I look at my fake breasts as I start to type. They are just socks stuffed into my wife’s bra. They don’t look that bad. Of course, I look ridiculous but I feel amazing. I’m wearing her blouse, her bra, her underwear and her skirt. The blouse is red and barely fits me. Thank God for stretchy women’s clothing. Especially maternity shirts. This shirt was bought during the last trimester of pregnancy. I’m stretching the shirt out but I don’t care. She may never wear this shirt again. Her bra kind of fits around my chest. It’s all I have and knowing that it’s hers makes my cock twitch. It’s beige and it could be strapless. I use the straps, liking the way they feel on my shoulders. The skirt is black. When my wife wears the skirt it is almost knee length. On me, it shows most of my legs. The underwear is much too small and has white and green stripes. The trim is pink. They are the best underwear that I can find, the best she took with her back to New York. I take what I can get.

I’m feeling a craving. I want my dildo inside of me. I don’t know why but I fight that feeling.

I went outside. My back yard is dark. I turned on the patio light on purpose. No one is going to see me but at least I’m in the light of my own backyard. I’m going to go one more time just to feel the light on my exposed female inclines.

I say things that appear brave. My outdoor patio frightened me just now. My drink will comfort me.

My drink helped a bit but still I did feel uncomfortable in my own backyard. Maybe more time needs to be spent in that light. It does feel exhilarating. A little more free than usual.

I went outside and felt my patio light. I stood there waiting for the neighbors to catch me. I want someome to see. It’s real. I’m dressed in woman’s clothes. I need and crave a cigarette now. Expose me wearing my wife’s clothes. It seems that I could explain it. Expose me with a dildo buried deep into my ass. I don’t know how to explain it. I can tell you that as I type this that I am about to apply lubrication to my dildo.

I’ve lit the candles in the living room. It’s eleven thirty p.m.. I need to be fucked. This dildo will boss me around. Sounds crazy but someone needs to boss me around.

The head of the dildo presses against my anus. The chair the dildo rests on forces me to move the keyboard closer. GOD DAMN. The fucking monster dildo head just passed the first obstacle, my asshole muscles. I’m resting listening to the music. Space…I’m still. I’m adjusting, not used to this girth. The bass and drums start. OH God! The rhythm is back and the cock fills my asshole. The Goddamn Rhythm.

I’m fucking the dildo and typing. Jesus, give me a break. My heart… The bass…here it is…wait….Fuck!!!!!

My ass is not ready. It needs a break and here is one. Holy shit. Fast beat….slow fucking….amazing fucking….

Eight inches. Buried so far inside my asshole. The feeling is unbelievable. Who’s singing? I fuck for her. Oh God….the beat is back….oh……………..fuck…………………..fuck fuck fuck ooooooooooooooofuck ooooooooooooooooooooooooooofuckfuck fuck fuck fuck fuck shit…………………………………………………………………………………..


I’ve slowed it down. Imagine this rhythm…one one thousand…two one thousand…three one thousand…who knows when it started. I’m fucking and getting fIucked.

It’s bullshit to think and believe but I can’t help it. I’m inferior. I need decisions made for me. Unbelievably my ass thinks for itself. It wants to get fucked on it’s own terms. Here I sit….slave to my dildo, buried deep in my ass. Resting, waiting, wanting….
I’m really a fan of slow fucking but the dildo begs. Practice, patience….ooohh….upl…down….in………out……never completely, always teasing…what the fuck….it’s past midnight now and I’m beyond tired…..the cock in my ass commands me. Wait…..feel and listen….jesus fucking Christ…. Fuck fuck fuck……more lubrication…..intensity……..

I’ve been in the living room using a chair as a mount for my dildo. The music has been spacey and fast paced. The cock craved hard fucking. I did my best, riding it manically, wantonly. I’ve rested but the dildo wants more. I’m useless, the dildo gets what it wants. Buried deep within me, he asks me to fuck. I am and I do. The techno makes its presence and I bounce furiously on the rubber phallus. I feel as though something is going to break. It’s not the music. IThe lyrics dumb and ludicrous. I latch on…there’s a hole in the wall it’s a dirty freak for all.

I love who I am right now. Slave to my own dildo. I should tell it how it goes but that doesn’t happen. I fuck and fuck. On a chair, on the floor, on the washing machine. The machine can barely handle the action. I fuck and I fuck hard. The washing machine rocks against me. Hopefully I don’t break it. I’m realizing that I’m being dictated by the amont of words I right. I need to stop. I can’t breath normal.

Would my wife divorce me for loving this dildo. It’s so rare and special that I covet it more than I covet her. Fuck…buried now….fu……as far as it can go….it rests waiting on me…..have I had enough…..

I wish for nothing. This is all I’ve ever needed. Eight inches to the balls in my ass. God I love you…thanks for fucking me…..fuck me while I jerk off….I need to cum…..oh oh….i’m trying to jerk off…Britney is on…. I did it again….

One hand oh cumcumcumcumoo


2010-08-08 06:58:30
I have been there so many time begging for some one to catch me. Then fuck me and tease me.

anonymous readerReport

2010-08-08 03:13:24
could be described as poetic if it all wasnt so fucking stupid

anonymous readerReport

2010-08-07 08:26:00
i will fuck her for you. and you can watch........

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