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Joanne's night of sex and debauchery continues with some new twists and turns
This is the continuing fictional story of a middle aged lady led into the unknown by a man who has a strange hold over her making her do things that are totally out of character for her. Now both him and her continue to play out their individual sexual fantasies.

The story contains scenes of hardcore sex, mild bondage and moderate pain. Please be warned.

I welcome all comments, both positive and negative, on my stories or please feel free to email me on

Joanne’s Story – Making Love

Where am I? I thought to myself………….. and then suddenly remembered the events of the evening before. I must have fallen asleep! But now I was awake again but still feeling very drowsy. So much had happened since I had left my house earlier in the day and the night seemed to be going on and on forever, and what a wonderful thought that would be!

Just to be here, with him, my new friend and lover. And what a lover he is too…………………………………..!

My mind drifts back to the club, to all those men, the cocks, the cum and the money! And then to his hotel, what a hotel and what a room! It’s almost as big as my flat! With a huge four poster bed and an open fire!

I am lost in my thoughts of what has just occurred and wish it would happen all over again. We get out of the taxi and are ushered into the foyer of his hotel.
We haven’t spoken since leaving the club nor in the lift going up to the 7th Floor. I simply follow, obediently, as he leads me to his room. And then he opens the door and I see his eyes, ‘those eyes’ that seem to have such a hold over me, beckoning me to enter. Entering this door is a new beginning for me, and I don’t know what to expect but I can’t wait to see what is going to happen.

The first thing that catches my eye is the candles, everywhere, flickering and casting shadows across the walls and ceiling. I can feel the warmth of the glowing fire in a hearth opposite. He immediately shuts out the rest of the world as he closes the door behind us. There is a scent of burnt logs in the room but my senses are enlightened by the subtle hint of his aftershave. So manly, so beautiful! I walk past him into the room, the odour teasing my nostrils and enlightening my passion for him. Across the room are glass patio doors leading out onto a balcony. The room is overlooking a Scottish Loch and the full silver moon is casting radiant light across the dark water. Ripples sparkle and dance as they move across the surface in the light breeze.

In one corner of the room there is a large four-poster bed draped with a deep red velvet canopy hanging down on the posts. The bed cover is sprinkled with an array of pink and red rose petals. I look around in wonder. I have never seen anything like this in my life and I can tell he knows this. My eyes are wide in amazement and I cannot hide the broad grin on my face. Alongside the blazing open fire are two comfortable armchairs and a small table. An open bottle of red wine with two wine glasses is sitting on the table. I imagine the glasses are awaiting the touch of our lips, to caress the rims as we smell and taste the delicate bouquet of the vintage grapes, picked especially for us, for this special moment in time.

I am totally entranced by the vision of him and even more so now, in the flickering light, emanating just from the candles and fire. It seems to catch our movements as he approaches me from behind. Casting my mind back to earlier in the evening and to the club, I remember the way I had felt for him then. Feelings of lust and longing, mixed with frustration and humiliation, but mostly pure unadulterated desire. The desire to do whatever he wanted. The desire to be used and abused. The desire to be loved and to be made love to. Perhaps this is the moment that I had been waiting for, for so long, all my life even!

He approaches me slowly and produces a single delicate red rose, whose petals have barely started to open, presenting it to me with a smile. Our eyes meet, knowing no words are necessary. I watch his perfectly sculpted face as he smiles. My eyes are sparkling as I sniff gently on the bud, just for a brief second, to experience the scent of the flower and he smiles again. My painted lips curl on the edges as the flames from the open fire dance in his shining eyes. He stands watching me. He is imagining running the petals of the flower delicately between my full naked breasts as I see his eyes, ‘those eyes’ that have that incredible depth and desire within them, run over my clothed body as he undresses me with just a stare! I tremble and grin involuntarily at the thought as my arousal reignites in my body with my growing passion for this man standing in front of me.

His smile is gorgeous and the flickering light catches the colours of his hair and deep green eyes making them sparkle as the flames continue to dance within them. I gaze at him adoringly and lovingly. And then, and only then, I feel his strong arms wrap around me and his lips brush against mine. Just momentarily, before he moves his mouth lower and I feel his soft wet lips meet the warm skin of my neck, kissing me softly. I can feel myself almost melt in his arms and can only imagine how he will be with me later. I already know deep within the delicate way his fingers, lips, eyes, mouth and tongue will relish exploring and arousing every inch of my body and mine his, later in the evening and into the night ahead.

There were now no words between us. No words are necessary.

I turn slightly and feel him pulling me towards him, enlightening my senses once again as I breathe in his cologne. My soft painted lips taste his skin and my eyes behold such beauty as I look at him. Breathing in his manly scent I can’t help but love the way he is making me feel and he lowers his lips to mine once again capturing me tightly in his firm masculine embrace. I feel as if I am floating as he guides me towards the bed. And slowly he begins to undress me! Firstly with ‘those eyes’ then his fingers and hands and finally his lips. The feeling of his fingertips delicately running over my naked shoulders sends shivers through my body. The kind that really arouse, making me want him to hurry, but not really! I so enjoy the exquisite soft touching and caressing and his lips on my warm skin. My top slides slowly down over and uncovering my full naked breasts. The thin material is soon to be replaced, first by his strong hands holding my huge soft fleshy udders and then by his lips as I feel him drawing a soft delicate nipple into his hungry mouth. I gasp lightly as his mouth encases the bud and his tongue flicks softly across the hardening ridge. He can’t know that if he doesn't stop, an orgasm will build within me! But I sense that he wants to take his time with me. He senses my slight anxiety and reluctantly releases the nipple from his hungry mouth. He grins up at me like a naughty school child who has been caught. But not half as naughty, I hope as he will be later.

Leaving me standing in just my silky panties, the same ones he had forbidden but had allowed me to put back on from earlier, and heels, he reaches over to a drawer pulling some items from within.
“Put these on!” He simply says and sits on a chair pouring himself a glass of the red wine. His lecherous eyes burn into me with desire as I slide the lace top hold-up stockings onto my legs and replace my black heels. I stand before him naked from the waist up and wanton from the waist down as his eyes, ‘those eyes’ pour all over me and I can tell he likes, perhaps even loves, what he sees!

I can feel the heat from the fire and he walks over to a unit. He is watching the light play on my near naked body casting shadows and orange and yellow flickers across my curves. No words come between us as I watch him open a drawer in the unit and remove 3 silk scarves. Returning to me and standing behind me I can feel him near the ridge of my full buttocks as he leans against me to plant a delicate kiss onto the nape of my neck. I shudder involuntarily with excitement as I feel him place a blindfold over my eyes tying it lightly at the back ensuring I am unable to see what is about to happen. A smile plays across my face in anticipation and I murmur softly in response.
Leading me to the bed and sitting me down on the softness of the quilt I can hear as he starts undressing. The sound of his clothes hitting the carpeted floor mixes with the crackling of the fire. Then as I sit patiently I sense he is closer and I feel his hand on mine, guiding it upwards to touch him, to feel him growing, to feel and experience the excitement he has for me. I have dreamt about this moment since seeing him in his fullness for the first time earlier in the evening but now this is different. This is loving! In my excitement I close my small soft hand around his red-hot shaft feeling it thicken in my tight grip. I can only sense that he is gazing at me sitting below him on the bed with my hand around his shaft. Let me suck it! I breathe without a word leaving my mouth. My painted lips are slightly open and he knows what you want as I run my tongue delicately over my lips. I want to feel his erection against my lips and within my hot wet mouth. I want him to feel how much I can please him with my mouth, my lips, my tongue and my teeth.

In my darkness I can sense that he is trying to refuse what I want, but does not move. Instead he is imagining my mouth and tongue bringing him to such an intense orgasm as it did in the car earlier. But this is different now, this is calmer, with more time and more love. I want to prove to my lover that despite what he might have had in the past from me or anyone, this will be different, better. The best even! I tremble with sheer excitement as I feel the soft cut head of his erect cock on my lips and open my mouth wider to accommodate the girth. My tongue immediately welcomes his manhood at the opening of my hot wet and welcoming mouth. My hands are not tied and I reach out to feel the softness of his skin. I caress his legs and my fingers run up over his firm bum cheeks pulling him further into me.

His breathing is becoming erratic as the pace of my exquisite licking and sucking increases. My head bobs gently up and down and I start to murmur, the vibrations of which, I know will increase the intensity of the feeling in his shaft. I hope he has never had anyone perform orally on him as I do so beautifully and dutifully. And in his standing position he has a good vantage point above me as his wonderful hard manhood disappears further and further into my mouth. I hear him gasp as he feels the tightening of my throat close over the head of his cock and feel the swallowing motions that I have created to milk him. I am being carried away on a sea of lust and desire and just want, no, crave for him to cum for me, to shoot down my throat, to choke me with his love juice. But then, perhaps I am too much for him, his rigid cock escapes from my mouth with a popping sound. I look up unable to see his face but with a cheeky pout of mock disappointment on mine.

In barely a whisper he speaks. “Lie down on your back, Joanne!”
It is not a request, it is an order. The same as the orders that I have come to expect from him. The orders I always obey.
The bed is covered in a thick quilt and I feel a sinking feeling as I lay back before feeling the warmth of his naked body crawls over mine. Every one of my senses is now heightened by the lack of my vision and I start to tremble as my nipples immediately harden and my pussy begins to leak, so much is the excitement within my body. I feel him touch me again and feel goose pimples appear with the slightest hint of the touch of his fingers on my skin or the scent of his aftershave nearby.
“I want you, Peter!” I barely whisper.
“Don’t make a sound……………and enjoy!” He suddenly whispers directly into my ear before I feel his wet tongue flick into my ear briefly then out again. He lies with me, still, and I feel the soft material of a scarf being lightly cascaded down over my face and down around my neck. It tickles lightly as I feel the thin silky material gently sliding down the soft valley between my huge breasts. Then the scarf is trailed back up over each breast in turn without ever leaving my burning skin. I sense him smiling as my large nipples harden with the delicate touch of the silk against me.

I moan gently through slightly parted lips as I feel the softness of his hands as they massage my arm down to my wrist. Then I feel the soft material of the scarf, being wrapped around my wrist and tied to the corner of the bed. He knows my excitement is growing as my breathing quickens and he watches as my heavy chest, nipples now both hard, rises and falls with my deep controlled breathing. I writhe and squirm on the bed as soft whimpers of pleasure escape my lips as the other wrist is tied firmly.

He moves and is kneeling now looking down at me. I hope he likes, or even loves what he sees. Then I feel his fingers on my panties, the panties that caused so much trouble for me earlier. He is slowly sliding them down and off my legs and feet. I now feel totally exposed for him, the man I only met a few hours before, to do with me as he wants. But I am not frightened, this man has made me feel so delicious and I am now just dressed in the stockings. My senses are aroused and I long to feel his touch again, his lips, his tongue and most of all his cock. But then I feel him leave the bed!

I can still feel his body at the foot of the bed and his soft lips kissing the inside of my ankles through the silky stocking material. The anticipation of where I think he is heading is almost too much for me. I am breathing deeply and want to yell out but that would be breaking his rules. Instead I murmur quietly to myself almost purring under the soft and gentle touch of his lips and tongue, goose-pimples appear again on my warm soft skin.

I feel his teeth nibble at the insides of my thighs just above the stocking tops and I gasp involuntarily as I feel him come closer to where I want him to be. I know the musky scent of my wet pussy will greet him and he sniffs in the delightful odour. Then, with no warning I suddenly feel his hot breath on my clit quickly followed by a flick of his wet tongue. I gasp loudly as I feel his tongue glide slowly across my clit making it hard and even more sensitive than before. And then I moan as he suddenly sucks it into his mouth. He is now sucking me like I was milking his cock earlier. My moaning increases and breathing quickens as I almost reach my beautiful long awaited orgasm………….. but……………………… then he stops! He is playing games with me! Teasing me! I move my head to try to make out sounds of his movement as I slowly bring my breathing back under control. The soft flesh of my heavy breasts trembles slightly. I feel him move off the bed again.

Then he is back and I feel him lean over me. I feel and smell the soft petals of the rose from earlier as he slides it over my face and neck. Then he glides it lightly with the soft flower head across my breasts, watching a smile appear on my lips as my nipples harden further. I am trying so hard not to enjoy this beautiful experience but cannot hold back and I smile whilst biting down on my bottom lip gently. My nipples ache and my chest rises and falls as my breathing increases and I arch my back towards my tormenting lover. I feel the rose again caress my face and cheeks then lips before he gently runs the flower bud over my soft lips. The scented petals are so soft. Then I sense he is closer and can feel the heat of his body near to mine and the rose petal ease from my mouth only to be replaced by his lips, the lips of my new found lover. A soft and gentle kiss ensues.

I don't want him to stop teasing me, but I do want so much to feel him inside me. Making love to me, slowly and gently and long and hard. I want to feel his hunger for me, and mine for him as he puts his arms around my back, lying above me as he finally penetrates my tight pussy. But he moves again, just as my nerves are almost shattered I feel him leave the bed again. I cry out in my frustration just to hear a very firm, “Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!” from my lover.

I begin to sense a smell of something, something in the room, something burning. It’s getting stronger………………………………………. and closer.

I sense he is near and smell a candle nearby. I feel his hands on the bed and then feel the softness of the rose petals as they fall down softly onto my skin. My arms are still tied at either side and pulled up and back to the posts and the scarf is covering my eyes. My hair is spread back onto the deep white pillow. I shudder with excitement again as I feel his fingertips almost hovering above my soft curves gently touching my skin. It tingles under his touch as his fingers trace up along my legs feeling the warmth of my skin through the stockings, and then onto my soft thighs tickling me lightly. I can’t stop myself from giggling and my painted deep red full lips curl at the corners and part in a beautiful seductive movement.

I don’t feel him near to the bed and only his fingertips are touching me as they trace around the outsides of my pussy and up onto my flat tummy in a slow sensual movement. My breasts rise as I gasp in anticipation at the fingertips of my lover’s two hands that are now edging closer to my full breasts. I feel those same fingertips that have played so expertly on my body so far start to trace a pattern on the skin at the base of my breasts. Then he is slowly easing them up onto my fleshy orbs as I feel them gently working their way towards my nipples that are already hardening in anticipation of what I think is to come. But those same fingertips flicker past my nipples circling the areolas softly but then moving back outwards. I breathe deeply as they reach the soft skin of my neck and ease up to my ears. I feel his hands move away from me completely before his moist lips brush mine in a soft gentle kiss. I feel myself smile and murmur with sheer contentment at these beautiful experience.

I hear his voice in my head and then…………………, suddenly, I feel hot breath on one of my large engorged nipples. I bite down on my red painted lip as I raise my body up. Then I........................ feel……………………………………..Oh Fuck…………………………..! Holding a candle above me a single drop of hot wax falls from the burning implement landing directly onto one of my erect nipples!

My initial reaction of shock is met with a slight cry of pain but this quickly turns to pleasure as more wax splashes down in hot droplets into my soft skin. I breathe deeply and with a low moan as my body writhes on the soft bed. He is probably smiling at my reaction and continues to drip the hot melted wax onto my nipples and fleshy breasts. Drop after drop seems to land and burn momentarily before increase the shock waves that are now playing havoc with all my nerve endings. My breathing increases and I am now so very close to a wonderful long awaited orgasm. What this man, this stranger, has done to me with his fingers, his tongue, his cock and the candle is pushing me over the edge of sheer ecstasy.

I am biting down on my bottom lip as my body writhes on the bed, sadly unable to move too much due to the gentle bondage of your arms and wrists. I want to be free to grab my lover, to force myself upon him and take him. No more teasing. Just to feel his hardness right up me. To cum with what I believe will be the greatest orgasm in the world ever!

Then I feel the wax stop hitting my breasts. I feel it going lower. My breathing increases again and I let out a low moan of pure lust and unadulterated pleasure. I almost squeak as I feel a droplet of hot wax hit my flat tummy and I squeal with a mixture of pleasure and pain once again. He is………….he is going closer to……………………….! I bite down on my red painted lip again and raise my body up. Then I feel it again……………………………………..Oh…………………………. Fuck…………………………..!

Suddenly in the haze of the moment I hear the low buzz of a vibrator being switched on. Then I feel it, being placed directly into the wet folds of my pussy lips. And seconds later feel a single drop of the hot wax as it lands directly onto the tip of my swollen clit. Suddenly as the mild pain perpetrates through my nerve endings I let out a loud moan followed by a scream almost stifled as I move my head from side to side. And then it happens, my body finally goes into a spasm as the long awaited orgasm literally rips through me, enlightening every nerve ending that I could ever imagine. I writhe uncontrollably on the bed and pull aggressively at my arms which in turn tighten the knots holding them to the bedpost. I can do nothing but squirm in front of my lover under the touches of the hot wax and vibrator that continues to buzz inside my pussy, now pouring out juices.

My lover is clearly not content as he starts to plunge the vibrator deeper into me as I continue to squirm relentlessly on the bed. Then, slowly he eases it out and I feel his lips on the soft skin at the tops of my thighs. He is literally sniffing at the muskiness of my soaking wetness and I moan again as I feel his tongue run a line between my pussy lips to lick and lap up the juices of my cum that are literally pouring from my hot wet cunt.

I am still trembling after what has to be the biggest orgasm I have ever experienced when I finally feel my lover climb onto the bed on top of me. I feel his lips against mine and we kiss deeply, probing each other’s mouths with our tongues in a deep longing kiss. Dispensing with the vibrator and the candle he expertly places the large head of his swollen cock against my pussy lips and lifting my thighs up I feel him enter me easily, sliding deep up into my tight wet pussy. I feel him stretching me inside with his girth, massaging my inner walls as he starts to pump. Slowly at first but due to the intensity of my vaginal muscles massaging his thick rock hard shaft his pace increases excitedly as he starts to plough into me hard and deep. He slides almost all of the way out and then back in faster until my pubic mound mingles with his. Then back out again, slowly almost all the way out, then back in fast and aggressively again.

I am gasping and suddenly feel him loosening the scarves, enabling me to wrap my arms around my lover’s firm body. I move my soft hands immediately downwards on his back until they reach his bum cheeks and start to pull him into me deeply. And then the blindfold is gone and I see my lover again, his eyes smoldering, skin burning and cock oh so satisfying. We kiss deeply, more deeply and passionately than ever before. I hold onto him and never want to let him, nor let go of the exquisite feeling of him inside me. I can feel him coming closer to his own climax and knowing this, my body responds too and I am soon on the verge of another orgasm.

I look deeply into his shining eyes, ‘those eyes’ that I cannot resist. Those same dreamy eyes that I now know he has when he is in ecstasy. I smile as I know that he is there right now. I can feel him burning inside me and suddenly his hips are bucking and he is letting out a loud moan. Seconds later I feel his cock expand even bigger inside me and then shot after shot of hot cum shoots deep up inside my pussy. I close my thighs around his hips and back trapping him and increasing the intensity of his cock shooting into me. I then start to cum again, not as intensively as the last time, what seems like only moments ago but I tremble and gurgle under my breath as we old each other tightly. Our bodies are in a beautiful passionate state and almost merging into one.

We lay still with him on top of you, calming ourselves. I look up into his dazzling eyes and see him mouth the words, “I love you!”
Delicately, a single tear falls from my eye down across my cheek and I feel his soft lips kiss it away.

Where am I? I think to myself and then suddenly remember the events of the evening before. I must have fallen asleep. But now I am awake again but still feeling very drowsy. So much has happened since I had left my house earlier in the day and it seems to be going on and on forever. What a wonderful feeling that would be. Just to be here, with him, my new friend and lover. And what a lover he is to!

I glance over to see him wrapped in a bathrobe sitting alongside the blazing fire with a glass of wine in his hand. He looks over at me
“Time for you to get cleaned up!” He smiles, his green eyes twinkling in the orange and yellow light.
I look at him quizzically, frowning slightly. “But I thought………………………?”
He walks over to the bed and smiles down at me looking directly into my eyes and almost seeing into my soul.
“The evening isn’t over yet.” He smiles “We have a long night ahead of us!”
Smiling affectionately and feeling slightly bemused by his comments I go towards the bathroom and hear the shower running.

To be continued……………………………….

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2010-08-10 08:51:46
one of the best I have ever read. such a turn on.

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2010-08-06 16:55:07
god how i didnt think it could get better than you

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2010-08-06 03:08:09
Wow, intense story. Keep it up ;)

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