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Chapter 5

Jason’s breath hissed through his teeth as he sat up in bed between Nancy and Liz. He had to get to the bathroom before something happened but with a pregnant girl on either side of him wasn’t sure how he was going to do it. Since both Liz and her mother were seven months along their pregnant bellies were large enough that it wouldn’t be able to crawl over either of the girls without waking them up.

Since both Liz and Nancy needed their sleep with his babies growing in their bellies Jason wanted to avoid waking either of them up but he really needed to get to the bathroom so he pulled is knees up as far as they could go and managed to pull them out from under the blankets without disturbing either of his half-sisters. Once his legs were free Jason scooted his bare ass to the end of the bed and hopped out to make his way to the adjoining bathroom.

With a sigh of relief Jason returned to the bed and crawled back between Nancy and Liz. He took a few seconds to appreciate his handy work and reached out to rub both of their swollen bellies in the early morning light coming through the bedroom window. With a broad grin on his face Jason lay back between his half-sisters and closed his eyes to get back to sleep.

“That’s enough of that Jason,” Nancy said, reaching down to grasp the thirteen year old’s semi-hard cock. Time to wake up and fuck the horny pregnant girls.

“I thought you were still asleep,” Jason sighed.

“You should know better than that,” Liz said, sliding her hand down to join her mother’s. “A pregnant girl is always horny, and rubbing her belly like that is sure to wake up her pussy and her.”

“Yeah, I should know that by now,” Jason agreed, reaching out to squeeze Liz’s milk heavy tit. “But when I see your big bellies I just can’t help giving them an affectionate rub.”

“And we do appreciate the attention,” Nancy said, sliding down Jason’s body until she could reach his cock with her lips and tongue. Since her half-brother was already half hard it didn’t take long for her to get him hard enough to put it where it belonged.

“I’ve got the camera ready,” Liz said, taking one last look through the viewfinder and giving the set screw on the tripod a quick twist. “We wont miss the action this time.”

“Good,” Nancy said as Liz climbed back into bed with a handheld camera to get the closeups. The older woman got up on her hands and knees and raised her ass as high as it would go. “Fuck me doggie style Jason, let’s put on a good show for our audience.”

“We always put on a great show for our audience,” Jason said, coming up behind his twenty-five year old aunt and half-sister. He rubbed the full length of his shaft along Nancy’s drooling slit to coat his prick with her juices and then placed the head between her pussy lips before sliding it into her quivering pussy.

“Oh God, that’s just what I needed,” Nancy purred when Jason’s balls bounced off her erect clit. “Your baby makes me so horny that all I can think about is how much I want your cock inside me.”

“And I get so horny watching all of you walking around with your big bellies and milk filled tits that I want to fuck your pregnant pussies all the time,” Jason said. “I guess it’s a good thing I’m horny enough to fuck all four of you as often as I do.”

“It’s certainly lucky for us,” Liz giggled, working her way under her mother’s swollen belly to get a close-up of Jason’s cock while it slammed in and out of her pussy. “And lucky for our customers too.”

“I guess so,” Jason panted, his belly slapping against Nancy’s naked ass as she met every thrust of his cock. “I knew that incest pregnancy sites were rare, but I never expected our site to take off so fast.”

“It’s not just the pregnancy and the incest,” Karen panted while her pussy pulsed around Jason’s invading cock, she could feel her own orgasm approaching with every thrust of her teen lover’s shaft. “It’s the fact that you have four young a lovely girls on the site - all related to you and happily fucking you - and three of them obviously pregnant and still fucking you. Then there’s the fact that three of the people on the site are underage, and let’s not forget the fact that everything on the sight is real and not faked like so many of the incest sites on the web. Our site is probably the only one on the web that has all those things, and that’s why it’s so popular.”

“Whatever it is we’re already making a lot of money from the site,” Jason growled, he could feel his balls starting to twitch but he was determined to get his half-sister/aunt off before he filled her pregnant pussy with more baby juice, “but do you really think we’re making enough to pay for the new pool and tennis courts and everything else?”

“Karen and I keep telling you not to worry about it,” Nancy giggled. “It’s true that the site isn’t making enough money to pay for the improvements we’re putting in, but Karen and I have been planing these improvements for years, we were just waiting for our plans to develop before we made them. We set aside the money for things years ago, and now that you and the girls no longer have access to the school facilities we have the excuse we need to build everything we want - including a privacy fence around the property line so we can go around naked if we want.”

“At least we can do it once the workmen are done with the improvements,” Liz sighed. “I’m looking forward to going around naked. Just think of all the opportunities you’ll have for extra photos once things are done.”

“By the way, Jason,” Nancy said with a groan of pleasure, she knew she was close to her orgasm but she wanted to keep things on the edge as long as she could, “are you sure you don’t want that baseball diamond we offered to build for you?”

“I’m sure,” Jason groaned through gritted teeth, “I’ve never really been into organized sports, and even if I was where would we find enough people for the rest of the team - or the opposing team for that matter. No, the tennis courts and the frisbee golf course is more my style, even if the rest of you aren’t up to a round of tennis right now.”

“I can’t take it any more,” Nancy groaned as her pussy muscles grabbed Jason’s cock in a vise, “I’m cumming.”

“So am I,” Jason screamed with one last thrust to bury his cock as deep as it could go in Nancy’s pregnant belly as he filled her full of cum.

“Wow,” Jason said, laying on his back to catch his breath as he recovered from fucking Nancy. “I swear, the bigger your belly gets the hornier you get.”

“That’s what happens when a girl’s pregnant,” Liz said, “her hormones kick in higher than ever and she needs more cock than ever. Of course in our family we’re horny for your cock no matter what.”

“Especially Beth,” Jason said, “when she had her first period last week she was so upset about missing her first chance to have a baby that mom promised her that she’d have exclusive use of my cock whenever I spend the night home for the next three weeks. Beth thinks she’ll be knocked up by her next period for sure with all the extra cum I’ll be putting in her cunt.”

“She could be right,” Nancy said thoughtfully, “but it would work better if she really did have exclusive use of your cock - and I do mean exclusive use. As much as I hate to do it, I’m cutting Liz and I off from your cock for the next three weeks. The extra sperm could mean the difference between a baby or no baby in Beth’s belly.”

“That’s not fair mom,” Liz pouted, “you already had Jason’s cock for this morning. It’s not fair to cut me off without one last fuck.”

Nancy considered Liz’s complaint while her daughter watched her anxiously. “You’re right,” Nancy said to her daughter’s relief, “and one more fuck won’t make that much difference when it comes to knocking Beth up so the two of you go ahead while I take a quick shower and get breakfast ready. Just make sure you put on a good show for the cameras, ok? By the way Jason, we have something special for you with your breakfast this morning. Trust me, if you’re like the rest of the family you’re going to love it.”

While Jason tried to figure out what Nancy was talking about she changed the memory cards in the cameras and set them on the tripods for the best angles before she trotted off to the shower. “Do you know what your mom’s talking about?” Jason asked Liz while she worked on his limp cock, “What’s this special she has planned for breakfast?”

“Oh it’s special,” Liz told her half brother with a mischievous smile while she reached up to jiggle her milk filled tits, “but I’m not going to spoil mom’s surprise.”

“Now I’ll never get my mind off that surprise,” Jason muttered.

“Sure you will,” Liz said, “I’ll just have to work harder at taking your mind off it. So let me try a few tricks mom taught me that I haven’t had a chance to try out on you yet.”

Jason was wondering what tricks Liz and Nancy were holding back on him when his half-sister slurped his soft cock right into her mouth and started running her tongue along the shaft. Somehow she knew how to find the most sensitive parts of his shaft and within a few seconds Jason forgot all about Nancy’s breakfast surprise when his cock started to harden in Liz’s throat.

“I guess you liked that little trick,” Liz said when she released Jason’s hard cock from her mouth, she gave the head of his prick one last lick with the tip of her tongue before she released it. “Any ideas what kind of show we’re going to put on for the cameras?”

“I have one,” Jason said with a wide grin. “Here, lay on your side facing the camera, that’s good, now I’ll just snuggle up behind you here. Now what I’m going to do is lift your leg up so we get a clear shot of your pussy while I fuck you from behind.”

“I bet that will make my fans happy,” Liz chuckled. “After that video you put out when we fucked on the chair I got some great e-mails with special requests. One guy even sent me some money to buy some sexy underwear. I sent him a video with the panties and bras I bought with the money.”

“Just how did he send the money?” Jason asked as he slid his hard cock across Liz’s bald slit. “You didn’t give him our address did you?”

“I’m not stupid,” Liz growled, raising her leg even higher as Jason caught her under the knee to hold it clear. “He used his charge card to send me the money through our web site. You did set up that special fund so our fans can send us gifts, remember.”

“Yeah, I guess I did,” Jason said sheepishly. “I guess I forgot about that since no one’s sent me a gift yet.”

“I’m sure they will sooner or later,” Liz said with a grunt when Jason shifted the angle of his cock and sent it straight into her pregnant belly with one quick thrust. “I’m sure there’s plenty of women who will want to you something special. I know I would if I wasn’t already getting everything I wanted. Maybe we should advertise special deals for our customers, I’m sure Beth and I have fans out there who would like their own special videos if they knew we were willing to make them.”

“I’ll think about it,” Jason said, grunting with every thrust into his half-sister’s pregnant belly. “But we may get some really odd requests from our fans.”

“Like what,” Liz asked, trying to give the camera the best shot of her cock filled pussy while her belly started to quiver with her approaching orgasm. She felt the baby give a little kick in her belly and wondered if her daughter was enjoying Jason’s cock as much as she was. She hadn’t told the rest of the family but she’d asked Dr. Cole what the baby was during her last ultrasound.

“We’ll know when we get them,” Jason said. “It may be something as simple as having me cum on your belly when we fuck, or they may want some of your used panties.”

“Or maybe a vial of your cum?” Liz suggested. “As long as things aren’t too odd I can deal with special requests. But I think having you cum on my belly is a waste of good baby juice. I don’t understand why they do it that way in the professional porn movies.”

“Several reasons I think,” Jason said, thrusting harder and deeper with every stroke as he approached orgasm. “A form of birth control for one thing since most of those porn stars don’t want to get pregnant. It’s also looks better on camera when the cum ends up spurting on a girl’s belly or tits instead of inside her pussy. At least that’s what the film makers say.”

“I’m just glad we’re not like most film makers,” Liz said, “because I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t get your cum in my belly every time we fuck.”

“Speaking of cum I’m about to blow Liz,” Jason said, from the way his half-sister’s fuck hole was quivering around his shaft he didn’t think she’d be far behind him.

“Fill me up Jason, give me enough cum to make it through the next three weeks while I don’t have your cock,” Liz lifted her leg as high as it would go to spread her pussy as far as it would go for the camera as Jason gave one last thrust and held his cock as deep as it would go in her cunt while he shot wad after wad of baby juice into her already pregnant belly.

As soon as Jason’s cum started pumping into her belly Liz let herself go and felt her own orgasm crash through her body so that her pussy clamped tight around the teenage cock in her slit. Even her baby seemed to get into the act, kicking and punching excitedly in her womb and sending her into another orgasm as soon as she started to recover from her first one.

“Jason,” Liz said, stroking her swollen belly affectionately, “I think our daughter will be an even bigger slut than I am. Are you sure you’ll be ready for her when she’s old enough to fuck her own father?”

“I’ll be ready,” Jason promised, releasing Liz’s leg and letting it drop to the bed. “And if I’m not, I’m sure I’ll have a few sons by then to help take up the slack. Who knows, maybe she’ll take after her mother and prefer her brother to her father.”

“Don’t be so full of yourself brother dear,” Liz purred, “after all, if our father hadn’t died I might prefer him to you, but I’m happy to have you.”

“That’s a relief,” Jason said. “Let me get some of that milk in your tits before we close the video and get ready for breakfast.

“As if you have to ask,” Liz chuckled. “You can have as much of my milk as you want until the baby arrives, and even then I should have some left over for you.”

“Sounds good to me,” Jason said, leaning across Liz’s shoulder to reach her swollen tit. He gave her breast a little squeeze and watched a drop of milk form around the tip of her erect nipple before bent his head down to lick up the white juice. Without another word Jason sucked Liz’s nipple into his mouth and swallowed as much milk as he could get.

“I love the taste of your milk,” Jason told Liz when he pulled his lips away from her tit long enough to speak. “I almost feel jealous of our baby since she’ll get as much of your milk as she can get.”

“Well until she comes I’ll have plenty to spare,” Liz purred with pleasure while Jason sucked on her tit.. “But hurry up and finish, we still need to shower and get breakfast before you head home for your school work - and other work.”

“Ok,” Jason said, reluctantly releasing his half-sister’s nipple and heading for the bathroom. He stopped long enough to see what the cameras recorded and gave Liz a big smile. “This is going to be one hot video once I get it edited. I mean it’s hot like this, but once I put the edit the two views together it will be even hotter. Remind me to thank mom for that new video editing software she bought me.”

“Well you did tell her you needed it for the site,” Liz pointed out, “and from what you’ve told us the video sales have doubled since you started using the software. I think Karen knows how much you’re enjoying all the equipment she’s been buying for you. Maybe you should get some waterproof cameras for the showers, I understand shower scenes are pretty big.”

“Good idea,” Jason said with a nod, “who knows how many fuck scenes we’ve lost out on because we didn’t have a camera in the shower.”

After their shared shower (with Liz refusing to fuck him because he had to save everything for Beth) the two of them walked to the kitchen together to get their breakfast. All through his stack of pancakes Jason wondered what the special surprise was that Nancy and Liz had for him, but with his plate empty there was still no sign of anything unexpected.

“So, what was the special treat you had for me, Nancy?” Jason asked, tilting his head back to get the last of the milk in his glass.

“Did you like your milk, Jason?” Nancy asked, apparently evading her half-brother’s question.

“Yes I did,” Jason said, licking his lips and holding his glass out for the offered refill. “Where did you get it? This is probably the best milk I’ve ever had.”

When he realized that Liz and Nancy were both giggling Jason blushed and set his glass down. “Ok, you got me. What kind of milk is this and where did you get it?”

“You could say whose milk is this,” Nancy said, taking the half full jug and putting some of the milk in her coffee. “This is Liz’s breast milk. Now that she’s producing enough milk we started using the breast pump and storing the milk in the refrigerator for our own use. I thought you’d like it - just like the rest of our family.”

“You mean you and mom . . .”

“It started with your mother,” Nancy said. “When our mother was pregnant with me and producing milk our dad use to drink it - so actually I guess you could say that it started with dad - but anyway our mother would store her breast milk in the refrigerator and one day Karen used the breast milk for her breakfast instead of the regular milk. After that mom stopped buying regular milk until I was born and then they told her that they couldn’t get the special milk anymore.”

Nancy took a sip of her coffee before she continued, “When Karen was pregnant with you and started making milk dad told us the whole story and all three of us started drinking breast milk again. But I have to be honest, I think Liz’s milk is better than mine or your mother’s ever was.”

“Thanks mom,” Liz said, helping herself to another glass of milk. “Too bad we can only do this until the baby is born.”

“The baby won’t take all your milk,” Nancy said, “besides, I’m sure you’ll have more babies. Between the four of us we should be able to make all the milk this family needs - at least as long as Jason keep up his end of the job.”

“I’ll do my best Nancy,” Jason promised before he drained the last of his milk.

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