In part one, my sister and I fucked for the first time, We ditched school for a day of hot sex, detailed in parts 2-3. We continue on, this scene opens right after I have tit-fucked my sister to orgasm.....
I flopped down next to my sister's left side on her bed, cupping and squeezing her right breast with my left hand. "You are so beautiful, Christine, I can't believe we are actually fucking now" I said. She smiled and replied: "You're a STUD, little brother. If I had known you could fuck like this, I might have spread my legs for you long ago. I can't believe how you can get your dick hard time after time like you've done." She giggled and I smiled back, bending my head down to kiss her tenderly,

"Let's go for a swim!" my sister said. jumping up and sprinting for the door. "Sounds good!' I replied as I chased her down the stairs. We went into our backyard and both dived in the pool, nude. We swam around, the water washing off the sweat and stickiness of our lovemaking.

I swam after my sister, finally trapping her in the shallow end, and grabbed her by the ass, reaching down with my mouth to suck her nipples into my mouth. She laughed and broke away, climbing the pool stairs and running to a pool lounge, flopping down on it on her back and parting her legs, spreading her quivering pussy lips with her fingers in anticipation. I chased her and dived on top of her, my once again excited and hard cock plunging into her wet cunt, immediately beginning to stroke in and out, my sister curling her legs around my ass and pulling me into her, moaning with pleasure. I was glad for our high privacy fences, as well as the recuperative powers of my 15 year old cock as I thrust it into my 17 year old sister. Her 36D breasts bounced deliciously. "FUCK ME, JAKE, FUCK MEEEE!!!!"" she groaned. "SLAM THAT BIG JUICY COCK INSIDE MEEEE, LITTLE BROTHERRRR!!!!!! She bucked her ass up to meet my thrusts in perfect rhythm, her pussy squeezing my cock each time I pulled it out, milking it for cum.

We fucked by the pool for a while, then I took Christine by the hand and led her back into the house. We continued to fuck like sex maniacs in every room of the house- the kitchen, laundry room, living room, the stairs, on the pool table in the family room. I fucked every hole in her body as we switched locations and positions. Finally we ended up downstairs in our parent's master bedroom, fucking missionary style under the covers, and feeling an orgasm coming on I was getting down to business and plowing my sister's pussy faster and faster, her breasts bouncing, her moans intensifying into screams of orgasmic pleasure.

I was balls deep in sister, my balls slapping against her ass with each thrust, when I suddenly heard the dinging of the bell from the motion detector on our house indicating that someone had intruded into our driveway or in front of our house. I glanced at the beside digital clock- 6:09 p.m. "FUCK!! Mom or Dad is home!!" I groaned as I continued to hammer my cock into my sister's quivering cunt.

"SHIT!!: Christine groaned, bucking her hips up to meet my thrusts. "GET OFF!! WE'LL GET CAUGHT!!!"

I moaned: "Just a SECOND, I can't stop NOWWWW!!!!" and jackhammered my cock in and out of my sister's pussy, the tension building until finally my balls clenched and I spurted my cum deep into Christine's cunt, She groaned in ecstasy and lifted her ass, her pussy spasming and trying to suck my cock in deeper in the throes of her own orgasm.

We heard the front door open and scrambled to our feet, quickly pulling up the sheets and bedcovers and smoothing them out hastily.The door began to open in the master bedroom, and we dived behind it on the side away from the door, clenching each other in terror. We heard footsteps go to the master bathroom and the door close. We took the opportunity and sprang up, tiptoeing out the door and running up the stairs to our own rooms. I quickly pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, grabbed one of my textbooks, and flopped on my bed, opening the book and pretending to read it.

Soon I heard the flush of the toilet in my parent's master bath and soon after footsteps up the stairs. "HEY, KIDS, WHAT'S UP?!" I heard my mother yell, and yelled back: "JUST STUDYING!!. My sister yelled: "ME TOOOO!!!!!"

The footsteps went back down the stairs, and after several minutes I was mentally congratulating myself at our slick escape, when I heard my mother yell: "Christine, Jake, could you come downstairs!!!" I stood up and went into the hallway, meeting my sister there, both our eyes wide and teeth clenched. We went tentatively down the stairs, saying "YESSS!! What is it!!" innocently.

My mother stood in the kitchen with the phone in her hand, glaring at us. She said: "There's computer messages on the phone saying that both of you were absent at school today." She looked us both in the eyes for several seconds and asked: "Well?"

My sister thought fast on her feet and replied without hesitation: "I've got a KILLER test in Trigonometry tomorrow and I needed to study for it. We weren't doing anything important in my other classes that I missed".

With a few more seconds of time to think of an excuse, the best I could come up with was: "I was feeling sick to my stomach this morning, so I stayed home".

My mom looked at us suspiciously for several more seconds, then turned and hung the phone up. "OK" she said "but from now on call me and tell me you're not going to school if that happens!!" Luckily, we were both good students with excellent grades so my mom trusted us in this situation. If only she KNEW what we had REALLY been doing all day! Christine looked at me and I wordlessly drew the back of my hand over my forehead, whispering :"Whewwwww.....". She opened her eyes wide and nodded silently, then walked back up the stairs.

I stood there halfway down the stairs. watching my mother move around the kitchen. Not for the first time, I noticed how sexy she was, an older version of my hot older sister. She was 38, but she still had an hourglass figure sculpted by countless hours at the gym. Firm, round ass. Large, well-formed breasts jiggling in her blouse as she worked around the kitchen. Long, perfect legs, panty-hose enhancing their appearance. A beautiful face, framed by her curly jet-black hair. My friends all called her a MILF, and I had to agree.


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2012-11-17 17:08:19
This story was hot. I wanna fuck a slut right now. I'd slam my big juicy cock in her wet pussy so hard till Christmas! XD

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2012-02-07 20:42:02
Sian, you have a way of gteting me all emotional. If I could actually give you a hug, I would. Funny, I sort of kinda had that weird relationship with my mother... It's gotten a bit easier in recent years but reading this post reminded me of some of the fraughtness. Really, it was like having an older sis... A close friend of mine and her sis have a similar relationship. She's a pain in the arse - my friend has stopped trying to fight it and has let it go. Girls are funny creatures and you know what, fighting is a part of being siblings, but I am also sure that over time, they'll come to value each other, especially with your nurturing and consciousness of it all. My half sisters are super close and in the early years, they fought a lot. Don't worry and remember, your kids are different x

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Just upsurd for a brother and a sister to fuck, idiot.

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Great story but didn't your sister in chapter one say that your mother's room was locked?!!! So how did you get in?

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I wish my sister would do that with me :(

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