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I’m a “straight” girl. As in, I’d never date another girl, but I got off on lesbian porn, and have a tendency to fantasize about other girls and whatever.

I knew I could pull the bi and lesbian girls in school if I wanted to- not to brag, but I don’t look to bad. Tan skin, 48D’s, black hair, brown eyes. I don’t think I’m too attractive, but plenty of my classmates do.

I go to an all girls boarding school in California. My parents finally sent me after I’d begged to go the year before. They’re still living back home in West Virginia. So I was a free girl.

Mind you, I’m not one of those preppy whores. I don’t like pink, I rarely wear makeup, I don’t want a cell phone, and I’m still a virgin.

I do, however, like to dress like a whore. But pretty much all the girls at school do. I look like a Christian school girl compared to some of the other girls- some of my friends.

School uniform requires a black skirt, white top, and black shoes. There’s no other regulations as long as you’ve go your “private parts” covered. So, like most of the other girls, I take advantage of that situation.

My wardrobe consists of white button down shirts black skirts and black shoes, just like I’m supposed to. Because I’m a “good girl.” Yeah right.

My shirts are see-through white. I only button up the two buttons on my shirt that are on my chest, leaving my pierced naval and stomach exposed. Maximum cleavage. I wear bright colored bras with cool designs on them. My skirts are all fairly short and if I bend over you can see my panties that match my bras.

How I dress is nothing compared to my best friend Sonya though. She wears no bra- perky 38C’s, but what she lacks in chest, she makes up in ass - and only one button done up over her tits. Wrapping a ribbon around her waist one time would make a more chaste skirt for her compared to what she normally wears. She wears black high heels- stilettos in fact. Her hair is always tied up in a messy bun that always makes her look like she like got done with the hottest fuck of her life.


Sonya and I always meet up after our last class to walk back to our dorm- did I mention we’re roommates? After class we always slip on our bathing suits and head for the pool. Sonya picks up a new girl nearly every week- FYI, she’s lesbian. “Straight curious” she calls herself, only because when she’s horny and no girls will give she goes into the teacher’s lounge (all male staff) and fucks the nearest teacher.

Sonya’s bathing suit was even less modest than her uniform, leaving nothing, right down to her areoles, to the imagination. Each would-be cup was actually just a little diamond of thin material that covered her nipples. The bottom was a bigger diamond that covered her shaved pussy. It connected to the back with a thin string that went up her ass. Nothing to cover her ass.

“Still friends with benefits on Janie?” I asked her as we walked to the pool. I glanced down at her tits- rock hard nipples.

She rolled her eyes. “Yes, and-” she grabbed my face with one hand “- if you want, we can give it a try.” She let go of my face and winked. Obviously, I needed to be more discreet about checking her out.

It was my turn to roll my eyes. “I don’t go that way, no matter how bad you wish.” I playfully grabbed her head and put her face to my chest. “It’ll be alright, Sonya,” I teased in a fake sad voice. “One day you’ll find someone as sexy as me who’ll give you the hottest fuck of your life.”

She laughed and bit my right tit, making me let her go. “Delicious,” she laughed.

I stuck my tongue out at her.

“Is that an offer?”

I flipped her the bird before I flipped my hair dramatically and walked away like the prissy girls do on those cheesy old movies.

She picked up her step to keep up with me and two seconds later we were laughing at our dumb jokes.

Sonya didn’t even go swimming today, she sat on Janie’s lap and they made out for the two hours I was swimming in the pool.

We went straight from the pool to dinner, not caring about dressing in street clothes. After dinner we went back to our dorm to relax.

“Hey, Rissy, I-” Sonya began.

“Ah, c’mon Sonya, don’t call me that. I hate that nickname.”

“Fine, Marissa.” She stuck her tongue out at me. “You know how I was kissing Janie at the pool today?”

“I could here your lips smacking against each other under water,” I commented, snickering.

“Well, that left me a little-” she blushed “- excited. Do you mind if I…?”

I rolled my eyes. “You know I don’t care. I mean, c’mon, Sonya. I didn’t object at all when you let CeeCee eat you on my bed- while I was in the room.”

She laughed. “That girl had a long ass tongue.”

I laughed with her. “I got stuff to do on the computer anyways.”

“Porn again?” she asked, giving me an innocent face.

“None of your business.”

She stuck her tongue out at me. “Lesbian porn?”

“So?” I didn’t look up, my face got a little hot. I opened my laptop and turned it on.

“I don’t get why you’ll watch girls you don’t know fuck but you won’t even let me touch you.”

I ignored her as I pulled up the internet. Truth be told, I fantasized about Sonya more than any other girl. I was just too embarrassed to tell her. Or do anything.

I pulled up the internet and type into the address bar.

Sonya must have forgotten about her “excitement” because she plopped onto my bed and laid on her stomach to watch the videos with me.

I typed “trib” into the search box. Sonya pointed to the video that was titled “Roommates trib.” I stuck my tongue out at her but clicked on the video.

I clicked play and set the laptop in front of me, laying down on my stomach next to her.

It was about three minutes into the video. Sonya seemed to remember her excitement because I saw her slip a her under her chest to tweak her nipples. I felt myself getting aroused too, I almost wanted to copycat the video with Sonya. Almost.

She must have slid her hand down to her pussy because Sonya gave a little gasp. I glanced at her, eyebrows raised, but she didn’t return to look. Her face and neck were red, so she knew I’d caught her.

My eyes were still on the screen. There was a close up of the girl’s pussies rubbing against each other. I crossed my legs and could feel how slick my pussy was already getting. Probably more from my fantasizing about Sonya than the video.

I hadn’t realized it until I heard her whisper. “You’re breathing a little hard,” Sonya whispered in my ear. “You can touch yourself, Marissa. I don’t mind.”

Now it was my turn to blush. None the less I slipped my hand down to my slick pussy as subtly as I could.

I was amazed at how wet I was. My clit was erect and as my fingers slid down my labia to my soaking hole they brushed my clit. I gave a soft involuntary moan.

Sonya rolled over so she was on her back. Her fingers were pushing in and out of her hole rapidly, making squishy noises. Her quick breaths turned into moans.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” she moaned.

My middle and ringer finger were slowly circling my clit, I had to take slow breaths to keep myself from moaning.

I watched Sonya, getting more turned on by her than the video, which was almost over.

She turned her head toward me. Her mouth was open in an O and her eyes were full of lust.

“Kiss me, Marissa,” she moaned, she begged.

I didn’t know what to do. I hesitated. She didn’t.

Sonya grabbed my face like she mad this morning and touched her lips to mine. Almost involuntarily, my lips parted to except her tongue. She rolled on top of me, straddling my waist, she’d quit masturbating. I hadn’t noticed, but she’d taken off her shorts and panties. Her soaking pussy was making a wet spot on my shorts.

I had to pull away to take a breath. Her lips moved down to my neck, she kissed and sucked on it like a pro.

“Fuck, Sonya,” I moaned low in her ear. I was going crazy. It wasn’t often I could bring myself to climax because I felt like I was going to burst when I got close and my body couldn’t handle it. “I can’t… I can’t cum.”

“We’ll see,” she whispered, biting my ear. I moaned. Sensitive spot.

She pulled off my shorts and panties and tossed them to the side. She pulled my fingers out of my slick pussy and sucked them clean. Then she slid two of her own fingers in my tight hole.

“Oh my God!” I moaned, my back arched.

“Let me take care of you, Marissa,” She whispered, kissing the clef in between my jaw and neck. My eyes were wide and my breathing was heavy. “I’ve wanted this for a long time. Can I take you, Marissa?”

My pussy tightened around her fingers. She slowly pulled them out, all most all the way, then back in again. Slowly. Agonizingly slow.

“Please, Sonya!” I begged. “Don’t do this to me!”

“Do what?” she asked innocently.

“You’re going so slow,” I panted. “I can’t take it.”

“Beg,” she instructed.

I bit my lip, hesitating for the slightest second. She stopped and started to pull her finger out of me again.

“No, please! Sonya, please finger me! I’m going crazy! I can’t cum on my own! Please fuck me!”

She pulled the rest of the way out. My back lowered down to the bed again.

“Please,” I begged.

She got off the bed. The tension between my legs was too much, I couldn’t get up to follow her. To make her come back. She was out of my line of sight.

I felt her weight, what little weight she carried, move the bed. I looked at her. My eyes widened. “I can’t take that!”

She’d put on a strap on. It was a realistic purple dildo on a harness. It was at least seven inches and thick. Very thick.

“It’s so big!” I told her.

“And you’re very tight,” she informed me, like I didn’t already know. “Marissa, I could barely get those two fingers in you.” She wrapped her hand around the dick. “I intend to stretch you out.”

She didn’t give me a chance to reply. She leaned down and kissed me. One hand held my face to hers, the other slid down my body to my pussy. She spread the upper part of my pussy lips with her pointer and ring fingers. With her middle finger she pressed, lightly, on my clit. I moaned.

She rubbed my labia, My breathing got hard again. She kissed me softly, such a turn on.

Then, out of the blue, she stopped. Sitting cross-legged on my beg next to me.

I rose my head up.

“You want me to keep going? Beg.”

I rolled onto my stomach. My hurt my pussy, I was still very tense, if not more so.

“Please, Sonya,” I whispered. I kneeled in front of her and wrapped my arms around her neck, kissing it deeply. “I need you. Do anything you like to me. Just make me cum. I got wet because of you. Not that video. You. Please don’t stop now that you’re driving me so crazy.” I took her hand in mine and put it to the outer lips of my pussy. “Do you feel that, Sonya? I’m wet for you. Now I need you. Bend me over the bed and fuck me if you want. Just don’t stop doing this.” I pressed her middle finger into my slit, not to penetrate me, just to illustrate my purpose. “Please, finish me.” I kept kissing her neck for a few more minutes. I lowered my hips to her bare thigh and ran my pussy back and forth across it.

“Please,” I begged, kissing her, wrapping my arms around her neck again.

She grabbed my waist. Pulling me closer. My tight hole was hovering over the huge dildo.

“It’s double ended,” she told me. “The other end is mine.” She ran her tongue over my lips. “Whatever you feel, I feel.”

I lowered myself onto it. It wasn’t easy, but I was so wet there was no need for lubricant. Sonya helped, taking it slowly.

The head was barely penetrating me, but it was far enough in that it was sitting against my g-spot, pressing against it. Making me crazy again.

“Fuck,” I moaned. “Sonya, I’ve wanted you bad, for a long time. I fantasized about you constantly. I want you so bad now.”

“Then show me,” she whispered.

I was already going mad, with my clit on fire and the dildo pressing into my “soft spot.”

I lowered myself the rest of the way down. I was panting heavily, Sonya kissed my neck to sooth me. It only made me more excited- more crazy. Huge turn on, kissing my neck.

My pussy pulsed around the huge dildo. I moved up again, slowly. Sonya’s next movements were quick. It was like they didn’t happen. One second, I was on top, slowly moving my way back up the dildo. The next, she was behind me and I was on my stomach.

“Prop yourself up on your knees,” she commanded. I listened. She leaned forward and pinched my nipples. I gasped.

“Please,” I moaned.

She grabbed my hips, my pussy tightened around the dildo again for a second. “Fuck, you make me so hot!” I moaned.

She pumped me slowly at first, probably letting me get used to it. It could have been minutes or hours or seconds later that she started picking up the speed. With every push in she got a beat or two quicker. Some unknown amount of time later she was on full throttle, the hilt of the strap on pressing into my backside.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I moaned. “Harder, fuck me Sonya. Oh, oh, OH! Yes, right there!” She reached under me and was rolling my clit in her fingers, pinching and squeezing it. I was going to explode. I was going crazy again.

“Don’t stop!” I begged. “It’s so good, don’t stop! Fuck, yes! Ah, I’m cumming!”

My hips bucked wildly and, to my great surprise, Sonya got faster still. I was matching her strokes so when she pushed in I pushed back. It was incredible. My pussy tightened around the strap on. Sonya kept rubbing my clit, which only made me all the more wild. It was, without a doubt, the greatest orgasm of my life.

My pussy was still clenching on and off the dildo when Sonya leaned forward, keeping the dildo inside me to the hilt, and kissed my shoulder.

“I love you,” she whispered.

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It seems very sad alot of the things that the conapmy does to take advantage of the employees and work them like slaves. That in what I can only express in simple English in hopes that Foxxcon managers could read. The living conditions at the factorys are unhappy. There are alot of things that they could do to make the employees happy. Reduce the rent on the dormatorys. Reduce the number of employees in each dorm. Offer Laundry services and community baths and hot showers for the employees. Bring in Managers that would treat the employees better. Offer incentives for employees to stay longer like a paid weeks vacation after a year. Things that American conapmys would do but maybe a halfway for the chinese conapmys to treat their employees. reduce mandatory overtime to 2 hours a day. Allow employees to talk quitely to friends and encourage them to make friends. Eliminate the dry cleaning fines. Allow each dormatory to have one computer. Reduce the size of the computer lab.

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Suodns great to me BWTHDIK

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