Co workers fucking
It had been a long morning, meetings and an issue with the equipment. Not to mention the tension / awkwardness in the room originating from the previous days exploits. I returned to the office and asked if she wanted to go to lunch. She turned bright red and turned to her computer. That was a yes. I headed out to my car and headed to her house, just a few miles away and stopped down the street. Her car appeared a few minutes later and I hopped out and joined her. Is this really necessary? The neighbors might say something she said. Oh ok, so long as we can keep going to “lunch”, she giggled. We pulled into the garage and waited until the door came down to get out. We made it just a few steps into the kitchen when I pined her to the island, groping her boobs, grinding my crotch on her perfect ass. She turned and we made out, kissing deeply as we ripped off each others clothes. Something about the way she dressed, so conservative, I pulled off her shirt and then went to work undoing her jeans. She stood there in her bra and cami with a basic white bikini with a dark mark in the middle, so conservative yet so hot. We continued making out as I stripped off what remained. I dropped to her perky little tits, sucking and rubbing my face along them as she finished undoing my pants. I stepped out of them and straightened up, kissing her deeply. Her hands went straight to my freed member, gently rubbing him to life. She stepped closer, moving her legs apart and guiding him to rub her moist box. We stumbled to the bedroom and I immediately climbed on, kissing as she guided him towards her waiting box. I slid him in slowly, bottoming out in her delicious hole. She felt GOOD, her pussy was like velvet as he slid in and out. She wrapped her legs around me and we returned to the rhythm we had established. She gripped me with her legs and dug her fingers into my back as she began to groan as I fucked her. We kissed deeply as she began to whimper, her pussy clamping down and convulsing causing mc to erupt. I kept it up as she finished and we collapsed into a sweaty heap. After a few minutes, I began idly playing with her tits when she rolled towards me and whispered, “I was a virgin when I met my husband, I gave it to him a long time ago, now I want to give you something the same”. I looked at her confused. She got up and went to the night stand and got out a bottle of lube. “I want you to put it in there” she said slightly turning and looking down. I was dumbfounded, there, I said as I considered the possibility of fucking the ass that I had watched for years. Yes, have you done it before, she asked. Ya, I have, as the thought of hammering that tight ass ran around my brain. She lay down next to me and I took the lube and put it back on the stand, and began making out. Kissing her neck, shoulders mouth and climbing on her. The prospect of what was about to happen had mc ready for round 2 but I told her he may need a little help. What parts do you like she asked, well I said… anywhere, everywhere. The same places you like when a guy goes down on you. I never let the husband, she said, we will have to fix that I said, after a wax, she giggled. We rolled and she obliged, sliding down and taking him once again into her mouth. After a bit I slid up my leg and she got the hint nuzzling and kissing my balls and then back to mc. He was rock hard and I pulled her up and she mounted me. Oh, she gasped, it’s sore from yesterday, as she slid down on him. I concentrated on her nice perky tits, massaging them as she worked. I rolled us over and began gently fucking her, working the right spots. She came, different from the day before, more gently, and relaxed back on the bed. Oh is mio, she gasped as I slowly resumed fucking her. When she caught her breath I asked her to roll over and penetrated her doggy style, slowly fucking. I used my thumb and swirled around her juice that had run down into her crack. She had a beautiful ass, nice round light cheeks, with a dark ring around her perfect starfish. She began moaning as I massaged it, slowly sticking my thumb in. She groaned, you ok, si, it feels good. Super jackpot! I withdrew and continued the massage while grabbing the lube with my other hand and put it on the spot. All the while the groans were getting deeper from her face, now buried in the pillow. I fucked her with my thumb loosening her up in time with mc while adding lube. I withdrew mc and slid it up her crack, and then back down, repeating several times. I put it back and pushed her on her side, mc barely in her cunt. I cuddled up to her, and held her breasts, kissing her neck and arm. I grabbed him and slid him up to the spot. She reached down between her legs and found my hand, holding it and mc as I pushed is against her bud. She squealed as he slipped past her ring. We stayed there for a while as she got used to it and then she pulled on him, urging him in. I applied more pressure and it slid in slowly, she gasped and held him with a vice grip, now with both hands, one from behind her back and the other between her legs. I pulled him out and then back in ever so slowly, easier this time. She breathed loudly as I cupped her breast, she then pushed him out with her hand and then back, building a rhythm. What girl likes to have her ring stretched over and over? Most like it to stay in. Mega jackpot! Her ass was everything I has dreamed of, TIGHT around mc. I pulled out and pushed her over on her stomach, I put her hands on her cheeks and she spread them. Her little brown ass glistened with lube but I added some more into her now slightly gaping hole. I got on top, sliding him back into her tight ass. I reached under and grabbed a boob in each hand and began thrusting gently. It was good I had gotten the blowjob earlier otherwise I wouldn’t have made it this far. She grabbed at the sheets and began repeating over and over, oh keep going. I pushed deeper and deeper and finally to my amazement up to the hilt, balls resting on her soaked pussy. She reached back to see how much was in and said oh my god, its all the way. Yea, I hissed, oh is mio. I slid it all the way out and then plunged all the way back in slowly, savoring her incredibly tight ass as it slid slowly down mc. It settled in right at the bottom, her ring tightly holding the lesser girth of the base of mc. She groaned, just like that, really I thought? I withdrew again and got up, pulling her ass up in the air and then pushing her foreword. She put her hands up on the headboard, I nodded and moved her legs. Her bud was now definitely gaping, about half mc’s diameter. I held her hips with one hand and grabbed a hold of her hair with the other and slid him back in, faster and faster. She started squealing, I couldn’t believe it, she was going to come with me fucking her ass. I kept going and she did, her ass convulsing and increasing the pressure even more. This made me begin to come, and I got started really going, first sliding in all the way making her squeal then working my head at her ring and finally stroking, dumping deep in her ass. I collapsed on top of her, balls deep inside and kissed her ear and held her boob. We lay there breathing heavy. Wow, she said, ya, I said. You ok? Yes that was good, she said, we will have to do that again sometime, we laughed. He deflated as her ass closed around him. She whispered in my ear. You can do anything to me, anything. He finally fully deflated sliding out. We headed for the shower.
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