Co workers finally fucking after a long wait.
“Angie” was a girl I worked with, years, quiet, soft spoken, very catholic and conservative. Always wore conservative clothes, never flirted, never called attention to herself. I shared an office with her and got to know her over several years. Underneath the fa?e she was funny, great to talk to and great to be around. Also, she as gorgeous. When you looked past the conservative clothes and demeanor, she was amazing. She was, married, Mexican and spoke English with probably 95% accuracy and a very very slight accent. She had slightly olive skin, brown straight fine hair, and a killer figure, and a glorious smell. She had an amazing ass, perfectly shaped with a nice crease that rose to a slim waist and nice (as I would find out) perky boobs. After 2 years of work, many lunches, quiet conversations, late afternoons spent on projects, we finally got it done.

After unspoken agreement we went to her house for lunch and without a word and into the bedroom. It was way past time, she finally gave in to her desires. We immediately stripped to nothing and she laid down on the bed and opened her legs, exposing her fuzzy box. I mounted her at once as she guided mc in. I entered her roughly, her hair scraping slightly as he penetrated her wet box. We kissed deeply as he slid in and she gasped, filled by the girth. She groaned deeply, oh she said. I began thrusting deep, one arm behind her head, the other roughly grasping her firm breast. I built up a rhythm, her cunt hung on tight. I muscled him continuously as she started squeaking beneath me, she squeaked louder and came. I followed almost immediately after as her box convulsed around mc. I stayed on top of her as we caught our breath, him twitching slightly. She kissed my ear and whispered “waited way too long”. Si, I said. I laid on top of her, letting him sit for a while as she squeezed him with her cunt muscles. I got up on my arms and slowly worked him in and out, out junk making sloppy noises, then all the way out. She reached down and grabbed my shaft and looked up and wordlessly, I impaled her with it, forcing come out and making a squishing sound. She gasped and closed her eyes while she wrapped her legs around me. I began levering slowly, rubbing him along the back of her cunt. She groaned and grabbed my ass, dictating the speed and rhythm. She came again quickly, out of breath. I waited and then slowly began stroking, in and out as I reached up and grabbed a hold of the head board. I built up speed and ferocity and I began pounding her. She closed her eyes and squeaked a little every time I hit bottom and drove her to the top of the bed. She put her hands up to keep her head from hitting as I hammered out my second nut of the day. I rolled off and after a bit she got up and headed to the bathroom where I heard water running. She reappeared shortly with two wet towels, wiping between her legs and handed me one. We got dressed and headed back to work. On the way, she said, ive never done anything like that and smiled, we should have done this a long time ago. Si, I said.

The next day we wordlessly headed to “lunch” again. We got to the house and she said to me, ive never given, a what do you call it, a blow job? Ok, We made it to the bedroom and began making out. Off came her shirt as I sucked on her little brown nipples, making her gasp. We stripped each other, quickly headed towards the bed. She stopped me and her hand began massaging mc and I glued my hands to her boobs. I stood as she moved down. My husband always wanted me to, but I always thought it was gross, she said. She slid down to her knees and gently grabbed my semi hard, looking at it and slowly opening her mouth. I don’t know what I'm doing. I smiled. I'm sure you can She gently put him in her mouth and began sucking. It was like I was in High school again, getting head from a girl who had never done it. She quickly figured out the basics and soon he was standing tall. I gave helpful hints and she learned quickly. She backed off and licked my shaft and kissed the head, then licked from my balls, up the bottom of the shaft and then took him back in her mouth. She began gently explored my balls with her hand as I held the back of her head and looked down at the bare ass that I had been watching from afar for years. The combination of the culmination of many fantasies and her natural talent threatened to end things quickly. I pushed her head away and she looked up, uh, I said. I want it in my mouth, I want to taste it for real, I want to feel it, I want to feel you come in my mouth; she said and put her mouth back on it. Do you mind my hand, I asked as I pushed her ever so slightly farther and farther down with every stroke. Um, um, she said from around mc. I grabbed a hold of her hair and increased the tempo and began to come, dumping it in the back of her throat. She pulled away slightly trying to handle it but failed, the last squirt ending up on her upper lip. She swallowed loudly and then put him back in, gently getting the last of it. I sat back on the bed as she got up and laid down next to me. I reached over and played with her tits as she whipped off her lip. Well, I asked? Its kind of fun, she giggled, it tastes good. Jackpot! I thought. She reached down and began to gently massage my semi hard, cupping my balls and gently stroking. She smiled a little smile up at me. I rolled over on top of her and we began making out, quickly assuming the position, I moved him up and down her slit and then slowly penetrated her. She groaned as he slid partway in. I pumped a little and bottomed him out as she squeaked and dug her nails into my back. She curled her legs up as I levered her. After a few minutes her pussy got wet and clamped down as she squealed out an orgasm. I picked up and left him in all the way, letting her wiggle on him as she finished. She laid back with a big smile on her face, oh god, she said as I began slowly sliding all the way in and out, scraping on her pussy hair. You want to try something different? Sure she said. Get up, and turn over. She looked unsure, ive always done it the regular way, she said. Common its fun, I helped her get in to position, ass up in the air. Like this? Ya, I massaged her ass, I’ve been fantasizing about doing this for a long time. She giggled, it was a beautiful sight, nice round ass, skinny waist and dark hair. I moved closer, spreading her legs slightly and maneuvered him in. He slid right down to the hilt, as my balls hit her wet bush. She squealed as I built a rhythm, pushing her chest down towards the bed. I leaned back, holding her perfect ass and pounded her out, she squeaked with every hit finally coming deep inside. I took a few more strokes and collapsed on top of her, mc sliding out of her cunt and up her ass crack. Wow, she said as I laid on top of her breathing heavily. Wow she said again, ya I said. I stayed on top, reaching under to hold her breasts and kiss her neck while mc nestled in the crack of her ass.

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2012-02-12 14:15:00
M66Tc8 Left on my site a link to this post. I think many people will be interested in it..!

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2010-08-04 09:52:30
i'm guessing english may not be a first language for you, you kept slipping between me/i/my and he/his, the punctuation was all over the place as well, speech is much easier to read when it's spaced out and got ''speechmarks'' so you can tell where it starts and ends too - maybe get someone else to read through and edit it if it needs it?
other than that, great idea for a story and good progression, part 2?

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