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Part III.
I woke up in bed next to my sister Abby. My underwear, which had been left around my knees last night, had worked themselves off overnight, and my dick sat loosely under the sheets, just inches away from my still sleeping sis. I pulled the covers back and noticed of few dried spots of my cum on the sheets. I remembered the whole encounter, from her nervous fingers slipping into my boxer-briefs to our mutual explosion. There could be no doubt this time of whether the night before had been a dream.

I got out of bed and pulled on some pants. Abby started to wake up and look at me. "We'd better get into the kitchen for breakfast. Mom expects us in there in a minute." She nodded. The thought of Mom coming to get us frightened me, though there was nothing in our room right now to indicate what we'd done without a real investigation. I instinctively just wanted to keep everyone as far away from my room as possible. My room had turned into a magic place, separate from the rest of the world, a place only for Abby and me, where we went from just being brother and sister to something more.

We sat and ate breakfast, and I looked across the table at Abby. Even just sitting there, her soft features were beautiful. Her long red hair was slightly mussed. Her eyes and mouth made her look kind, her usual look of indifference or sadness replaced with a slight glow. Her skin was smooth and pale, only broken with a spattering of freckles on each cheek.

She was still in her pajamas, an old pair blue cotton with purple dogs printed on them, worn thin and too small for her body. Water damage in her room a few nights ago had wreaked havoc in her room, forcing her to share my room with me and leaving only this old pair from going to the laundry service. The top was long-sleeved with buttons down the middle, the fabric stretching around her causing gaps to open between the buttons. This morning I noticed her nipples standing out through the fabric, and I thought about how I slid my hand inside her shirt two nights before.

On the front of her pajamas was a small line of white spots going down her chest. Any other day I would have assumed she'd dripped some toothpaste, but this time I knew it was from when my cum had shot off into the dark last night. Seeing it in the light of the kitchen both excited me and made me nervous. Up until now our encounters had been solely confined to my room, but now I was suddenly aware that it couldn't just stay there. The effects of it would spill out into the rest of the world, and we'd have to be very careful to not give any clue as to what was happening.

We finished breakfast and got up to head back to my room to get ready for school. My mom stopped me a moment. "Why don't you stay down here a while longer and give your sister some time to get ready in your room. It only takes you a few minutes to get ready, and Abby would probably appreciate the privacy." She went off to finish getting ready for work. I had no choice but to sit on the couch and wait for a bit.

My mom finally left for work, and I headed to my room to get ready with only about 5 minutes until Abby and I usually left. I peeked in and saw Abby was just finishing getting her things together to leave. "All ready," she said.

"Alright, it should only take me a few minutes." I headed into the closet to get some clothes, expecting her to head to the living room. When I came back out, I saw Abby had instead put her stuff down and was sitting on my edge of my computer chair looking at me with a smile on her face.

"Mom said you should give me privacy, she didn't say anything about me having to give you privacy."

I paused a second and then smiled back at her. I pulled off my shirt, and then slowly slid my shorts off. Instead of getting dressed I just stood there a moment, completely naked in front of her, my dick already fully hard. "I just remembered that I need to check something for Social Studies class." I walked over to my computer right next to Abby, and she turned her chair to keep facing me. As I reached down to the mouse and clicked to some random news website, my erect dick stuck out just inches from Abby's smiling face. With each heartbeat it pulsed slightly.

Abby casually placed her hand on the back of my thigh, and then turned her head toward the computer screen. With her ear almost brushing against my shaft, she said, "Find what you were looking for?"

"Uh, yeah," I said, mind not at all on the computer.

"Great. It's time to go, you'd better finish getting ready." And with her biggest smile, she turned and slid out of the chair without touching me and left the room.

After school was over, I again rushed out to drive home with Abby. It was Friday night, and I was hot with anticipation for what might happen tonight. Like the day before I saw her standing near Mady and Cindy, her old friends who had turned on her this year to join a more popular group of girls. I feared they were taunting her as they'd done the day before, but as I got closer, I realized that Madison was talking to her more normally, making plans for something.

"Ready to go?" I asked.

"Yeah," she said. She turned back to Mady with a polite smile. "I'll see you tonight."

We walked to the car, and she told me what had happened. "Mady said she wanted to be my friend again. Apparently, Mady's boyfriend's friend Lance thought I was cute." I couldn't argue with that. "She agreed to ask get me to go out with him. If he likes me, I'll get to hang out with Mady and Cindy again."

My heart sank when she said this, not just for the possibility of loosing what we'd just started, but also for her. Abby was having a hard time adjusting to high school and making new friends after her problems with Mady and Cindy. This didn't sound like a good idea to me, but I knew that Abby really wanted to reconcile. I'd have to go along with it and support her anyway.

"We're going on a double date with Mady and her boyfriend tonight. They're going to pick me up at 6 for dinner and a movie." I could tell she was nervous telling me this. I think we both knew this could change how things were going with us, but weren't really sure how yet. I guess I already knew that we couldn't have this relationship forever, eventually one of us would move on.

"Well, I'm sure he'll like you. You're a sweet and beautiful woman," I said, mustering every once of courage that I could.

We stopped by the mall so she could buy a new outfit and went home so she could get ready. At six Lance picked her up. My highly anticipated evening now left empty, I decided to go to the movie too. I knew it was silly to follow her, but I still didn't trust Mady after the last few weeks and felt the need to protect Abby, even if I embarrassed myself doing it.

I waited a while and headed to the theatre, wearing a hat low so I would be harder to recognize. As I waited in line for popcorn, I saw Abby and the other three come in and head in to get a seat. I got my popcorn and followed them in. The particular theatre wasn't very crowded, but I saw Abby and Lance had sat a few rows from the top. A row behind and several seats over were Mady and her boyfriend. I headed all the way to the top without being noticed.

As the movie started, I saw Madison making out with her boyfriend. After a few minutes, I saw him wiggle around in his seat a minute, and then her head disappeared into his lap. No wonder she'd gotten popular so quickly.

Feeling more nervous for Abby, I watched Lance put his arm around her and whisper to her. She seemed to be talking back nicely, but I could tell she was tense. He kept pulling her closer and she kept trying to move farther away. I decided to act. I slipped down to the row in front of them, and started walking by as if I'd just arrived to get a seat. As I passed them, I pretended to trip and dump my popcorn on them. "Sorry, sticky floors," I said. Lance brushed it off and turned back toward Abby, not knowing who I was. Abby, of course, recognized me, but didn't say anything. I walked past and headed back up to my seat to watch, knowing she needed to resolve this herself.

After a few minutes, Lance got more heated in his talking. Mady, apparently finished on her side, and moved down closer to them. Their talking was too low for me to hear, until Mady got louder. "Don't be a bitch, Abby. Lance is my friend. We're in high school now, for Christ's sake. Don't be such a prude. Why don't you go home and play with your Barbies? She's still just a little girl too scared to be an adult, Lance." Abby got up and practically ran out of the theatre. I got up and followed as the other three kept bitching among themselves.

Outside, I was afraid Abby would be crying, but I found her surprising calm. She walked with me to my car and headed home.

"He pulled his penis out right there in front of me. Mady had told him I'd give him a blowjob. I couldn't do it, it was too gross."

"I'm sorry, Abby. Mady just got to high school and turned into a bitch, that's all. Give it time, you'll make new friends who are much better than her."

It was already late by the time we got home and Mom was already in bed. We headed to my room for bed. After her experience, I figured she was completely not in the mood, so I decided again not to push her for anything. We walked into my room and closed the door. Abby turned me toward her and gave me a tight hug. I thought she was still bummed about Mady. "It's like I have to try so hard around everyone to play the parts they want me to play. The only time I feel like I can just be myself is with you."

"Real friends don't try and make you do things you aren't comfortable with or ready for," I told her.

Abby pulled her head off my shoulder and looked in my eyes for just a moment. Then she pulled in and pressed her lips into mine. We held each other and kissed. Her tongue slowly slid through into my mouth, and I met it with mine. As our tongues spun around together, she seemed to melt in my arms.

She pulled away after a minute, and then pushed me down onto my bed. She leaned over and kissed me again, her hands unbuttoning and unzipping my pants. She grabbed my waist on either side, and I lifted up enough for her to pull it over my butt. Then she pulled the front of my pants and underwear out and down, releasing my dick. She pulled back from the kiss and slid off my pants. She yanked her top off, then reached behind her and quickly unsnapped her bra, casting aside, before helping me pull off my shirt.

She leaned over and started kissing me again. Her finger, starting at my knee, ran all the way up along the inside of my thigh, stopping just briefly at the base of my dick before tracing it to the tip. I raised my hands up and held the back of her head. My fingers slid down through her long red hair along her back to her waist, then traced gently up her sides. Reaching her breasts, my fingers ran around the edges. As she leaned over, her tits hanged down, nipples pointing at my bare chest, and my hands slowly tightened around them. Her hand was fully wrapped around my cock, stroking slowly.

She pulled away again, never taking her hand off my dick, she pulled her pants off and sat down next to me. Hesitating only a moment, she leaned over and gave a gentle, testing kiss to the head of my dick. Three more followed, each a bit longer and a bit deeper. Holding me in her hand, she kissed down the length of my shaft and back up again. Again on the head, she kissed more deeply, and I felt her tongue start to flick across the tip. She continued, each kiss becoming more of a slurp, her lips wrapping farther around me until my whole head was in her mouth. Holding it there, she ran her tongue around one side, then the other. Her hand started slow strokes along my length, and she started gently sucking, her tongue rubbing against the tip.

I needed to distract myself so I didn't cum in her mouth right then. I ran my hand along her back down to her ass, and gently caressed my finger along her crack. She scooted back to give me better access and I leaned slightly to wrap my hand around her. After briefly cupping her breast, I slid down her stomach to the fuzz over her pussy. Her breathing quickened and she started stroking faster. She paused a moment and ran her tongue up and down my shaft, then devoured my head again. Her legs spread apart, and my fingers again touched lightly along the fuzz and skin of her pussy lips. I found them spread far apart, her warm moist flesh inside beckoning. My finger slid into her easily.

Despite the awkward reaching of my arm around her, I had no trouble matching her quickening pace. My finger rubbed inside her as she sucked my dick, and she quickly seemed to approach her climax. She starting jerking on my hand, and her mouth let loose my dick. She breathed in and out hard with each spasm, but kept jerking me off furiously. A moment after she pulled her head back, my cum shot out into the air. Over and over she jerked, and over and over my dick shot loads of cum onto us both.

When it was over, we got up to clean ourselves. She turned to me and smiled, and I saw my cum spread across her face, with several gobs stuck in her hair and a few lines almost seeming to connect the dots of freckles on her cheeks.

"In here with each other, its just us, and we be ourselves and just do what we feel like and be together. We don't have to hold anything back." She reached up with one finger and wiped my cum off her cheek.

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