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My first gay sex with my best friend
Dear Diary,

I was looking at this hot chick with a huge rack at my Denver High. I walked the halls to try to get a bit closer to her, I couldn’t hide my boner, it was bulging right out of my jeans. I walked like a cripple for a while until I turned the corner. I bumped into something big and soft, it was her. I was so embarressed, cuz maybe she felt my boner on her warm ass. I was shocked and I started panicking and looking side to side. She turned around and she looked right at me. She smiled and I thought I was going to melt. It was 80 degrees outside, hot for Denver; her boobs were open and her bust was barely held together by a thin bra. I tried to think my hard-on away, but it got wetter.
She said to me that I was 16 and she was 18, even if we did anything I wouldn’t know what to do. I was freaking out, I never heard anyone say that to me, how did she read my mind… lol
Then, my boner went away so quickly, out of fear mainly. It was fourth period, one period before lunch. I walked into my chem class and saw my good buddy Jim. I knew him since the fifth grade, we live in the same neighborhood. He taught me what porn was, then I was just a prepubescient dude who didn’t know anything about sex. Sure I played with my peepee (I called it that before) when I was four, I remember fucking a stuffed bear that my family had in their bedroom. I couldn’t come though, so when he showed me porn and I started jacking off again, I squirted and it felt really good.

So fourth period flew by real fast. It was lunch and I sat with Jim, Kathy (one of our other friends) and Julie (Jim’s girlfriend). I didn’t like Julie too much, she seemed real bitchy. She always asks me why I don’t have a girlfriend yet, and I tell her to fuck off and mind her own business, I would slap her and give her hell if she wasn’t my best friend’s girl.

It was getting to the end of the day and I walked home with Jim, Julie and some of her friends went out to do other shit. I liked walking home with Jim, he always seemed safe to be around, he was tough and I was, well kind of scrawny. I felt comfortable around him. We walked and started talking, then as time passed we came to his house. His parents worked the night shift and he had the whole house to himself till midnight. Lucky.

We usually did this once a week, we would sit around, play the Xbox 360, and most of the time watch porn. I liked the porn part. He always knew the best sites to go on. I was surprised at his knowledge. He had rules though, first if you want to jack off he would let you use the bathroom, but never do it outside of the bathroom. Rule number two, clean up after you’re done. He didn’t want jizz evidence for his parents to waltz right in and see everything.
We saw some hot chicks getting pounded by some black dudes. The way the girls screamed I couldn’t take it. I ran into the bathroom. I couldn’t unzip my pants quick enough. I started stroking as fast as I could, quickly I remembered the hot chick I saw at school with the huge breasts. My upper lip started to sweat, then I started to sweat. My ass was open and it was wet, the heat and the sexy thoughts, I jizzed so much within a minute. I squirted onto the back of the toilet cover and my come was drooping down.
I always thought how it would taste, how those girls in the porn videos sucked the guys and could eat come. I looked around me, even though the door was locked. I took my index finger and scraped a good piece of come off the toilet cover and quickly popped it in my mouth. It was salty and warm at first, then a little sweet. I swallowed, but it felt weird going down. I drank some water from the tap and cleaned up. When I came out I saw that Jim was playing the Xbox 360 and had turned off the computer. We passed the time and I went home at 7.

The next couple of days were weird, I jizzed and ate some of it. I liked it, it tasted nice. Sometimes I tried shooting the stuff in my mouth. It was really fun.
I thought about life one night, I thought about girls and then about Julie. What a bitch. But then I thought about why I hated her, then I thought about Jim. How I felt around him, how I wanted to be like him. I got a semi real quick. I was shocked, this is my friend, I thought, what the fuck is happening to me. I was kind of excited though, I thought about how muscular Jim was and how he could fight anyone off. Then I knew that nothing could ever happen between us. He was straight as a needle. I got up and saw that it was midnight. It was Friday though, so I could sleep in. I went to my computer and I search –penis-. I wanted to imagine what Jim’s looked like.
I saw so many, then I searched –gay-. I got a lot of results. I started getting really hard when watching videos of teen boys fucking each other. Oh my God it was great. I comed in minutes. I imagined Jim doing something like that to me. Then I went to sleep.

I woke up to the sound of the phone ringing. No one was home so I got up and picked up. It was Julie, she started bitching about how she suspected me and Jim were trying to pick up girls. She was really pissed. I hung up the phone on her after she started swearing. It got me out of the house and running to Jim’s place really fast. I didn’t want to have the bitch on my back. So I came to Jim’s house and it was about 3 pm. No one was home as usual, but Jim probably was.
I saw something strange, the door was sort of open a crack. I walked in, because hey I knew him. I walked down the hall to his living room. What I saw stunned me.
He was butt naked, sitting on the chair, jacking off. I was surprised but amazed. I instantly got a bone. It was so hot, he was sweating and he had a shell necklace on. I could see his ab muscles and his lean body. I knew he was watching porn, so I looked over his head and saw, TWO BOYS FUCKING!
I shreaked. He jumped out of his chair. OMFG, he said. His eyes were widened and he looked as if he had a dirty secret. He covered himself with his boxers that had been lying on the ground. I looked down, I tried not too. All the dicks I saw last night. I started breathing heavily. He looked at me and said that he was really curious. He begged me not to tell anyone and I swore. I told him then and there, I like you a lot. He sat back down, he told me the same. He said that he accidently saw a nude boy on the internet and it turned him on, so he tried watching more.
I told him that I wanted cock in my mouth. He was sort of surprised, he asked why I told him that. I said that I saw gay porn last night, and that I’m curious too. I liked him a lot and that I wanted to try things with other boys. I ran to close the front door and ran back. He got up, his boner swinging up and down. His lean sweating body came toward me. His balls were so big and juicy.
I was scared, but mostly excited. He leaned over to kiss me on the cheek, then to my mouth. His lips were plump and wet. I loved the taste of his spit in my mouth, his tongue was so warm and slippery. He started to take my T-shirt off. He rubbed my arm and then he started licking my neck. I took my shorts off. I was in boxer shorts and my dick was surely gunna rip right through the fabric. I could smell his sweat, his smell made me hotter. I was so excited.
I started feeling my nipples, it felt sooooo good. He licked them and started sucking. Then nibbling. I put my trembling hands onto his neck and started rubbing his back and arms. His hair stood up and I loved his hairy arms and him muscles. He went lower, he kissed my stomach, then got down to my pants. He sniffed my cock in my boxers. He rubbed my thighs as I stood there trembling, holding his head. He took my boxers off, lowering them to my ankles. My cock swung right out, free. He started to lick the head, and I felt like coming right then. He began to put my whole dick in his mouth, and he started to suck and bobble his head. I couldn’t stand it, I fell into the seat, shaking with pleasure. He went faster and I couldn’t stand it. I moaned so loud, I EXPLODED into his mouth. He went faster as my jizz shot into his throat. My hands fell off his head and I lay there feeling intense euphoria. Pleasure was passing me like a warm feeling, I couldn’t stand the intensity.
I told him that I wanted my come in my mouth. So instead of spitting it out, he spat into my mouth and I swallowed my jizz and his spit. He asked me if he could get on top of me. I was nervous, but then said sure.
He turned the screen toward us so that he could see. A video was playing with this boy getting ass fucked. It was really hot. He got some lotion off the counter and put onto his throbbing cock. His dick was already wet with something I figured out to be precum. I wanted to lick it so bad. I asked him if I could. He said, okay. So I put it in my mouth for a few seconds. My face lit up, the come tasted so good I didn’t want to stop. But he pulled his dick out of my mouth. He lay me down and got on top of me. He started pressing onto my ass. He slapped it twice. I jumped alittle, but then calmed down. His big, steamy, wet body was on me, I got alittle hard again. He started rubbing my ass hole and his finger was wet and slippery with lotion. He put his finger into my ass, and suddenly I screeched. And he put his dick into my ass.
The head popped in first, I was a bit scared but then it felt so good. I felt him thrust in and out of my ass. I got a boner again. His forehead sweat alittle and dropped onto my back. I felt good then. Both of us were sweatty and hot. He started kissing my ear and I screamed as he went faster. In and out, in and out. I was so happy, I felt so good. I comed again and he stopped. I felt a rush of something warm shoot up into me deeper. I knew he had comed too, into my ass. He took his dick out of my butt and we made out for the longest time.

That day we both lost our virginities.

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2011-09-22 23:05:41
cum,thats how you spell it.really good story.

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2011-09-12 20:21:53
The whole Julie thing was kinda weird....why was she calling you or the protagonist?

All in all good amateur story.

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2011-07-20 21:33:20
This Story is so Awsome!! and so Great!! Too.I really,really Like it!!

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2011-04-30 00:16:34
The sex part is too short. Also, you need to very your sentence structures.

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2010-08-08 04:54:40
nice story! thought it was really good.

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