Ever wanted it all? Having it all!
Bill’s Life
Part 1 – Having Friends
I met Bill about five years ago, his vintage Shelby Mustang had broken down, leaving him stranded on the side of the road on a very busy two lane highway. When I crested the hill, I saw his car and realized immediately that it wouldn’t be long before someone would hit it. So I, pulled over and backed my truck up to the crest of the hill and intentionally let it block a little of the road so that traffic would have to slow down. After a few minutes of checking, I found the loose wire on the ignition coil and had him running again. Bill thanked me and offered me a C note, which I refused explaining that I was just trying to do the right thing. He said he understood, but insisted that he wanted to do something for me.

As I turned to go, he gave me his business card and made me promise to call him. The next day I called and he asked if I would come to his house for dinner and drinks, I graciously accepted. I arrived at the address he gave me to find a mansion, as I drove the three mile driveway from the road to the house; I noticed that every inch of the property was immaculate. Bill invited me in and introduced me to his wife Teri, and three beautiful daughters. We had a great meal prepared by a professional staff then retired to his library for Brandy and Cigars. Bill went on and on about how kind I was to stop and help him, and he was impressed when I didn’t want his money.

I told him that there were many things in life more important than money, like the Shelby Mustang he had. He just laughed as he led me out the back door to his garage. His garage was bigger than the service shop at a major car dealership, as he opened the door more than fifty classic and vintage cars came into view. I was stunned, I could barely talk as I managed to utter slowly “Are all these yours?” to which he replied “Of course”. As we strolled through the shop he explained that he needed a shop manager to look after his cars, he didn’t have time to manage the mechanics, helpers, etc. Most important to him was having someone he could trust; he looked me square in the eye and said “I trust you”.

I didn’t know what to say, my job as an engineer was OK, I made good money, but rarely enjoyed my work. As the wheels in my head were turning, he offered me a salary starting at twice what I was making. Looking at him I realized there was something about Bill I liked; knowing this would work I accepted his offer.

Bill and I became very good friends, sharing our love of cars was the cornerstone, but more than that we liked each other’s company. Bill was good natured, reasonable, and generous to a fault. By the end of the first year, I had moved into the guest house that was just behind the garage, was a guest at dinner every night, and traveled extensively with Bill attending automotive events all over the world.

Bill and I were having a great time, so much so that Teri became a little jealous of me. After dinner one night, Bill and I settled into the den to watch a movie, this upset Teri so Bill asked her to watch the movie with us. Bill and I were both in our early fifties and in very good shape, but Teri was only twenty three, having gotten pregnant when she was fifteen.

After a while, Teri’s wine got her a little horny and she started playing with Bill’s dick, so he pulled it out and stuck it in her mouth. I watched her suck Bill’s huge fat manhood greedily; his cum filled her mouth faster than she could swallow so she had a stream of his juice running down onto her breasts. He pulled her up and kissed her gently, licking his seed from her neck and breasts, then he whispered in her ear, she looked over at me and smiled sheepishly.

She stood in front of us and began to undress, slowly removing her blouse and bra before sliding her jeans off and to the floor. She had beautiful long blonde hair that gently rode across her shoulders; her petite five-five frame carried 105 pounds of exquisite beauty and nothing about her would suggest that she had birthed three girls. I couldn’t help but stare at her breasts, she was a very nice 36 D cup, her nipples were small and pointed straight out from the full round shape. She giggled a bit as she took a sip of wine and pointed her toe at me, giving me a glimpse of her perfectly shaven pussy. I took a deep breath and looked over at Bill, he was playing with his still hard cock, and he just smiled at me and nodded OK.

Teri came over to my chair and crawled into my lap; she looked me in the eye and asked “What do you think of me?” as she leaned in close and put her left tit in my face. I said “Teri, I think you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, and I would never do anything to hurt or disrespect either you or Bill”. “But”, I continued “I am not going to sit here and be teased by you, either fuck me or leave me alone”.

She smiled softly, knowing she had gone too far, she whispered in my ear “I love Bill and he wants me to fuck you, but please don’t tell him I want to fuck you”. She pulled off my shirt as we stood up. Then she pulled my pants and boxers to the floor and my nine inch cock fell against her face as she knelt before me. I looked over at Bill as she put my cock in her mouth; he was pulling hard at his cock as he said “Go ahead, I want to watch you fuck her.”

I pulled her up to me and kissed her passionately as her breasts rubbed me and her hand gently stroked my cock. I turned her toward the chair and bent her over so that Bill could see us in profile. I rubbed her ass cheeks, amazed at how tight and round they were, reaching between her legs I felt her soft bald pussy, it didn’t take long before her juice was running onto my hand. I used her juice on my finger to poke at her cute little back door, she giggled as I pushed at it. By now my need to pump my seed was more important than playing with that tight ass,

I grabbed my cock and rubbed it on her vaginal lips, her pussy was tight and I had to work to get entry. After I first got into her sweet little cunt, I pushed my cock head down towards her g-spot, this got her very excited as she danced up and down on her toes, as she got wetter I went deeper, at about halfway she moaned something and then ejaculated all over my cock and hand. This got Bill’s attention and he came over to us, climbed over the chair and shoved his cock in Teri’s mouth. He started fucking her hard, forcing himself deep into her throat; this got me excited so I just shoved my cock all the way in and started fucking her like a jackhammer.

This was my first threesome; it didn’t take long for both of us to shoot massive loads into Teri’s hot holes. My cum was draining down her leg and Bill’s cum was running down her neck and dripping off her titties. Teri was swallowing Bill’s load and using her fingers to scoop what she could before it got away. Bill licked her titties then flipped her around and sucked on her cunt, I could hear him slurping my cum from her sexpot and I felt excited at the thought of him eating my man juice.

Bill noticed my renewed interest as he pushed Teri to the floor beneath me; he crawled over top of her and plunged his big cock into her waiting pussy. Teri reached up and grabbed my cock, pulling me down to her face so she could lick and suck my balls. Bill grabbed her tits and leaned forward putting his mouth around my throbbing shaft; Teri convulsed with pleasure as she had her first real orgasm. This made Bill suck harder as Teri licked at my balls and put her finger in my ass. It hurt at first, then she massaged my prostate, I shot my hot load into Bill’s mouth and he swallowed every drop as his cum filled Teri’s pussy.

When Bill pulled out of Teri’s cunt, I just had to taste his cum; I bent over and started by licking the juice drops on her pussy lips. This got her very excited and she actually squirted his and her cum into my mouth and all over my face. Bill rubbed his cum soaked cock on her pussy and around my mouth, I opened my mouth and he put it in for me to clean him up. We spent the rest of the night on the floor; every time a dick got hard it was quickly sucked and fucked into submission. In the morning, Teri wrapped her arms around me and said “please stay for breakfast”. Bill and I smiled, knowing that our friendship was stronger than ever and that Teri was happy about it.


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Lost me as soon as I read 9 inches.....stupid.....
2 out of 10....

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A little fast toward the end, but tons of potential.

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