This nerdy guy has the hots for a girl in his office with a huge rack. He finally gets up the nerve and goes over and asks her if he could bite her tits. She slaps him and walks off in a huff.

The next day he goes to her again with the same proposition, but this time offers her $50 to let him do it. She frowns and almost slaps him again, but instead says: "OK, but not for $50, it'll cost you $200."

The nerd agrees and they sneak into the nearest janitor's closet. She takes off her blouse and bra, and the nerd begins to fondle, grope, and squeeze her magnificent breasts. This goes on for several minutes, the nerd giggling with pleasure, until finally the girl said with irritation: "Well, aren't you going to bite them?"

The nerd replied: "Oh, no, I can't afford THAT."

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2014-09-13 13:36:40
Stay invatmorife, San Diego, yeah boy!

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2013-07-24 01:07:04
i did not really get it

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2013-02-22 01:11:19
ha ha...really a very good one...lmao...

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2011-01-10 09:40:44
wether from Roads House or original I liked it and as for originality i quote the What if they call my momma a whore Well is she line all the time so it aint in originiality but the fact that you are putting something out there

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2010-12-14 18:06:38



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