A business associated stayed as guest in our Mumbai apartment. He was invited to take some geography/history classes at our daughter's school. He fucked our daughter Rohini in the classroom and at home. She became a woman from then onwards. My wife Shyamala and I are very proud of her. She is following in her mother's footsteps. This was how Rohini explained the incident to her friend Susmita.
Uncle Ken was working in Africa; he had worked out there for almost two decades, so he had a multitude of Black business associates. On their visits to Mumbai in India, they invariably stayed in our house where my mother Shyamala and I lived alone. On this occasion, Mr. Wanatangiri from the Sudan was visiting.
Almost on every other visit, mommy and I played the most hospitable hosts, even if it meant providing sex, this was going to be no exception. In the past, the Black men would sleep in the same bed with mommy and me, and often fucked us together. She would inordinately provide pussy sex and I anal sex, she was on contraceptive pills. She wisely advised me that if the Niggar men fucked me in the ass, I could not get pregnant. The Black men used to like admiring my body more than fucking me; it was mommy they fucked mercilessly, calling her dirty names such as Indian whore, Old sodomite bitch, Nigger loving wench etc.

Mommy and Uncle Ken met on the internet in January 2004, by the end of March that year, they were married. It was a marriage of convenience, as they were very incompatible. Mommy complained to her friends Kuntal, Malati and Aishwini that Uncle Ken had a minuscule cock which was more frustration than enjoyment. This, combined with the fact that mommy started fucking Black students, half her age, after my biological father died in 1998 of HIV, added to the incompatibility factor. She was always comparing his sexual prowess to that of the young Nigger boys! Her entire life since has been one of wily iniquitous machinations, chasing after young Black men without her friends or family finding out….and she succeeded!

One night in June 2009, we went to bed with thunderstorm all around our house in Mira Road, it felt as if the world was coming to an end. It was however reassuring to know that the strong African was in the house to protect us!
Mr. Wanatangiri slept in the spare bedroom, he said that he had work to do on his laptop and he did not want to disturb us, mum was not happy with his request, she felt that she was getting old and Black men did not want to have sex with her! As we slept alone, I consoled her that Mr. Wanatangiri had an important meeting with Tata Steel and he had to prepare for his important meeting with the directors. In the afternoon, he was scheduled to come to our school, Dalmia College, and give a talk about life in Sudan; this was going to be part of our geography lesson, we were studying East Africa, and the influence of Indians on the development of that region. The Headmaster, Mr. Kulkarni, had told Mr. Wanatangiri that if the first lecture proved to be useful, he would ask him to stay the entire week. In fact, he volunteered to take the geography class for the rest of the week, if asked.

Mommy had given him a Tulsi Mala to wear around his neck, for Krishna’s guidance during his negotiations with Tata steel. Mommy was a staunch ISKCON devotee, (International Society for Krishna CONsciousness) they worshipped Krishna, and the Tulsi plant was sacred to them. Not a single member of her congregation suspected that she was a consummate Nigger lover!! She was so adept at leading a double life. Mommy is constantly living under the fear of being expelled from the Hare Krishna movement, she is trying to strengthen her foot hold in the movement by undergoing the initiation ceremony, but this is a long and protracted process. Only when initiation is complete will she feel replete! As she placed the Mala around Mr. Wanatangiri’s neck, it was a ritual which lasted about five minutes.

We had just finished our dinner of chapattis dhal and phalak (spinach). Mommy then removed the Tulsi mala from its plastic wrapping, labelled Chowpati Temple, stepped up to the Sudanese Nigger and planted a kiss on his lips. From the movement of the cheeks, I knew that she had shoved her tongue deep into his mouth. Feeling aroused, Wanatangiri then groped her ass cheeks tightly and she instinctively wriggled her Indian ass.

Although present at the dining room table, they acted as if I was not there. I tried coughing to alert them of my presence, to no avail, they were both on heat and they ignored my presence!

We slept and mommy woke up at 5AM as usual to cook chapattis for breakfast and prepare lunch for me to take to school.

After mommy left the room, I felt Mr. Wanatangiri’s black hands roamed my body while I moaned in excitement. Stripping me of my clothes, he caressed my nipples before travelling downward letting his mouth wander across my stomach, and down to my warm, slick canal. His tongue traipsed across my pussy lips sucking my juices off before spreading them wide and going to work at my clit, flicking it back and forth sending me into vibrating spasms. Inserting three fingers inside me he sent me into immediate convulsions.

Exploding, I awoke from the most gratifying and pleasant dream. Sighing, I relaxed on my bed. I'd been having wet dreams of Mr. Wanatangiri ever since he took up residence with us. A knock came to the door and I answered only to hear my mother on the other side. "It's time to get up for school. The driver will be waiting for you in a minute." She informed me, her Indian tone heavy with accent. "Alright, I'll be right out." I replied, climbing out of the bed. I withdrew my sullied sheets and threw them in the hamper for the maid Devika to wash. I went into the bathroom and scrubbed myself clean imagining that it was Mr. Wanatangiri’s hands ravaging me.
My thirty-eight year old guest was a sexy dark chocolate piece of a man who had spent half his years in the Sudanese army. Chiselled and muscular in every way imaginable he took my breath away every time I saw him.
Twice a day I had to watch him swagger around the dining room in his tailored slacks, making me all hot and bothered wondering about the package he was carrying inside.

I dressed in my black pleated mini skirt and golden brown tank top totally ignoring my undergarments.
I didn't see the point in wearing them anyway when I was just going to shake my corpulent ass to distract Mr. Wanatangiri during his geography cum history lecture. Grabbing my bag, I hopped into the kitchen where Mr. Wanatangiri was already sitting at the kitchen table with a mug of coffee in his hand and a plate with his chapattis and pumpkin in front of him. Brushing my ass against him seductively, I kissed his cheek and bid him a good morning. With my mother not in the room, he skimmed a hand lightly over my voluptuous ass, probing his middle finger towards my puckered hole. My mother entered and I stood up to leave. Kissing her cheek I told her I'd be home a little late from Katak dancing practice.

The morning session at school passed uneventfully, in fact I daydreamed about Mr. Wanatangiri’s lecture. Now here it is second period after lunch and I can't keep my eyes off him. He's ditched his suit jacket, and his white dress shirt makes way for his vigorous biceps that graze the top itching to be set free, I guess he was making the point that it was how Africans dressed when the first Indians arrived in Juba, Southern Sudan, from Uganda.

Sitting in the very back corner of the class, I lifted my leg in my chair causing my skirt to draw up around my waist exposing all my goodies to Mr. Wanatangiri and the rest of the class if they happened to turn around, I know they would not, they were in wrapt attention at the African, he was the first Black man to teach a lesson at Dalmia college. Using my index and middle fingers I pressed them against my clit and massaged trying to stimulate myself further to bring my orgasm upon quicker.

Mr. Wanatangiri turned from the blackboard and our eyes locked. His stare travelled the length of my body and stopped when he reached my fingers roaming inside my pussy. Trying not to moan, I bit my lip and let my head loll back. Not trying to draw any attention he guided his attention away hesitantly and continued teaching the class.
Just as I was about to reach my climax, the bell rang, and I let my skirt down hesitantly. Grabbing my bag, I stood and headed for the front of the class.
Being the last one inside, I stopped in front of our African guest. Taking my cum-soaked fingers, I placed them to his lips, and he sucked them. Dry and flavourless, he finally let my fingers fall from his face. Slamming the door, closed he pushed me roughly up against it and brought his mouth down on mine hard. That was all I needed. My juices came spewing down from my pussy so fast you would have thought I was pissing. Positioning his large hand under me, he cupped my vagina applying pressure, and let the warm liquid spill onto his hand. His tongue was still doing wonders inside my mouth, and I went into a seizing frenzy as more of my syrupy fluid flowed onto him. Exhausted, I fell against him breathing harshly; my virgin pussy not used to the pleasurable assault. He sucked his fingers clean, before going behind his desk and pulling out some wet napkins. Opening the packages, he handed them to me while he cleaned up the mess from the floor. I opened the door just as students began to gather around waiting.

"Thanks Daddy." I addressed him, and left the room. I thought about my heavenly experience all throughout my next three periods before I was returning to Mr. Wanatangiri’s classroom for Study Hall (free study period for students who needed extra help). He greeted me with a wink, and I smiled before taking my seat in the back of the class.

He'd also made simple gestures with his hands and touches me in provocative ways. I knew he was horny as hell considering my mom hadn't given him anything since his arrival; the main reason was she had a vaginal infection from the previous visitor, Mr. Katimabantumulilo. He was fine as hell, and I couldn't wait to get me a piece of his big dick. "Are you okay?" He ran his hand across my thigh, and under my skirt just below my pussy. Pressing down harder against the chair, I rocked trying to hold my orgasm in. "I have a small ache in my upper thigh. It's nothing that time won't cure." I replied, dropping a hint of what I’d like to have in the evening at home.

"Mr. Wanatangiri." I called out to him once everyone had pulled out their books and started to study. "Could you help me out over here please?" He simply stared at me for a moment with pure lust. Rising from his desk, he travelled to the back of the classroom, where all desks surrounding me were deserted. Pulling a chair from another desk he sat across from me and asked me of the problem. I leaned against the desk and gave him a clear view of my 36C breasts that were ready to pop out of my tank top. "I want you to fuck me." I whispered, rubbing my sandal-clad foot up his pant-leg. Licking his lips, "Good, because that's exactly what you gon' get. You gon' be begging for mercy little girl." He was cut off by the distinct sound of the intercom. "All seniors report to the auditorium at this time." Just my luck, I thought. I was a junior. Every student in the class grabbed their bags and exited as quietly as they had entered.

Smiling, I stood and strut over to the door and locked it. My pussy was pulsating from the beating that it was about to receive. Grabbing Mr. Wanatangiri’s hands, I led him over to his desk chair and sat him down. Disrobing, I lifted my tank over my head and brandishing my well-sized, perky titties.

I stepped out of my sandals before dropping my skirt and stepping out of it. Bald ass naked, I straddled Mr. Wanatangiri’s lap and ground my moist cunt into his rock-hard cock.

He took hold of my hips and rocked me harder as he flicked a tongue over my nipples which were standing at attention. I moaned in appreciation as he suckled and bit my nipples roughly.

Lifting me, he laid me on his desk and pulled me to the very edge. He dipped low brought his lips to the centre of my hot core. I'd heard of out-of-body experiences from my girlfriends but never had I dreamed of experiencing one, but I did as soon as his tongue inserted itself inside of me slurping and smacking like he hadn't eaten in days. I bucked against him trying to move away. The pleasure was too erotic. He held me against him as I went mad trying to back away. Despite my attempts to stop it, my climax came down on me and he drank it all up not letting a drop touch the desk. Spent I lay on the desk not knowing what else he had in store for me. "I do believe you were trying to tease me this morning. Showing me that luscious pussy? Were you?" He asked, stripping from his shirt, and pants. "No, I was just horny is all." I responded.
"I don't believe you, and I believe there's a lesson to be learned from all of this.
Now I'm gon' have to teach it to you dirty Indian bitch!!" He was down to his boxers, and I could see his big cock winking at me. "You gon' love this, baby." He assured, stepping out of the boxers. I gaped at his massively large organ, and damn near fainted. He stroked his dick and at the same time fear entered my body, my mouth watered.
Spreading my legs parallel to one another, he placed the huge head of his penis at the opening of my cunt and started it inside inch by painful inch. Moaning, I clawed at his arms and back.
"Wait...please daddy...wait." I had to prepare myself before he entered the rest of his enormous penis.
"No...You wanted it Indian whore...and you're gonna get it." With no hesitation, he shoved the rest of himself into me fast and hard. I screamed in painful pleasure. "How does that feel, baby girl? Twelve inches of your daddy's big dick."
I didn't respond, and he just started to move within me stretching my walls until I got used to the feeling.

He quickened his pace from slow to fast pulling out his pussy fucker to the very tip, and ramming it forcefully back inside letting his balls smack the back of my ass. The electric bolts running through me hurried as did his pace. "Oh good...daddy. Fuck good."
Not pulling out, he lifted my small, petite body from the desk and leaned me against the blackboard. Pumping inside me profusely he had me ready to cum like I'd never had. Slipping his dick out of my raging pussy he simply stared at me. "What do you want now?" He asked, holding his dick at the beginning of my hot and juicy canal. My pulsating pussy draining me of my energy kept me from replying. He slapped his dick against my pussy brutally. I moaned itching for it to return to where it belonged. "Fuck me...daddy...please." I begged of him. He slipped back inside and stroked me fiercely.

"Uh...uh...uh...uh...please...uuuhhhhhhhhh." I waited for him to build up to his climax. My third one was still dripping down my legs. I felt the tip of his dick pulsating and stretching inside of me. Sliding out before squirting his load inside of me, he pushed me to my knees and pushed his dick in my face. Never having sucked a dick before, I tried to take my time making sure I got it right but my father had other plans. He thrusts his dick down my throat until he felt and heard me gag, and spewed a hot load of jism down my through. Coughing I fought hard to swallow it all but it was impossible for the size of the load. He maintained a steady fast pace thrusting his dick down my throat gagging me until I was almost sick. Letting his cock slide out, he latched on to my breasts and yanked me up by them causing me to moan loudly. Offering me his tongue, I received it into my mouth and sucked on it with urgency. "It ain't over yet," he informed me against my lips. "I'm about to ream that ass." Spinning me around he bent me over his desk and rubbed a hand along the crack of my ass. I shivered and trembled. "Wait a minute, daddy. I'm not ready for that." I told him.
Ignoring my protests, he spread my cheeks wide and fear coursed throughout my whole body. His cock still wet from the mixture of cum and saliva, he placed it at the opening of my asshole.
I gasped, and screamed loudly when he ripped through my ass wall. Tears streamed down my cheeks as she repeatedly plunged into my ass. His balls slapping up against my pussy gave me a sensational feeling of pleasure.

“OH...FUCK...FUCK...FUCK...FUCK...please hurts so good. Slow down. Wait a minute. Slow it down, I need to savour this rare moment.” I pleaded in vain. Paying me no attention, he kept at it all the while playing with my clit until he sent an immeasurable mass of semen into my ass.

We were cleaning ourselves off as well as the floor and desk when a knock came at the door. He asked whoever it was to hold on while he trashed the evidence of me being there. Pushing me under the desk, he unlocked the door and threw himself in his desk chair. Inviting them in, he scooted under his desk. I came face-to-face with his semi-erection just as Principal Kulkarni entered. As quiet as I could, I unzipped his slacks and pulled out his large prick. Massing him, he hardened in my hands. The thought of getting caught was so exciting and adrenaline pumping.

"Are you okay, Mr. Wanatingirrrri (sic)?” The teacher across the hall, Mrs. Jayalakshmi Menon, complained of some moaning for screaming which she had heard. He lied smoothly, saying it was just him with some body aches. "Oh, okay well why don't you take off tomorrow and I'll cover your classes, it could be due to the monsoon rains?"
"That would be great. I have some catching up on work to do anyway. Time off would do me good."

He started, guiding my head up and down against his shaft under the desk.

I felt jealous because I knew Mr. Wanatangiri was going to fuck the shit out of mommy…that will have to be the facts in another essay, please be patient.

To get my most of the Nigger, I pleaded with him to do a repeat performance while mommy was in the shower that evening. This was the last time we fucked.

Wanatangiri’s erect cock just before I straddled him, as mommy showered and shaved her pussy….still proudly wearing his ISKCON Tulsi Mala

She had bought razors, so I knew she would be shaving her hairy pussy, to impress the Black man.

Black men despised women with hairy pussies. Mommy’s last lover, Mr. Katimabantumulilo had to spend 2 hours trimming her pussy hair and shaving her, yet he infected her! Mommy was on double dose of septrin and tetracycline for 21 days before she felt reprieve.

Wanatangiri’s cock was hard and erect in a flash, I straddled him and in exactly 8 minutes, he emptied his testicles full of sperm in my pussy….mommy did not have an inkling of what had happened. The expurgation of these 8 minutes were the highlight of my life, knowing that the sex with the African was surreptitiously carried out without mommy and uncle Ken knowing about it… felt good and liberating!!!

Mommy mistakenly left her ICICI bank’s cheque book on the dining room table, I quickly flicked through it and noticed hefty payments to Manoranjan Das and Padhawa Das……………… I can only assume she is bribing her way into ISKCON initiation, the ultimate accolade of this Hindu cult, and a position which can be cleverly used to disguise her liaisons with Black men for cheap sex!!! MAY KRISHNA HELP HER,….. SHE NEEDS HELP....And a lot of it!!!

Her friend Mohinidevi from Surat said that she found a profile of her on an American website for Blacks called, apparently women can advertise on that site to find a Black man to fuck them for free, the cleverly disguised picture which accompanied.

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