“Angie” was a girl I worked with, years, quiet, soft spoken, very catholic and conservative. Always wore conservative clothes, never flirted, never called attention to herself. I shared an office with her and got to know her over several years. Underneath the fa?e she was funny, great to talk to and great to be around. Also, she as gorgeous. When you looked past the conservative clothes and demeanor, she was amazing. She was, married, Mexican and spoke English with probably 95% accuracy and a very very slight accent. She had slightly olive skin, brown straight fine hair, and a killer figure, and a glorious smell. She had an amazing ass, perfectly shaped with a nice crease that rose to a slim waist and nice (as I would find out) perky boobs. After 2 years of work, many lunches, quiet conversations, late afternoons spent on projects, we finally got it done.

Tuesday came and we headed to her house again. So what do you have in mind today I asked as I reached over and pinched her boob. I don’t know, whatever you want she said with a smile, but its really sore from last time. She leaned over and began rubbing my crotch, I helped her and soon she was delicately sucking on my semi hard while I drove to her house. I reached down and did my best to slide a hand down to her box. She twisted in the seat and quickly undid her button and zipper so I could get my wrist in. I slid my middle finger up her cunt and out, playing with her clit. She ummmed from around mc. We arrived at her house and I put the garage door down so no one would see and we shuffled inside holding our clothes to the bedroom where we let them drop. I pulled down her panties as she unhooked her bra, stepping out and heading to the bed. I finished striping as she sat on the edge of the bed working on mc. I pushed her back, and got on top, sucking on her perfect little nipples and sliding down to her waxed box. I got up, fingering her and climbed on my knees around the bed, sliding next to her. I rolled her on her side a little and she got the idea. I dug into her box with my tongue and she sucked on mc in perfect 69. I rolled on top with my arms underneath, squeezing her ass and probing with my fingers. I licked from her clit to her ass, she squalled as I gently probed her rose bud. I returned to her sweet tasting pussy and began slowly finger fucking her ass as I worked her box. She sucked mc for a while on the side then her concentration waned as her back arched, coming as my tongue slowly massaged her clit. I withdrew as she recovered, slightly breathless she rolled over and pulled be back, attacking mc. She began sucking with abandon, as I straddled her, she sucked and licked mc and balls as I laid back on her stomach, slowly licking her cunt. She pushed me down, moving her arms up giving her a much better angle as she continued. She went down, licking my taint slowly up to my balls, dragging her face along and up to mc. I was speechless as I idly licked her, occasionally slipping my tongue to her rose bud. I was ready and this wasn’t going to do it, so I climbed off quickly and dragged her to the edge of the bed, pushing her legs up, exposing both her holes. She reached down and grabbed mc and guided him to her waiting, dripping box. I slid him in down to the hilt after she slid him around her moist lips. I fucked her for a few strokes, then pushed her back. She got the idea and hooked her legs, rotating up. I pushed him against her bud, roughly pushing in, her bud parted and he slid down her tight channel. She held her legs back as is leaned in and grabbed hold of her boobs as I mucled her poor ass, her starfish hanging on to my shaft with every stroke. It didn’t take long and she let me go, finally dumping my load deep inside. I collapsed on her chest as I pushed mc in as far as he would go. She rotated to allow the best angle as my balls settled on her moist cunt. He deflated and I raised up and he slowly slid out of her reddened bud, followed by a line of come running down to the bed. I stumbled towards the shower as she collapsed on the bed, she joined me in the shower shortly thereafter, we soaped each other gently. You ok? Ya she said, I'm having lots of fun, she giggled as she grabbed at my now flaccid member, soaping him gently, she smiled. I raised my eyebrows at her, looked at the clock, we don’t have much time I said. Well it was only 1 time for you, she blushed and I was close last time... Really? Jackpot! We began making out in the shower, I rubbed her clit as she worked mc. So, I asked? She blushed again, its round 2 so it may take a while, I said. She smiled and wordlessly turned off the shower and led me by mc to the bathroom counter. She quickly dropped to her knees and got him a little slobbery and then got up and turned her back to me and leaned over the counter. I got the message as she pulled her cheeks apart. I slid my renewed hard on down her crack and pushed against her slightly gaping hole. I slid him in, much easier this time, she groaned and arched her back. He slid on her spit and the leftover come, I eased him in past the head, she released her cheeks and put her hands up on the mirror, bucking back as I slowly worked him in and out past her o ring. I held on to her beautiful perky boobs, pinching her nipples and kissing her neck as she reached back and grabbed my ass and pulled me in. He slid in most of the way as she pushed back on him. I worked her more, deeper and deeper, slowly fucking her tight asshole. The friction was increasing and she reached across the counter and handed back a bottle of baby oil. I pulled all the way out, leaving her poor hole gaping as she bent all the way over on the counter, pushing her ass up in the air. I opened the bottle and pulled her cheek with the other, she got the message and reached back and pulled her cheeks apart, fully exposing her open bud as it twitched slightly. I used my middle finger as a guide as I poured a generous amount of baby oil down her crack, slowly at first, as it touched her o ring, she twitched then relaxed and let it open as the oil dripped in. I massaged some around her ring with my fingers, rubbing around and gently probing with my finger. She groaned, then looked back and reached with her hand, I poured some in and she grabbed mc giving me a hand job. I moved to make the angle easer, as she jacked mc with her right hand, I moved over and worked the oil with my left. She leaned over and stuck my dick in her mouth, giving him a good tonguing even after it had been in her ass. She released him and put pushed me back behind her. My oil covered cock now slipped easily into her oiled up asshole. It slid down to the hilt with a squish and a large groan from her, she arched her back and breathed in. I began fucking her, slowly, oil beginning to run down her leg as it slopped out of her overfilled ass. We built up a rhythm, in and out as she bucked back, I held on to her breast and the counter. She lost control, ass clamping in a huge orgasm as I stroked her most delicate hole. Her orgasm subsided and she looked back, eyes blurry. I was close, fuck me harder she said, catholic conservative shy married just demanded I fuck her ass harder. I complied, pinning her against the counter as I hammered her poor hole as hard as I could, she began to loosen as I fucked her, slapping my balls on her cunt. Finally coming with mc buried inside her bowels, pinning her to the counter. She looked back and smiled weakly. I pulled him out and staggered back, leaving come and oil running down her leg. I don’t think we are going to make it back to work today.

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2010-08-04 14:20:15
Nice. Sounds like you have a anal slut on your hands now...nothing like a woman that can cum from a cock in her ass. She sounds hot, i'd love to get a piece of her asshole.

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