My sister Christine (17) and I (Jake, 15) had sex for the first time after a morning bathroom encounter (Part One). We ditched school for the day for furthur sexual explorations(Parts 2-4). As this chapter opens, we had ALMOST been caught by our mother in her bed when she got home from work, but escaped by the skin of our teeth. We had even convinced our Mom that we had missed school that day for legitimate reasons.......
The rest of the evening went as usual. Mom made dinner and Dad got home around 6:30. Mom didn't display any suspicion about Christine and I not going to school that day- she even wrote us notes to excuse our absences! As we sat and ate dinner, my sister and I shot each other glances and sly smiles, pleased at our day of hot sex together and how we had avoided getting caught in the act. Our secret was safe, at least for now....

After dinner we watched a little TV together as a family, then Christine and I went upstairs to study a little, then went to bed. I heard my parents turn off the TV and go to their master bedroom downstairs about 11:30. I laid there for another hour or so, but couldn't sleep- remembering all the sex that day with my sister had me aroused and horny. My cock was rock-hard despite its exertions that day, and I reached down to it for my usual nightly session of jerking off. Then I muttered: "Fuck THAT!" and slipped out of bed and crept into the hall, nude.

I softly closed my bedroom door behind me and tiptoed to my sister's room. Luckily she had left it unlocked and I quietly opened it, slipping inside and locking the door behind me. I could see that Christine was asleep, laying on her back with no covers or sheets on since the evening was warm. I could clearly see her beautiful face and sexy body in her sheer white negligee by the moonlight streaming through her window, her mouthwatering 36D breasts rising and falling with her soft breathing.

I crept to her bed and climbed on between her legs, being careful not to disturb her sleep. I gingerly lifted her negligee up. She wore no panties to bed, and her recently shaved pussy was exposed, her legs already spread. I smiled and bent my head down, sticking my tongue out and softly licking her pussy lips and clit up and down. My sister licked her lips and softly moaned. Still asleep, her hips began to gyrate slightly as I continued to tongue her. I saw her snake her hand down and she began to rub her clit with it, forcing me to raise my head. She began to moan: "ooooohhhhh Jake, ooooooh Jake..." in her sleep. Obviously she was dreaming of our hot sex sessions that day.

I moved up and gently eased her negligee down and below her breasts. They were quivering with her self-manipulation, her nipples hard. I cupped them from the sides and licked around the circles of her half-dollar size areolas. I licked her nipples up and down, and softly sucked them between my lips. My sister's moans grew a little louder, although she did not awaken. Finally I could control my lust no longer and I positioned my cock at the entrance to her vagina. I began to push my erect penis into her already wet and squirming cunt, her hand still diddling her clit.

At this Christine slowly roused to consciousness. By the time she became aware of what was going on I was balls deep inside her. Her eyes went wide and she began to let out a surprised squeal, but I clamped my hand over her mouth to muffle her and put my forefinger to my pursed lips, softly hissing "Shhhhhhhhhhh.....". I took my hand off her mouth and she whispered: "What the hell are you doing? Mom and Dad are home! Do you want to get caught?!".

I whispered back:"They're asleep. I locked the door, and they never come upstairs, anyway. Just don't make a lot of noise, it'll be OK".. She looked at me doubtfully, softly shaking her head no. I pulled my cock back to the entrance of her pussy and slowly eased it back in all the way. My sister closed her eyes and her frown changed to a soft "oooooohhhhh..." as she spread her legs farther apart, her hands gripping my waist. I began to saw my cock in and out of Christine's cunt at a moderate pace, being careful not to make the bed squeak or bang against the wall.

We quietly moaned and grunted as we fucked. My sister began to lift her hips up to meet my thrusts, clenching and squeezing my cock with her pussy each time it plunged to the depths of her womb, maintaining that tight grip as we pulled away from each other, then loosening her cunt walls with each thrust of our hips towards each other as my rod pounded home into her again. She continued to milk my cock for its cum for several more minutes that way as our passion intensified. Finally I clenched up in orgasm and buried myself to the hilt in my sister, my throbbing cock blasting cum deep into her in spurt after spurt as it spasmed. I let out a series of quiet grunts, and Christine reached her own orgasm, softly squealing "ooo! ooo! ooo!" as her ass squirmed and cunt fluttered on the shaft of my cock.

I lay with my cock buried in my sister until our passion subsided and I slowly went soft inside her. Then I pulled out and reached down and kissed Christine tenderly. "Night, sis! Go back to sleep now!" I whispered as I climbed off her bed. She smiled weakly and lifted her hand in goodbye with a satisfied groan as I slipped out her door and crept back to my own bed.

What a great finale to an awesome day!
My life changed completely after that. Christine and I went to school as usual, she in her Senior year, myself a Freshman (I had just turned 15, she would be 18 in a couple of months). The big difference was that we fucked practically every single day. Sometimes we started off our mornings with a bang in the shower, where we could make all the noise we wanted since our parents always left early for work. Sometimes we would go at it after getting home from school when we had several hours alone before Mom and Dad got home from work. Or if we didn't hook up during the day for some reason, I'd sneak in her room late at night and fuck her silly.

Due to our age difference we saw little of each other at school, but when we'd see each other in passing we acted nonchalantly, just saying: "Hey,sis" and "Hey, bro". I knew Christine was right when she said we had to keep our affair a secret- other than being a hero to a few of my friends who were hot for my sister, we would both become instants outcasts if anyone found out. And some girl jealous of my sister's looks would be sure to call our parents to tell THEM about it, and we'd be dead meat THEN. I didn't tell a soul what my sister and I were doing, much as I wanted to (These submissions are the first time I have revealed it to the world).

My sister still dated guys her age that asked her out, but didn't get serious with any of them, only rarely having sex with one of them just to have some variety in her love life. I sometimes dated girls my age just to keep up appearances, but found it hard to be interested in young girls anymore when I had a mature sex goddess spreading her legs for me at home nearly every day. However, that all changed about four months after my sister and I had started fucking.

Christine told a friend of hers, a black girl named Desiree, that on a family week-long stay at the beach last summer I had hooked up with some girl whose family had rented the condo next to ours, and this girl told my sister that I had a big cock and fucked like a porn star (this was pure fiction, by the way). My sister told me what she had said to Desiree that afternoon, right after I had finished blowing my wad into her pussy. She said: "Desiree looked interested. I'll bring her home from school tomorrow to study and you should put the moves on her". Surprised, I said: "Well, THANKS.....OK. But why are you doing this?"

Christine replied: "Well, it's not like we can be boyfriend and girlfriend or anything. I can't just keep you all to myself, now, can I? I'm not the jealous type. Besides, my girlfriends need some good sex just as much as I do, and most of the guys in our class are lame fucks". I murmured in her ear: "You are the most awesome sister EVER" and kissed her passionately in thanks, which of course got us both aroused and led to another round of fucking.

I arrived home from school first the next day, and eagerly awaited my sister's arrival with her friend. I sat in the living room in my Dad's recliner pretending to read a textbook. Soon Christine got home and brought Desiree into the living room with her. "Hey, little bro!" my sister said breezily. "Hi, Jake" Desiree added with her soft, sultry voice, flashing me a dazzling smile. I waved and ogled Desiree from the toes up. She was a tall girl with long, shapely legs, a drop-dead hourglass figure, topped with a beautiful face framed by curly black hair almost to her shoulders. She had a medium brown complexion, large doe-like eyes, and full, lucious lips. She was wearing a tight beige dress with a short skirt and low cut neckline showing ample cleavage. She didn't appear to be wearing a bra, nor did she seem to need one since her breasts stood out firm and proud. She giggled slightly as I gazed at her with lust. She obviously knew what affect the sight of her sexy body had on males and relished it, and my cock started to thicken in my shorts.

"Let's study!" Christine said to Desiree, and they sat on the couch, pulling out books and quizzing each other about information from it for several minutes. Desiree and I kept sneaking smiling glances at each other as I pretended to study, too.

Suddenly my sister hit her forehead with the heel of her hand, exclaiming "Damn, I forgot I've got that paper due in English tomorrow and I need to get a nice report folder for it'. She looked at Desiree and said: "I've got to go to the store and get one. There's no use in you wasting time going with me, why don't you stay here and study and we'll study some more when I get back, OK? Just hang out with my little brother for awhile. I'll get us some sodas and snacks, too, won't be gone more than an hour!" She said as she grabbed her purse and walked out the front door.

Desiree watched her go and after the front door closed she looked at me for several seconds, smiling, then said as she patted the couch next to her: "Well, c'mon over here, Jake, come keep me company". I rose and walked over to sit on the sofa with her to my left, trying to conceal my growing boner with my closed book. She looked in my eyes, then gently took the book from my lap and placed it on the coffee table, saying: "Take a break from that now and talk to me". Her eyes instantly zeroed in on my bulging crotch and lingered there for a while.

She flashed me her dazzling smile again and curled one leg up on the couch to face me, her right arm extended down the back of the couch towards me. I noticed how her skirt rode up on her thighs when she did this, entirely exposing her gorgeous legs and providing me a glimpse of black panties. She made no effort to rearrange her dress, although she couldn't have not noticed me checking out her goods.

"So tell me, Jake, you got a girlfriend yet?' she purred flirtatiously, cocking her head and pulling softly on one of her locks of hair.

"Not yet" I replied.

"That's surprising" Desiree said with a wicked smile, "I heard you were one hell of a STUD". I hesitated at her boldness, then countered: "Well, I'd like to THINK so".

"Ever been with an older girl before?" she asked coyly.

"Sure. LOTS of times" I replied, smiling and thinking of my older sister.

"Ever been with a black girl before?" she said sexily, gazing in my eyes as she ran her forefinger down my arm suggestively.

"No, but I've always WANTED to" I murmured, meeting her gaze intently.

She looked at me invitingly and I took the cue. I moved in closer to her, putting my right hand on her waist and left hand behind her head, bending down and kissing her passionately. She kissed back intensely, putting one arm around my back and one on my neck. Her large, wet lips felt wonderful to kiss, and our tongues circled and pushed against each other.

Soon I slid my right hand up and began massaging her left breast. I had been right- no bra, and I felt her nipple begin to harden as I rubbed my thumb on it through the thin material of her dress. She moaned and her right hand descended to my crotch, rubbing my now fully erect cock through my cotton shorts. I was not wearing any underwear, being prepared for action that afternoon.

Desiree gasped as she grasped the length of my shaft. She broke off our kissing and looked down, murmuring sexily: "Now WHAT have you got down THERE?" She reached with both hands and began to push my shorts down. I stood up as she slid them off, kicking them away, my erect 8" manhood pointing at her. Her eyes grew even wider as she reached out to grasp my cock, running her tongue between her lips, and with her other hand she pushed my stomach to make me sit down again, groaning: "Now THAT'S what I came over here TODAY for.. DAMN, you've got a big cock for a white guy! Circumcised and pretty, too. Just lay back, honey, I want to suck on that albino anaconda!"

I complied and enjoyed the erotic sight of her drop her head and wrap her luscious black lips around the head of my cock, bobbing her head up and down, tightening her lips as they came up and over the underside of my glans. She stroked my shaft with one hand and fondled my engorged balls with her other one. She licked and sucked me like a pro for several minutes, both of us groaning, my hips grinding upwards with each descent of her mouth down the head and shaft of my engorged and throbbing cock.

Finally I stood up, lifting her up by her arms as well. I reached down and pulled her dress up over her head as she raised her arms compliantly. Her magnificent black tits sprang into view, even a little larger than my sister's 36D's, with large black puffy areolas and erect nipples. She smiled at me salaciously as I reached down and slipped her black panties down, exposing a small closely trimmed pubic thatch and black pussy lips and clit slightly protruding. She turned around to show me her ass. Large and perfectly rounded, she jiggled it to show how her ass cheeks slightly bounced as she did so. I didn't think any girl's ass could surpass my sister's, but this one did.

I turned her back around and laid her down on the couch. My first move was to lay my chest on her stomach and reach out my hands and fondle her firm, round, jiggling breasts, squeezing their delicious meatiness as I lowered my head and sucked and licked her areolas and turgid, quivering nipples. (As you have no doubt already surmised if you have read all the chapters of my story, I am a titaholic). She groaned and purred: "That's it, baby, suck those black titties!" as she ran her fingers through my hair.

I slid down, murmuring: "I want to taste that sweet pussy of yours" and licked and sucked on her dark black labias and clit. Desiree's moans intensified: "OH YES!! LICK THAT BLACK PUSSY! OH! OH! OH! OH!". I spread her pussy lips to expose the pink inside of her cunt, and plunged my tongue in and out over and over again. "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! TONGUE FUCK THAT BLACK PUSSY!!!" Desiree screamed, squirming her ass and bucking her hips.

After several minutes of cunnilingus, Desiree pushed my head away and groaned: "I WANT THAT BIG WHITE COCK INSIDE ME! Sit back, I want to RIDE that fucker!!". I did so and she straddled my legs, grabbed my cock, placed it at the entrance to her cunt, and slowly lowered herself down on the entire length of my shaft, hissing in pleasure, until her exquisite ass rested on my balls. Then she began to bounce her ass up and down, gradually increasing speed, until she was jackhammering rapidly, her hips seemingly on a swivel, her body slapping loudly on mine with each downward lunge.

Desiree interrupted her grunts of pleasure with loud groans of: "YOU LIKE FUCKING THAT BLACK PUSSY, WHITE BOY?!?! YOU LIKE MY BLACK PUSSY?!!"

I sure did, reaching around to grasp her bouncing ass, then reaching up to maul and suck and lick her tits. We began to intensely french kiss, groaning with the pleasure of our frenzied fucking.

Eventually I felt myself approaching orgasm, so I lifted her ass up and flipped her on her back, keeping my cock inside her. I began to rapidly pound Desiree's grasping pussy, her eyes closed and her face frozen in a grimace of ecstasy. She squealed with pleasure as I reamed her cunt mercilessly with my pulsating cock. I opened my eyes at some point and was surprised to see my sister standing in the front hallway watching us, rubbing her pussy through her shorts and biting her lower lip. She smiled crookedly and raised her hand and twiddled her fingers when she saw me notice her presence. This only increased my excitement to know my sister was watching me fuck her friend, and I finally reached the verge of an intense orgasm.

"I'M CUMMMIIINNNGGG!!!!!!!!' I bellowed as my balls began to tighten in preparation to release my pent-up sperm. Deep into her own orgasm, Desiree screamed: " CUM ON MY FACE, JAKE!!! CUM ON MY FACE!!!!" I pulled out and slid up, stroking my cock quickly, and very soon the cum raced up my shaft and spewed all over her face in burst after burst, some of it depositing into her open mouth and protruding tongue. I slid further up and put the head of my cock into her mouth as the last few spurts emerged, with Desiree sucking and swallowing it down like a trooper. I finally sat back on her stomach, spent. She smiled, eyes closed, and slowly wiped my cum off her face with her first two fingers, licking them off with relish.

"That was DELICIOUS!" Desiree purred as she opened her eyes. "Damn, that girl sure didn't lie when she told Christine you were a great fuck. Too bad your sister can't get any of that sweet cock of yours, I bet she'd like it!'.

I smiled, enjoying the sweet irony of her comment. Then I glanced up to see my sister shuddering in silent orgasm as she rubbed her twat quickly, her eyes closed and her hips at an upward angle. She finally opened her eyes and realized that Desiree and I had stopped fucking and quickly tiptoed out the open front door, closing it soundlessly behind her.

Desiree looked up at the clock and exclaimed: "OH SHIT!! Christine will be back any minute now!! Let me up and let's get dressed". We did so and she ran to the bathroom quickly and wiped herself off, brushed her hair, and tried her best to restore her appearance to how she looked before our intense fuck. I didn't bother with that, knowing what I knew.

Desiree returned and sat back on the couch. She gave me a soul kiss and purred with a wicked smile: "We've got to do that again SOON, Jakey boy....."

I replied with a smile: "Your wish is my command, baby".

Suddenly Christine opened the front door and walked in, saying loudly: "I'M BAAAAACK! Did you have fun while I was gone?" She glanced at me quickly with a knowing smile, looking back at her friend as Desiree replied: "Yeah, your little brother's alright. He was good company while you were gone". She turned her head away from my sister, looked at me and smirked. She turned back to Christine and said: "You know what, I've got to go. I've got to get home and clean the kitchen before my mom gets home." She rose and sashayed to the hallway, swiveling her hips seductively. Before she walked out she turned back and twiddled her fingers at me. "See ya, Jake!" she chirped breezily and left.

My older sister looked at me intensely for several seconds, then ran to me and we embraced. She blurted breathlessly: "That got me SO horny!! I want you to fuck me RIGHT NOW just the way you fucked DESIREE!!" I felt my cock twitch and begin to harden again, and smiled. I whispered in her ear: "Your wish is my command, sis" and happily complied with her request.

You might think my life couldn't get any better at this point, but you'd be wrong. Desiree, with no incest taboo to keep secret like my sister, evidently spread the word about our sexual liason to the rest of her and Christine's friends. Soon they all began to act much more friendly towards me than they ever had before, greeting me flirtatiously in the hallways, the bolder among them even running their hand down my arm or across my chest as they did do. My friends were in awe, asking me what the hell was up with all these older girls coming on to me like that. I told them about my sister setting me up with Desiree and our fuck session, and they were flabbergasted at my luck.

Not being able to drive yet, it would have been awkward to ask these 17 and 18 year old girls on dates. I was broke, anyway. But I came up with a new strategy- I began to ask them if they would come to my house and help me study for my classes that they had all taken their Freshman year. Of course, this was just a ruse to get them alone in my bedroom, and I think they knew that, because they all agreed. Once in my bedroom alone and with the door locked, I quickly made moves on each of them, and didn't strike out once. It was GREAT to have a reputation as an awesome fuck with the older girls at school!

Eventually I fucked nearly all my sister's hot friends, and she was a popular girl. These included a wide variety of girls of all shapes, colors, and sexual attributes (no fat ones, what for?). Among them were several Mexican girls (muy caliente in the sack) and one Asian girl (very submissive at first but wild once revved up). I even had a 3-way with Desiree and another black girl she brought along with her. Most were into straight sex, but some of them were into kinky stuff. I complied with their various fetishes as long as it wasn't something disgusting. I learned a lot of new tricks and all the girls I was with seemed well satisfied when we were done. Of course, they all wanted repeat performances, so my dance card was full the rest of the year. Luckily, a few of Christine's friends were Juniors, so I didn't have to worry about going back to square one the next school year once all the Seniors had graduated and moved off somewhere for college.

Even with all the action I was getting, I still fucked my older sister often, usually in the morning or late at night since my afternoons and evenings were usually booked up. Rather than becoming jealous, my sister was glad for me and proud of how well I satisfied her friends' desires.

What a great sister I had!

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