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The Education of Heather
Part 2 – Heather receives oral instruction

Saturday arrived quickly. Heather had completed her costume shopping after school Friday evening. She found a cute little lingerie specialty shop and bought some thong panties that were embarrassingly small and a beautiful powder blue silk kimono. When she tried it on, she was surprised that it barely covered here groin, but in modeling it in front of the store’s dressing room mirror, she liked the fact the sensuous garment was long enough to just hide her feminine charms, but short enough to offer considerable promise.

Steve packed and was out the door early Saturday morning, and Heather had a little time to herself. She was concerned that she might re-think her decisions and chicken out, but as the morning passed, she found herself becoming more and more excited. Her imagination was working overtime trying to figure out what might be in store for her. In the end, she realized her imagination was based on such limited personal experience, there was no way she could adequately anticipate the events. She did her best to wait patiently, but ended up pacing nervously until the doorbell rang. Finally, she heard a vehicle pull into the driveway. She peaked out the window to see Jason and two other black men exiting a white van. With a sense of relief, she opened the door to her house.

“Hey, Jason. Come on in.”

Jason let his eyes roam Heather’s body as she stood in the doorway. Her hair hung loosely to her shoulders, sweeping across her forehead and tucked behind her ear. She had on a snug, white tank top the did a wonderful job of emphasizing the swell of her breasts and at the same time exposing just enough cleavage to hint at the promise of more to come. The tank top ended exposing her bare midriff, leaving a modest, but suggestive gap that ended at the waistband of her low cut jean shorts. The shorts jeans clung to her hips like a second skin and ended just below the swell of her ass cheeks. As she turned to let them in the house, it was clear that the shorts emphasized her firm, well defined ass. Jason smiled with anticipation.

“This is Anton,” said Jason as a dark skinned man of medium height entered the house, dipping his head in acknowledgement. His hands gripped the handles of what appeared to be heavy, reinforced case.

“Please to meet you,” Anton said. “Jason, where do you want me to drop this stuff?”

“Take it up to the bedroom. We have to set up there. Heather, would you show these guys where the bedroom is? And by the way, that’s Mike.” He pointed to the heavy set black man struggling with two large light reflectors.

“Sure. Follow me upstairs,” Heather replied.

Both men paused at the foot of the stairs to let Heather take the lead. In doing so, they assured themselves of a spectacular view of her ass as she climbed. As she moved higher on the stairway, her shorts hid less and less of her ass. Mike and Anton were long time friends with Jason and their porn movie business had brought them closer together. Jason had told them this one was going to be special because Heather was such a knock out. Their independent assessments of her body convinced them Jason had spoken the truth. He had also told them that they had to take it easy until Heather got into the swing of the movie. He emphasized that there could be no rough stuff, but that if they played their cards right, each of them would get to fuck this pretty white woman several times, in several ways. With excitement in their eyes and an initial swelling of their cocks, they followed Heather up the stairs.

For the next several minutes, all three men busied themselves moving their equipment into the bedroom. Heather left the room so the men could assemble and position everything. A short time later, Jason found her sitting on a sofa in the living room trying to read a magazine.

“So how do you feel? Are you ready for this?”

“I’m getting more and more nervous because I really don’t know what I am going to be doing.”

“It looks like this is a good time to discuss the scenes I’ve planned. You wanna do that?”

“Sure,” said Heather as she slid over on the sofa, making room for Jason next to her.

Jason picked up a clip board and sat down, his jeans brushing against her bare leg. He could feel the warmth of her thigh, through the denim material, and he noticed she did not move her leg away.

“I think we start with a blowjob . . .”

“That seems like such a crude phrase,” she interrupted.

“I don’t want to offend your sensibilities here, but you are likely to hear some even cruder terms before the film is complete. Terms like cunt, pussy, dick, cock, cum, fuck, shit, asshole, and probably some others I can’t think of right now. In fact, I’d like you to use some of those terms in the movie. Are you alright with that?”

“I sure don’t use that language in my normal life, but then again, I guess I don’t normally make a porn movie either, do I? I suppose I can do it, but I have to tell you that my use of the words won’t be too natural. I’ll probably have to think about it to actually say those things.”

“That’s fine. Remember, this isn’t Hollywood and we are not looking to make blockbuster movie here. Once you get comfortable with what you are doing, you will be fine, and your language will adjust. Ok, back to the plan. You start with a blowjob, and that will probably be Anton. Is that cool?”

Heather nodded. “Then you do a straight sex scene with Mike, and do anal with me. Ok?”

Another nod. “We aren’t going to do these wham, bam style. We are going to take it slow and give you as much pleasure as we get.”

Heather looked up surprised. “Yes, we are going to take pleasure in fucking you. You are a beautiful woman who is agreeing to have sex with us. How could we not find that pleasurable?”

“I just hadn’t thought about that side of this, but I see your point.”

“Listen, Heather, if you relax and get into the moment, you will take as much pleasure as you give. You like sex right?” She nodded again. “This is exciting. You are going to have sex with three men that might as well be strangers. Enjoy yourself. Let yourself go!”

“I’ll try, but I’m still nervous.”

“Nervous is good, it gives you an edge. Now, you are on birth control right?”

Heather looked blank. “No, I ah-h, ah . . . I mean, Steve always uses a condom. But I don’t use anything. I didn’t even think about that.”

“Oh, oh,” responded Jason, “we may have our first issue. Those two guys are healthy, virile specimens, and so am I. Any of us could get you pregnant just looking at you. In fact Mike shoots more cum than any man I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seem a lot of porn films. He could probably impregnate a whole city with one cum shot.”

“Jason, this is serious,” Heather groaned, the tenor of her voice was all business. “I can’t get pregnant just to get some revenge on my cheating husband.”

“I know, I know. There is one option. Have you heard of the morning after pill?”


“A friend of mine works in a pharmacy and gave me a couple for emergencies. I’d say this qualifies as an emergency. I have two you can use this weekend.”

Heather was concerned. “Do they work? Are they real or are you just telling me this story so that I’ll agree to continue?”

Jason rose to go search through a bag he had left by the front door. “Yes, they’re real. See?” He held out a small package with two vacuum sealed pills. The package was from a pharmaceutical company that Heather recognized and had a bunch of words printed on it, including a long, unpronounceable chemical name. It appeared to be legitimate.

“Are you going to be ok with this, now? I mean, we are going to cum inside you. You have to be comfortable and not be worried about making black babies.”

Heather held the package in her hand. She had read some about these pills and knew the French had been using them for years. They were relatively new to America, but she had neither read nor seen anything to indicate the pills were not effective. The package seemed to radiate heat in her palm. Accepting the pills meant she was going to take sperm from these men, these black men, into her body and trust that these small tablets of chemicals would prevent her from becoming pregnant.

What the hell, she thought; even if I got pregnant, maybe that would convince her husband she was a real woman. “Yes,” she finally responded clasping the pills in her fist, “I’ll be ok with these.”

“Good. One last thing,” Jason returned to the sofa. “When we start a scene, I will need you to respond to my directions, ok? I will not ask you to do anything dangerous or painful, but I may ask you to change positions or do something you hadn’t expected. Most of the time I am going to be asking you to move around so the camera has a good view.”

“I can do that,” Heather replied.

“My over all plan for this movie is that you will talk directly to the camera, just like you were talking to your husband, and introduce each scene. To make the whole thing more dramatic, I want to avoid showing anyone’s face but yours. I know that sounds suspicious, but my idea is that you are fucking anonymous men. You don’t care who they are just as long as they have sex with you. Do you understand my concept?”

“Yes,” said Heather after an initial pause, “and I think its fine. To be honest, I sort of like the idea of anonymous men using my body as payback to Steve. How do you think it will work?”

“The very first scene will be you coming into the bedroom. You will be wearing a thong and the kimono you told me you bought. You enter the bedroom and walk to a spot on the floor that’s lit so that you will be in a spotlight. The kimono will be closed and as you stop in the spotlight, the camera will scan you from head to foot and back up again. All the while you are telling Steve that you saw him and that girl and that you are making this film to show him what he is missing. As you open the kimono, the camera will pan back to show that there are two men in the room with you, but we will only see their backs. I plan to do all the rest of the scenes like that, too.”

“How will you do the sex scenes?” asked Heather.

“I’ll check my angles so that the camera sees your face, your body, the man’s dick, and the point of penetration. Oh, some of the time the camera may catch someone’s face, but I’ll try to avoid that. Like I said, this ain’t Hollywood. Ok, ready to talk about the oral sex scene? That’s the one that will follow the kimono scene.”

“I guess,” Heather responded hesitantly. “Remember, I told you I have never performed oral sex before. I . . . I don’t know how to do it.”

“Never? You never, ever took a guy’s cock in your mouth?” Her head moved from side to side. “Man, this is definitely a first for me. I can’t believe that someone as attractive as you has not given a blow job at some time in her life.”

“A couple of guys in college wanted me to do it,” Heather said, “but I just didn’t think it was right, so I always refused.” Heather’s face began to turn red. “Instead of taking them in my mouth, I used my hand.”

“Well, that’s something. That’s good. How many guys have you jerked off, and did they cum?”

Heather’s embarrassment was still evident. “Yes. There were two, one in high school and two in college just before I met Steve.”

Jason continued to probe, “What did you think when you saw their sperm shoot out of their cocks? Did you like it? Did you taste it?”

“God no, I didn’t taste it! It was messy and difficult to clean up.”

Jason chuckled, “You’re right about that, just ask a former President. Ok, let’s focus on the oral sex scene. Tell me what you think you do when you are blowing a guy.”

Heather thought for a moment, “I guess I suck on him like I was sucking on a straw, right?”

It was Jason’s turn to be surprised. This girl is so inexperienced; she is going to have to be coached in every scene. “That’s part of it. But what you really need to do is think of your mouth like a pussy. You want the guy’s cock to feel like it is fucking in and out of a wet, warm, tight pussy. You use your lips to make it tight and use your tongue for that soft, wet sensation. Understand?”

Heather cringed at the language Jason used, but she understood the concept. “I get the idea Jason, but I just don’t know how to do it. What if I’m not good? What if I do it wrong? It’s bad enough I have to do this film, I don’t want to look like an idiot while I’m doing it.”

Jason thought for a second. “Heather you need a rehearsal. Just like in the real movies, rehearse the scene before its filmed. Can you do that?”

“You mean you want me to try it? Now?”

“Yeah. Come over here and kneel between my legs. I’ll tell you what to do.” Jason stood to unzip his pants.

Heather watch dumbfounded as his pants fell to the floor around his ankles exposing a pair of blue boxer shorts and his muscular, dark brown thighs. With no hesitation, Jason hooked his thumbs in his boxers and pushed them down below his knees, shaking his legs until they dropped to the floor. His uncircumcised cock was still flaccid but Heather was amazed by its size and thickness. She was sure that once it was hard it would be larger than Steve’s. The foreskin still covered the head and out of habit, Jason took his cock in his hand and stripped the foreskin back off the purple-tinged head.

Heather was frozen in place. Jason had just exposed himself to her and she could not keep from staring at his cock.

Jason flopped back down on the sofa, kicking off his pants and shorts, and spreading his legs. “Come over here,” he said again, “and kneel down between my legs.”

Heather responded in slow motion to his command, positioning herself in front of Jason, but well back from his swelling cock.

“Move in closer. Scoot right in here so you can touch my cock to your lips.”

Heather shuffled on her knees until she was well within his legs. Jason leaned toward her, taking her in his arms. He kissed her softly on the mouth. “Relax,” he whispered, “this is easy. You will do fine. I’ll coach you along, telling you what feels good and what doesn’t.” He brushed her lips with his. Involuntarily, she pressed her lips on his. She felt his mouth open and his tongue probe her lips. She opened her mouth to receive his tongue and pressed harder against his lips. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders, drawing him closer. Their tongues began to twist and wrestle.

Jason broke the kiss, backing away from her face. “See, it’s natural. Give me your hand.”

Heather’s hand sought his and he drew it down to his groin and onto his stiff cock. He used his hand to wrap her fingers around the now stiff organ. Heather looked down and saw her delicate white fingers straining to encircle the thick, black cock. She could not do it. His cock was too big.

She watched in amazement as her hand began to move up and down the shaft. She didn’t think her brain had issued that command, but her hand moved anyway. His cock felt hot in her palm; her hand slid up and down easily; his skin was smooth and silky to her touch. After just a few strokes, a drop of clear fluid appeared in the small slit located at the very tip of his cock.

“That feels very good, Heather. You are doing just fine. Now I want you to kiss the tip of my dick – nothing fancy just a nice, easy kiss.”

Heather looked at the cockhead, swollen and angry with color, then she looked at Jason.

“Go ahead. Kiss it.”

Heather bent toward his dick, her eyes focused on the clear droplet. Her lips puckered, her eyes closed and her lips contacted his cock. She pulled back quickly.

“See, that wasn’t so bad was it? Now I want you to use your tongue and lick up and down the entire length.”

Emboldened, Heather moved quickly to the base of his cock, licking softly at the point where cock and balls meet. Jason moaned, and Heather stopped thinking she had hurt him.

“Are you ok?” she asked.

“Oh yeah,” he replied. “Keep going.”

Heather returned to the cock base and began to lick slowly up the length of his cock, inhaling the musky odor of sex. Reaching the tip, she reversed course. Without his prompting, she continued to lick up and down, letting her tongue twirl playfully around his cockhead with each upward traverse. Heather noticed that Jason was breathing heavier, but he was not telling her to stop, so she assumed he was all right.

Jason was more than alright. He was staring at one of the most beautiful women he knew and she was licking his dick! He really wanted to push his cock between her lips and empty his balls in her throat, but he realized he had to do this slow and in stages.

“Ok, Heather,” he groaned, “Take me into your mouth. And remember use your mouth like a pussy. Fuck my dick with your mouth.” He watched with utter fascination as she positioned her head directly over his dick, opened her mouth, and began to tentatively lower her mouth onto his waiting organ. With the head inside her mouth, she closed her lips around him and began to bob up and down.

“Whoa, whoa, slow down. Take it easy, and try to take more of my cock into your mouth. Can you take the whole thing? Try to get it all in before you come back up.”

His eyes focused directly on his cock and her mouth. She closed her lips around the head and began to move down his shaft, her cheeks bulging as more and more of his cock disappeared. He knew she wouldn’t be able to get it all now, but with time he might be able to train her to swallow the whole thing.

Heather forced her mouth down his shaft until his cockhead hit the back of her throat. She gagged and moved back up the shaft, regaining her breath. She went down again, her lips were so stretched she thought they might split. Again she gagged on his size. As she moved back up she saw that she had been able to take only about half of his cock. She took him out of her mouth.

“I can’t do it. I can’t take it all, you’re too big,” she gasped. “I’m sorry.”

“Nothing to be sorry about sweetheart. It takes practice to deep throat a cock. You’re doing great. My cock feels so good in your mouth, and I’m gonna cum pretty soon. This time, I want you to use your hand and your mouth and the same time, ok?” And look at me while you are sucking – that is such a turn on.”

Heather took the solid black cock in her hand and began to stroke up and down. She opened her mouth and closed her lips tightly around the firm, pulsing organ. She quickly fell into a steady rhythm moving her hand and mouth up and down, up and down. Saliva leaked from her mouth providing lubricant for her hand making the motion nearly friction free.

Following Jason’s request, she stared into his eyes as she sucked. She could see the clouds of passion move over his eyes. Sometimes he stared back at her, other times his eyes rolled into the back of his head and moan escaped from his throat. She could see that she was giving him pleasure and she noticed that she could increase or decrease his moaning by changing the length of her strokes, holding his cockhead in her lips while she used her hand to jack him off, or varying the speed of her up and down motion.

She also noticed that all her contact with his penis was stimulating a warm, tingling sensation in her pussy. She was being turned on and wished she could reach down and massage her clitoris. As if he had read her mind, Jason said, “Heather, unbutton your shorts and touch your pussy while you suck my cock.”

She stopped her manipulations of his cock for a few moments to open her shorts, and quickly reached inside the elastic waistband of her panties to find her clit. Heather was no stranger to masturbation, it was her one guilty pleasure. She had masturbated on numerous occasions, mostly when her husband was out of town, but never in front of anyone else. Her hand slipped into her panties and quickly found her magic button. As her fingers massaged the sensitive bud, she became aware of how wet her pussy was – she was soaked!

“God, you’re beautiful,” Jason groaned as he watched her finger herself. “Now get back here and finish me off, I’m almost there.”

Heather returned her attention to the wonderful black cock in her hand. Her mouth inhaled his cock, her cheeks inflating as her head moved down his shaft and deflating as she moved up on the back stroke. Her intensity increased with each stroke of her hand. Jason’s breathing was becoming more labored and he placed his hands on the sides of her head, his fingers clutching at her hair. He used his hands to control the speed of each movement of her head. In reality, Heather was fully engrossed in sucking his cock. She was barely aware of his hands on her head and paid little heed to their directions. She was intent on making him cum in her mouth. She had never tasted cum before and she wanted his – now!

Jason could feel his balls tighten with each down stroke of her mouth. His thighs trembled spasmodically as her soft, warm mouth traveled up and down his hard cock. With a huge effort, Jason mumbled, “Stop. Heather, stop for a minute.”

Her mouth released his throbbing organ, “What’s wrong? Am I doing it wrong? Did I hurt you?”

Jason’s chest was heaving, “No, God no! This feels great, but I want to stand up and fuck your mouth until I cum.” He pushed himself off the couch and stood in front of Heather, his cock bouncing as he moved, positioning his cock directly in front of her mouth.

Heather looked up at his face, “What do I do when you, ah . . . you know.”

“When I cum?” She nodded. “When I start to cum, I want you to try and swallow as much as you can? Do you think you can do that?

Heather nodded again. “It is incredibly sexy to watch a beautiful woman swallow sperm, but don’t worry if you don’t get it all. After all, this is your first time and you don’t even know what sperm tastes like yet.”

“How will I know when you’re ready?”

Jason grinned, “Don’t worry, you’ll know.” He bent his knees slightly to put his groin squarely in line with the Heather’s beautiful face. “Take me in your mouth, but don’t use your hands.”

She opened her mouth and captured his cockhead with her full lips. “Try to hold your head still and put your hands on my hips. Let me do all the work this time.”

Heather rested her hands at the top of his thighs, closed her eyes, and relaxed her neck and shoulders, preparing to receive Jason’s oral thrusts. He placed both of his hands on the sides of her head, interlacing his fingers with her soft, brown hair. He held her head firmly in place and began to push slowly in and out her mouth.

“Um-m-m-m, that’s good,” he uttered through clenched teeth. The tempo of his thrusts began to increase. Jason knew he would not last long. He looked down at Heather and watched his black cock, slick with her saliva, disappear between her lips. Perhaps Heather could sense that he was watching her, she opened her eyes and held his gaze.

Jason’s breathing became erratic and his thrusts became deeper. At times his cock entered her throat causing her to gag, but before that reflex was fully engaged, his cock withdrew and she was able to regain control of her breathing. Heather sensed that he was close and she felt his hands push her head in rhythmic counterpoint to his fucking, forcing her to take more of his cock with each inward thrust.

“It’s coming Heather,” he muttered through clenched teeth. “Are you ready?”

“M-m-m-m-ph,” was the only response Heather could manage as the cock moved in and out of her clenched lips. “M-m-m-m-ph.”

Jason felt his jizz burst out of the tip of his cock, jetting into her throat. “Ah-h-h-h-gh,” he yelled, as he pushed his cock into her mouth, his pubic hair scrapping her nose and chin.

Heather felt the cock swell just before the first wad of cum splashed into her mouth. Her mouth engulfed him as Jason pulled her head to meet his final thrust, driving his cock to the very back of her throat. She gagged and lifted off his cock, a spurt of cum hit just above her lips and began to slide down toward her open mouth. Heather quickly recaptured his cock with her mouth and tightened her lips around the shaft. Another jet of cum shot onto the roof of her mouth, followed by another and another.

Between his erupting cock and all the cum, Heather’s mouth was getting full and her natural instincts took over. She began to swallow all the sperm being pumped into her mouth. The cum was thick and warm, but it didn’t taste bad, and once she got past the slimy texture and began to swallow, it was easy to do.

After several more seconds Jason’s twitching cock slipped from her mouth. Heather took him in her fist and began slow easy strokes. With each up stroke, a small drop of cum formed in the slit and she casually licked it away with her tongue. Jason opened his eyes and watched as her dainty, pink tongue removed the sperm from his cockhead. He reached out with his hand to wipe the cum from her cheek. It clung to his finger and he offered it to her. Heather opened her mouth and sucked his finger clean, closing her eyes with pleasure.

“How was it?” she asked. “Did I do ok?”

Jason cupped her face in his hands, raised her to her feet, and drew her to him. “Your husband is a fool.” And he kissed her deeply; forcing his thick tongue into her open and receptive mouth. The taste of his cum mingled with her saliva, but Jason didn’t even notice. Heather was everyman’s wet dream and she was his for the weekend!

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