling Bobby up onto her feet. She has left the green leather cuffs on and has snapped her wrists behind her back and has produced green matching 5” heels and helps Bobby put them on. She is now standing there precariously as Ms Crystal snaps her leash on!

Bobby is a beautiful fair skinned young woman with reddish brown hair in her early 20s has a nice athletic tan and stands about 5' 6”tall with well shaped 36” C sized tits. She has a small waist followed by a soft shapely 36” bottom. Her pussy was tight and that of a virgin, but after Lightnings harsh sexual abuse her well shaven and formerly unused pussy has been grotesquely distorted and abused and shows it! Her cunt lips are twice as long and one hangs down several inches farther than the other. It is also quite swollen compared to the other from the sadistic and stretching abuse. But her clitoris is still a dark red and is almost three times its original size and is so sensitive she is unable to wear panties as if anything touches her clit It instantly produces incredible sexual sensations that leave her trembling with anticipation or an incredible orgasm! This is of course exactly what Ms Crystal wants!

Estelle has always loved animals and especially Thunder now that he has brought her to orgasm another time. She has been trying to hug him as best she can now that he has pleasured her again, in a young girls zeal to show her affection . She rolled over on her back as the chains hold her submissively the dog is again licking her face and then goes for her large soft breasts licking and nipping at her nipples OMG again sexual sensations she has never felt before that are driving her crazy with sexual frustration. His tongue descends to her tummy and the depressions between her thighs and mound trickling her as she squirms and giggles it is a wonderful sight. It is not long before he has found her wet little clit! She is beside herself as his wet warm tongue travels back up to her breasts as he tries to mount her. She has never seen a large dogs cock at full erection but looking down between her large breasts is helplessly fascinated and is unable to resist as Thunder slowly moves forward humping and thrusting with short jabs of his cock that are getting closer. His cock hardens and his knot starts to swell! just as his cock head finally finds her wet little opening Two things happen at once. The door opens an Irene yells at him Thunder leave her alone! But Thunder has found her wet little opening and is not about to stop! Also at the same time Lightning is quickly next to him and is viscously growling and has let Thunder know that she is his bitch!, and to leave her alone. Thunder immediately backs off whimpering as he is subservient to this bigger and more powerful dog!

Irene has dragged Estelle up off the patio and back into the house. Estelle was ripe innocent and naively stupid. She is though quite disappointed and was not sure at all what was going to happen. Irene has snapped a leash on her red leather collar and again has to practically drag her back into the big front room as Estelle is slow to let this animal feeling go. Dotty and Ms Crystal are standing around and Bobby is now standing naked wearing only her green collar heels and cuffs. Irene has pushed Estelle back on her haunches so that she is upright on her knees and has fastened her wrists behind her back She then said to Estelle, I have several questions for you, now that you have been here for awhile. Have enjoyed yourself and I would like an honest answer?

Irene went on to say I, want to be your mistress and for you to be my slutty little whore? Do you know what that means? Tonight I want to take you to Black & Blue's so that all of my older girl friends can see you naked and play with you. Estelle, what is a mistress, a slut and a whore? Estelle says to Irene I am not sure, but I think it is when a helpless young girl like me does what ever she is told by an older woman like you and that makes you a mistress?... and a slut is a girl that likes and wants any kind of sex?

How about a whore and a bitch what is it that they do? Estelle went on to say that whores are women that will have any kind of sex with anyone for money and I am not sure exactly what a bitch is? Well I am going to explain to you what a bitch is!

Remember, Irene said, a while ago when you were on the back patio and Thunder wanted to stick his dogie dick in you, and If I, or Lightning hadn't came along when we did ! You, would have become his bitch and he would have mated and tried to breed with you! Do you have any idea what would happen to you after this? Estelle said not exactly but I think I would have liked it ! I felt real funny down their and I really wanted him to do it! Irene said okay I think you have the idea for such a young innocent thing!. So then, do you want me to be your mistress, and do want to be my slutty little whore? OMG yes, she said without any hesitation,Yes Irene! You do understand as my bitch I can mate you to any animal I want, and as my bitch you have to do whatever your told without question like let my girl friends play with you. If you don't do exactly as I say I will have to punish you, and I can be a very mean and very brutal mistress, are you sure this is this what you want? Please, oh pleeease Irene, Estelle said, I want you to be my mistress! I love you and would do anything for you and the thought of being a slut a whore and helplessly naked in front of you and all of your women friends, is very exciting and if you want me to mate with Thunder I will! Estelle went on to say, I was so disappointed when you brought me in the house as I was sure Thunder was really going to do me! And it was going to happen and I so wanted it to!

Continued in part 3

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