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Laura is 23 and her love of sex leads her into misadventures with some Asian taxi drivers
This is a fictional story of 23 year old Laura and her love of sex that gets her in some very enjoyable trouble. The story contains scenes of hardcore sex and racism. Please be warned.

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Sanjit’s Cabs - Part 1

Sanjit’s Cabs stood at the top of the hill overlooking the park. It was well known in the city and particularly the Asian community and seemed to pick up a lot of business. Sanjit, the 43 year Pakistani owner and proprietor ran a tight ship with only 8 cars, at anytime, on the road. He was firm but fare and always gave people the opportunity to make it up if they were in a tight financial situation. And this was what had happened Laura recently as she walked into the Cab Office and smiled at Sanjit.

The 23 year old blonde, attractive and very leggy Laura had taken a cab the week before. But having lost her purse in the club earlier, unbeknown to her at the time of booking the cab, she was unable to pay when she got to her destination. The driver, like Sanjit was firm and fair. Either a blow job would suffice or she could come and work at Sanjit’s for the evening. Laura would have probably opted for the blow job on the driver but as life has it sometimes, too many cocktails from the party before resulted in her getting sick inside the taxi just at the moment she was getting to her knees on front of the driver. This meant the taxi was off the road for at least 48 hours and therefore the only option was a night in the taxi office.

So, it was just after 7pm that Laura, dressed in a short black pleated skirt, heels and a white blouse walked into Sanjit’s cabs reporting for duty. Sanjit came out of his office to welcome her with a smile and a quick look up and down, taking her long tanned legs into his vision. He led her into the back room where a number of seats we occupied by the all male drivers. One by one they were introduced and Laura shook hands with Sultan, an overweight Indian with little hair, Imrak was more respectable and stood to acknowledge her greeting. He was tall and well built with a cheeky glint in his eyes. Sanjit’s brother Mohammed was next, a few years younger then Sanjit in his late 30s, he smiled recalling the last time he had met Laura with a grin. And Laura’s cheeks reddened as she remembered their brief but somewhat sickly encounter. Raj was finally introduced, in his early 60s he was balding and overweight. He grinned through rotting teeth. All the men gave Laura the once over and smiled with satisfaction at having a gorgeous blonde with legs that seemed to go on forever working with them for the evening.

“So!” Smiled Sanjit as he took Laura back out to the reception area. “You will sit here and answer any calls. Then you use the radio here,” he pointed to an outdated radio system, “and move the taxi’s to where you want then to go!” He smiled. If customers come in then just let the drivers in the back know and they can go out on a run!”

Laura smiled pleasantly. “Sounds fine Sanjit! Thank you and I hope I won’t let you down! I still feel bad about getting sick in that taxi!” Sanjit smiled affectionately. “I am sure there are ways that you can make up for that!” He grinned.

As he started to walk away leaving Laura looked down at the desk and back behind her. “There doesn’t appear to be a lot of room for the drivers to get past me here!” She pointed to the gap behind her.
Sanjit grinned with a glint in his dark eyes. “They’ll just have to squeeze past you then Laura!” He smiled.
“Oh!” Laura smiled back accepting it as a fact. “Okay!”
Sitting down she made herself comfortable for her night of work at Sanjit’s Cabs.
“Oh and Laura,” Sanjit hesitated, “you didn’t have to dress so formally.”
“Sorry!” She smiled.

After an hour of work Laura was settling in and getting to know the drivers and knew now that each time they passed they pushed into her and on more than one occasion she thought she felt a roaming hand when she was on the phone or radio. But to Laura the thought of these poor older Asian guys taking time to feel up the only white girl in the Company excited her somewhat.
At 1015 the phone suddenly rang and Laura lifted it up. “Sanjit’s Cabs, how can I help you?” She said brightly into the receiver. “Hey you, how you getting on?” Laura immediately recognized her boyfriend Ryan’s voice. “Oh yeah I am fine babe!” She smiled brightly as she spoke to him. “Oh listen we are having drinks tonight after work! Can you come around 1.30 or shall I just get the bus home?”
“1.30 is fine!” Ryan said on the other end of the telephone. “See you later and have a quiet night!”

And then phones went down! Sanjit smiled at Laura. No calls coming in so take a break. She smiled and opened the door to the drivers’ room. “Coffee anyone?” She called out and listened for replies before heading to the kitchen area.
“Hello Laura!” Mohammed’s deep sultry voice took her by surprise and she jumped slightly and toppled in her heels backwards. Then she felt his strong hand on her shoulder preventing her from falling.
“So sorry Laura!” He whispered slowly before moving his hand back. “But I reckon you still owe me, don’t you?”
Laura turned to look at him. “Owe you?”
“Yes!” He continued. “For soiling my car with your sick?”
“Well, Mohammed,” Laura said patiently. “Isn’t that why I am working here tonight?” She grinned turning to face him and glancing down.
“But I still want my blow job!” Mohammed said firmly and reaching out touched Laura on the breast feeling her braless under her blouse.

Laura felt trapped in the kitchen and her cheeks flushed slightly. She had a mixture of fear and excitement coursing through her body and was almost captivated with his voice and his words. But then he smiled, removed his hand and turned to return to the driver’s room.

Laura grinned to herself and finished off the coffee before entering the office and placing the cups on the table then handing one to Sanjit and the other to Raj. Turning on her heels she returned to her desk and flicked on the PC.

She didn’t notice that the driver’s room door had been opened again and propped open this time. Nor did she notice that they were all standing and staring at her long tanned slender legs as she sat, her skirt having ridden up and exposing a large amount of pale fleshy thigh. She heard a cough and spun her chair around to see them watching.
Resigning herself to the fact that men will be men, she said. “Okay boys,” as she stood up in front of them. “Is that what you wanted?” She smiled as she did a twirl in front of them.

“That’s a right slut we have here!” Raj exclaimed, almost to himself. “Fucking perfect!”
“Fucking right!” Sanjit smiled as he came out of his office.
Laura gave them a smile. “I’m glad you like my legs!” She grinned. “But what else do you like about me?” Laura sat back down and pouted at them before deliberately crossed one thigh over the other teasing the older men.
Suddenly Mohammed was walking towards her and she quickly realised that it was no longer just a bit of fun but just smiled up at him. She could feel her nipples start to harden and show through the top. And she couldn’t help but smile as she looked at the tall dark handsome Pakistani man approaching her with a wicked grin on his face. “Remember I am still owed………….!” He grinned lecherously.

But just as suddenly the moment was broken by the phone ringing.
“Great!” Beamed Sanjit. “That’s us back in business. Back to work guys!”

Reluctantly the drivers turned and went back into the drivers’ room and Laura turned towards the computer screen and picked up the telephone.
“Sanjit’s Cabs, how can I help you?” She asked brightly smiling to herself.

“Taxi for Quinn?” Samir, the driver shouted out the door and a skinny but swarthy youth climbed into the back of the cab. He had a shaved head and tattoo of a spider’s web sprawled across his bony neck.
“Mount Street!” He demanded.
The driver checked his clock before driving away.
“So you all Paki’s at your company then?”
The driver glanced back at his passenger in disgust before replying.
“We are all Asian, Sir, yes!” He replied respectfully.
“Fucking world is full o’ them now you know. Taking over the city and the fucking world! Fucking terrorist bastards!” The man in the back continued his rant.

Samir looked again in his mirror hoping that the journey would not take much longer but decided, wisely, that it would be better not to disagree for the safety of both himself and his car. The youth in the back appeared angry and there was no telling what might happen should a fight ensue.
“Who’s the bitch on the phone, then? She don’t sound like no fuckin shitty Paki bitch?”
The driver looked back again.
“That is our receptionist, Sir! You are correct in your assumption. She is white.”
The youth continued as he leaned towards Samir’s seat. “Well, what the fuck is she doin working with you bunch of Paki bastards then? Eh?”
“This is your stop Sir!” Samir said firmly as he pulled into Mount Street. “That will be,” he looked at the clock in the cab, “£9.50………….. please…………. Sir!”
But before the words were out of the driver’s mouth the door was opened and the youth had run.
“Fuck off Paki cunt!” He shouted back.
Samir breathed a sigh of relief and turned his car back towards the office.


The group of skinheads met where they always met his friends in the dark alley and they were all dressed the same, with T shirts, jeans and big Doctor Martin boots.

“Never guess what I just found out!” The youth declared with a challenge in his voice feeling a sense of power for once. There was silence in the group.
“You know that Paki Cab lot?” He waited for the acknowledgement to his question with the obligatory nod of heads followed by some of the group.
“Well,” he continued, “they now got some white bitch working wiv em!”
A taller bald figure suddenly stepped out of the darkness and into view of the group.
“Really? That is interesting!” He grinned, his teeth broken and his eyes dark and appearing sunken into his thin face. “Well that ain’t fucking right!” He growled. “She’ll need to be taught that ain’t right……………….!”


“Sanjit’s Cabs, how can I help you?” Laura asked brightly smiling to yourself. The drivers were in and out as the calls came through and she sipped on a mug of coffee feeling them push past her, their hands touching her neck and shoulders as they ‘accidentally’ brushed past in the small space. She had become accustomed to the behaviour. She grinned to herself as a light flashed and another call came through. “Sanjit’s Cabs, how can I help you?”

Sanjit approached and smiled down at his temporary receptionist. “Remember Raj is leaving the firm so we’ll have a few drinks for him. You going to stay for that?”
She turned with a big smile on your face. “Sure! And yes to the drinks too. What time do you want me to close up?”
“One-ish will be fine!” Sanjit stood and walked back to his office. She glanced down at her watch and thought of Ryan.

Moments later Ryan’s mobile rang. “Hey, Laura!” His cheerful voice was at the other end as he pressed the button. “Listen we aren’t starting the drinks until 1 and you know what these things can be like.” Laura paused before continuing in her happy tone. “And I know you’re working early in the morning so I’ll dive on the bus. You have an early night and I’ll see you when I see you.”
“If you're sure Laura, but be careful won’t you?”
“Of course I will!” Came her reply.
“Love you!” Ryan smiled and clicked the phone off.

With the PC off all the phones on ansaphone Laura locked the front office door and retired into the drivers’ room taking a seat between Raj and Imrak as someone handed her an ice cold bottle of beer from the fridge.
“Cheers everyone and here’s to you Raj!” Sanjit was standing in the centre of the room. “Best wishes Mate!” He grinned.
“Thank you Sanjit, my friend!” Raj shyly replied before looking around the room at the other drivers and at Laura. “And thank you for all being so nice to me since I am been working here. I have made so many friends and I feel so sad to leave!” He continued.

Laura smiled and found tears welling up in her eyes, making them dazzle even more green that before.
“Stop it, now, Raj!” Interrupted Sanjit. “You’re making our new girl cry for fucks sake! This is meant to be a happy time not a fucking funeral!” He laughed.
Laura turned to Raj as a small perfectly formed tear ran down her cheek and gave him a kiss on his lips.
“Don’t worry Raj, I am always like this at leaving dos!” She broke the kiss and looked at him. “But if there is anything that I can do for you, anytime in the future, just let me know!” She smiled a kind and caring smile before giving him another brief kiss on his lips and then sat back and brushed the tear from her cheek. She swigged her beer back and the talking started again in the room as more beer was opened and a buffet of sandwiches was laid out on a table.

The beers flowed as the night wore on and peoples’ minds, particularly Laura’s became impaired as people milled around the small room making conversations with different people as they went. Until finally, Laura ended up back in the same seat as when she had started, between Raj and Imrak. Imrak had his arm around Laura’s shoulder at this point and his hand was trailing down onto the top of her breasts through the material of her top as he chatted to her. Laura felt nice and relaxed and was trying to listen to both him and Raj, when something Raj said caught her attention. She turned slightly drunkenly to him and leaned closer. “What was that you said Raj? She queried.
Raj looked back at her seriously. “You said earlier that if there is anything you can do for me, I just ask?”

She smiled patted his hand with her and looked into his deep black eyes. “Yes of course, anything you need just say!”
He smiled back seeming more relaxed now. “There is something I need do for me!” He looked seriously as Laura tried to focus on his face through a drunken haze.
She smirked drunkenly at him. “What is it Raj, what is so important that I can do for you………?”
The room suddenly fell silent and all eyes were on the two of them as everyone heard what Raj had just said!

Laura heard too but it came as something of a shock from the person she had come to know as the shyest of all the drivers.
“What? What did you say?” Laura asked, her eyes wide.
Raj looked annoyed now. “I say, I said,” he repeated, “I want you make me happy Laura. I think you are a slut and I want you to let me fuck you!”

The moment of silence seemed to last an eternity and you could have heard a pin drop but it really only lasted seconds. Raj sat expectantly awaiting Laura’s reply. She turned her head to see Imrak grinning from ear to ear, Sanjit still standing and simply looking at her, while Mohammed, Sultan and Samir were sitting and grinning also in her direction.

Sanjit broke the silence. “So Laura, white Slut! You gonna fuck our buddy or not?”
Laura leaned back, “Um, this…………!” She gurgled totally taken aback.
She looked at Raj and then tried to focus on other faces as her mind reeled with alcohol. Looking up at her ‘Boss’ for the evening she could now make out two Sanjit’s but her brain was telling her only one was real! All eyes were now on Laura and the deathly hush in the room continued.
“I should point out……………….!” Raj said in the hushed room, “that you don’t have a choice!”
Suddenly Laura felt Raj practically fall against her as his lips pushed against her mouth. And then his slimy tongue forced its way between her drunken lips in a long and lingering kiss. And Laura succumbed to Raj as she felt that familiar tingle of happiness close over her slightly drunken body.

This was not any light probing of Laura’s mouth by the old Asian man but more teeth-clinking, tongue-biting, moaning and kissing which emanated first from Raj and then her also. His strong arms quickly found their way around her back as he pulled her off her seat and onto his lap. They were facing each other as her short pleated skirt rose up exposing her smooth tanned thighs. Immediately his large dark hands found her bum cheeks only partially covered by a tiny white thong and she felt his hands grope her bum firmly. Lost in the moment she continued to kiss as Raj slid his hands first up to her neck to start unbuttoning her blouse and exposed her pert naked breasts. And Laura’s hands went down to Raj’s flies as she practically ripped them open. Her pale hands clenched the front of his trousers and pulled them apart and suddenly a thick Asian hard cock came into view. Raj’s cock was hot and hard and solid in her small hands as she started to wank him softly. Laura could sense the men behind her were all standing but with her face being practically ‘kissed off’ by Raj and a hard Asian cock in her grasp she didn’t really care.

She released her grip on his manhood and pulled his hands off her bum cheeks before sliding off his lap and down onto the carpeted floor. Laura was on her knees and never took her eyes off his cock. He instinctively leaned back smiling and then moaned out loud as Laura’s lips sank over the thick cock head in front of her. Raj almost lost all the air in his lungs and reaching down buried his hands into Laura’s silky golden hair. She licked enthusiastically at the head and sucked hard whilst all the time looking directly up at the fat old Asian man who was now under her total control. Her green eyes were dazzling as she gazed into his.

Never blinking she just continued to stare up at him as his fat swollen cock slid slowly in and out of her wet sucking mouth with such expert actions. Her young lips appeared engorged and cherry red in the dim light of the room. There was silence in the room except for the wet noises of her mouth and throat working to suck and swallow Raj’s oozing precum. Her mouth made a squelching sound as she pumped him up and down. He saw his rock hard old cock disappear more and more into Laura’s mouth as he started to realise that she was going to deep-throat him. For the first time ever he watched in awe, between groaning as it went all the way in. Nearly seven inches of thick hard Asian cock sliding back into her throat as her lips came into contact with his grubby pubic hair at his cock’s base. He gasped suddenly and she let him out slightly. Her hands soon joined her mouth and ran in unison up and down his thick shaft. The fast and repetitive suction of her mouth seemed to melt with the tight grip of her small hand. Raj was in heaven!

She started going faster and began to moan a little, a deep low moan emanating from her throat. Raj closed his grip around her hair and started to push her face down hard onto his cock. Her tongue was like liquid silk sliding on and around and across and all over Raj’s raging hard-on. But suddenly just as abruptly as Raj’s penis had entered her lips it exited. Laura had regained control of the situation. Raj had said he wanted to fuck her so she had no intention of his cumming too soon. He didn't have any time to say or do anything. She quickly pushed him back into the chair and pulled his trousers and boxers completely off. Standing in front of him, there was a murmur of contentment from her Asian audience aswell as from her chosen contestant as she released her top dropping it to the floor. Laura’s gorgeous curvy white body looked awesome in the dim light as she looked down at Raj with a huge grin on her face. Her trimmed pussy was barely covered by a flimsy white thong that accentuated her beautiful porcelain skin tone.

She looked around the room pouting with a mischievous look in her sparkling green eyes before returning her gaze to Raj. She walked slowly towards him. smiling down at him she purred. “Well I did promise anything!” She giggled loudly. Moments later she straddled him and their mouths met again in a long lingering kiss as she positioned herself above his throbbing cock. Raj could feel the heat of her pussy rubbing his straining shaft over and over again as she dry humped him. Little light moans were ensuing from her mouth as she rocked back and forth feeling his large rough brown hands clasping onto her breasts as he tweaked her nipples gently to her appreciative gasps. She reached down between the two of them and pulled her thong to the side.

Breaking her kiss she smiled at him and opened her eyes wide before placing his thick brown cock head against her scorching wet pussy lips. She kissed him softly again before breathing out and biting down on her bottom lip gently. With her eyes now closed she impaled herself on Raj’s thick Asian cock all at once. His manhood had become dry and Laura could feel it chafing on the way in but the wetness of her own pussy felt incredible as his shaft filled her. All she could do was moan loudly along with his gasps of obvious enjoyment.

“Oh fuck, Raj! Fuck yes!” She whimpered. Once his thick cock shaft was fully encased in her slippery cunt she began rocking back and forth rather than up and down. Raj arched his back and drove as far inside her hot slit as he could go and she squealed loudly. Back and forth he went as she felt his lips suddenly clamp onto one of her rock hard nipples. He reached around and cupped her bum cheeks tightly and watched her flat stomach flex with the effort of him ramming his hardness deep inside her. The pace quickened and soon they were moving so quickly back and forth that there were audible slapping noises as her pussy connected with his cock. She reached up and pulled her own hair to the top of her head. Raj watched in awe as this movement made her breasts lift and appear even larger than they already were. She was undulating her body on his going faster and faster. Raj could feel his balls starting to swell and almost ready to blast inside her.

Laura sensed this and suddenly stopped! Lifting her body up she removed his cock from her dripping pussy. Smiling at Raj she turned around and got on all fours on the rough carpet, her breasts hanging down. With her bum raised behind her and her head almost touching the dirty carpet she turned her head to look at Raj. Her eyes were glazed with passion and her beautiful pale body was rocking back and forth slightly as if to suggest what it wanted.
“Fuck me now!” Laura ordered!

Raj felt like he was in a dream as he knelt behind her and placed his swollen Asian cock head against her pink wet hole. He pushed in slowly but as soon as her pussy lips had sucked his cock head in he rammed all the way in pushing until his fat hairy balls were slapping against her.
“Oh, my god! Oh fuck, yes! Fuck me.” Laura gasped. Raj complied with a huge grin on his old face with sweat now practically pouring down from his head over his cheeks.

He gripped her hip with one hand and squeezed her full bum cheek with the other as he started to slam his cock in and out of her beautiful pale curvy body. Her bum cheeks and dangling breasts shook with every impact and her hands clawed at the grubby carpet as she moaned loudly. In and out Raj went getting faster and deeper all the time. Her clit was on fire and her G spot was feeling the girth of his shaft rubbing up and down across it. These sensations were causing her breathing to quicken and she could tell he was now nearing climax. She felt Raj release his hand from her bum cheeks as the male audience watched him stick one thumb into his mouth coated it with saliva. As Raj pulled his cock out as far as it was going to without actually coming all the way out of her tight cunt he placed his wet thumb at the button of her arsehole and pushed in savagely in just as his cock swelled back into her. Laura literally screamed.

“Yes scream you dirty prick tease whore!” Raj shouted much to the amusement of the other cabbies. And suddenly a long awaited orgasm swept Laura’s body as she trembled as her cum spread around the thick shaft inside her.

Laura’s perfect round bum was still in the air as she felt the horny old Asian man sinking his thick thumb deeper into her pulsating arsehole as he began to fuck her pussy again with his hard manhood. He shoved in and out hard and fast as he swirled his thumb around in a spiraling motion.

Laura could feel his cock growing harder and thicker and knew his orgasm wasn’t too far away. She gasped as she felt him pull his thumb from her arse and reaching down he grabbed her shoulders roughly pulling her up until she was on all fours again. Her panting and moaning was constant now with what sounded like just one long groan escalating louder with every thrust of Raj’s penetrations of her tight hot wet cunt. He released his hands from her shoulders and pulling her up onto her knees he clasped both his big hands around her fleshy breasts squeezing and squashing them as he did. At the same time he pushed hard with his hips flexing his way completely inside her pussy with every stroke. Her internal muscles clamped around him as her juices dribbled out every time he filled her with his old aching cock.

Suddenly he tensed his body and felt the rush and tingling and he was now plowing in and out of her at speed until she felt him finally cum with a loud groan. He kept pumping for a few seconds more as load after load of his long overdue thick cum shot deep inside Laura’s young body. She contracted her cunt muscles around the shaft eager to suck the last of the cum from his softening cock. He pulled out releasing her and she dropped once again onto her hands panting wildly. A mixture of hers and Raj’s cum dribbled down her tanned thigh.

“Thank you slut!” Raj grinned as he sat back down. She turned her head and smiled at him before sitting down onto the dirty carpet and looking around the room. Her green eyes were dazzling as she saw the other five Asian men all standing, all naked and all sporting very hard and very long cocks all pointing towards her.

She grinned and leaned back………………..

What no one saw was the young white boy with his grubby face and closely shaven head at the small office window. His small 16 year old cock had just exploded all over the outside wall as he watched the show. The dirty white slag being fucked by the Paki bastards!

Paul knew that Johnny would need to know and he would be the one to tell him! Zipping himself up he checked to ensure there was no one around as he disappeared from the window breaking into a fast run he sped across the waste ground under the railway embankment and back into town……………………………

To be continued…………….

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2010-08-03 05:08:12
Great story, i can't wait for the continuance, all those Asian cocks about to have their turn. And what of those young white skiheads? Bring it on!

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