An 11 year old girl's week away - the second day.
Day 1 -'s_Week_Away_-_Day_1

Day 2

Amy awoke to the glare of the sun in her eyes and the feel of damp on her body. After a brief period of confusion as to where she was, she glanced over to the opposite bed and noticed that Miss Wilson wasn’t there, or anywhere else in the room. Unsticking herself from her bed sheets, Amy stood and walked to the window, looking out over the frosted garden. Shielding her eyes from the sun, Amy realised that for it to be this bright, she must have woke up late. Still nude, she entered the bathroom to look for her clothes. The floor was empty and the towel rails were bare. Not wanting to leave the room naked, Amy searched the cupboards and wardrobes around the room. Finding nothing, she pulled the bed sheet from Miss Wilson’s bed, the dry sheet, unlike her messy, sticky one, and wrapped it around herself to form an improvised toga. Pushing the door of her room open she stepped on to the landing then descended the stairs, walking through to the kitchen. Seeing no one, and being hungry due to the night before, Amy rummaged through the cupboards, finding cereal, a bowl and a spoon, then in the fridge a carton of milk. Sitting down at the table, eating her breakfast, Amy started to space out thinking about the previous night.

“[b]What[/b]are you doing?”

Startled by Miss Wilson’s voice Amy jumped and knocked over the breakfast bowl, spilling the cereal and milk on to the table and the floor.

“You silly, little bitch. Today, we were going to introduce you to the other children, but now you’ve ruined it. You left the bedroom without my say-so, you wore clothes without my permission, you helped yourself to food and cutlery and to top it all off, you make a mess of the table and floor. And take that ridiculous bed sheet off!”

Amy quickly unfastened it, letting it drop to the floor. Her embarrassment of nudity overcome by her fear of Miss Wilson.

“So she drops it in the mess” Miss Wilson said, shaking her head and laughing. “You truly are stupid. Stand there while I dispose of this.”

Amy stood and watched as Miss Wilson picked up the sheet and paced down the hall. Peaking around the corner, Amy saw Miss Wilson unlock a door, pull it open and throw the bed sheet downwards; the door must have lead through to a basement, into the room. For a split second Amy could have swore she saw a little girl, naked, washing clothes in the old fashioned Victorian way, but before she could dwell any further on the image she moved back and stared straight ahead, awaiting Miss Wilson.

“Now, you’re obviously hungry, so eat your breakfast.”

Amy picked up her bowl and put it on the table, then walked to the cupboard to get out the cereal.

“No, no, we do not waste food here, you will eat what you threw on the floor. Now!”

She hesitated, long enough for Miss Wilson to walk over and deliver a hard smack to Amy’s bare ass. With her cheeks still quivering, Miss Wilson beckoned Amy to the floor, pushing her on all fours in the milk and cereal. Amy paused, until Miss Wilson put her shoed foot on Amy’s head and softly, surprisingly, pushed her mouth to the floor. Amy licked and ate for a minute or two before Miss Wilson put her foot under Amy’s chin and beckoned her to sit, and then stand up.

“That’s enough. I do not mean to be cruel, but you must understand, we do not waste food and we always follow orders. You wasted food and you did not follow orders, so it’s only human for me to lose my temper with you, isn’t it?”
“Yes, Miss Wilson.”
“Good girl. Now, we will get this mess cleaned up. Come with me and wait on the stairs.”

Miss Wilson pulled Amy by the hand and despatched her on the bottom stair, as Miss Wilson walked around the corner. Hearing the now familiar unlocking sound, but not daring to peer around the corner, Amy listened intently instead.

“Send one of the girls to the kitchen to clean a mess. Yes. Yes. Of course, she’ll learn. She’ll be used in the room later.”

Hearing the closing then the locking of the door, Amy stood upright. Miss Wilson walked past her on the stairs and they walked to the third floor. Instead of entering the bedroom Amy had slept in previously, Miss Wilson unlocked and opened a door to reveal a large, sparse room. Being pulled in to the room all Amy saw as noteworthy about the room were the doors to a walk in cupboard and on the other side of the room two long, thin vertical holes in the wall. The other thing Amy noticed were the lack of windows, there being none at all. Only a powerful ceiling lamp illuminated the room.

“Shut the door behind you and stand in the corner, with your face to the wall. No, not that corner, yes, that one. Close your eyes as well. In fact, I can’t trust you.” Miss Wilson took out a black handkerchief from her pocket and tied it around Amy’s eyes. “That’s better, now stand facing the corner, just in case.”

Amy heard the cupboard doors open, followed by Miss Wilson rustling around and taking out a metallic sounding object. Two metallic sounding objects. Amy then heard the objects being clipped in to the wall to her right, seemingly in the hole she had seen before. Miss Wilson took off Amy’s blindfold and moved her over to the wall, then lifted her hands and held her left wrist into a restraint, which clipped shut, then her right wrist.

“We’ll be leaving you here for today, until tonight. Do not worry, you will be fed and watered at regular intervals. If you get uncomfortable then you can move around. Do you see how the restraints can move all the way up and down the wall?” Miss Wilson moved the restraints, and Amy along with them, to demonstrate. “If you get uncomfortable standing up you can sit down. If you get uncomfortable sitting down you can stand up. The time now is ten forty five in the morning. You will be served lunch at twelve forty five and dinner at four thirty five, then a snack at six forty five. You would have been eating with the other girls today, but due to your defiance you will be eating here, naked, on your own. At nine PM sharp I will be back to deal with you. I’d like you to think on what you’ve done and how to be better, do you understand?”
“Yes, Miss Wilson.”
“That’s a good girl.”

Miss Wilson kissed Amy on the cheek then left the room, locking it behind her. Amy slumped to the floor. At twelve forty five Miss Wilson came back with lunch and fed Amy by hand. With one hand at least. She used her other hand to softly rub and fondle Amy’s pussy, doing this each time she came back. Amy was embarrassed to admit to herself that it felt good, but it was obvious to both her and Miss Wilson by the ever-expanding patch of pussy juice that had soaked the carpet.

“There, I hope you enjoyed your snack. I will be back at nine PM, along with some of the other women who work here. They’re eager to meet you, so you need to be on your best behaviour, do you understand little girl?”
“Yes, Miss Wilson.”
“When you hear us coming, stand up. The women expect the girls to stand when they enter. In your case you will be naked, against a wall with your arms over your head, but that is ok, as long as you are standing. Now, repeat what I just said, girl.”
“I have to stand when the women arrive.”
“I have to be on my best behaviour, Miss Wilson.”
“Good, we shall find out shan’t we?”
“Yes, Miss Wilson.”

Miss Wilson left the room, leaving Amy to zone out until she heard muffled footsteps and the key entering the lock. Amy stood in obedience, but couldn’t help feeling embarrassed about her nudity. She had got used to it in front of Miss Wilson but now there were more women to see her. At the age of eleven, the only person to see her newly developing body was her mother, and obviously, now, Miss Wilson. The door opened and Miss Wilson walked in to the room, followed by five equally beautiful women, the last of who closed and locked the door. With a feeling of nervousness inside her, Amy managed to look at each one in turn. They were all dressed fairly casually, in skirts and blouses of different lengths and colours. Miss Wilson appeared to be the woman in charge, judging by how the others all looked to her and waited. Amy noticed this because she had seen the same submissiveness to her mother, who was important in the business world.

“This is the girl. Amy Taylor, eleven years old, budding breasts and, oh my, a still wet pussy.”

All six of the women laughed as Amy felt her face blushing while she squirmed and tried to cover up as much as she could, the restraints making this hard.

“Don’t be embarrassed, we’ve all seen little girls naked before. Now, I told the other women about what you did, and they all agreed you deserve punishment. That doesn’t mean you will not get pleasure out of this, as you quite clearly did last night, but it does mean you will be expected to do what we ask. Disobedience will result in harsher punishment. Do you understand, little girl?”
”Yes, Miss Wilson.”
“She is learning so well, isn’t she? These women, my associates, are Miss Brown, Miss Clark, Miss Evans, Miss Miller and Miss Kelly. Did you get that?”
“Yes, Miss Wilson.”
“Recite their names back to me.”
“Miss Brown, Miss Clark, Miss Evans, Miss Kell…”
“No. That is Miss Miller, and this is Miss Kelly. You silly, little girl. Miss Miller will use you first because you disrespected her by getting her name wrong. We shall have to get these restraints off first, obviously. Hands up.”

Miss Wilson walked over and undid the restraints holding Amy. Amy wasn’t surprised to see light red marks encircling her wrists, and she instinctively rubbed them, before catching Miss Wilson’s gaze and standing up straight. Miss Wilson turned and moved to the built in cupboard on the opposite side of the room, opening it and revealing what had been hidden from Amy earlier in the day. The cupboard was extremely large and deep and would probably have been better categorised as a room. While Miss Wilson removed six chairs from the cupboard, placing them inside the room alongside each other, Amy saw what was stored there. Plenty of devices and contraptions that she had never seen before, the most striking of which was a black box with a fleshy penis shaped object on top and out of the side a wire leading to a remote control. With the chairs out and the cupboard doors closed, Miss Wilson and four of the other women sat down, leaving Miss Miller standing, watching Amy lustfully.

“I am Miss Miller, as you are now aware, are you not?”
”Yes, Miss Miller.”

Amy looked at Miss Miller, taking in her physical attributes. She wasn’t as tall as Miss Wilson, and didn’t have as large breasts, but she was clearly younger, as well as having a fitter, tighter body. Her blouse hugged her upper body and her skirt was above the knee, enough to show off her long, shapely legs.

“Good. Down on all fours and crawl slowly to my feet.”

Amy flushed with embarrassment again, just now becoming aware of the other five women watching her intently. She dropped to her knees, then on to all fours, slowly crawling over to Miss Miller until she reached her feet.

“Now take off my shoes and kiss my feet.”

Miss Miller raised her left foot, then her right foot, and Amy took off each shoe in turn, before Miss Miller put them back to the floor. Amy kissed the clothed feet back and forth until Miss Miller beckoned her to stop.

“Miss Wilson was right, you are a good little bitch. I was expecting more reluctance than this, I’m pleasantly surprised. I even think you’re enjoying it.”

Amy kept looking at the floor, unsure how she was expected to answer, regardless of her own thoughts.

“No matter, I do not care either way. Now Amy, undress me so I am as naked as you are.”

Raising Amy’s chin with her foot, Miss Miller gestured Amy to stand. Amy did so, and started to unbutton Miss Miller’s blouse, revealing a lacy bra. Letting the blouse drop to the floor, Amy reached around and fumbled with the bra strap, being unsure of how to open it, seeing as how she had never worn one herself. Miss Miller waited patiently until Amy undid the bra and dropped it to the ground, revealing two firm tits with soft, pink nipples. While they weren’t as big as Miss Wilson’s, Amy was taken aback by how well shaped and lovely they were. Forcing herself to stop staring, Amy took off Miss Miller’s skirt, followed by her tights, leaving only a pair of sheer, white panties.

“On your knees while you take these off.”

Amy got to her knees and pulled the panties down. Miss Miller stepped out of them and pushed them aside, leaving Amy’s face directly in line with Miss Miller’s bald, pink, already wet pussy. Amy could smell the scent of it, and could feel herself getting turned on. She was surprised at these feelings. The day before her body had enjoyed it, but she had wrestled with her mind on whether she actually enjoyed it or not. Somewhat ashamedly she realised that this was getting her off.

“Now, bitch, you’re going to eat my cunt.”

Miss Miller grabbed the back of Amy’s head and pushed it into her pussy. Controlling Amy’s head with her hands, Miss Miller ground Amy’s face into her pussy, moving her head up and down and side to side.

“Keep your tongue out, little girl, I want you to taste my juices.”

Amy stuck her tongue out and lapped at Miss Miller’s wet, juicy pussy, tasting and drinking down the juices that flowed from it. She tasted sweet and Amy licked up all the wetness that came her way, eager to please Miss Miller. Miss Miller pushed Amy’s head down so her back was arched and then moved so her pussy was directly above Amy, before sitting down and riding Amy’s outstretched tongue. Amy licked and lapped at Miss Miller’s pussy, while her face was being ridden and left covered in pussy juice. Miss Miller groaned in approval, grunting encouragement at Amy’s tongue work. After rubbing her clit directly on Amy’s tongue and moaning at the feel of it, Miss Miller straightened up and pushed Amy off of her.

“Miss Wilson told me you were a good cunt eating bitch, but I didn’t think you’d be this good, especially for a little eleven year old girl. I think you need to service each and every one of us.”
“Yes, I think she does too” replied Miss Wilson.

Amy sat obediently, her face still covered in Miss Miller’s pussy juice. The other five women stood up and started to undress, until each of them was completely naked. Amy couldn’t help but look and admire them all.

“Lay down on your back, open your mouth and stick your tongue out,” said Miss Wilson, “you will service Miss Brown first, followed by Miss Clark, Miss Evans, Miss Kelly and then me. Do you understand, little girl?”
”Yes, Miss Wilson.”
“You’re a horny little bitch aren’t you?”
Amy hesitated.
“I said, aren’t you?”
“Yes, Miss Wilson.”
“Say it back to me then.”
“I’m a horny little bitch, Miss Wilson.”

The women laughed as Miss Brown lowered herself over Amy’s face. Miss Brown had a small landing strip of pussy hair, which she frequently rubbed up and down Amy’s nose, while Amy licked at her lips and clit. After riding Amy’s face for a sufficient amount of time, Miss Brown got off Amy’s face and sat down on a chair next to Miss Miller. Miss Clark was next, and her pussy had a tangy taste to it. Amy licked away as Miss Clark made Amy spread her pussy lips open so her hands were free to hold Amy’s head, so she could force Amy’s tongue into her pussy. Miss Clark rode Amy’s tongue until she was satisfied.

“My turn, you little whore,” Miss Evans said as she roughly sat on Amy’s face. Miss Evans bucked and rode Amy’s face harshly, every now and again slapping at her tits and pinching her nipples. “Eat me you little bitch.” Amy did as she was told and tried harder than before, thinking that Miss Evan’s was harder to please than the others. Miss Evans reached down and roughly groped and fondled Amy’s pussy, putting a finger in then forcefully rubbing up and down her slit, before administering a harsh slap that made Amy squeal. “Mmm, squeal for me you pussy eating slut.” After riding her pussy up and down Amy’s face and moaning happily, Miss Evans stood up and was replaced by Miss Kelly. As soon as Miss Kelly sat down on Amy’s face, Amy was drenched in pussy juice. Miss Kelly was by far the wettest of the women, and the more Amy licked, the wetter Miss Kelly’s pussy got. Positioning Amy’s tongue to her clit, Miss Kelly enjoyed the tongue licking as her pussy juices dripped down Amy’s chin, over her neck and down to her tits. Clearly enjoying seeing Amy get drenched, the other women encouraged Miss Kelly to stay on Amy’s face longer than they had, and after the longest stint of them all, Miss Kelly stood up and surveyed Amy. With a face that looked like a bucket of water had been thrown over it, hair that was dripping as if there had been a light rain shower, and a smooth, glistening moist body, Miss Kelly smiled and sat down happily.

“Well, you seem to have done a good job so far. I’m the last to be pleasured, so I’m expecting this to be good, little girl,” said Miss Wilson as she squatted over Amy’s face, forcing Amy to sit up on her elbows to reach Miss Wilson’s pussy. Amy was eager to make Miss Wilson happy, seeing her as the most powerful of the women, so she lapped away at Miss Wilson’s pussy, licking up and down her lips, inside her pussy and over her clit. Miss Wilson sat down, enjoying the licking, and flung her head back as she rode Amy’s tongue. Turning around so her ass was facing Amy, Miss Wilson rode up and down Amy’s face, from the top of her forehead to the bottom of her chin. Adjusting her butt so that her asshole was in contact with Amy’s tongue, Miss Wilson was surprised to feel Amy not licking. Miss Wilson spanked Amy’s pussy then lifted her legs up and spanked her ass, and was happy to feel Amy’s tongue working away at her asshole. Grinding until she was satisfied, Miss Wilson stood up and looked down at Amy’s sweaty, nude body.

“You’ve certainly put a lot of effort in, you have been a good little girl tonight. I saw how much you enjoyed my tongue last night, so let’s see how you enjoy six tongues tonight.”

Amy felt a rush of enjoyment upon hearing what Miss Wilson said, as she was swiftly lifted on to one of the empty chairs and her legs spread apart. With Miss Wilson on the floor between her legs and Miss Clark and Miss Miller either side of her licking her soft nipples, Amy laid back and enjoyed the feeling. Miss Wilson was using her experienced tongue to good effect, teasing and toying Amy’s clit, while dancing and lapping over her pussy lips. Amy was quickly snapped out of her laid back feeling as she felt her head pulled back as Miss Kelly sat on her face, letting her pussy juices drip down. Miss Clark and Miss Miller were both softly sucking and licking on Amy’s nipples, then toying with them with their hands, twisting and playing with them. She felt them being softly bitten and sucked, until they were stood up, hard and erect. Miss Wilson was still licking away at her pussy, until she suddenly stopped and readjusted. Miss Wilson moved to Amy’s left and started licking her pussy from that angle, while Miss Brown sat herself in front of Amy and lifted her ass from the chair so she could lick at Amy’s asshole. Feeling like nothing else could be done to make this feel any better, Amy was pleasantly surprised when she felt Miss Evans sucking and licking her toes and feet. Toe by toe she sucked and licked, as Amy moaned and groaned in pleasure, feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of senses that were being excited.

“Mmm, the little bitch is really enjoying this, isn’t she?” said Miss Evans.
“Yesss” was all Amy could manage to squeak in reply, as she felt Miss Brown’s tongue enter her asshole. With pussy juice running into her mouth, her nipples being sucked and caressed, her feet being tickled and toyed, her pussy and clit being licked and teased and her asshole being tongue fucked, Amy had an orgasm even more intense than the one the night before. Her body bucked and writhed, as her pussy and asshole quivered, and she would have come off the seat if Miss Clark and Miss Miller hadn’t held her there. Breathing deeply and moaning loudly, Amy felt herself get lost in her pleasure, as the women didn’t let up with their licking and sucking, keeping it going until Amy lost count of the amount of times she came. Sweaty, out of breath and thoroughly pleasured, Amy slumped in her seat as the women moved away.

“Did you enjoy that, little girl?” Miss Wilson asked, already being fully aware of the answer.
“Yes, Miss Wilson, so much,” said Amy, causing a laugh from the women due to the addition at the end.
“You’re not quite done yet, little girl. We have a ritual we perform for girls who have done well, and as you are one of those girls, we will perform the ritual on you. Now, lay on your back on the floor.”

Miss Wilson and the other women positioned their chairs around Amy, so she was encircled, and then sat down, putting their feet up on the chair with their legs spread.

“For this to work, you’re going to need to say degrading things. You remember some of the names we’ve called you, don’t you little slut? You little bitch, you dirty whore, you little eleven year old pussy fucking toy?”
“Yes, Miss Evans.”
“Good, you will be required to call yourself whatever degrading name comes to mind, do you understand, slut?”
“Yes, Miss Evans.”

The women all simultaneously started furiously rubbing their clits while looking at Amy.

“I’m a dirty slut. I’m a silly little whore. I’m a naughty slutty toy. I’m an eleven year old pussy fucking cunt.”

As Amy recited degrading names of which she hadn’t even known existed prior to the day before, the women all moaned in unison, still frantically rubbing their clits. Moaning and heavily breathing, looking at the degraded eleven year old, still covered in pussy juice and sweat, the women all squirted at once. Heavy flows of pussy juice erupted from all the women, covering Amy from head to toe in their squirt juice. Drenching her body, face and even her hair, Amy tried to recite the names.

“I’m a naughty slutty toy. I’m an eleven year…”
“Shut up and keep your mouth open,” shouted Miss Evans, still in the throes of passion. Amy did as she was told and swallowed all of the pussy juice that made its way to her mouth, guzzling it down, eager to impress the women. After the last drop, the women looked at Amy, who looked like she’d just got out of a shower. Hair drenched, face a mess and body covered, along with the carpet around her a mess. The women smiled happily and all but Miss Wilson stood up, dressed and left the room.

“Well, you have done well today, all the women were very pleased. You’ve had a hard day, so it’s time for you to sleep.”

Miss Wilson dressed and then led the still naked, still sopping wet Amy to the room she had slept in the night before. After finding a towel from the bathroom and drying her off, Miss Wilson tucked Amy into a newly made and washed bed, and then turned off the light.

“Tomorrow, you will meet the other children,” said Miss Wilson, closing the door behind her.

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