“Angie” was a girl I worked with, years, quiet, soft spoken, very catholic and conservative. Always wore conservative clothes, never flirted, never called attention to herself. I shared an office with her and got to know her over several years. Underneath the fa?e she was funny, great to talk to and great to be around. Also, she as gorgeous. When you looked past the conservative clothes and demeanor, she was amazing. She was, married, Mexican and spoke English with probably 95% accuracy and a very very slight accent. She had slightly olive skin, brown straight fine hair, and a killer figure, and a glorious smell. She had an amazing ass, perfectly shaped with a nice crease that rose to a slim waist and nice (as I would find out) perky boobs. After 2 years of work, many lunches, quiet conversations, late afternoons spent on projects, we finally got it done.

The next Monday, on the way to “lunch” I asked, so what’s on your mind today? How is everything? She laughed, I have a surprise, she giggled. When we got there I found out. We got to the house and started making out, she smelled good, always did. I lifted her shirt and buried my face in her tits, and discovered a new lacy purple bra, very nice. Gone was the somewhat alluring conservative outfit and in with the new. I licked her tits and she sighed. We headed into the bedroom and she stopped me and turned around. She wiggled out of her jeans, revealing a purple bikini, very nice, which she proceeded to slide off. She turned around and there was nothing there. I got a Brazilian, she smiled. I ripped off my clothes and we hit the sheets. I got on top of her and started making out, I loved rubbing my face over her perky tits and flat stomach. So what do you want to do? She giggled, I settled next to her, caressing her tits, kissing deeply. I slowly rubbed lower, her stomach, her waist line, up on her thighs, her inner thighs. She sighed as I started from her pelvis and began caressing down where her hair used to be and down to her pussy. Interestingly we had had sex, I had fucked her ass but I hadn’t fingered her. The new wax helped. I gently stuck my finger in, bringing juice back and began massaging her clit. She moaned softly, so what do you want…..? She wasn’t listening, her mind was on my hand, she pulled up her knees and began grinding on my hand slightly. I slid down, kissing her stomach and running my face down, down between her legs. I kissed her mound, her inner thighs as she reached down and held the back of my head, urging me on. I licked around her clit and the folds of her pussy as she bucked and moaned. I increased the tempo and in no time she squeaked and bucked with an orgasm. I moved up, wiping my face off on her stomach as she caught her breath and looked at me. Wow, I should have let the husband do that, she said. I'm glad I could help, but now its my turn. Anything you want she sighed as she smiled. I hopped on top and slid him into her tight wet pussy, she felt good as I stroked and she groaned softly. I went for a bit, having a little fun, looked at her and said, anything? She smiled so I pulled out and climbed up and put my juice covered cock in her face, she quickly took him in and began sucking. After a few good licks I slid down and impaled her again for a few strokes and then back up to her mouth. Mmm, she hummed from around mc. It was a tough angle for her so I decided to help her a little and grabbed her hair helping her get the proper depth. I slid back down and grabbed her legs and pushed them up and together. She complied, hooking her knees with her arm, exposing her moist mound. I slid in and bottomed out, she groaned as I started pounding away. Finally dumping my load inside I collapsed on top as she let her legs fall. I want to taste it, she whispered in my ear deliriously. I slowly backed my semi hard out and switched legs as I crawled up. She took him in her hand and guided him into her mouth. Come and juice covered, she opened her mouth and took as much as she could, gently tonguing the tip, cleaning him off. She pulled her mouth off and licked off the come and juice that had gathered at the base before swallowing loudly. She grabbed him and pushed him up towards my stomach as she licked the moisture from the base of my balls up to her hand, then released him and let him plop into her mouth and sliding it down deep. I pulled back and it popped out, she reached up and put it back in her mouth, now hard as a rock, and sucked the head gently, looking up. She let him go and started jacking him off gently as she looked over at the clock. We have some time she said as she put him back in her mouth. I wasn’t used to twice a day but I was sure I could adjust. I grabbed her hair and thrusted a bit, then backed off and got off of her. She got the message and turned over, sticking her ass up in the air. I got behind her and pointed him towards her wet come soaked pussy, and roughly slid in to the hilt. She groaned and bucked as I grabbed her hair with one hand and her boob with the other. As it was round two for the session, she took quite a pounding before I dumped inside her. I backed off the bed and she looked like the old saying, rode hard and put away wet. Her hair was a disaster, her boob had red marks where I had used it as a handle and her pussy, pink, dripping with her juice and my come, hanging open. I hit the shower as she collected herself.
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