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Gambling My wife and Black Business Partner chapter 4

CJ has my lovely young wife Diane in his arms they are both laying on their side on the bridal suite bed he not only has his arms around her he also has his enormous black cock still stuck in her! What has happened to her is quite interesting in that she has gone from a fairly tight pussy to ever so more able to easily except his big black cock! It is starting to become a more normal thing for both, even though she has fallen asleep mostly from the pleasurable sexual abuse and sexual stimulation over the last several hours along with residual from the drug Mr Steel had given her. This is again exactly what CJ wants, to sexually abuse and pleasure her when she is asleep and in dreamland. A person especially a woman like my wife who has some incredible fantasy's that when she is sleeping her subconscious mind conspires to come up with sexual things done to her that are almost unbelievable. Several times during our marriage she has woken up in the middle of these dreams and has been so turned on and horny that I could have put the biggest dildo one could imagine in her! Or I could have taken her out to the worst part of the city in the middle of the night wearing nothing and let anyone do whatever they wanted to her and she would have let them as she was so incredibly horny! There were other times she woke up terrified and very scared as if she was in the middle of being ravaged and brutally raped by a half man and a half beast like a Minotaur such as the one in Greek Mythology. It is in a mythical place called the Labyrinth it is a deep catacomb where young girls are left naked and bound for this monster to literally fuck them to the edge of there being and leave them split and bleeding as their breasts and genitals are horribly used and sadistically abused! For Diane this is one of her fantasy's although in hers this beast of a monster is more human and less brutal, but dreams cut both ways and can either be good or bad. My wife Diane has some incredible fantasy's and these that wake her and leave her terrified are only some!

For tonight though they are only pleasant dreams, and with CJ deep inside her are some of the most enjoyable and satisfying of her young life. CJ hugs and holds her feeling her breathing stop as each stroke of his cock ends at the depth of her being. She is totally subdued as he continues this perverse game of sexual intercourse while she is asleep. It is wonderful feeling with his arms around her nakedness and his large black male tool slowly sliding in and out of her well pleasured succulent slit as she sleeps. Seconds turn into minutes and minutes into hours. The sensations are even more incredible for both, he is conscious and she is not. CJ easily gets off several more time as Diane's unconscious helplessness allows him to enjoy her soft naked young body, she only stirs slightly as each time he finds her depth. She is pushing her bottom against him unconsciously in her sleep as if to help make her dream become more surreal. CJ finally in the late morning after he to had fallen asleep, awakens and slowly slips out of her. For him and later for her this has been a most wonderful experience and most satisfying. Something he has longed to do to a woman and the fact that it is my lovely wife Diane who is this most wonderful person has made it all the more pleasurably satisfying.

CJ has made arrangements for breakfast in bed . She has awaken late that morning and they both have taken a very hot shower together. This was so wonderful as each could wash and feel the other especially Diane's soft shapely body. To see and to touch her bare wet skin, his black and hers so pale white this contrast was so stimulating that the shower lasted much longer that usual as each explored the other. Diane's hands were trembling as they touched his half hard cock as she felt it come to life from her touch!. Both were still naked and just out of the shower when the bellman rang, he was the same young black man from last evening. CJ had opened the door Immediately and had let him in wearing only a towel and did not seem concerned at all. Diane on the other hand had quickly in embarrassed haste gotten under the covers but was still wearing nothing. The bellman got a very nice view of my wife's tits and then bare ass going away as she wiggled under the covers. He had wheeled in the most incredible breakfast "in bed" lay out she had ever seen. CJ was all smiles as the bellman poured some wonderful smelling and very hot Sicilian coffee there was fresh strawberries, eggs Benedict stone ground wheat toast and fresh squeezed Florida orange juice.

Diane was so hungry she had to stop herself from gulping the food down and in her haste the sheet that was covering her bare breasts easily slipped down exposing them. She at first didn't noticed as the young bell man was still concerned as to what had happened last night when he had touched her clit! He continued attending to their needs with offer of more coffee or juice. My wife has never been a coffee drinker. But the smell of fresh coffee in the morning eggs an orange juice especially fresh squeezed was quite appealing. The young bell man had been asked to stand by at CJ's request so that anything they might need could be easily and quickly be attended to, but he was still uncomfortable in her presence after last night, . CJ also had an ulterior motive after they were done she finally realized that she had been topless the whole time and was now quite embarrassed trying to cover herself.

The young bell man had enjoyed himself so much, discretely catching glimpse of Diane that when CJ offered him a generous tip would not except it. CJ then said well if you wont except a tip I have something else you might like? looking directly at Diane when he said it!... She of course had not caught the meaning of what he said, and with the young man in awe, extended his hand to her and told her to get up! The wide eyed embarrassed wonder on my wife's face again was priceless as she hesitated. CJ said to the young man in a matter of fact tone she is a black cock whore and mine to do with as I please! He again said Diane up, and I mean now in a more forceful and threatening voice. Diane only wanting to please, let him take her hand and help her up. She was standing next to the bed wearing nothing when he led her over to where the young man was standing. He then held her hand up as he turned her around in front of him. She had this wonderful glow and smell about her that only a naked girls just out of the shower seemed to have. The bell man was holding his breath as she and her bare bosom was only inches away as he turned her she was so beautiful, naked and shapely . He then told Diane to get down on her knees she did so with little hesitation as he grabbed her hair and neck pushing her down farther and turning her around to where her head was almost touching the floor and her bare white bottom was easily exposed and pointing up at him!
The words BLACK COCK WHORE are sinfully displayed on her right buttock in a light pink and vividly outlined with dark purple. Diane was now naked and humiliated in front of this young stranger her heart was pounding again as wetness was already starting to form in her puffy little well used mound as CJ turned her back around still holding her by the hair as he pulled her up onto her knees! CJ then said I want you to give him the tip of his life. My wife Diane now knows exactly what is expected of her!
The young man cannot believe that such a beautiful young innocent looking white woman. is a willing and submissive whore to this black man and that she would obediently go after his black cock!
She dutifully reaches up undoes his belt, and unzips his trousers letting them fall to his well shined shoes he has haine's type brief's that are noticeably damp. She easily sticks her thumbs into the waist band and carefully pulls them down around his firm buttocks to his ankles. This leaves his cock directly in her face. Like I said before she has never been a real cocksucker at least with me. Only in her fantasy's but now with no other choice and the fact that she has already been exposed to quite a number of big black cocks. This has changed her mind, the bell mans young almost unused cock is almost a replica of CJ's . It is of course smaller in that at 7 ” is also quite thick full and very hard. To her he is young hard and it is beautiful. Only several days ago she would never have thought she would be so over whelmed with lust to orally satisfy the owner of this perfect black specimen of manliness. CJ has told her to place her hands behind her head. Clear precum is dripping from its end.. There is no longer of any concern as she easily goes down on this beautiful hard black cock deep throating him to where her lips after only several thrusts are easily against his kinky pubic hair and the head is well down into her throat! She can feel the throbbing of the vanes that run up and down his shaft and is startled when he can no longer keep himself from cumming. His stored up youthful male cum releases with incredible pent up force as he unloads . At first he is not sure what to do and with out thinking grabs her head and tries to hold her down even farther onto his cock. As he continues to ejaculate!

For Diane it is wonderful as this is also one of her fantasy's to deep throat a black man all the way to his pubic bone!. For her it is and incredible turn on, to be humiliated, naked on her knees and made to give a blow job to this young black man. The only difference is that this young black man has no idea of what to do as in her fantasy she has a dog collar on and is purposely led around naked helpless and humiliated by men that are harsh brutal and demand that she give them oral! CJ like the man at the restaurant men's room has gotten down on his haunches and has been manipulating Her clitoris playing with her. He had hoped to time it with the young mans ejaculation, but this is not to be. She is able to swallow most of his pent up youthful cum and and in her aggressive lust to pleasure him has pulled back to where she is sucking on just the head of his dick this has almost brought him to his knees. He is now trying to push her away just as she has her orgasm and with youthful concern is able to free his young black cock from her soft white lips! He is torn with pleasure and concern as he tries to pull his shorts and pants up finally doing so as he backs away having a hard time getting his still leaking manhood back into his pants!
CJ tells Diane to swallow what is left in her mouth she struggles to do so as she gets off and is able to get most of it down by swallowing several times. The young bellman has finally gotten himself together and has backed away from Diane followed by picking up what was left from their late breakfast. He takes one last longing look and my naked young wife who is still obediently down on her knees with her hands behind her back as he wheels out the cart. CJ then tells Diane to get up and put on the tiny white bikini he has laid out on the bed for her! With wet areas of cum still on her chin and breasts she picks it up, the top and bottom look more like shear white bikini panties and bra than a swim suit ! He has a fun afternoon and and even greater evening planned. Diane has cleaned up fixed her hair and make up and has dutifully wiggled into the skimpy swim suit. She is eying her self in the full length bathroom mirror, as CJ enters giving her a whistle and saying wow put your heels on as they will make your ass and legs look even better! Then giving it second thought says I think maybe we should stay here as you look good enough to eat! My wife is all smiles turning red at the thought even after all of the time they have spent together she is still embarrassed by the lecherous look he has given her and comment he has made! CJ then says giving her his hand lets go I want to show you off to whoever is around the pool.

Diane is still very uncomfortable and quite bashful being dressed like this and in front of so many people. CJ can see her reluctance saying if it will make you feel better you can wear the robe the hotel provides until we get out to the pool. My wife is relieved as she slips it on. They are out the door and going down the stairs there are numerous people around the pool. CJ then says to Diane lets go to the gift shop for a minute and see if there is something that might interest you. Diane like most women loves to shop and to delay her appearance around the pool wearing the tiny swim suit is for now, a relief. They walk down the long hallway into the lobby and over to the big gift shop. At first all of the things on display are what one would expect to find in any gift shop. Post cards shirts hats and all sorts of things pertaining to Oakland the bay area and this incredible old adult hotel. But as she gets closer to the back, the place starts to look more like a porn shop! On the wall and in the display case's are all sorts of sex toys she is stunned by all these devices and has no Idea what many are used for! When she comes across a display rack titled “Wedding Night Bliss” she picks up several looking them over and almost jumps out of her skin as a young male sales clerk touches her arm and asks if he can be of any help!

The video she has in her hand is, by coincidence of a white woman and a black mans wedding night consummation. The fact that the sales clerk happens to also be a hansom young black man about my wife's age only adds to her embarrassed discomfort. He asks again if he can be of any help? She nervously tries to put the video back on the display and in doing so drops it and knocks several more onto the floor. She has keeled down and is trying to pick them up as the young man also bends down to help. She fumbles with the videos and tries to apologize for being such a klutz. She and him reach for the video at the same time and on the back cover is a picture that vividly displays a large black cock all of the way into his new white bride. My wife's robe is now wide open revealing her sinful cleavage and almost naked charms that the skimpy suit barely covers. She gets up rather quickly and as she does knocks over another display rack and again apologies. She has not noticed the video that is playing on a big screen monitor in the back ground. It is of an attractive young white woman and a black man , at first she sees CJ in the picture and wonders ? how is he on this video! But almost immediately her face comes into view, and the next close up is of her and she has this incredible facial expression as she is about to have her first orgasm with a large black cock! The camera captures this picture of wide eyed disbelief in perfect detail. OMG it is of her! She is dumbstruck and speechless as she realizes there are a whole stack of videos that are for sale and have been copied from last night! They are titled “Black Wedding Night Bliss “ with a sign saying Black Cock Bride's under “New Release”!

Diane is frozen and not sure what to say or do as she backs up into CJ's arms. He ushers her out the door and back towards the pool. She stammers naively trying to figure out how in the world this video was done and asks CJ? He only shrugs and says you are mine and I might remind you that you have willingly signed a binding contract, and that you are, My Black Cock Whore! and as such I can do what ever I want with you! As they go through the gate leading into the pool area there are almost 30 people mostly couples and several of the gals are topless. CJ has found two empty lounge chairs and has helped her remove the robe. She is still in shock and stunned again to see bare breasts in broad daylight . It is quite a relief though and thinks she can finally sit down relax and not be in the spotlight. Diane is hoping she will finally blend in after her embarrassing moments in the gift shop. Even though she is dressed so revealing. Just as she is about to set down CJ grabs her hand and pulls her off along the edge of the pool toward a couple he knows. At about the same time someone jumps in the pool and everyone near is soaked with a wave of water including Dianne who screams in shock as the cold water hits her . The thin white material of the bikini she is wearing has instantly turned the same color as her wet skin the results is that she looks as though she is totally naked and not wearing a thing! This hotel and the fact that it is an adult playground for all kinds of kinky sexual activity especially in the evening as most around the pool are usually naked. For them, her revealing nakedness means little. But for Diane this is new and a very embarrassing adventure in public during the middle of the day. The fact that her wet bikini has sinfully and deliciously outlined not only her nipples and bottom, but has also outlined her swollen pubic mound cunt lips and clit instantly making them vivid and perverse!

CJ is finally able to introduce Diane to this black older couple her name is Sadie and his is Richard they both are wearing swim suits, but the suits hide little as this black woman could be wearing a sack and would still be a gorgeous woman the man is also quite hansom.

Diane is awe struck with this attractive couple and cannot keep herself from starring at the woman's big shapely breasts and pubic area as the suit sinfully but barely covers both. When she is introduced to Richard he hugs Diane as if they are long lost lovers as he places his hands on her bottom pulling her up tight against him forcing his semi hard cock into Diane's puffy mound and squeezing both of her buttocks at the same time. Then he says loud enough that all can hear. They call me Dick, “big Dick hurts! “As he lets go and steps back. Sadie says oh don't mind him he says that to all the girls. Diane is again speechless and embarrassed as her eyes now are looking directly at the large bulge in his swim suit! Richard goes on to say as Diane can't seem to take her eyes off of Richards crotch. Would you like to see it! Diane with out thinking first says yes and then hesitantly no as she is caught actually saying what she is thinking in her perverse thoughts!

The woman says to CJ eying Diane lustfully looking her up and down are you going to bring your new bride to the car rally tonight? She then went on to say we saw your consummation nuptials last night on the hotel TV and I might add you two make a very lovely couple. I am really happy to see you finally get married CJ, and am sure your new bride had a very blissful and satisfying wedding night as she sure seemed to! She then asked CJ where in the world did you ever find such a naive and attractive little thing like her? Besides its about time you brought one of your girls to our rally races! I and my girl friends are getting tired of satisfying all you single horny men! Especially when you seem to keep winning all of our little road challenges at the rally's. CJ along with his interest in attractive young white women also has a thing for exotic hi performance automobiles. His preference is the twin turbo Porsche Carrera it is a very spendy car and CJ was lucky to get it. The man he bought it from was going through a nasty divorce and told him to make an offer! He did and under the circumstances ended up the owner of his incredible automobile. It is a six speed close ratio twin turbo unit that is capable of 0 to 100 MPH in less than six seconds. It was also a deep glossy black with beautiful red leather upholstery . CJ since he has owned the car it has been meticulously cared for.

Sadie has said to Diane I certainly hope CJ brings you, and that you end up being the prize tonight as I am sure you would love to see what we have planned, for a girl like you?. CJ has told me you like to gamble but that your not very good at it! This rally challenge will be perfect for you tonight. Diane was not sure at all by what she meant by this comment perfect for it?
Diane finally, was laying on the lounge chair as her thin white suit was starting to dry but for some reason her pussy lips and still swollen clit had not dried at all and was still attracting quite a bit of attention and admiration from many of the males in attendance as well as a few females. CJ was quite amused at her embarrassed discomfort as he enjoyed the blatant looks of sexual lust she was receiving . Sadie like most women kept asking questions about Diane where did they meet, and when did they decide to get married? CJ went on to explain that she, Diane was married but not to him! And that she had a bad gambling habit and that he had made a deal with her husband to look after her. He also went on to ad that he had paid off a number of her gambling debts and in doing so, she had agreed to spend the next several weeks weeks with him, as part of the agreement was to be, and do whatever he asked when it came to sex!

CJ then told Diane to roll over on her tummy, She had learned not to hesitate and was not sure quite what to expect as she did so? CJ then said to Sadie, here I will show you as he pulled her bikini bottoms down exposing Diane's bare bottom that had the words “Black Cock Whore prominently and colorfully displayed on her ass cheek! Sadie had set down on the lounge next to her and had started lovingly fondling Diane's inner thighs when she discovered the smaller permanent tattoo between her little ass hole and the bottom of her slit that said the exact same thing only it was preceded by CJ's initials. Sadie said whats this? As her hand and fingers descended into the soft wet folds of my wife's bare pussy. Almost immediately Diane started squeezing this older woman's fingers and pushing back helplessly as Sadie's fingers descended even deeper into her slit! OMG Sadie said this is wonderful does she do this all the time? I would love to play with her some more maybe later this evening! Diane was even more embarrassed as a crowd of mostly men were now crowding around as many more cell phone pictures were taken of my wife's tattooed butt and her perverted sexual squeezing response she seemed unable to control.

She was quite relieved when CJ finally announced it was time to get ready for the car rally that he planned on taking her to later that evening. Once back in their room CJ decided to have some more fun at my wife's expense and tells her to wear the white garter belt matching stockings and her red heels and then to put on the skimpy white wedding dress and to also bring the bridal vial. The dress requires no bra and CJ insisted she not wear any panties. Diane always naive was wondering just what in the world he was up to now as they headed out of the bridal suite and down the stairs towards the Hotel parking garage. CJ had earlier left his black twin turbo Porsche Carrera in the hotel parking garage. She is awe struck as they hold hands like newly wed lovers, he leads her into the garage and up to this beautiful car. I have had some nice cars and several hot rods but nothing so elegantly expensive beautiful and as powerful as this, it is an incredible car and looks as though it is brand new. The red leather upholstery contrast sharply with the deep shine of the many black coats of expensive paint. CJ escorts Diane around to the passenger side on the back window are the words JUST MARRIED and on the side windows are vulgarly written GRAND OPENING CJ opens the door, it smells like a new car. She still is mystified by the writing “just married” as he helps her in. The short white wedding dress is folded under her bottom and to be more comfortable she rearranges it leaving her panty less bottom and moist cunt lips firmly against the red leather seat!

My wife is worried that she will soil the seat on his beautiful car and protests that maybe he should place something under her. CJ tells her not to worry as for him to have his car smell of her female ambiance for the next several weeks was quite appealing to him. With Diane setting in the passenger seat CJ helps her fasten the 5 point race car type seat belts. One comes up between her legs through her crotch and two from either side for the lap and two more for the shoulder harness all connecting just above her V and almost on top of her mound. She is not quite sure as to how the dual shoulder straps should be placed? Should they go around the sides of her breasts or down in between them. She finally puts them around the outside and the results are that the are squeezed together kind of like a push up but more like a push out bra!

Once connected he snugs up the belts rather tight and shows her how to release them. He then closes the door and gets in the drivers side doing the same. The car instantly starts and CJ smokes the tires just a bit as the practically jumps out of the parking garage and onto the street. My wife is terrified as he expertly maneuvers the car in and out of the side street traffic and on to the east bay freeway it is early evening and the traffic is heavy but moving quite briskly Diane is sure they are going to end up in some sort of horrible accident!...

CJ has no intention of causing or being involved in an accident as the car quickly maneuvers through the busy evening traffic at speeds well over 80 mph slowing down only for the toll plaza and then across the bay bridge past the city and down past SFO. He takes the turn off at hunters point with the tires barely squealing in what seems like only minutes they pull into a row of old abandon warehouses that have been waiting to be demolished and rebuilt. Then into a big open one as the Porsche screeches to a stop! Diane's heart is pounding as she feels they have cheated death at least several times. When she finally realizes that they have stopped opens her eyes, there are five other exotic cars and each has a couple standing next to them . Richard aka big dick hurts and his beautiful wife Sadie are among them. There are, along with four other couples, the women are dressed in very revealing and scanty attire. CJ helps Diane out of his car, she has a little trouble as CJ pulls her up. Her now wet little pussy lips have momentarily stuck to the red leather seat making a slight sucking noise as they reluctantly pull loose with a slight ripping pop of a sound! The attention of those watching are immediately drawn to Diane as she is again momentarily red and embarrassed. There is a folding card table located in the midst. Sadie has asked each of the girls including Diane to write their name onto small white business looking cards so that she can place them into a metal caged lottery tumbler.

This is another of my wife's fantasy that CJ plans to make a reality. A nude street race sorta but this is more of a super car rally, and of course the cards in the tumbler are a form of chance. Sadie is explaining the rules that she has come up with for this kinky little sex road race foray. She always seems to come up with some very interesting rally races and the rules the couples must abide by especially for the young women! All of the the girls will have to ride nude as passengers, that is with nothing covering their breasts bottom or pussy's The lottery tumbler with a number of blank cards is vigorously spun by her husband Richard. Each of the women get to pick a card and not look at it until they have all drawn a card with a name. Several are blank and require another attempt, finally all of the women have cards with names. Diane has drawn her own name and by coincidence Sadie the last to draw has drawn her name as well and the other couples are mismatched as planned . Sadie shrugs her shoulders with a resigned sigh looking longingly at CJ and says oh well maybe next time. The next part is that two cars and couples have to drive to a turn around point that is a measured distance and then back to the warehouse . The couple to do it in the shortest amount of time wins and the one that takes the longest looses and the losers girl has to pleasure all the men either orally or let them use her in any other type of consensual and pleasurable sex!

Two each, of the six will drive the same route and that the distances are the same based on the route traffic time of day and distance. Sadie has asked all of the girls to strip as she slowly starts to take off her revealing outfit and places it on the table. Diane does not want to be first and has hesitated as the other young girls are giggling in excited expectation of driving around the city at a high rate of speed wearing almost nothing late in the evening. To most of the oversexed young women they can't wait to get started. Sadie Goes on to say that no one is to break the speed limit! But everyone knows that the normal traffic flow and speeds are always in excess of the limit as to drive less than 75 in the slow lane one could easily get run over at the posted limit!

Sadie then says that if you are pulled over by the police or Highway Patrol and the officer writes you a ticket for speeding you would automatically lose, as that couple would never be able to make up the time. The officer could also arrest the girls for incident exposure and take them to jail for booking pictures and a nude mug shot not a pleasant thought and another reason not to speed! All of the girls are now nude including Sadie and Diane is wearing only her white garter belt stockings and her red heels the only other thing in the car is the bridal vial

CJ always a gentleman helps Diane back into the Porsche and makes sure she is belted in tight. The feeling of the seat belt harness especially the cold metal buckle with the extended metal rib is only inches away from her slit . It is maddening along with the sensations of the powerful engine as it starts up. This feeling seems to end where the cold metal buckle and belts all come together. For Diane the excitement of a nude street race in this super car along with the belts holding her so tight by her most sensitive female apex only adds to the excitement and sexual tension. Sadie and Richard are first and blast of in their super car , CJ and Diane are next next at the drawn time to follow the exact same route. CJ has studied route and committed it to memory. The other cars leave and there routes are to places in the east bay. It is now after 10:00 pm and he wheels the Porsche out onto the Bayshore, then through Daily City and up onto the 280. This super car easily accelerates to over 80 mph, the traffic is light and in only minutes they approach the turnaround point at the Woodside exit he has made really good time. Off the 280 they go through the underpass and up the ramp on other side just as he is going through forth gear and the car is really starting to move the red and blue lights of a California Highway Patrol cruiser come on CJ immediately shuts down slows and pulls of the highway and onto the shoulder!

To be continued in chapter 5
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