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In my last year of high school, I decided I needed a summer job.
Because my family had a swimming pool, I’d always been one of the best
swimmers on Swim Team and swam for the local swimming club. The club
had a Junior Girls Team that needed a coach, and I figured it would be
better than flipping burgers or stocking shelves in a department

The girls in the club were all between 10 and 12 years of age. Up
until this stage, I’d never thought anything sexual about younger
girls. Coaching began to change that. The girls on Swim Team fell
into two categories. Most of them were beginning to develop, and
about half of them were completely naive and innocent, not realizing
how hot they were becoming. The other half knew the power their
little bodies had over men and were beginning to flaunt it. These
ones used Swim Team as a fashion show, seeing how skimpy they could
get with their bathing suits before I’d say something. I’m an
easy-going guy and I never said anything, even when they started
wearing two-piece suits, which were usually forbidden at meets.

While watching the girls swim, I found myself guiltily sporting an
erection on occasion, but mostly I was able to focus on the job. I
was getting plenty of attention from high school girls and, despite
the flirty attention I got from these pre-teens, especially a twelve
year old named Krissi Cates and her pack of friends, I kept myself
under control. Until the day that I got to see Krissi’s sister, Kyla,

Kyla Cates was one of the youngest girls. At ten, her breasts were
small and perky through her regulation one-piece suit. Unlike some of
the others, Kyla hadn’t chosen to test my will by wearing a two-piece,
and she wasn’t one of the girls who hung around after practice was
over, asking me questions and jiggling her little hips. She was
focused on her close friends, and, at first glance, I would have
picked her as one of the innocent ones. The day I saw her naked, she
reacted just the way a naive young ten year old would.

As she was swimming back crawl down the center lane of the pool, the
lane rope came loose at the far end of the pool and caught on her
bathing suit. Her suit ripped completely down the front, tangling in
the line. She struggled to wrench it free, her tiny, pale breasts
jiggling. I could see her small, pink nipples and the perfect curves
of evenly developing pre-pubescent breasts. Finally, she got her
bathing suit free and swam on her stomach to the side of the pool
where I was standing. Clutching her arms to her chest, trying to hide
her breasts from me, she ran to the changing rooms, but what she
forgot to hide was the thin thatch of peach fuzz that covered her
exposed pussy lips.

Luckily, I was wearing baggy shorts, because I had an instant erection
that I felt guilty as hell about. Usually, when I’d been turned on,
it had been by one of the older girls. My boner didn’t go away,
either. Luckily, the evening’s coaching was finished shortly, and all
the girls had gotten changed and left. Kyla had looked away, cheeks
flushed, as she’d walked past me. I hoped she hadn’t seen the
enormous bulge in my pants!

My coaching duties were to lock up and turn out the lights in the
changing rooms, hose down the floors, and cover the pool. The
changing rooms were old concrete slab buildings with the pump house
between the girls’ and boys’ rooms. I’d finished the boys’ room (that
one killed my erection) and was in the girls’ when I saw Kyla’s ripped
bathing suit on the ground. I couldn’t help myself. I lifted it to
my nose and inhaled the crotch area. It smelled only mildly of
pre-teen juices, mostly of chlorine, but it still seemed so dirty that
my hard-on came back immediately. I was alone in the girls’ changing
rooms with the hard-on from hell and no chance of getting caught, so I
took off my shorts and used the bathing suit to masturbate, thinking
of the glimpse I’d seen of that preteen girl’s perfect, naked flesh.
It didn’t take long before I came. Boy, what a load. It shot out and
splattered all over the floor.

I quickly put on my shorts and reached for the hose to wash down the
floor. That’s when I noticed the hole in the wall where the hose pipe
came out from the pump shed. Standing back looking at it from the
lighted room into the unlit pump room, I knew I had a chance to see
more next week if I dared. It seemed so wrong and so forbidden, but I
decided to do it.

It took me a couple of weeks before I found the key to the pump room
and another week before I could actually peek into the girls change
rooms because there were cartons of chlorine stacked against the wall.
The first week I got in there, I restacked them so I had an open
space behind them leading long the wall to the hole where the pipe
went through. Looking through there I had a good view of the room. I
just needed to wait until the following week, which was also my last
chance, because swim season was ending. I especially wanted to see
Kyla Cates naked again; the peek I got had me curious for more, and
the way she’d been acting since had only kept me with a perpetual
hard-on for nights on end.

After ripping her bathing suit, Kyla returned wearing a black
two-piece with a bikini top and those incredibly short boy-cut bottoms
that all the girls were wearing that summer. It accentuated her
developing breasts and the slight curve of her hips. And, while I’d
thought she was one of the more innocent girls, she’d also been acting
much sluttier, spending more and more time strutting along beside the
pool and lounging on beach chairs when we were meant to be practicing.
I thought she might have been strutting past me purposely, but
dismissed it as wishful thinking—after all, she was just an innocent
little ten year old girl.

I was sure she’d seen my boner through my baggy shorts, though, and
wondered if she understood what it was. I was wrong about her
innocence, though. Because it was the last day of training, I just
let the girls play in the pool until it was time to leave. Before
they went to the changing rooms, I snuck into the pump room and
waited, looking through the hole for them to arrive.

When they all got into the room, they were all giggling and in high
spirits. I was already hard, thinking about what I was going to
watch. Let me tell you, I was wrong about those girls being innocent.
Girls at that age, even the ones who seemed shy, had no shame, and
they didn’t try to hide what they had, which, in most cases, wasn’t
much anyway. But Kyla Cates had those small, perky tits and hair down
below, and yet she was younger of two sisters. She was even more of a
show-off in the changing room than beside the pool, probably because
of those perfect, premature breasts of hers. She paraded around
naked, laughing and joking with the others, most of whom still had
their swim suits on, although some were in various states of undress.
I got a better look at her thin thatch of pubic hair, and the girlish
part between her legs, so perfect, never having been opened before. I
could just imagine sticking in a finger, a tongue. I wondered how far
my dick would get before she got too tight.

It was then that I noticed her older sister, Krissi, undressing.
Unlike her younger sister who was blondish and curvy, the older was
dark-haired and slim, with a flatter chest—only little mosquito bites
of tits, even at age twelve, and an even downier growth of brown pubic

I was stroking my cock, mesmerized at the older sister’s slit between
her legs. I was imagining Krissi Cates tight little cunt enveloping
my cock as I lay back looking up at her. Watching her dry herself and
chat with the other naked girls, I imagined what it would be like to
hold her slim hips as she slid down my cock. I imagined my cock
rubbing up against the hard bud of her clit as I penetrated her
deeply. I came hard against the wall in front of me. I didn’t stop
at that, though. I just kept stroking, watching all the underage bare
asses and mostly hairless little pussies until I came again.

Then it got weird. One of the older girls, Ava, came out of the
shower with a can of deodorant clutched between her curvy thighs,
thrusting her hips madly. “Hey, guess who I am?” She thrust her hips

“Coach!” Kyla cried, clapping her hands. Gleefully, she grabbed a
shampoo bottle off of one of the benches in the locker room, shoved it
between her legs, and called out, “Look, I’m coach, and I have a hard
on... again!”

“When does he not?” Ava asked.

“Nevahhhh,” Kyla answered, thrusting her hips again. “I’m coach, and
I just popped another boner for Krissi!”

“Oh, shut up, Kyla,” Krissi said, putting her hands on her still-naked
hips. “You know you think he’s hot.”

“Like you don’t,” Kyla replied. “I’d ride him if he were, like, I
dunno, two years younger.” They all laughed.

Suddenly, I realized this had probably been a running joke all season,
and that the girls were much more educated about hard-ons and sex in
general than I had realized before. Anxiety welled up in my stomach.
I definitely couldn’t come back to the swim club next season. Thank
god this was the last day. I watched as Krissi finally joined in the
fun, holding a can of deodorant between her legs and standing in front
of another girl. “I get horny for you, watching you do the
breast-stroke” she said, giggling. I have to admit that I was turned

Now, Krissi Cates was one of the first girls who had begun wearing the
skimpy bathing suits to swim club, and one of the biggest flirts. I’d
picked Krissi as one of the dirtier girls straight away, I just hadn’t
imagined that little ten year old Kyla would be running around the
changing room showing off her bouncy new pair of tits. Despite all
this, and despite Krissi’s flirting throughout the season, I didn’t
believe I would actually have sex with an underaged girl. Okay, at
the point where I was sitting in the pump room wanking my dick off to
their hot, naked little bodies, I probably would have, but under most
circumstances, no.

But Krissi and Kyla were, as always, full of surprises.

School hadn’t started yet, and I was swimming in my family’s backyard
pool to avoid the swim club for a while, when I noticed that the gate
was open. I surfaced in the water to see Krissi and Kyla Cates
looking down at me, both wearing their tiny little bikinis. “We think
we need some extra practice,” said little Kyla, flaring one hip out
and jutting her tiny tits forward. I saw them do a little bounce
through the thin fabric of the bathing suit. She had on a white suit
today, and I could see the outlines of those tiny nipples through
them. I imagined my mouth on them.

“How do you know where I live?” I asked, dumbfounded. I’d been
deliberately avoiding the club.

“We were worried about you when you didn’t come back to the club after
lessons ended, so we asked some other high school kids where you

Shit, I thought. My friends knew a bunch of little girls were looking
for me. I put that thought out of my mind for a moment in light of
what happened next.

“Can you give us a private lesson?” asked Krissi; it was her turn to
act innocent. Before I could answer, the two of them jumped in and
started paddling around me in circles. “Come on now,” said Krissi,
“tell us how to improve our strokes.” Yeah, I already knew that they
understood the sexual connotation of “strokes.”

“Yes, our strokes,” Kyla said, and as she said it, she slipped the
bottoms of her bathing suit down around her legs, and they sank to the
bottom of the pool.
Krissi followed suit. “It’s so secluded around here, there’s no need
for bathing suits. You should take your clothes off, too.”

I shook my head no, but already, I had a raging erection. Both
sisters stripped off their shirts, revealing those tits I’d dreamed so
much about. Krissi hadn’t developed any further, and had only the
slightest showing of breasts, while Kyla still had her jiggly bits,
which bounced up and down in the water as she continued to circle me.
“Come on,” Kyla said. “How can I practice my stroke if you don’t take
out your thing?”

I knew I could no longer resist. “We promise not to tell anyone,”
Krissi said. “We’ve been wanting to see your dick since you started
teaching us.” My shorts were off before she finished her sentence,
and my erection bounced freely as I treaded water between them.

Two little hands found it. “It’s bigger than the boys at school,” said Kyla.

“And how many of the boys at school have actually shown you their things.”

“Oh, heaps.” She was already running her fingers along the length of
my rock hard cock, applying just the right amount of pressure. “This
is the biggest one I’ve ever seen. Much bigger than the boys at
school.” I felt the glow of pride as I groaned, trying to keep myself
from cumming prematurely.

“How about you, Krissi.”

“I’ve seen a few. None bigger than yours, though.” And, at that, she
took one of my hands and pressed it against one of her underdeveloped
breats. “Touch me,” she said. “I’ve always wanted an older boy to
touch me.” And touch her I did. As Kyla stroked my cock, I felt
Krissi in the water, running my hand down her narrow body, pulling
her to my hip and holding her there; she rubbed her pubic bone against
my hip. It wasn’t long before my hand was between her legs, parting
her nearly hairless pussy lips, and my finger found a way inside.
There was no hymen to speak of, so I asked if she was a virgin.
“Yes,” she said, “But I’ve stuck a banana in there. To practice.”
She smiled, a sly, devious little smile.

“I’m not a virgin,” Kyla said, continuing to wank my cock.

“Oh, aren’t you?” I asked.

“She is,” Krissi urged.

I figured I was already going to hell, so I said, “There’s only one
way to find out, and pulled Kyla’s curvy hips forward, opening her
little pussy lips with my dick and pressing the head of my dick into
her pre-pubescent pussy as I sent thick jets of white jizz into the
opening of it. She was so tight I knew I couldn’t push in further
without hurting her, but if she was indeed a virgin, I’d just given
that tight, beautiful little pussy its first load of cum.

“So, am I a virgin now?” she asked, a devious look on her face that
matched her sister’s.

“You haven’t had one in you yet, so you’re still a virgin,” I replied.

“Well,” said Krissi, “it’s our turn now. We got you off, so you have
to get us off.”

“Have you ever had an orgasm before?” I asked. They both nodded.

I had them sit on the side of the pool. As I said, I lived in a
secluded area, so there was no danger of being caught. I stood in the
shallow end of the pool, my hand on both of their pussies at once. I
did Kyla with my left hand and Krissi with my right, feeling the
difference in the tightness of the two girls. I doubted Kyla had been
broken in yet, even with a banana, but then, I poked a finger straight
up her, once again finding no hymen. Her pussy was so tight, silky
and smooth on the inside, with the clitoris right near the opening. I
wiggled my finger around in her puss. “Ooh, that feels tingly,” she
said. I rubbed my thumb against her clit as I continued finger
fucking her, then took my hand away from her sister and put my mouth
between her legs.

It was so nice going down on a girl with so little hair. Nothing to
get caught in my teeth and the smell and taste were indescribable, so
clean and sweet. I licked her clitoris hard, then poked my tongue
inside of her. She was so small that I was able to get in another
guilty pleasure, licking all the way along her perfect little crack,
from her asshole back to the honey-pot, and delving my tongue in
again. Then, I changed it up, fucking Krissi with two fingers as I
went down on Kyla, licking her through her thatch of blond pubic
hair, finding her clit, and jabbing my tongue into the opening. She
was so small down there that I could lick her, asshole to clitoris,
with a single swoop of my tongue. I felt her shudder and begin to
cum, the little tramp, and I jammed my tongue in just as her orgasm
hit, feeling her convulse around me. As she finished, I drew away and
sucked her tits as her body writhed in pleasure.

“Oh, your tongue was better than Blake Jacobson’s dick,” Kyla
exclaimed. “And about the same size, too!” So, she really was a
little slut. In my mind, I plotted out things I could do with Kyla,
things I could get her to do with me. But first, I wanted to realize
my fantasy of having Krissi Cates ride my boner. I lifted myself out
of the pool.

“Right, then, Krissi, it’s time for you to lose your virginity.”
Krissi grinned like it was Christmas morning. She didn’t have to be
told to lower her twelve year old body onto my dick. I’d been
fingering her long enough that I knew she could take a cock up her
cunt, so I didn’t bother going easy on her. She was already dripping
with her own juices. I guided those narrow hips down against mine,
just as I had in my fantasy, and told her to ride it. She put her
hands on my chest, touching it as I lowered her torso to my mouth and
sucked on those flat little tits with their hard nipples.

It didn’t take me long to shoot in her, hard as I could, causing her
to orgasm by rubbing my fingers against her engorged clitoris. I was
so tired that I lay back and watched as she stood up, my jizz dripping
down her legs. I was shocked how much I’d cum, given that it was the
second time in less than an hour. I could smell our combined smell as
she walked over to the pool, jumped back in, and washed herself out
expertly. I wondered if she really had been a virgin, but didn’t give
it that much thought as I jumped in after her.

Kyla joined us, paddling beside me. “Can we have another private
lesson tomorrow?” she asked. “I so want you to cum in my pussy. I’ve
never seen a boy shoot so much.”
“Just show up here and I’ll teach you everything you need to know,” I
said. And I meant it. I was tuckered out for the day, but I had so
much I still wanted to do with them. As they walked away, leaving me
in the pool, I felt a wave of guilt rise, and then subside, because
they both seemed to want it so very badly. I floated in the pool,
thinking of what I would teach them tomorrow.

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