A FLASH OF MOM'S FLESH is a novel about the quiet desperation in so many of us -- and the extremes to which it may drive us.
After getting the money from the instant teller machine, Sarah felt an irresistible impulse to lift her dress. It was night, but the front of the bank was well lit, and the parking area of the shopping center was filled with cars. She looked around, a flush on her face, a flush of embarrassment and excitement. Why she had this sudden urge to lift her dress and expose herself, she didn't know. She had never wanted to do that before. Her hands shook as she stuffed her money into her purse. She stood a moment, facing the machine, eyes closed as she breathed deeply. Her hands trembled on her hips and thighs, and her fingers began to inch her dress upward. She was afraid to turn around, afraid she would be face to face with someone watching her. Yet she continued to lift her skirt, slowly. When it was an inch or two above her knees, she felt a burning wetness inside her panties. The lips of her cunt seemed very swollen suddenly, and her clit had become very hard and sensitive. Without turning from the instant teller machine, Sarah inched her dress higher. She was hardly breathing, not understanding why she couldn't resist doing this wicked thing. Her dress was halfway to her hips now, and she was still raising it, slowly. The cheeks of her ass bunched as a fiery quiver swept through her cunt.

The sensations were very much like an orgasm, only she didn't come. "Oh, God!" she whimpered softly, feeling the cool night air on the backs of her thigh, then her pantied ass. She stood holding her skirt about her waist, her skimpy panties displayed. She took in a deep breath, a shudder of wild, strange excitement coursing through her. She turned. Her dress was high in front and back, the frilly panties exposed, her cunt making a mouth-watering bulge in the tight crotch. That was when she saw Jimmy, her son in the car, with Keith his cousin, at his side. And they were staring at her, eyes wide and mouths open.

The flush on Sarah's face deepened, and she felt as if she wanted to cry with embarrassment, yet she held her dress around her hips, and started walking toward the car. Still holding her dress with one hand, she opened the door and slid under the wheel, with her son and nephew staring through the other window at her. She sat with her dress around her waist, her long, sleek thighs gleaming in the harsh light, her hands gripping the steering wheel as she stared straight ahead, her face on fire with embarrassment. "Get in!" she hissed through clenched teeth.

The two boys climbed in, with Jimmy sitting in the front, his cousin taking the back seat. Sarah knew her son was fighting to keep from looking at her legs, the crotch of her exposed panties, and she knew, too, that he couldn't stop looking. She didn't blame her son, or her nephew. Any woman that would lift her skirt in public like this deserved to be looked at, wanted to be looked at. Otherwise why had she pulled her dress up that way? Sarah didn't know why she had, only that she had done so and felt she had to do it, a compulsion she had been unable to resist. She drove jerkily to Keith's home, about a block from her own, and let him out. But Keith paused at the driver's window, looking in at her boldly, a grin on his face. Then he turned and walked up the walkway to his house.

Sarah drove off slowly and gripping the steering wheel, her son gazing at her creamy legs and frilly panties. She parked in the driveway, and sat there in the car as her son got out, using his key to open the door. He flicked on the outside light, standing there looking at her, waiting. "Oh God!" Sarah sobbed, leaning her head on the steering wheel for a moment. Her cunt was bubbling with wet heat, soaking into the crotch of her bikini panties. She felt as if she was about to come any second, yet her pussy seemed to lose the feeling just as it seemed about to explode. She opened the car door and shoved one foot out. She kept her eyes averted from her son's gazing face, knowing he was staring up her long legs, right at her crotch. A shudder went through her as she finally stepped out of the car, slamming the door. She was halfway to her son when she realized she was still holding her dress up. With sob, she ran past her son and into the house, through the living room and down the hall. Her son watched, seeing her pantied ass sway in arousing motion, his cock pushing out against his pants with burning hardness.

Sarah closed her bedroom door and flung herself across her bed, burying her face into her arms, wondering what had made her do such a wicked thing. She had heard stories of people having such urges. But she didn't believe in any of that stuff. What was stranger yet, Sarah had never been a woman with a big sexual appetite. She had never really enjoyed fucking, fucking only when her ex-husband demanded it. She had not gotten much enjoyment from it. And now... She pushed her cunt hard into the mattress, feeling a responding pressure on her cunt. She wiggled and pushed, her cunt tingling with strange pleasure. She had seldom enjoyed an orgasm, and then they had been very weak. They had been just enough to make her know that somehow an orgasm could be very strong... under the right circumstances. She had played with her cunt before, trying hard to experience the wild explosion she had heard about, but failed every time. Grinding into her mattress, she felt the sensation fading, and rolled onto her back, one arm over her wet eyes. Her other hand moved down her flat, stomach to her panties. She felt the wetness of her panties, and touched her clit through them, but there was no response. She dragged her fingertip up and down the slit of her cunt outside the panties, and still there was nothing. Sliding her hand into her panties and through the silky hair of her pussy, she agitated her clit trying to bring back that delicious sensation, but couldn't. Pulling her hand from her panties, she sat up, soft cries of frustration coming from her.
Sarah was confused, puzzled by what she was feeling, and not feeling. Within a very short time she wanted to fuck. For the first time in her life, she wanted a hard cock in her cunt, ramming and pounding and fucking her. Sarah was thirty-three years old, lovely, tall and slender with beautiful, shimmering dark hair and bright blue eyes. As a girl in school, the boys had chased her, but she had nothing to do with them. She had no interest in sex at all. She had been a virgin when she married her husband, and it had hurt her badly that first time. Since then, she had not wanted his cock but gave in because she had felt it her duty.
Her husband found himself a more compatible woman, and left her with Jimmy five years earlier. Sarah had not missed him, and neither had her son, apparently. She never saw him, didn't want to see him, and Jimmy seemed content to it without a father. And now, Sarah thought her cunt was on fire, melting between her long legs with slippery wetness. She had never felt it before, but now it was there, driving her out of her mind. She stood up, and almost ripped her dress from her body. Her flesh itched, but no amount of rubbing soothed it. The itch was between her legs, on the swollen lips of her hairy cunt, her clit, but her fingers and hands failed to soothe it. It was becoming worse, and she clawed at her cunt with both hands, sobbing with frustration. She squatted in the middle of her bedroom floor, plunging four fingers up her cunt wildly, the fingers of her other hand agitating the stiffness of her clit. Her panties clung to her hips in shreds, and the juicy sounds her fingers made only increased her frustrated heat.
Pulling her drenched fingers out of her cunt, she stood up again, tearing her bra away and squeezing at her firm, high tits until a sharp pain made her release them. Her nipples pushed out long and hard, a tan brown color, tingling and burning the way her cunt was. She grabbed a hair brush from her dresser, spreading her legs and bending her knees, and rammed the wooden handle up her cunt, fucking herself with it, sobbing with tears streaming down her smooth cheeks.

The hairbrush failed her, and she pulled it out of her cunt and threw it across the room.
She sat on her bed, burying her face in her hands and cried with misery.
"Mom?" Jimmy's voice came through the door.
"Are you okay?"
She tried to still her sobs. "I'm fine. Please, leave me alone for a while, honey."
"I heard something hit the wall, Mom," he said. "Are you sure you're okay?" "I'm okay,"
she sobbed, then, "No, I'm not okay! Jimmy..."
She lifted her tear-stained face and looked at the door. "Jimmy... please, honey! Oh, God, baby!" She was on her fret and running to the door. She flung it open, grabbing her son's hand and pulling him into the room and to her bed. Jimmy was startled to see his mother naked, her panties hanging in shreds on her hips, her high tits firm, the bushy triangle of her cunt showing, the wetness on her thighs, her face. He didn't know what to say or do, unable to stop looking at his naked mother. Sarah sobbed then feverishly began opening her son's pants, pushing them down, then his shorts. His cock jerked upward, slapping against her chin. She pulled back, eyes wide, staring at his cock a few inches before her face. With a wild, hot gasp, she grabbed her son's cock and jerked it back and forth swiftly, watching the head bulge, beads of juice oozing from his piss-hole.
"Mom..." Jimmy groaned, frozen as he watched her pumping his cock, his body shaking as badly as hers. "Jimmy!" she moaned, her other hand cupping his small, but full balls.
"Oh, Jimmy!" She rubbed the head of his cock about her face, her cheeks and chin, feeling his wetness on her flesh. Her eyes closed, and she drew in a deep, shuddering breath, turning him loose. She stood a moment before him, then grabbed his shoulders and fell across her bed on her back, legs spread wide as her son fell on top of her.

"Fuck me!" she screamed. "Jimmy, fuck me!" Clutching her startled son's hips with both hands, Sarah twisted her ass about, her cunt searching for his cock. She felt it throbbing along her inner thigh, and with a hot cry, one hand darted behind her uplifted ass, pushing at his cock, getting the swollen head on the puffy wetness of her slit. She lunged her ass up and Jimmy's cock stabbed into her cunt. "Ohhhh, Jimmy!" she cried out, clutching his ass again, her fingers digging into the flesh, squirming her cunt at the base of her son's cock.

"Ahhhh, baby, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it!" Sarah hardly knew what she was doing. Her passion was so intense, her need so great, it didn't matter that it was her son's cock in her cunt. All that mattered was a hard cock was there, throbbing powerfully, filling and stretching her with mind-shattering ecstasy. She did not know that her son lay stiffly, unmoving, still shaken by what had happened. She clamped her palms and fingers tightly on his ass, and humped up and down, fucking on his cock. Purrs and gasps came from her. She wrapped her long legs about his, locking her ankles across the backs of his thighs, and pounded frantically up and down, whipping her ass sideways, crushing her inflamed cunt and swollen pussy-lips brutally against the base of his cock. Jimmy's chest smashed her firm tits, his hands above his mother's head. His eyes were closed, lips gaping, and he grunted as her cunt rammed up and down on his cock. His balls became tight, and the silky wet heat seemed to sear the flesh of his bulging prick, consuming him. Sarah cried and sobbed, grinding her hips furiously, making soft wet slapping sounds as she raced her cunt up the length of her son's cock and down again. Her body was tingling with insane heat, her mind reeling with the most rapture she had ever felt in her entire life. Her cunt felt as if it was on fire, yet so wet it was unbelievable. She could feel her pussy throb and squeeze in delicious waving motions on the shaft of her son's cock, and her cunt was so tight, so hard, she was going out of her mind. She unlocked her ankles and placed her heels on the edge of her bed, knees bent and flung wide. With this leverage, she banged up onto her son's cock almost violently, lifting his body. The outrageous need between her legs drove her, carried her into the realm of screaming ecstasy.

"Fuck me!" she cried over and over. "Fuck me... fuck me... fuck me!" Her hands moved off his ass and up his back to his shoulders, then his head. She clung to his hair, pulling it without knowing, her hips gyrating with wild, frenzied action. She lifted her head and bit into her son's shoulder, trying to stifle the screams in her throat. The wetness of her cunt increased until the insides of her smooth thighs were slippery, the cheeks of her rounded ass glistening. Her cunt was pulling at Jimmy's cock as it plunged up and down, clasping and releasing, tightening and loosening. Her clit was larger than it ever had been, throbbing and ready to burst like a ripe gape. Her tits were hard, very hard, her nipples pushing up stiffly against his chest.

"Jimmy! Oh, my God, Jimmy!" she wailed. "I'm about to... ohhh, ram your cock up my cunt hard! My cunt is... mother's cunt is... ooooohhhhh!" The orgasm almost tore Sarah apart. Her cunt contracted with almost painful spasms, yet it was so sweet, so beautiful, she felt no pain. Her clit throbbed in the way his cock did, the juicy tightness of her cunt caressing his cock with little ripples as it convulsed and quivered and sucked. Sarah strained her pussy as hard as she could on her son's cock, squealing as the rapture intensified. Her hands were once again clutching her son's ass, pulling him down tight, trying to take his hard cock deeper yet. Her orgasm burned from her belly button, radiating out from her cunt and along her thighs to her knees, the cheeks of her ass melting and her asshole puckering as her cunt did. The orgasm was losing strength, and she began to slowly relax, moaning as the steamy glow flowed through her. And then Jimmy came. She felt his cock lurching a couple of times inside her cunt, but didn't know he was coming. Her eyes opened then bulged. Jimmy was spewing hot, thick come-juice into her cunt, rapidly, jerk after jerk.
"Jimmy!" she screeched, her cunt gripping his gushing cock as another orgasm burst hotly inside her. "Jimmy... ohhh, Jimmy!" Her hands dug hard into the crack of her son's ass, pulling him down tightly as he spewed into her pussy, her cunt drawing on the shaft of his cock like a hot, greedy mouth. Slowly, very slowly, Sarah came down. Her ass slumped to the bed, her heels sliding from the edge and thumping to the floor. Her arms weakened and she dropped them to her sides, breathing hard, her son's weight smashing down on her body as he panted, his face buried into her neck. After a long time, Jimmy lifted from his mother, his cock pulling out of her cunt with a little sucking sound. He stood up, turning sideways shyly and pulling his pants up. Sarah lay in her sprawled, exposed position, too weak to move. Her eyes were slitted, and she could see nothing but a hazy outline of her son as he left her, closing her bedroom door softly behind him.

Sarah felt the tears in her eyes. She wasn't sure if she was crying from shame, or because she had felt something she had only heard about, something that was so tremendous, so good she could hardly believe she had actually felt it. Sarah was like a stranger around her son. Both were shy and bashful, avoiding looking at each other directly. Sarah could not understand what had come over her, but she had loved it. She wanted to fuck her son again, but he was so bashful, avoiding her even while they were in the same room. He was in and out of the house, running around with his cousin, Keith. She was surprised that her nephew allowed her son to be with him all the time. Keith was a few years older than Jimmy. Yet Keith was like an older brother to Jimmy, and they were inseparable. Karen, her sister, was a few years older than Sarah, but seemed so worldly to Sarah. Karen was outgoing, outspoken, and with a sunny disposition that drew others to her. Like Sarah, Karen was tall and beautiful, but they didn't look like sisters at all. Where Sarah was dark-haired, Karen was a lovely honey blonde, and where Sarah had blue eyes, Karen's were brown.

They had never been close as teenagers, and had only become friends in the past five years or so. Now they shopped together, gossiped together, and Karen made feeble attempts at matchmaking her younger sister. Their closeness started when Sarah was divorced, and had become even closer over the past five years. The one thing Sarah wished her sister wouldn't do was talk about her own husband so badly. She was sure her brother-in-law was not as bad as Karen said. He was a good provider, even if he did travel often in his business. When he was home, he continued to work, and according to Karen, had little patience with his son or her. Sarah wondered if Karen had ever felt the urge to do what she had done at the instant teller machine, and giggled as she tried to imagine Karen lifting her dress as she had done. One thing she was sure of, Karen had not fucked Keith as she had fucked Jimmy. Karen wouldn't do anything so shameful, she was sure. Besides, Karen could not be as frustrated, even if her husband did travel often. Karen probably had no problem with sex, and enjoyed orgasms frequently. Sarah felt she was the only woman in the world that found little satisfaction in getting fucked. That is, until she practically raped her son. Fucking Jimmy had shown her what it was supposed to be like, what a real orgasm actually was. During the next week, Sarah attempted to recreate that wonderful, intense feeling by using her fingers and hands, but nothing seemed to feel right. She could stretch her cunt by ramming all her fingers into it, but the sensations weren't the same, and it failed to make her come, even weakly. She would start to tingle, then it would go away, leaving her in worse shape than ever. She longed to grab her son and stuff his cock into her cunt, climb on top of him bounce away, rape him again. But she was ashamed of her earlier actions, and could see the way her son would look at her accusingly then shift his gaze quickly. The day before, she had been on the couch, her dress wrapped about her narrow waist, her panties pulled to one side, vigorously fucking herself with all four fingers, trying hard to bring about release again, when her son came in and saw her. For a moment he stared, then turned and left her quickly. Sarah, her fingers buried far up her pussy, had frozen when her son walked in, her breath caught in her chest. She had pulled her drenched fingers from her cunt and sat there, feeling guilty, thinking this was all wrong. It should have been her catching her son playing with his cock, not him finding her vigorously finger-fucking.

Jimmy had not come home until almost bedtime, and she didn't have the courage to let him know he was breaking the rules by staying out so late. After all, she had broken the rules with him a week ago. When he came in, he went straight to his room, closing his door, never glancing at her. Sarah knew her son felt embarrassed about her rape, knew he was shy and bashful about it. She thought he had been hurt by what she had done, ashamed of her, perhaps. She paced the floor, wringing her hands wishing she had more control over what was happening to her. She should not have been sitting on the couch with her fingers up her cunt in the first place, she told herself. If she had to fuck herself, she should have been in her room, so her son wouldn't have seen her. But she had been on the couch, and he had seen her, and there was nothing she could do about it now. When she got up this morning he had already had breakfast and was out of the house and now it was early afternoon and he had not come home yet. The doorbell startled her in mid-pace. A frantic feeling came over her for a moment, then she pushed it away. She had nothing to be afraid of, and certainly not because the doorbell rang.
"Oh, hi," she said, seeing Karen there. Karen brushed past her and to the couch, sitting down and looking at Sarah quizzically.
"Sarah, you look different."
"Different? How?" Sarah clasped her hands across her stomach, avoiding a direct gaze at her older sister. She was sure Karen could see everything in her eyes.
"More... radiant," Karen said. "Your eyes are sparkling." "My eyes?" "And there's a certain glow on your skin," Karen said. "Are you seeing some man after all this time? If so, it's damn well time you did. A new man can positively make a woman glow."
"Karen, you know better than that," Sarah said, her voice shaky.
"I don't know any men, and I wouldn't have one if I did."
"Oh, is that right?" Karen asked, arching her eyebrows.
"And you seem so nervous about something. Hey, come on, this is big sister. What's bothering you, Sarah?"
"Nothing," Sarah said, her lips tight as she began her pacing once more, not aware of it.
"Nothing is bothering me." Karen watched Sarah closely, seeing how she wrung her hands, the stiffness of her body, the back-and-forth movement from one end of the room to the other, the slight frown on her lovely face. Sarah fought to keep herself calm.

Karen had always been very perceptive, always seeming to know about others just by looking at them. She didn't want Karen to see through her, see what was tumbling about inside her mind, see that she had fucked her son, that she was about to go out of her mind with this crazy, tormenting desire.
"I get it," Karen said softly. Sarah did not reply, but walked to the huge front window, facing it, staring out at the bright sunny day. Sunshine shined though the window, and Sarah did not know that her body was outlined under her dress, her long legs showing as she stood with her feet slightly apart. Karen was looking at her sister's back, seeing how rigid it was. She knew, instinctively, what her younger sister's problem was. Quietly she stood and moved up behind Sarah. When she placed her hands on Sarah's shoulders, she felt her sister begin to tremble, and heard a soft whimper come from Sarah.

"I know what it is," Karen whispered soft.
"You're tight as a drum, Sarah. I went through this once, when I was in high school. I know just what to do to make you relax. A girl helped me then, and I'll help you now, Sarah." Karen began massaging Sarah's neck muscles, her fingers firm and soothing. Sarah whimpered again as the touch of her sister's fingers sent a wild, bubbling her to her cunt, her tits pushing out hard at her dress. She closed her eyes, resisting the urge to lean back, give herself up to her sister's soothing hands and fingers. She tightened her muscles, clenching the checks of her ass.

"Come on, relax," Karen whispered, hot breath. "Relax, this won't hurt a bit." Sarah could hardly breathe. Karen's soft hands were moving along her back but then they slipped around her waist, and slowly moved upward. Sarah trembled, moist little sobs in her throat. She wanted to run away, yet she wanted to stay. Her legs shook, and she looked down at her sister's hand when she felt them moving upward.
"Please..." she panted as her sister's hand cupped her tits.
"Shhhhh," Karen whispered in her ear, squeezing Sarah's tits gently, rubbing her palms about the stiff nipples. "Just relax. Just relax and let the tension flow out, honey." Sarah closed her eyes, feeling her tits tingle as her sister massaged them, squeezing deliciously. She stood on weak legs in front of the window, and sagged slightly. She placed her hands on top of her sister's, leaning her head back, feeling the burning wetness in the crotch of her bikini panties. Her breath came faster, and her hips started to writhe. She felt Karen's body pressing against hers, felt Karen's tits smashing on her shoulder blades, and the pressure of her lower body against her clenched ass-cheeks.

"Please, Karen..." she whispered in a little sob.
"Shhhhh," Karen whispered again, pinching Sarah's nipples gently through her dress. "Be quiet and let me relax you." Sarah began to pant hotly when one of Karen's hands moved down from her tits, over her trembling stomach. She kept her hand on top of Karen's, and when she felt her sister's fingers pressing at her cunt, through her dress and panties, she exerted pressure with her own hand.
"I knew this was it, Sarah," Karen purred in her ear, the tip of her tongue fucking out to lick at the lobe.
"I could see it." Her fingers rubbed lightly up and down, then firmer. Sarah's cunt bulged inside her panties, and when her sister rubbed at it, she groaned softly, arching her hips into the hand. She sobbed as she felt Karen inching her dress up, using both hands now. She wanted to stop her, but she didn't want to stop her. Her cunt was on fire, as wet and hot as it had been the day she fucked her son. Sarah lost all control, just as she had that day, when her sister bunched her dress around her waist, and rubbed at her cunt through her panties.
"You're so wet, Sarah," Karen whispered, her voice very thick and low.

"You've soaked your panties, baby."
"Karen, please..." Again her sister shushed her, sliding her hand down the elastic waist of Sarah's panties. Sarah couldn't breathe as she felt Karen's fingers brush through the soft hair of her cunt and when a fingertip touched her clit her hips lurched forward, wanting the pressure. Karen was nibbling at her ear now, and rubbing two fingers along the swollen sides of Sarah's bulging clit squeezing it between them. Sarah twisted her ass, feeling her sister press her hips forward. She balled her fingers into fists at her hips, fighting to keep from turning in Karen's arms, grabbing her tits, kissing her, licking her lips and sucking her tongue, feeling her sister's body, her ass, her cunt.

"Mmmmm, nice and juicy," Karen purred, kissing lightly at Sarah's ear.

"Your pussy is very hot and juicy, Sarah." Sarah gasped as her sister worked a finger into the steamy depths of her cunt.
As Karen slowly pushed and pulled her finger, Sarah suddenly became aware of being in front of the window, her dress up, and her sister finger-fucking her cunt. Heat moved over her face, but the burn of her pussy intensified and she pushed her palm hard on top of Karen's hand between her thighs.

"Let me," Karen mewled, her wet tongue circling Sarah's ear. "Let me take care of it... make you feel good... take the tension out of you." Her finger darted in and out of Sarah's cunt, picking up speed as the heel of her hand smashed the straining clit. Sarah spread her feet on the floor, wider, her hips humping to the rhythm of her sister's penetrating finger. She cooed and gurgled softly, the hairy lips of her cunt clutching Karen's finger.

"Karen?" Sarah cried out. "Oh, yes, Sarah!" Karen purred, ramming her finger deep into her sister's cunt. "Come, Sarah!" Sarah's cunt was exploding, the hairy lips in spasms of tight heat, her clit bursting.

She cried out and smashed her hand on top of her sister's, pushing the buried finger a bit deeper. The orgasm was good, but it was not as strong as having her son's cock in her cunt. When the orgasm faded, she was no more relieved than before, and her cunt burned and seeped just as insatiably.

"My, you are in bad shape, aren't you?" Karen whispered against her ear, pumping her finger in and out once more.
"You need some more, don't you, Sarah?"

"God, oh my God!" Sarah cried out. "I need much more, Karen! I need... need so much more!"

"Here," Karen said, slipping her hand out of Sarah's panties and pulling her across the room to the couch.

"I'll do you up good." Sarah didn't resist as her sister knelt before her, dragging her tight bikini panties down. She stepped from them, holding her dress up herself. When Karen gently pushed her to the couch, she sat down willingly, her eyes smoldering as she breathed excitedly. Karen pushed her knees apart, gazing at the juicy pink cunt with the soft curls of hair along the slit, wide at the top. Sarah began to churn her ass when her sister caressed the soft inner flesh of her thighs, then stroked her throbbing cunt tenderly. Sarah's hand whipped up to her tits, clasping them inside her dress, arching her cunt to Karen's hand, twisting with passion. Karen pushed her sister's legs wider, and Sarah cried out and flung them apart, pushing her cunt to Karen's hands. Karen used both hands, her fingers spreading the pink wet cunt, then smashing the hairy lips together. She spread Sarah's cunt again, watching her cunt bulge up with fiery stiffness. Stiffening four of her fingers together, Karen pushed them into her sister's cunt, bringing a squeal of ecstasy from Sarah. She began to fuck her fingers in and out, making wet sounds, the fingers of her other hand rubbing and agitating Sarah's intensely inflamed cunt.

"Ohhhh, Karen, Karen!" Sarah wailed, churning her hips up and down wantonly, twisting and wiggling, squeezing at her covered tits hard, making them tingle with a sort of pleasure and pain.

"Ahhhh, yes, Karen!" Karen's eyes glowed brightly as she watched Sarah's naked hips fly up and down, grinding on her fingers. She stabbed furiously, breathing hotly against one of Sarah's creamy thighs. The fresh, sweet scent of Sarah's juicy cunt filled her nostrils and she inhaled it greedily. She saw the juices seeping past her buried fingers, smearing the humping cheeks of Sarah's tight ass.

"Harder!" Karen cried out. "Ohhhh, please, harder... faster... deeper! Ahhhh, more, Karen... more!" Karen really didn't have to run her fingers back and forth. Sarah was riding them with her cunt furiously, sliding her hairy, tight cunt back and forth, almost to her palm. The wet sounds excited Karen, and her own cunt began to bubble with more wetness than before. She was on her knees between the spreading legs of her sister, and she pulled her hand from Sarah's cunt and slipped it under her own skirt, rubbing at the tight crotch of her own panties, feeling her cunt burn through the flimsy cloth. Squishy sounds wore loud as Sarah pumped her cunt up and down on her sister's fingers. She twisted and rolled her ass about her hands digging at her tits then scooting down swiftly to her thighs where she clutched the inner softness and spread them as wide as she could.

"Ohhhhh, Karen!" she wailed. "Ahhhh, please! That's so good, Karen! Oooooh, so wonderful!" Karen was panting, her eyes smoldering as she watched Sarah's hairy, soft, hot and wet cunt thrusting up and down.

She could see the pink lips spread about her fingers, feel the softness of the inside, the steamy wetness. Her own cunt was on fire now, burning as hotly as her sister's, and she rushed her hand into her panties, finger fucking herself furiously.
"Pump, Sarah, pump!" she moaned. "I am!" Karen sobbed, her fingers now on the lips of her stretched cunt, pulling it wider.
"I am pumping!" With her head twisting about, her eyes closed, Sarah gasped and cried out with ecstasy, ecstasy that was making her mind spin wilder and wilder. Her hips churned wantonly, the cheeks of her ass bunching.

"Karen! Ohhhhhhhh, Karen, it's going to happen!" she shrieked. "I'm about to come, Karen! Ohhhh, hard, please! Deeper... fuck me deeper! I'm about to come and I want to be fucked hard and deep!" Screaming out her rapture, Sarah jerked upward, her arms wrapping around the back of them. She humped her ass up and down frantically while her sister once more rammed her fingers into her fiery cunt. The orgasm burned and swelled, and with a shout, Sarah came. The convulsions were strong, as strong as they had been when she fucked her son.

Her ass lurched up, grinding as she screamed in ecstasy. Karen felt Sarah's cunt grabbing and squeezing her fingers, and with a low moan of satisfaction, her own cunt contracted about her darting finger, but her orgasm was not as strong as Sarah's. As the orgasm wound down, Sarah's ass slumped, her long legs straight out, spread open. Karen pulled her drenched fingers out of her sister's bushy cunt, lifting her hand from her panties. She was standing up when Jimmy came in the front door. Jimmy stopped in his tracks, staring at his mother's lewd exposure, seeing her juicy cunt gleaming wetly. For a moment Sarah couldn't move.

Finally, she closed her legs, tugging her dress down and sitting up, her face flushed with the glow of her orgasm, but also with the embarrassment of being caught. Karen, too, had gone stiff. She had been in the process of smoothing her tight skirt over her curvy hips and legs when Jimmy came in unexpectedly. She had whirled to face him, her skirt still about her hips. As his mother tugged her skirt down, Jimmy's eyes swung to his aunt and he saw her frilly, skimpy panties, her creamy, long legs while Karen stood blushing. His cock hardened pushing at the front of his pants. He made no attempt to hide it, but stood looking at his aunt as she nervously got her dress down. Sarah sat with her hands folded in her lap, looking down at them bashfully. When she had her dress down, Karen looked at Sarah, and scooted past Jimmy carefully, closing the door as she left the house, but with a last peek at his outlined hard-on.

"What's been happening, Mom?" Jimmy asked, his voice husky from what he had seen.
"What was Aunt Karen doing?" "N-nothing." Jimmy didn't believe her. He had seen her spread out with her cunt exposed, her panties lying on the floor, and he could smell the arousing scent of hot, wet cunt throughout the room. He moved toward his mother, and Sarah's body trembled. She peeked from lowered lashes and saw her son's cock pushing at his pants. The blushed deepened on her creamy cheeks.

"You've been playing naughty, Mom," her son said. Jimmy waited, but she didn't go on. His cock was lurching inside his pants, and his balls were full and hot. Since his mother had surprised him that evening a week ago, he had been wanting more, but didn't know how to approach her. He had sensed her embarrassment about her aggressive behavior, and had seen her shyness, but he still wanted to feel her hot cunt around his cock again.

"Did Aunt Karen kiss it, Mom?" he asked in a hoarse voice. "Kiss... kiss what?" "Your pussy," Jimmy blurted. "Did Aunt Karen kiss your pussy, Mom?" "Jimmy, please..." Sarah couldn't look up at her son. All she could do was sit there trembling and blushing furiously, hands clasped tightly in her lap. Jimmy began to open his pants.

Hearing the rustle of his clothing, Sarah peeked at him. She held her breath when she saw he was opening his pants, unzipping them. When they were open, he pushed them to his knees, and his cock lurched up, long and hard, with a shining, smooth head and wet piss-hole. His balls were tight and looked very full to her. The evening she had practically raped him, she had not gotten a close look at his cock and balls, but now she did. There was a scattering of dark, curling hairs at the base of his cock, but none on his preciously sweet-looking balls. Her breath came out in a low hissing sound when she saw him close his fist about his cock and began to pump it back and forth. Sarah stared at his hand, his cock, mesmerized. He moved his fist slowly, but gripped the shaft tightly, making the head bulge out and his piss-hole widen. She saw a drop of juice form on his piss-hole, then drop from it. Sarah's tongue moved across her lips as a low, hungry moan bubbled from her throat. While he jacked slowly on his cock, Jimmy touched his mother's tits inside her dress. Sarah's body jerked, but forward, not back. His palm closed about her tit, and he felt it, stroking it, squeezing it, feeling her nipple stiff against his palm, burning past the light-weight material of her dress.

"You're not wearing a bra, Mom," Jimmy said. Sarah hardly heard. She stared with hot eyes at his cock. It was about six inches from her face, and not knowing she was doing it, she moved a little closer, her lips parted. Jimmy was squeezing her tit hard now, his fist moving a little faster on his cock. Sarah moaned low in her throat, her tongue licking from one corner of her mouth to the other one more slowly. Despite the massive orgasm she had just enjoyed with her sister's fingers, her cunt was boiling wetly again, soaking into the back of her dress, and she writhed her ass on the cushions of the couch, pressing her thighs hard together, mewling as the pressure sent a stabbing sweetness through her clit. "Jimmy..." she whispered in passion. Her fingers opened, her right hand lifting upward. She cupped his balls in her hand while he stood jacking off and feeling her tit. The heat of her son's young balls seemed to blister her palm as she closed her fingers about them.

"Ohhh, Mom!" Jimmy grunted as she squeezed his balls, his tight fist jerking rapidly back and forth on his cock. Sarah gripped Jimmy's balls and watched his cock, her eyes smoldering as her lips parted. She wondered if he was going to come off in her face, and what she would do about it if he did. She had never seen a cock squirt before, had never had her face so close to one. It was exciting, making her shiver and her mouth become strangely wet until she had to swallow. There was an unusual tingling sensation in her throat, not unlike the way her cunt tingled in heat. She was feeling and seeing things that excited her, things she had never even thought about a week ago... until she had given in to the impulse to lift her dress at the bank's instant teller. Another impulse was coming to her, a strong urge to close her lips around her son's cock, to taste it, lick it, suck on it. It was a crazy desire, because Sarah had always felt revulsion for that when anyone ever mentioned such things. Women that allowed a man to put his cock in their mouths were sluts, whores, she told herself before. A man pissed out of that thing, how could any decent woman take it into her mouth? Yet that was what Sarah wanted to do now... feel her son's hot, hard cock inside her mouth. Her face was moving closer to the bulging head of her son's cock, her lips opening more, her hand holding his balls tightly. Jimmy pulled back from her, her hand falling away from his balls. He squatted at her knees, and when he pushed them open, Sarah did not resist. She leaned back on the couch, her eyes slitted with passion, looking down as her son spread her knees and began to push her skirt up. She wondered if she would actually have taken his cock into her mouth if he had not pulled it away, and with startling clarity, realized she would have. Her knees were spread wide now, her skirt at her stomach, her hairy cunt showing, juices glistening on the pink lips and clit. Jimmy stared at his mother's cunt for a long time, breathing hard. Then he stood, stepping between her legs, gripping his cock once more. Watching his cock, Sarah caressed her hands down her body to her thighs, and opened them wider yet, lifting her cunt to the head of her son's cock. For a long, teasing, breathless moment, Jimmy rubbed the head of his cock up and down the slit of his mother's cunt, feeling the wetness, the heat of it, Sarah's fingers moved up her thighs to her cunt, pulling the swollen lips open, her clit straining up in hardness. Jimmy placed the head of his cock on his mother's clit, his piss-hole over the rigid tip, and held it there. Sarah stared down her body at it, breathing in hot, quick gasps as her hips jerked with the contact. She pulled her cunt wide, a moan coming from her throat. Jimmy jacked his cock as he pressed his piss-hole onto her clit. He pushed his cock downward, and breathed with excitement as he felt the wet heat of her cunt. He slowly pushed his prick into the soft wetness, watching her pussy spread about the head. Sarah was holding her breath, and as his cock slipped into her cunt, she let it out, her hips jerking upward, a little cry bubbling from her. With her cunt clasping the head of his cock, Jimmy held still. He felt his mother's pussy squeeze the head of his prick, a flexing movement that excited him. He slipped his hands to his mother's hips, and Sarah lifted her ass, sliding he cunt along the shaft of her son's cock, taking it deeply inside. She felt his hot, tight balls on the crack of her ass when she smashed the hairy, swollen lips of her cunt onto the base of his cock. She strained against him, feeling his prick jerk and burn and throb far up her pussy, his balls writhing excitedly. Sarah closed her hot thighs against his, pressing tightly, then flung them open again.

"Jimmy, fuck me," she breathed, her eyes glittering.

"Fuck me, baby. I want you to fuck me!" Jimmy groaned his face twisting with pleasure as he dug his hands into his mother's hips. He pulled back, watching how her cunt clung to his cock. When the head almost slipped free, he pushed back, hard and fast.

"Ohhhh, baby!" Sarah whimpered, delighted by the sudden stab of his cock. Standing between his mother's thighs, gripping her hips, Jimmy lunged back and forth, smacking wetly into her cunt. Sarah began to churn her ass with him, lurching up and down, grinding as she sobbed softly. Each time her son rammed into her cunt, there was a soft slapping sound, and it made her tits jiggle, her nipples rubbing at her dress. "Uh... uh..." Her breath came out as her son banged hard into her cunt.

"Ooooh... uhhhh, Jimmy!" Her legs were flung wide apart, only her toes touching the floor as she strained her cunt to him. Her hands flew upward, closing about her tits inside her dress, squeezing them as her head twisted from one side to the other, eyes glazed in ecstasy. The muscles of her flat stomach rippled as she lunged her cunt up and down to meet his strong penetrations. She fucked at him frantically, her cunt tingling with wet fire, fucking him unashamedly. Her fingers ripped at her dress, and her tits showed. Jimmy stared at them, the creamy smoothness, fine, light-brown nipples. Sarah's upper arms pushed them together, causing her nipples to push up with hot hardness.

"Jimmy... my titties," she moaned. "Ohhh, my tithes, baby! Touch mother's titties!" Leaning forward, his cock sliding in and out of her cunt wildly, Jimmy grabbed his mother's naked tits, feeling them for the first time without anything covering them. He found the flesh smooth, very smooth, firm with tight nipples, so hard. Squeezing his mother's tits, he rammed his cock in and out faster and harder.

Sarah made gurgling sounds, her hands on top of his while he fondled her tits, her hips churning and lurching and grinding in frantic motion as he fucked her. She yelped and gasped, cried out and sobbed as the rapture swelled and seared her from head to toe.
"Jimmy, Jimmy," Sarah choked.

"Oh, baby, fuck me! Fuck me good, Jimmy! Ooooh, it's wonderful! Fuck mother, darling! Ahhhh, you're so big and hard in my pussy, Jimmy! Oh, I want more! I want all you've got! I want more cock, Jimmy!" An orgasm boiled from her.

She smashed her son's hands hard onto her tits, and strained her cunt onto his cock, pushing hard, not letting him pull back. "Jimmy!" she screamed. Her cunt convulsed about his prick, her orgasm burning wetly. The ripples of her orgasm made her mind spin with frantic hunger, and she whipped her crotch about with his cock buried up her cunt. The spasms of her pussy clung to his cock tightly, sucking and squeezing, her clit crushed at the base, his balls searing the creamy sweetness of her churning ass. "Ohhhh, God! Ohhh, my God!" Sarah cried. "I'm coming so hard, Jimmy! Ooooh, my pussy... my pussy...!" Jimmy gritted his teeth as he felt his mother's cunt sucking on his cock. Her pussy seemed to squeeze his prick as tightly as his fist, and his balls felt painfully swollen. "Oooohhhh, Jimmy!" she sobbed as her orgasm faded, winding down. Her cunt kept twitching about his cock, and she looked up at his twisted face questioningly.

"You didn't come!" "I will, Mom," he moaned, and pulled his cock from her cunt. The empty feeling made her cry out softly. Jimmy looked down at her pussy for a long time, his cock jerking up and down with hardness. The insides of her thighs were slippery and glistening with juices, the dark hair of her cunt beaded wetly, the pink lips still pulsating. Sarah felt embarrassment start to creep through her, but she fought against it. She moved her hands off his, down her body, and fingered the swollen lips of her hairy cunt boldly, despite the faint pink on her cheeks. Jimmy looked so adorable to her, standing with his pants at his knees, his t-shirt lifted, his cock hard and straining, his precious balls below. When he took her hand, she didn't resist, and when he pulled her off the couch, she didn't resist. When he began to position her on her hands and knees on the floor, she blushed. She felt him push her dress over her naked ass to her waist, and felt vulnerable, exposed to him. Her tits were so swollen and tight, they hardly dangled. Jimmy stood behind his mother, gazing at her round, creamy ass, seeing the split, the light brown pucker of her tight asshole, the wet hairs of her cunt, the sparkling slit.

"Push it back, Mom," he said hoarsely. Sarah pushed her ass back, lowering her head and shoulders to the floor. Her naked ass jutted in the air, her cunt pooching from her spreading knees. Jimmy dropped to his knees behind her, caressing the sleek flesh of his mother's ass, sliding the edge of his hand up and down the split, feeling the fiery heat of her crinkling hole, the twitching of her cunt. Sarah moaned softly, her face buried into the crook of her right arm. Jimmy took his time, feeling and looking at his mother's ass and cunt, the backs of her slender thighs.
His cock was jerking about, dripping from his piss-hole, his balls wild and hot. He leaned down and peered at his mother's lifted ass and cunt, pushing his face close. Sarah felt his hot breath on her flesh, and held her breath, wondering if he was going to put his mouth on her ass, on her cunt. But he didn't. She felt his cock nabbing along the slit of her cunt, up the crack of her spreading ass, brushing over her crinkled asshole and down again. When she felt the head of his cock against her cunt, she moaned and pushed back, feeling his prick slide into her pussy.

"Ooooh, Jimmy!" His hands gripped her hips, and he rammed his cock far into his mother's cunt, filling it again. He stared down between the spreading cheeks of her ass, watching her bushy cunt slide over his cock as he pushed and pulled, fucking her again. Sobs came from Sarah as her son rammed back and forth. Each thrust of his cock made her naked tits jiggle, caused her to scoot on the floor. She had to keep pulling her knees forward. She arched her naked ass high, wanting to feel his cock go very deep. She felt his balls brush at her inflamed clit with each stab.

"Ahhh, Mom!" Jimmy grunted, digging his fingers into her hips hard, jerking her naked ass back when he thrust into her cunt.

"Ohhh Mom, you're so wet and hot!" "Fuck me, Jimmy!" she groaned.

"Ohhh, baby, fuck me hard again! I can feel you so deep in me... so deep in my pussy!" She waggled her ass, unable to hold still.
She was still flushed, but with ecstasy now instead of embarrassment. She twisted her uplifted ass wantonly as her son plunged in and out, seemed unbelievable to her. She had not felt AGES anything like it, even the first time she fucked her son.

"Give it to me, Jimmy!" Sarah shrieked mindlessly. "Oh, baby, give it to mother hard and deep! My pussy... my pussy is... it's so good, Jimmy!" Lifting her upper body, arms straight, but trembling, she strained her ass back at her son as hard as she could, lifting her head, and letting out a screech of rapture.

Her cunt exploded around his pounding cock, the orgasm tight and intense, the contractions very powerful. "Jimmy! Jimmy! Ohhh, yes, Jimmy!" Jimmy plunged hard, gritting his teeth, his balls on fire and aching for release. He clutched his mother's hips, penetrating her cunt as deep as he could go. His body trembled then became stiff. With a howl, he sent boiling streams, of thick come-juice into his mother's spasming cunt, splashing the walls, filling her.

When her son's cock gushed, Sarah's orgasm increased with power, her mind spinning, and her arms collapsed, causing her tits to crush beneath her body. She clawed at the carpet and jerked her ass frantically against him. Her hands raced up her spreading thighs, and curled about the cheeks of her ass. Sarah pulled her ass open as far as she could, pushing hard onto his cock. Her fingers spread the hairy lips of her convulsing cunt as she tried to get more of his spewing cock into it. She felt each spurt of his hot juices.

Her eyes popped open, her cunt erupting into a third orgasm. "Ohhh, again!" she cried out. "Jimmy, I'm coming again!" The contractions sucked at his cock, pulling the final spurts of his juice from his balls. Then, shivering, Sarah became weak, and scooted along the floor until she was lying flat on her stomach, her hands still holding her ass, legs parted. Jimmy's cock came from her cunt, and he knelt between her legs, watching her creamy smooth ass tremble. One last spurt of his come juice spewed from his cock, splashing on the pretty roundness of his mother's ass, glistening on her flesh. Slowly Jimmy sat back, gasping hard. He saw his mother's ass through a haze as they rested, the hairy frame around her pink cunt.
"Oh, Jimmy," Sarah whispered softly. "That was better than before." Jimmy grinned. "You didn't tell me if Aunt Karen kissed your pussy or not, Mom?" he said. "Did she?" "Of course not," Sarah said, shyly. "She used her..." "Her fingers, right, Mom?" he giggled. Sarah didn't reply. She felt embarrassed again, but not because she had fucked her son once more, but because he had almost caught her with her sister's fingers up her cunt.


With only a little embarrassment, Sarah managed to talk to her son about their involvement. She was delighted that he was enjoying fucking her, without shame. She still could not explain her sudden hunger for cock, because she still did not understand it. All she knew was her cunt was, almost overnight, on fire constantly, and she was having orgasms -- beautiful orgasms. Exposing herself at the bank nude made no sense to her either, but she couldn't deny it had made her excited. She still had the tendency to blush when she and Jimmy talked about fucking, but it wasn't as bad as at first. Her son, over his surprise, showed only eagerness to keep fucking her. Her thoughts were filled with Jimmy constantly, thoughts of his beautiful hard cock and preciously young balls. She had gotten a good look at his cock and balls, and could remember every detail of them, even the little blue veins, the scanty hair at the base, the flare of his wet little piss-hole. She felt alive now, vibrant and happy.

Each evening Jimmy fucked her, and she was always waiting for his prick. During the day, he was out with his cousin, Keith then he came home for dinner, and stayed in the rest of the evening. She could not keep her eyes from him as he sat and watched his favorite programs on television, waiting for him to come to her, his cock hard, and plunge it into her bubbling, wet cunt. She did not make the first advance toward her son anymore, but let him make the moves on her. Sometimes she sat at his side, leaning into his shoulder, and loved it when he draped his arm around her, fondling her tits as they watched his programs. That was usually the signal she waited for, and while he played with her tits she would begin to feel him up, rub and stroke his cock and balls inside his pants until he was throbbingly hard.

This evening, Jimmy had pushed his hand into the top of her tight t-shirt, playing with her tits, pulling and twisting her nipples. She had his cock very hard in his pants, and was squeezing it and rubbing it, listening to his soft moans of pleasure. His other hand slipped to her knee, and moved under her skirt along her soft, smooth thigh. Sarah found it hard to breathe as his fingers approached her cunt. Jimmy rubbed a fingertip along the front of her panties, and her legs parted.

"Your panties are wet, Mom," he said, sliding a finger inside them and tracing the slit of her cunt.

"Wet for you, and this," she purred, squeezing his cock deliciously.

"You don't blush so much now," he said.

"Maybe I'm getting used to it," she replied, opening his pants and pulling his cock out.

"Does that mean you're gonna stop fucking me, Mom?" "Stop fucking you?" She jacked his cock, looking into his face.

"I'm never going to stop fucking you, Jimmy. I love you, and this hard cock, too much." Jimmy squirmed beneath her pumping fist, working a finger into her cunt.

He had been talking to Keith, more or less bragging. He had told his cousin about almost catching their mothers that day, and after Keith had Jimmy explain in as much detail as he could about what he saw, the two boys had come to the conclusion that their mothers had been sucking each other's cunt. Keith had asked Jimmy if his mother did anything but fuck him, like sucking his cock. When Jimmy denied this, his cousin said he should try and get his mother to suck him off, that a blow-job was really neat. As interested as Jimmy was in feeling his cock inside his mother's mouth, he could not bring himself to ask her to suck him.

Sarah, however, remembered how close his cock had been to her face that day, even the exciting scent of it, slightly sweaty and with a subtle odor of piss on it. She had not forgotten it, how it looked so close to her face. Holding his cock in her fist now, making the head bulge, she stared down at it, her eyes glassy with desire. She had her legs open so her son could thrust his finger into her cunt, and her pussy was swollen and juicy, her clit rigid. She jacked down on his cock, holding her fist tight at the base, watching the head spew outward, his piss-hole seeping a clear juice. She leaned closer, her head on her son's chest, and stared at his cock as she jerked it up and down. She inhaled the heady scent, the arousing scent of his hard cock. It was a fresh smell now, without a sweaty tinge or piss odor. She held his cock pointed toward her face, and slowly pushed down on his body, until her lips were only inches from the head. She still wasn't sure what she was going to do, only that she wanted her face closer to his cock. Jimmy could no longer finger-fuck her, but clung to her firm tit with his hand shoved into the tight neck of her t-shirt. He leaned back, feeling the hot breath of his mother on his cock, anxiously waiting for her to do something besides jack him.

He wanted to push at the back of her head, force his cock into her mouth, but restrained from doing that. Sarah gave a nervous giggle.

"Mom, what's funny?" She didn't answer him. She licked her lips, staring hotly at his cock. She held her breath, and rubbed her lips over the dripping head, very lightly. Jimmy gasped, his hand squeezing her full tit hard. The wet heat of her son's cock surprised her, made her lips tingle. She tried to make herself think that he pissed with this cock, tried to stop herself from what she wanted to do. But her tongue slipped out, touched his wet piss hole lightly, then slowly circled the smooth, swollen head. She was surprised and delighted at how smooth and hot the head of his cock was on her tongue. She was also surprised that she didn't mind the slippery juices at all, either.

Putting her lips against the head of his cock, she kissed it. Jimmy moaned softly, spreading his knees as her hand cupped his balls inside his pants now, his cock throbbing against her lips. Sarah couldn't breathe with the excitement running through her. She rubbed her lips back and forth on the head of his cock until they glistened with his wetness then probed his piss-hole with the tip of her tongue, tasting his fluids. She spread her mouth slightly, and moved her lips down until she had the head of his cock between them. She touched his prick with her tongue then licked across his piss-hole a few times. She closed her lips tightly around the head of her son's cock, and sucked. Jimmy let out a loud gasp of pleasure, his hand holding her tit very tightly. Sarah closed her eyes, and slowly moved her mouth down, filling it with her son's cock. She paused halfway down, feeling his cock throbbing against her tongue and her lips. The hotness, the hardness in her mouth sent wild pulsations through her cunt. Slowly, she moved her stretching lips downward, and felt very pleased with herself when they touched his open fly, all of his cock in her mouth now. She felt the cockhead brush lightly at the back of her throat, and she held him for a long time this way. His cock jerked between her lips, and feeling bashful suddenly, Sarah pulled her mouth up his cock, and as she reached the head, found herself sucking some of his juices from his piss-hole, swallowing it. Her cunt vibrated, her clit straining into her panties. Everything seemed to burst at once in Sarah's body and mind. With a cry of wanton passion, she drew one foot to the couch, knee bent, flung wide. Her hand shoved into her panties and she began to finger-fuck herself lewdly, gobbling up and down on her son's cock at the same time, making little squeals and whimpers.

Jimmy watched his mother, hearing the juicy sounds as she fucked herself with her fingers. But her hot, wet mouth was what made him shake in ecstasy. He had pulled his hand from her t-shirt, resting it lightly on the back of her head, his hips starting to pump up and down with her mouth.

Sarah didn't mind him doing that, she hardly knew he was fucking at her face. The taste of her son's cock, the way it throbbed so hard inside her mouth, sent chills of perverse sensations up and down her flesh. She made wet sounds with her mouth as she bobbed up and down, greedily sucking his cock from hunger. Her tongue wiggled and licked as her lips ran hotly up and down his cock. He dripped more and more until she had to swallow his juices often, and the more she tasted, the more she wanted. The pleasure of sucking his cock blotted all else from her mind, and she sucked hungrily, squealing in muffled sounds.

She lifted her head a little so her cheek wouldn't rub at his pants, and bobbed even faster, stabbing her hot mouth with his cock, the head probing at her throat. She sucked in a frenzy, her ass wiggling and lunging to meet her thrusting fingers.

"Mom!" Jimmy groaned.

"Ohhh, Mom, you're gonna make..." It was too late.

Sarah's mouth was suddenly filled with thick, hot, creamy come-juice. Her eyes opened, and she froze on her son's cock with half of it in her mouth. The hot spurts of his come-juice struck her throat, then began to drip from her tight lips and down the shaft of his cock.

She was startled to find her son coming off in her mouth, and she almost yanked from it, but his hand was on the back of her head, and in his excitement, was pushing her face down. Out of desperation, Sarah began to swallow, gulping down the spraying come-juice as fast as her son spewed it. To her further surprise, she, too, was coming hard. Her hips pushed upward as her fingers stabbed deeply into her cunt, grinding at her hand, wet wallowing sounds mixing with the juiciness of her cunt. Creamy juice kept seeping from her tight lips, running along the shaft of her son's cock and onto her fingers that still clutched his balls inside his pants. Moaning, Sarah strained her contracting cunt as hard as she could onto her buried fingers, her orgasm very strong.

The squirting of Jimmy's cock ended, and Sarah held it inside her mouth while her cunt calmed, her hips relaxing. The taste of his cock and juices stayed in her mouth, she was surprised to find she had enjoyed sucking her son's cock off, that he had come inside her mouth. Slowly, she pulled her lips up, her tongue circling the head of his cock just before she released it. When she looked up at her son's face, her eyes were gleaming brightly, her lips swollen and wet. Her hand pulled up from his balls, closing about his cock, gently caressing it. Jimmy, who had been watching her hand inside her panties, grinned at her.

"Wow, Mom! That was as good as your cunt." Pleased, Sarah blushed, lowering her eyes.

"I wasn't sure I could... you know, do that."

"You did it, that's for sure," he laughed huskily, sliding his hand down her body to her creamy, naked thigh, then to the stretching crotch of her panties, feeling her wet cunt through them.

"I didn't know if I should have told you I was gonna come or not, Mom. It just happened sort of fast."

"It's okay," she said softly, shyly. "I didn't mind, honey."

Jimmy rubbed at her cunt, feeling the fiery slit and pushing her panties into it slightly. Although still feeling shy, Sarah hooked her fingers into the band of her panties and pulled it from her pussy. Jimmy gazed down at it, the soft hair exciting him, the pink wetness making him tremble slightly. He slipped off the couch and to the floor, sitting between his mother's knees, gazing into her cunt. He stroked the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs, tracing the slit of her pussy with a fingertip. Sarah mewled with pleasure, her eyes following his fingers.

"Are you sure Aunt Karen didn't kiss your pussy, Mom?" he asked in a thickening voice.

"I'm sure, Jimmy," she replied.

"She only touched... played with it." Jimmy kissed his mother's leg, just above her knee.

Sarah's breath caught in her throat as his tongue licked lightly at her flesh, moving upward on the inside of her thigh.

"Jimmy, you don't have to do that," she said, throatily, the cheeks of her ass clenching when his tongue was halfway to her cunt.

"I wanna," he said, sliding his tongue and lips higher, until he felt the soft hair brush his cheeks.

Jimmy paused with his lips an inch from his mother's cunt, then kissed the slit tenderly. But the light touch of his lips there sent her clit into a straining, sudden hardness once more. His lips moved over the highly sensitive tip, and Sarah's body jerked as a moan came from her. Pressing his closed mouth tightly at her cunt, he moved his hands up her outer thighs to her hips, and Sarah lifted her ass. Jimmy's hands moved below his mother's ass, cupping the rounded cheeks, pressing his closed mouth into her steamy, wet cunt.

"Ohhh, Jimmy!" she moaned, returning the pressure, one hand on the back of her son's head, her hot thighs closing against his face. Clutching his mother's ass, he buried his mouth into her cunt. Sarah still held her panties to one side, and as her son parted his lips and his tongue lapped over her clit, she moaned loudly and lifted her ass, twisting slightly pressing her cunt hard into his face.

"Jimmy, baby!" she whimpered as his lips sucked at her clit. "Oh, my God, Jimmy!" Clinging to his mother's writhing ass, Jimmy opened his mouth wide and closed it around her cunt, sucking, tasting. His tongue darted past the hairy lips and penetrated her cunt, then he began to thrust back and forth, tongue fucking her. Sarah cried out and her hips lurched upward, grinding at her son's face, holding his head tightly. Jimmy pulled his tongue from her cunt and licked up and down the swollen pussy-lips, from the bottom of her cunt to her knotted clit, making his mother yelp and tremble wildly, her legs opening and closing about his face. The wet heat of his mother's soft, fiery cunt against his mouth excited Jimmy, the silky pussy hair tickling his flesh. He plunged his tongue in and out of her pussy, then up around her tingling clit. Smearing his face from side to side, making wet sounds, he dug at her asscheeks, his fingers pushing her panties into the split. Sarah cried out with ecstasy, pushing her cunt as hard as she could into his sucking mouth, her eyes slitted, smoldering with intense passion. Her long legs lifted and wrapped about his head holding him tightly between them.

"Jimmy, Jimmy!" she sobbed her head twisting back and forth on the back of the couch, her face contorted with agonizing rapture.

"Ohhh, baby, yes! It's so good, Jimmy! Your tongue is so sweet! Lick me darling! Oooooh, lick me real good! My pussy... my cunt is so hot, so wet! Suck it for me, baby! Suck it and make me come!" Jimmy pulled the hairy slit of his mother's cunt into his mouth, sucking at the swollen lips, then plunging his tongue into it. The hot, slippery juices tasted good to him, like honey. He slurped eagerly, his tongue rapidly moving up and down the slit, then into her pussy, his lips sucking wildly at her throbbing clit. His face became slippery with her pussy-juice, from his nose to his chin, both of his cheeks.

Sarah cried out, her cunt vibrating, the lips pulsating around her son's penetrating tongue, her clit knotted almost painfully. She whipped her ass up and down, as if fucking him, grinding in a frenzy, her hand at the back of his head as if afraid he would move his face out of her cunt, her hot thighs clamped about his face. Another orgasm was growing hotly in the pit of her stomach, sending her mind into a reeling ecstasy.

"Ohhh, Jimmy, I'm going to me... in your face!" she sobbed. "I'm about to come in your mouth, Jimmy! Suck it... lick it... baby, suck mother's cunt hard!"

Holding her twisting ass tightly, Jimmy began to plunge his tongue in and out of his mother's cunt, fucking her swiftly with it. Sarah screamed out, straining hard into his face. Her pussy was close, and with a powerful lunge of her hips, she smashed it into his sucking mouth, and came.

"Jimmy!" she shrieked. Her cunt convulsed, pulling and squeezing his buried tongue. Jimmy sucked hungrily, drawing hot juices from his mother's cunt to his mouth, his cock tingling, balls filling once more.



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