Ever wanted more? Having More!
Bill's Life
Part 2 – Having Family
Over the next four years, Bill, Teri, and I had many adventures together. On the road, Bill and I would have great fun together, often sharing partners we found along the way. Bill would frequently find very young men and women to play with and share. At home, Teri found her beauty attracted the interest of some very nice young men and even a few women. When we were home, she was willing to share them with Bill and me.

We had great fun; I never really noticed that the men and women had become boys and girls. One night at home, Teri invited her niece and nephew over for dinner. Tim was fifteen, a big boy with a tight toned body, and his sister Amanda was fourteen, with raven hair over green eyes that sparkled wildly. We had a great meal, afterwards Bill and I had Brandy and cigars while Terri sipped some wine with the teens.

Teri suggested we all go for a swim, but Amanda frowned, saying she didn’t have a suit. Teri suggested that she didn’t really need one; we all just stared until she added “but then to be fair we all had to go skinny dipping”. Tim smiled broadly at the idea, but Amanda seemed reluctant until Teri hugged her and said “I’ll go first”. With that, she ripped off her blouse and ran out the back towards the pool. Tim was right behind her, I think he was eager to see what he could get, which I knew would be plenty.

Bill smiled and headed for the door, I looked at Amanda knowing she wasn’t real sure about this. I leaned over and whispered in her ear, “If you want to have fun then come outside and swim, if you want to be a virgin then it is okay to go and relax in the den”. She looked at me and smiled, grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the door. I guess she just wanted to know the score.

By the time we got to the pool, Tim was all over Teri, Bill was all over Tim, and Teri was all over Bill. I guess I had Amanda to myself. This was okay with me, knowing she was jailbait I didn’t care, she was gorgeous and worth every day I’d spend in prison. I pulled off my clothes and stepped into the pool, then turned to watch Amanda undress. Her fourteen your old body was unbelievable, as she removed her shirt and bra to expose her breasts I became fully erect. Her small 34C titties were tight and firm with nipples that looked like ripe strawberries.

She turned her back to me as she removed her shorts to reveal a perfect set of ass cheeks that didn’t quite close in the back enough to obscure the view of her crack and cute little buttonhole. I didn’t realize it but I was rubbing my dick hard as she turned and stepped into the pool. Her cunt has a fine dusting of raven black hair that almost covers the camel toe shape as it disappears between her legs. Her face was glowing with the blush of embarrassment from being naked in front of me; I took her hand and pulled her close to me sighing a bit from heartfelt lust.

She could easily tell how much I wanted to touch her and this gave her the confidence to kiss my chest as she reached down to stroke my cock. Her hand was soft, gently rubbing the length of my shaft which made me shake a little and sigh again. I pulled her closer and lifted her up and kissed her gently on the lips, she kissed me back and then we both engaged our passion; I knew I had to fuck this little virgin. I reached down and played with her breasts, they were soft to touch, yet firm when I squeezed them. She moaned slightly as I pinched her nipple in my finger, and then she whispered “harder please”. I pinched both nipples this time, her eyes rolled back in her head showing that she was lost in the pleasure of the moment.

I reached down her back and squeezed her ass cheeks pulling her tight against my cock. As I played with her ass and poked at her tight little buttonhole, she wrapped her legs around my waist and positioned her perfect little pussy so that the head of my cock was knocking on the door. I really wanted to just plow her road, but I knew that she needed and deserved a very good first time. To be sure I asked “are you a virgin?” to which she said “Tim and I have done some things, and I touch myself a lot lately, but nobody’s ever been in deep enough to break me open”. I told her that was great and I really wanted to be her first, she looked down at my huge throbbing cock and said “I’m ready but I’m a little scared”. I pulled her down a little so that my cockhead could push into her cunt just past the lips. She moaned a bit then I could feel her pressing down more and more as I rubbed my cock against the inside of her tight pussy. I was ready to cum, and I hadn’t even gotten to the good part yet.

I walked up to the top step, turned and stood so that Bill, Teri, and Tim could see my cock up her tight little cunt. I continued rubbing her as she pressed harder, soon I could feel the wall of her hymen, before I broke through I pulled my cock back to rub her g-spot to see if she would squirt. She did a little, as she screamed very loudly “Please fuck me – fuck me hard” This got everyone’s attention, they turned just in time to see me shove my cock all the way up her cunt in one hard shove. Amanda screamed and cried from the pain and I could feel her virgin blood running down my balls. I just held her there in place giving her time to recover; oddly enough, Teri pulled up off of Tim and Bill and headed towards us.

I couldn’t help but think she was going to be mad at me, but she came over and whispered in Amanda’s ear and then she knelt down and licked her virgin blood off of my balls and Amanda’s cunt. This got Amanda excited and she started moving up and down on my cock. We started fucking harder as Teri played with my balls and fingered Amanda’s ass. I shot my load into Amanda as her orgasm squeezed every drop I had. I sat then laid back on the edge of the pool, Teri quickly came over and licked my cock clean as she pulled it out of Amanda’s sloppy wet cunt. Then she ate Amanda out, sucking every drop she could get. When she was done, she hollered at Bill to come over and fuck her niece.

Bill was wiping Tim’s load off his mouth and pulling that big old cock of his to get ready for Amanda. Bill picked Amanda up and placed her cunt down on his cock, Tim turned Teri around and entered her from behind. I watched as they fucked the hell out of each other. Bill finished first, so I quickly licked him clean and dove face first into Amanada’s cum filled pussy. I fingered her ass, she rewarded me with a little squirt into my mouth, I could taste her juice mixed with Bill’s cum it was delicious. Tim finished his load into Teri’s cunt, I couldn’t resist so I licked Tim’s cock and dove into Teri’s hot cream filled pussy, and she was coming about every ten seconds as I sucked her sexy juice.

By now I was ready to go again, I had my choice of two very nice tight pussies and four very tight asses, But I knew that I wanted Amanda. I took her over to a table near the pool and bent her over so all could watch, as I rubbed my cock on her juicy little cunt I whispered in her ear “if you let me fuck your ass I’ll suck you when I’m done”. This made her knees a little weak and I had to hold her up, I didn’t wait for her answer I just forced my throbbing cock into her tiny hole. She cried loudly but didn’t ask me to stop, I gave her a moment to get used to my cock then I eased it into her some more. I have fucked some ass before, but her tightness felt better than anything I’ve done including her virgin cunt that I fucked a few minutes ago.

At first I could feel her shake, knowing that it was hurting her I tried to go slow. After a bit she relaxed and started pushing back on me taking the full measure of my nine inch pole. She started shaking again as she started fucking my cock in long full strokes, only this time she was breathing heavily and moaning “fuck, fuck, fuck”. I was surprised that when I touched her lightly on her clit, she squirted on my hand; I pulled it to my mouth and drank her pleasure juice before rubbing the rest on her tits. I felt myself shake as I exploded into her tight cock filled ass, I could feel my cum spurt deep into her ass. I pulled out of her quickly and licked her gaping hole as my cum ran downhill into my mouth. This girl was so fine even her ass cream tasted great.

Teri brought Tim over and told him to fuck his little sister’s ass, he protested at first but Amanda said she wanted him to and Teri promised he could fuck her again if he did. Tim was convinced; he shoved his big hard cock roughly into Amanda making her cry and moan as her ass split open for him. He took little time in getting it done, cuming hard in just a few quick strokes. As he pulled out, I quickly grabbed his cock and sucked on it, giving him a little bite for hurting Amanda.

Then I turned to Amanda, gently licking and sucking her well fucked ass. Tim had filled her up so I had a steady flow of hot cum to swallow. Amanda’s ass was sore so I let his cum run down towards her pussy before gobbling his cock juice.

I’m not sure what got into Bill, but I don’t think he was pleased with the way Tim roughly fucked Amanda’s ass, he was usually very gentle. He grabbed Tim throwing him over the table spread his cheeks and forced two fingers hard into his ass. He rammed his fingers in and out a couple of times; you could see tears forming in Tim’s eyes. When he pulled his fingers out he jumped on him hard and forced the full measure of his huge dick into Tim’s tiny virgin ass making Tim scream like a girl

He started thrashing wildly and fucked poor Tim’s ass like a two bit whore, it didn’t take long before he filled his ass with manly cream. He pulled out of Tim’s ass, spun Tim around and shoved his cream soaked cock into Tim’s mouth as he growled “Now you know better than to treat your sister or anyone else that way”. Tim dropped to the ground and cried to himself. Teri, Amanda, and I were speechless. Then Bill bent over and gently picked Tim off the ground, kissed him on the face and said he was sorry as he carried him into the house. Bill spent the night with Tim in the house and I spent the night with Amanda and Teri by the pool.

By the next morning, Tim was smiling and happy, even a bit tearful as he apologized to Amanda; Bill even apologized to all of us for losing his temper. After breakfast, we settled into the den to watch a movie, Teri took her daughters to get school supplies. It wasn’t long before Amanda said she was bored, took off her clothes, sprawled herself on the floor and declared “I want to fuck”. There were three of us ready and able, so we set about the task of fucking her all at the same time. I started with her pussy, Bill went for her ass, and Tim fed his meat into her mouth. Amanda really seemed to enjoy this, she came repeatedly, soaking my cock with her juice before we all filled her with cum.

After Bill and I sucked cum from her ass and pussy and a brief rest, we rotated so that Bill had her cunt, Tim had her ass, and I filled her mouth. The second round was better than the first, and upon completion, I enjoyed eating cum from both of her holes and sharing it with her when I kissed her. For round three we rotated again, Tim fucked her cunt, Bill fucked her mouth, and I fucked her tight willing ass. Again, I ate her cum filled body, savoring every drop of man juice she had collected.

We were spent, laying naked on the den floor den trying to catch our breath, when Teri walked in with the girls. Alli was eleven, Niki was nine, and Billi was almost seven. I knew that Bill and Teri were very open with the girls and I’m sure they had seen us naked at times, but surely, this would require explanation.
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