All of the characters in this story are real and all of their personalities and normal activates described are too but obviously the theme is fiction. Please enjoy my story and comments/votes are appreciated.

Let me my introduce myself. My name is Joey. I’m about 6 foot tall, muscular build, I think I look pretty good. Long brown hair (girls love the hair. Lol), if you know what this means im a Juggalo. If you don’t I don’t feel like describing it. ive gotten a lot of comments from girls about my dick, im about a 7 incher hard, about 5 soft. im bisexual, Im still in high school, I smoke weed and cigarettes, I drink, oh and did I forget 2 mention I just figured out im a freak.
Let me lay the groundwork. I never knew my mom so It was just me and my dad (with a few girlfriends of his every now & then, nothing serious, mostly just sex), my dad was, is a pothead just like me wen he was younger so he really didn’t care if I smoked weed. He basically told me that he did all of this stuff when he was my age so 4 him 2 say I can’t would be hypocritical. Me and my dad have a really great relationship. More like roommates than father and son but anyway, on my 17th birthday my dad had a weed-party planned just like every year. A weed party was something hes been doin for years which is basically anywere from 50 to 100 people hangin around, getting fucked up off of virtually every substance but cocaine and heroin, in a backyard listnin 2 music. We’d have concerts, Juggalo kereoke, wrestling, live sex shows (now that was fun) all kinds of kool shit but when I woke up the next day. The first thing I did was groan at a pounding headache. The second thing was move the gallon of captain out from under my ass. And last, the third thing was roll over and look at the smoking hot girl to my left…………..annnnd the one to my right. Lol. One was blonde, one had black hair, we were all naked. I looked down and I noticed that the one with black hair was a bit different from the fact that she had a dick!! My own dick started to swell at the thought that I had sex with these smoking hot chicks last night. Sweet I thought. The blonde by my guess was about 5’4’’, great perky tits, im a tit guy myself. Nothing better than I big old pair of tits in my book. If I could smoke weed out of a pair of tits my life would be perfect. Her ass was nice as hell. Just round and solid. The hair kind of framed her face and all in all she was smokin, the black haired one was cute 2. She was Asian, small but perky tits, fine ass though. Short kut black hair. But wat was drawin my dick 2 the ceiling was hers. It was nice. It was completely soft and it was probably 6 ½ in. her eyes fluttered open. She looked at me, smiled and asked me what happened. I shrugged my shoulders and pointed to the blonde who was still out like a light. She said her name was Kim and asked mine. Then she whispered something in my ear. After laughing I agreed to a great way to wake up the mystery blonde. We positioned ourselves right and we both started fucking her. My dick slid right into her tight, sexy pussy, surprisingly, kim’s went right into her ass without so much as a second thrust. We herd a mumble but kept fuking her. Her eyes opened and she screamed. “owww, what the fuck. Where am I who are you people, why are you FUCKING me?” without stopping fucking her I said “hi, im Brandon, this is kim, we got really drunk last night and this is were we woke up so we felt like fucking you.” “I get that” she said letting out a very audible moan “but how is she fucking me?” she asked inquisitively. Kim took her cock out of blondies ass and started too jack off in front of her who’s mouth was hanging wide open (probably a bad idea) Kim started to cum, and when I say she started to cum, I mean a fuckin white rocket shot out the head of her now fully engorged 9 inch cock into the back of the girls throught. After about a full minute of swallowing I said “so what’s your name” keep in mind I haven’t stopped pluggin her pussy this whole time. She said her name was karley. I said “well, Karley, im about to bust a nut inside your pussy” she started to scream as she came too and a blew about 6 heavy loads deep into her pussy. When I was cumming my hands flew up in the air and after I finished I landed on the bed. After my small sex induced high came down I noticed neither girl was moving. I did a small inspection and realized they were fucking frozen. Just sitting there stopped in time. I started to freak out. I pulled on a pair of basketball shorts off the floor and ran in 2 my dad’s room to find him chillin on his bed smoking a blunt. “Dad, what the fuck” he jumped at me coming in so fast but then I described everything that happened and said “u need to come in here and see this, but I mean there frozen sooo, let me get a hit o that blunt.” He laughed and passed the blunt. 1 hour. 4 blunts, 2 bowls, and a water bong bowl later We walked into my room (hey wat do u want. Time gets away from a pothead. Lol) my dad saw one girl, legs to the celling, stuck on sex face. And the other, cock in hand sucking on the first girls’ nipple. He started to laugh I yelled “what the hell is funny about this, there frozen. What the fuck happened?” “I knew this would happen eventually” he said “Joe, you have the power to freeze time, every male in our family does. Hell how do you think I got through 4 years with your mother. “but I, you, I, ugh” I sat down in my chair and rubbed my temples, this shit plus the party was really starting to fuck with my head. I lit up a square, look at my dad who was waiting for a reaction more than dumbass stammering which was basically all he was getting so far. “so let me get this straight, I have the power to freeze time for as long as I want, at any given time for any purpose I choose.” I asked. “well, at first there were rules from the higher ups in magick but then after about 40 years of me and your uncle being around no one really seems to care anymore.” We laughed together for a while, still pretty high but when I came back to I asked “so how do I control it” “just concentrate hard on what you want to do, then flick your hand like your drying off your hands and it will freeze and unfreeze everything. Except of course for the rest of us with the same power, like me and your uncle.” “sweet thanks dad.” I said. He chuckled to himself again remembering what it was like to be my age and then he left. I got back up on my bed. Put my dick back in Karley since I took this freeze break I was hard again so I was gunna go for a while. I thought, damn this is going to make me look like god in bed. Fuck yes. I did what dad said and sure enough. They unfroze right were they were not even knowing what happened. She kept screaming and I just kept fuckin her. We changed positions. I laid down flat on the bed. Karley sat on my face and Kim sat on my dick. I think her ass was the tightest thing ive ever been in. I knew I’d cum soon. Then I remembered my new little helper. After a few freezes I was about an hour into this we changed a little. Kim stayed on dick but karley laid on my chest tits down and took Kim’s dick doggy style. Finally, thanks to my freezing we all cam simultaneously. They both fell to either side of me and we drifted back to sleep. From a combination of the extreme amount of drugs & alcohol mixed with a 4 hour threesome we ended up sleeping the whole day. The next thing I remember was waking up to my alarm. And thinking, shit I gota go back to that hellhole again. I got my shit together. Smoked a bowl, got kim & karley’s phone numbers and I was out of there. I got in my car and drove to school. On the way there I decided that I’d have a little fun and test out my new power today. I walked in and the 1st thing I did was something I’ve always wanted to do. I walked into the principals office sat down in front of the frozen man, and lit up a big fat joint. I smoked the whole thing down and a cigarette then left to start the day. This was gunna be fun. I went into my first block. World studies. I sat down next to my friend Tim pretty much a copy of me in personality. He was bi too. Tell me in comments if you want to hear about some of me and his fun. Anyway I told him about my power and not to tell anyone but wen I freeze everything im gunna unfreeze you so we can do some fun shit. he thought it was fucking awesome. The first thing we did was cause some humiliation. We chose two preppy biches to pick on 1st. I froze the room and we stood them up, striped them down naked and put them in position. Wen I unfroze the room they were “somehow” magically fucking out of no were. It was hands down the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, I mean the look on there face and then the entire class bursting out laughing. Wen the teacher turned around I noticed a large bulge in his dress pants. I froze the room again. Me and Tim walked up to the front of the class got down on our knees and smiled. I unzipped his pants and was surprised at the fact that he was free-ballin, his giant cock came barreling out of his pants, it was beautiful. I started to stroke it then is went to play with the balls as Tim began to suck him off. I put his big ballsack in my mouth and hummed as I sucked on his big balls. Wen we felt done. I fixed him back up then turned to the rest of the class. I picked up the small black kid that we made out to look like he’d been gettin fucked. I bent him over a desk and pushed my dick into his ass. I let out a groan as I felt him all tight around my cock. Before I came I pulled out and moved onto the next person. I picked the smallest most petite girl in the class. Small brunette. Small tits small ass. She was one of those quiet types which is why I figured shed be perfect. And I was right. Virgin. I pushed my cock in and she was so tight I almost came right then but I held on until I reached the hymen. I cracked through that bitch like a group of white cops bustin down a black guys door. I came in her pussy. And walked over too Tim who just fuck a cute muscular boy I didn’t recognize. We kissed. A deep sensual kiss and just stood there making out tounges going wild. Hands groping for about 20 minutes. We walked out in the hall, stark naked. Then we had an idea. Bathrooms. We walked into the nearest girls bathroom and opened all the stalls. To my excitement I found one of my ex-girlfriends taking a shit. I lifted her off the toilet and forced her onto her knees and my cock into her mouth. I fucked her face and then I finally gave that fucking whore the Red Dragon and left her cum-soaked face laying in the floor. We went back to the classroom cuz my squares were in my pants. We lit up a cigarette each and walked around the school finding stuff to do. After a while we satisfied our sexual desires and moved onto more devilish thoughts. We started checking everybodys wallets and purses for nice shit. with the students. It was just nickel and dime shit. a few dollars here and there, maybe a pack of cigarettes or a joints worth of weed, but rest assured it was ours. It was the teachers u wanted to hit. Some carried hundreds at a time on em. I got a genius idea and we went into the liaison officers’ office and found his stash of all the shit he confiscated. I pulled out my scale from my backpack and weighed up all the weed which ended up being a little over a QP, it’s not hitting the lottery. But its finding some cash laying on the side of the road if u catch my drift. As we walked out of their backpacks full of new shit we’ve stolen Tim slapped my ass. I looked back to see him jacking off with his hard 6 inch cock. It was maybe 6 inches at the least but I thought it was great. I grabbed him by the cock and led him into the principal’s office. That lazy bastard was still sitting there doing nothing. I forced Tim down on the table, he liked being controlled and I liked controlling so it worked out good. I took off my backpack, got up on the table and sat down on his fat cock. I started to ride him, every now and then I’d lean down and start to make out with him as we fucked. I love all types of sex but there is just something amazing about having a big throbbing cock in your ass. Its so unique its just ,ugh. I got down off his cock and he looked almost disappointed I pointed to principal Halleway and he smiled, he ran his hand sensually across his chest as if inspecting him then Tim got up off the table. We got the principal up and laid down on the table and stripped him down. We did it really playfully. I pulled his briefs down with my teeth, smiling at Tim the whole time then when I discarded them I looked at Tim and we started laughing our asses off. His dick was MAYBE one inch long and not even a half inch wide. I grabbed it with my thumb and index finger and started to stroke it but it was so small it was useless. We walked out laughing. I went up to the receptionist, she was cute, maybe 23, 24 big perky boobs and a round ass I stood her up and stripped her. Tim jacked off while he watched. I sucked on her luscious nipples for a while and then moved down to her pussy. It was so sweet. I love the taste of pussy but hers was extra good. I ate her out but almost jumped when I heard her moan. I looked up at her. My mouth still engulfing her pussy. She looked down at me and said “well keep lickin dammit,” “yes ma’am.” I said sarcastically and kept eating her tasty puss. “and you” she said pointing to Tim. Get over here and put that dick in my ass. She had me laying down on a couch in the lounge area and she rode my cock while Tim came up behind her and fucked her in the ass. When we were done we shared a few blunts with her. Her name was Jenny, she was actually fuckin cool idk why I never met her before. She was a juggalette so we were damn straight on top of that she was just….. in one word… sexy. Then I finally asked it “why weren’t you frozen” “ because, I have a power to, but I don’t freeze time, I can materialize anywere I want in the blink of an eye.” “that’s awesome can u show us,” she nodded, and she was gone “over here” we looked to our right and she was perched on top of a counter waving her legs in the air “that was fucking awesome” I said. Tim was reeling, he barley wrapped his head around me being able to freeze time much less Jenny being able to just blink and be gone. Kool shit, kool shit. we decided the school was getting boring so we started to roam around the city. I made sure to grab my backpack and my clothes first. But we were just walking around. We had some fun in the mall though. We “borrowed” three shopping carts from Target and went into different stores and having a shopping spree without the money. We got cd’s, movies, a little porn, I picked up all the ICP shirts at Spencer’s and Hot Topic. We passed Victoria Secret and I just yelled YES. We walked in and helped Jen pick out all new different kinds of Lingerie for her to wear around us, we talked it over and we were going to be a threesome couple. Boyfriend-Girlfriend-Boyfriend, this was going to be great. Jen had been staying with a friend in their apartment for a while and Tim basically lived with me already plus I knew my dad wouldn’t mind a new sexy face around the house. This is gunna be fucking awesome we loaded up the contents of the shopping cart in the trunk of my car, then made one more stop before returning home. The Party Store. YYYEEESSSS. We picked up so much booze u was running out of space in my car. I got enough cigarettes to last me the next month, and about 100 Blunt Wraps, Swisher Sweets and White Owls. The Trunk Was Officially full. Onto the backseat, There was only one destination left. I pulled into the Meijer across the road we cleaned out there entire stock of Faygo and Monster. We walked in my house I told my dad everything from the day. After taking a minute to process it all he helped us bring everything in. we went in my room, well, our room, me and Tim popped in one of the porn DvDs he picked up then we striped, Jen said she wanted to freshen up, grabbed the Victoria Secret Bags and went into the bathroom off this room. Me and Tim sat and made out a little as we watched the video. It was a lesbian thing but they had dicks. One was laying on her back getting fucked by another shemale, the one that was getting fucked was getting sucked by another and was licking her ass. Then apparently it turned out they were sisters but there mom walked in on em or something. I don’t know it was really confusing but Tim was understanding it and extremely enjoying it so wat ev, he had a lot more experience watching porn than I did, lol. All I could think about was what Jen was gunna look like. She finally walked out in one piece, see-through nightgown that perfectly accented all of her sexy curves. And if it was possible mad her ass look bigger and rounder. It conformed to her tits and made them push up a little and she was Drop Dead Fucking Gorgeous. “So how do I look?” she said posing in a funny way. I jumped off the bed and flung myself at her. She started to take off the nightgown but I stopped her “no, keep it on babe” she smiled and kissed me. We stood there lips locked for a while, I really don’t even know how long but it was amazing. Tongues free to explore each other’s mouths, hands free to explore everything else. Tim was sitting this one out, watching that stupid porno. But it was ok with me because it was just me and Jen locked in an un-breakable hold on each other’s bodies, I really don’t even think the Jaws of Life could’ve pried us apart at that moment. I was caressing her tits, I started to suck them through the material, I looked up, she said that felt weird, but it was amazing and not to stop, after a while of that I told her to flip over on the bed and I’d give her a massage, I started on the back, it wasn’t sexual but it was nice to me because I knew it was causing her pleasure. She was moaning like I was fucking her but it was just the massage. I skipped her ass and started again at her feet. What pretty little tiny feet they were, so soft and small, the higher up I moved, the more moaning I heard. i started to massage her ass, cheek by cheek then her crack, constantly circling my finger around her but-hole and letting the fingers of my other hand occasionally slip into her pussy. She turned around, looked me dead in the eye and in the most serious and passionate voice I’ve ever heard said “put it in my ass!” you don’t have to ask me twice, I bulled her amazing ass apart and stared at her hole. I slipped my finger in to help widen it for my cock, after fingering with two fingers I figured that was ok, I needed to lube up my cock a little. Luckily Tim was there to help me with that he slipped my cock into his mouth a few times and it was nice and wet as I slipped it into my Girlfriends asshole. I got maybe 4 inches in and she screamed, I stopped and I waited for what seemed like forever and she said, “ok go ahead” I push forward until I was balls deep, my pelvic bone grinding against her ass. We both sat there for a second taking in all the ecstacy of the moment and then it was a blur. It was so intense of fucking that I thought I was going to pass out a few times. Every time I was going to cum she would do some kind of trick with her ass to make it so I couldn’t even move much less cum. About an hour of this ruthless assault she said that it was time to Cum and we both let loose at the same time. I released a GIANT load of cum DEEP inside her ass hole and she squirted a cloud of mist into the air that was amazing. Tim was surprised and we laughed for a minute. Me and Jen collapsed onto the bed for a few minutes and then I finally said “Calling All Captains” Jen released what was kind of a mix between I giggle and a scream yes. “ok, but 1st lemme take care of my boy. I got down on my knees in front of Tim and sucked him into and orgasm, I swallowed the last little bit of his cum, raised up gave him a big kiss he told me he love the taste of his cum on my lips. I got up. Walked to the door opened it and yelled “dad” “yea” he yelled back “you wanna come get fucked up in here” I asked “on my way, u need cups?” he asked “yea, and ice please” I yelled back, he arrived at the door with 4 glasses and ice. “oh dad two things,” “yea?” he asked “1st this is Me and Tim’s new Girlfriend, her name is Jenny, Jenny this is my Dad, John.” I finished “great to meet you he said, he put out his hand to shake hers, she pushed it away, got up an gave him a gian hug, I think it was finnaly donning on him we were all naked. His eyes opened wide as she pushed her big boobs up against his chest. “and that would be the second thing dad” “whats that?” he asked “im putting in a new rule. All people, unless special there are circumstances, are going to be naked whilst in my room.” I said. He nodded taking in the information and said “I like it, its free, simple, its very you. Why don’t we make it a house rule?” he sugguested. I said that sounds great. He stripped off his tank top and his shorts, he was left in his boxers and then he pulled em down, and my eyes widened. I realized I had never seen my dad’s dick before. It was amazing. It was fully erect with a slight upward curve, sticking out of him a little under 10 inches. All three of our mouths were hanging open. “what?” he said with a smile as if he didn’t know. I slowly got off the bet walk over to him, looked at him, sunk to my knees and took his cock in my mouth, It was so delicious, Jenny walked over and we sucked him off together. We laid him down on the floor then did this thing where we did long licks we both started at the base on either side, licked all the way up to the top and kissed when we got up to the top of the head. She was so cute. Then we decided to fuck but her ass was worn out from me & her. So I sat on my dad’s cock (I took the whole thing Deep in my ass, it felt so fucking good), Jenny sat on his face and he gently licked her pussy, we leaned into each other and made out, a lot. Tim laid out in the middle off to the side a little and took my free cock into his mouth. One big happy foursome. Then something big happened. Jenny came and she squirted a second time, this time all over dads face, which caused him to cum hard, all the way in my ass which was nothing less of an out of body experience. It was spectacular. All of that made me cum in Tim’s mouth who had be jacking himself off and caused him to cum. We all laid there in a giant pile of cum and sweat. After about 15 minutes of silence we stood up and went into my bathroom. We agreed we needed to clean off before we got fucked up cuz we were just dripping with all different kinds of stuff. There was a shower/stall which Tim & my dad took and the tub which me and Jenny took, we sank into the hot water. I laid against the back and she sat in front of me on my lap. She laid back against my chest and we washed each other. Then she whispered to me “one day, when its just me and you for the day, we need to take a long romantic bath in here, what do you think,” I said “I think that sounds great. After a while of playing and cleaning we all got out of the bathroom clean and dried off. I turned off the porn Tim had on which at the time was a small girl being pounded in the ass by a guy that I guess was her father. I turned on my Psychopathic playlist. I took the half-gallon bottle of Captain 100 Proof and a 4 pack of green Monster, I passed around the bottle, we blessed it, put our hands together, and cracked it.

Well ladies and gentleman that was my story: Fun with Sex, Weed…..And Freezing, I hoped you loved reading it as much as I did writing it, as I said before Comments and Votes aren’t just appreciated but encouraged. Based on the comments from this I will consider writing a part 2 and I will take all of the input for ideas and plotlines that people want to give me.

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2011-04-11 19:09:12
Motha faka being a juggalo is the fucking shit. We have fucking fan every where what the fuck do you have you piece if shit. Twizted for life and I'm down with the clown dark lotus for life until I'm dead in the ground.... Good story nit my thing but good story any way keep it up ninja

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2010-08-03 00:21:10
Actually, he did mean Juggalo. Go search it on google.
Not sure about anywhere else, but, in the US, unfortunately, there's a few of them.

My favorite definition I found on Urban Dictionary:
A greasy, fat, teenager with a kool aid mustache and no friends who listens to songs about clowns in his step mother's double wide mobile home when he isn't hanging out at the mall food court.

Regardless of your lifestyle, Reader was correct about the need for paragraphs. Your opening made you seem like an arrogant punk as well.

Besides that, proofread next time, and maybe lay off the weed too, and perhaps you'll pop out a decent story or two.


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2010-08-02 20:07:23
Can't read a wall of text like this. You need paragraphs.
Also, unless you get paid for dating crockery, you meant to say you are a gigolo, not a Juggalo. And finally, don't try to rub your readers nose in how cool you are in your opening. It just makes you look goofy.

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