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Now I am going to tell about my mom Kavitha’s beauty. Her height is 5.5 feet. She is housewife.
Hi readers, This is Cardio pirate from India. I am the regular reader of this site. After reading stories in this site I got intension to write my true experience happened between me and mom in this site. I am working in one of the famous software company in Coimbatore. My height is 5.8 feet.

Now I am going to tell about my mom Kavitha’s beauty. Her height is 5.5 feet. She is housewife. My father is working in company as a marketing manager. So he travels a lot. Her age is 45. But she looks like a angel. If I and mom went out all of them thinking we are brothers and sisters not mom and son. She has that kind of beautiful structure. She has a good pairs of boobs on her top. She has a beautiful deep round navel. We can insert a finger in her navel. I never missed a chance to see her dancing tits when she walks.

Now I came to story directly because I do not to bore you. All the things are went normally up to I saw my mom side of the naked breast when she changed her clothes. That time I was studying tenth std. immediately I got an erection in my cock. From that day on wards I look mom in the different way. I was very eager to see my mom fully naked at least one time. I tried many ways for that but I failed. Day by day my intension to my mom was increased. i always think her beauty when I did my masturbation.

I also had an fear if my mom know about my intension to her. Definitely she will beat me and send me out of the home. So I am very careful on my further move. One day my mom changed her dress in the bedroom. i was sitting in the hall. In the hall there was a big glass present. Through that we can see the bedroom. I was sitting in the correct position to see my mom. All the things are gone according to my plan. My mom came out of the bathroom with inner skirt which covers her body. She went to the bedroom and took the dresses from Almirah.

I observed all the things. After that she removed her inner skirt from upper part of the body and tied it in her hips. Now she was standing with naked upper body. But I can’t see her boobs because she was facing opposite side. But I can see her side part of the breast. ‘What a fantastic site that was!.’ Immediately I got an erection under my underwear. And then she took her bra and wore it now she turn around .so I got the chance to see her navel. That was the first time for me to see her only in bra and inner skirt. I also observed her deep cleavage enjoyed each and every movement. After that she wore her blouse and saree.

Immediately I ran to bathroom and released my cum.i only observed her beauty. I didn’t have courage to move further. This things were went upto my second year engineering. After that one day I searched in the net about some documents. Suddenly I saw the site Iss. I opened and read some of the stories about mom and son sex. Slowly I got an courage. Now my affection on my mom even bigger. So I got an idea to seduce my mom and know about how she react. For that the first thing I wanted to do is to show my cock to my mom and indirectly told

I was grown up and became a man one day my father went for business trip for one month. In our house only me and mom was present. My mom asked to get some things from the top shelf. I was in lungi without underwear. My mom hold the( enni )which is used to climb up and I hold my lungi up to my knee and climbed up and i sat on the roof and I searched for some things. Slowly I untied my lungi. So the lungi fell down. Now I am standing naked on the roof my mom saw me naked and immediately she fell down her head.

After some time she asked me to came down. My tool was fully erected and standing in the 90 degree. My mom got aroused .i took more times to reach down .she saw my naked tool with shocked. After I reached the floor immediately I took lungi and tied it, After that my mom and me did not looked on both eyes. I was very happy about to succeed in showing my erected cock to my mom. After this incident I showed my cock to my mom in many ways. She also started to enjoyed to see my naked cock. i knew this by her reaction.

One day my mom asked me to apply some pain relief on her back .immediately I said ok and ran to take the lotion. i said to my mind,” I didn’t want to miss this chance and today I going to fuck my mom at any cost” I took some lotion in my hands and rubbed on her back. At first I slowly pressed her back. On while I rubbed my penis in her tits .slowly I moved my hands to front and touched her hips and pressed lightly. Slowly I started to lift her saree up to knee and apply lotion .she became to make sounds.

I slowly inserted my fingers inside her saree. Suddenly she stand up and shouted at me and said, “what are you doing?” But I can’t control my feelings and immediately I stood up and hugged her tightly. She scolded me in bad words. But I did not listen her words and kissed on all over her face madly. She was trying to escape. But I hold her tightly. I continued kissing on her neck and smooching. Slowly I go down further and kissed on her naval. i filled her naval by my saliva’s and licked it.

Now she started to moan ahhh… leave me.. leave me..hmmmmbut I continued my play I kissed her pussy over the saree. I removed her saree. Now she was in her inner skirt and blouse and her naval was fully exposed kissed on her breast and touched it with my lips. After some time I tear her blouse and inner skirt and threw it away. She was standing naked in front of me. She pleaded me to leave her. But forcibly take her boobs in my hands and play with that. I kissed on each part of boobs except her nipples.

And I sucked her nipples like which sucked like when I was in baby. Now she started to respond instead trying to escape she hold my hairs and roamed her fingers in my hairs and gave moans
Ohhhh..hhhnnn. ommm.ahhhhhhh.. fuck me …. Fuck me…. fuck me… I twisted her one nipple and sucked another one. Now she fully enjoyed .I massaged her pussy .and touch her pussy with my lips. She moans loudly.

I asked her to remove my dresses. She removed my dress and made me naked. She took my cock in her hands and do up and down movements. I asked her to suck it. She obeys my order she fully inserted my cock into her mouth. Now my cock was surrounded by my mom lips. After some time I cum inside her mouth. she drank it all and said,” your cum is very tasty. I liked to eat your cum daily. Can you give me it daily?”

I said,”surely, mom” and we both hugged each other .she played with my balls to erect my cock again. Within a minute my cock got fully erected. She was shocked. Now I put into bed and take her two legs on my shoulder and licked her pussy. I inserted my penis slowly in to her pussy. Her pussy was very tight because it was used my father very rarely. She cried in pain but she enjoyed it. I inserted my penis inch by inch.

After some movements my cock was fully inside her pussy. I do some movements and she also helped me by doing some hip movements. She moans ahhhh… ommm……hoooo…..fuck me .. fuck me hard fuck me my son….fuck your mom…oohhh…..ahhhh..aaaaa.hhhhh….after half an hour both reached our climaxed I loaded my cum into her pussy she said,” this is the first time I reached climaxed, because your father didn’t take this much of time, he cummed before I reached my climax.”

I was shocked to hear those kinds of words from her mouth. i lied on my mom still my cock was in her pussy. After some time I started to kissed on her lips. And she smiled and said, “Naughty.” now I stared to lick her back hole. I inserted my tongue into her back hole and licked like a dog. She liked that very much .i inserted my penis into her back hole and do movements. In-between I pressed her boobs like a blow horn and twisted her nipples. When I do movements her boobs are dancing. I loaded my cum inside her back hole.

Because of tiredness we both lay naked on the sofa. We enjoyed 4to 5 times on that day. We continued our fucking until now. We did the sex in almost all the position. If my father is present in the house. i enjoyed by rubbing her back and kissed on her lips. When we are alone in the house we didn’t use any dress. Now after bath she changed her dress in front of me even if my father was present in the house. in my next story I will tell you how we enjoyed our honey moon in Kerala. I think you are all enjoyed this story very much. Please write your comments about my story My mail id is

You can call me @ +919092423242

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U r better person because u wanted to make happy your mother u r happy to do this when both are happy then it is better thing

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You are great write more and fuck more. By sarath.

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That was disturbing <_<

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Take that number and put it up your ass . I hope you die of cancer . And im sure this is not a true story. If it is stop calling that woman youre mother you have a free whore at home.

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You know why youre in a bad economic condition jackass? Thats because youre a motherfucker and seriously youre sick :)

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