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Maria's back story
After her session with Nicky and Joe, Maria made her excuses and left as soon as she reasonably could without seeming rude. She had been surprised at how Joe had treated Nicky and immediately felt guilty, despite the fact that Nicky had seemed fairly ambivalent about what had happened. She parked in her driveway and quickly went indoors, realizing she probably shouldn’t have driven bearing in mind the wine she had just drunk.

“Honey I’m home!” she called out. There was silence. “Oh - hang on a minute...I live alone don’t I…” She did the routine most nights.

She spoke to the mirror just inside the hallway which reflected her rueful grin. What had possessed her to hook up with Joe she never knew, but presumably her usual problem…the problem that was staring her now in the mirror.

The full length mirror taunted her – but that was the idea. She had put it there on purpose as soon as she had moved into the small house, hoping it would catch her eye every time she left the house and persuade her to lose weight. It hadn’t worked…

Maria knew she had a self-image problem and knew it would be easy enough to do something about it, but, as she reached for the already-opened bottle of red from the previous evening and poured herself a large glass, she couldn’t think why she didn’t. She did know, of course, that she had got lazy.

Not in the physical sense, she hastened to correct herself. She went running on a regular basis and used the exercise bike up in the spare room. No she was not lazy that way – she was lazy in her attempts to “get a man” as her mother often so bluntly put it. She glanced at the calendar in the kitchen. Tuesday. At least it wasn’t her mother’s day for coming round. That meant she wouldn’t get the weekly lecture…

She refilled her glass, (where had that first glass gone?) and wandered through into the lounge. She slumped in front of the television, flicked it on just in time to see the end of the news and gazed at the local news, watching it but not taking it in. She might as well stare at the wallpaper. Again she drained the glass. She looked at her watch. Two glasses in 10 minutes. Dear oh dear…

She shook herself, as she often did when she was trying to bring herself round and meandered out into the kitchen again. She spent the next half an hour cooking herself spaghetti Bolognese - her speciality – and ate it back in the lounge in front of television.

As usual, she felt a little better for some food inside her but the evening still stretched ahead of her. She realized she was still buzzing slightly from the earlier session with Nicky and Joe, and also realized with concern that she hadn’t showered since then. An early night would be the answer she decided.

Having finished off the red wine she tottered upstairs and turned on the shower. Back in her bedroom she stripped off, throwing her clothes in to the corner of the room. She could sort those out later. She caught sight of herself in the dressing room mirror and heaved a sigh. Was she really destined to spend the rest of her life as a target for “chubby chasers” as Joe had so picturesquely put it? She found herself using the phrase herself now. Chubby sounded better than fat. She grinned at herself. To be fair she was chubby rather than fat - or cuddly as her brother put it. She guessed he was trying to be kind.

Her face was quite sweet, she thought, and she had smooth round shoulders which sloped down to, she had to say, rather magnificent breasts. They lolled sleepily on her chest but after that, in more ways than one, it all went a bit pear shaped…

She had good child bearing hips, or so her mother told her, but as far as she was concerned she had saddle bags. Her legs were also somewhat chunky although her feet were quite reasonable. It was no consolation, however.

Before she got suicidal she stepped into the shower, enjoying the feeling of the hot jets of water washing Joe away. She felt a little bit guilty as she had been quite complicit in her affair with him but she still felt a little grubby when she came home and the shower seemed to help. When she had finished she stepped out and quickly rubbed herself down with a large white towel. Her body glowed and she used copious amounts of talcum powder to reduce the redness. It was bad enough being a blob without being a pink blob…

Back in her bedroom she glanced at the clock. It was too early to go to sleep but she had no intention of sleeping…

She pulled the quilt off the bed, and lay back down on the cool sheet. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply. This helped her to relax her and sweep away negative thoughts. (That was what the magazines said anyway.) Oddly enough she did feel more relaxed and decided that, quite frankly, she didn’t give a shit about Joe or any other man who might lust after her folds of flesh. She took a deep breath and then lay her fingers on the upper slopes of her breasts.

Their weight caused them to hang either side of her chest and she gently sunk her fingers into the soft flesh and brought them up, squeezing them together. She peered down the tunnel between her breasts. Joe liked to kneel on top of her and slid his cock between them – he called it a tit-wank, in his usual subtle way. She had to confess that the sight of his cock appearing and disappearing between her breasts was quite a turn on but she quickly dismissed the picture from her mind. Tonight was just for her.

Her fingers were still digging into her boobs and she squeezed and massaged them, allowing them to roll on her chest. Then, having carefully a avoided them so far, she brought her thumbs and index fingers up to catch hold of the stalks of her nipples. She closed her eyes as she gently tweaked them, rasping her thumbs across them and then bringing each one in turn to her mouth.

She had been delighted to discover as her breasts got bigger than she was able to do this. She guessed it was like a man being able to suck his own cock although when she had suggested this to Joe he had thought it a disgusting idea. However she was willing to bet he had tried it.

She continued to kiss, lick and nibble at her nipples, the familiar sensation tingling down her body to her groin. She parted her legs slightly. She guessed she would be pretty wet by now.

Reluctantly leaving her breasts she allowed her fingers to travel down her body, quickly passing over the folds of flesh that made up her stomach, and then slide over the soft pad of her pubis and between her legs. Indeed she was quite damp down there and her middle finger slid easily across her clitoris and between the lips.

She spread her legs slightly further and then gently started to run her middle finger up and down each side of the lips of her pussy, occasionally sliding it over the soft bud of her clitoris, moistening it with the abundant lubrication that was now seeping from her. She knew she could come in seconds. All she would have to do would be to slide two fingers into her pussy and twirl her clitoris between the thumb and forefinger of her other hand and she would explode. However not tonight.

Before it was too late she withdrew her hands and reaching, over opened up the bottom drawer of her bedside cabinet. She looked at the various items and decided that tonight would be the big one…
She brought out from the drawer a large black dildo. She recalled it was called “black stallion”, no doubt a name thought of by some man in marketing who thought that all women would melt at the thought of being fucked by something named after a horse. However Maria preferred to call it her “Omar” after a black porn star who featured on quite a few of the DVDs she kept downstairs.

She smiled contentedly to herself as she lay back on the bed, spread her legs as wide as they would go and then gently nuzzled the head against her lips. Of course, as she knew would happen, and indeed subconsciously she had hoped would happen, her mind immediately went to Joe.

Maria worked in a local DIY superstore, normally on the tills or sometimes behind the scenes doing the accounts. Joe worked in the warehouse with two other men and Maria had first met him when she’d had to go and find someone to help a customer carry some garden furniture to the car.

Maria hadn’t taken much notice of him but Joe took plenty of notice of her. She noticed he became instantly friendly and after the first meeting would often pop out of the warehouse and chat to her. His line of chat wasn’t very subtle…he would often make comments about her fabulous chest and wonderful backside. However Maria put up with it. It was rare that any man paid her compliments and she was happy to make the most of it.

Of course she knew he was married, but felt sure that nothing would come of the flirting. However one evening she had been left to lock the store up and had been surprised when Joe suddenly appeared outside the main door. Apparently he had been waiting for her and suggested they go for a drink. She thought there was no harm in this and he took her out to a country pub.

She had a couple of glasses of wine and a bar snack, although all the time Joe kept looking round as if worrying he might be discovered. It also hadn’t escaped her attention that they were in a fairly dark corner of the pub and he wondered if perhaps he didn’t want to be seen with her. She had of course realized by now that it was her body that had attracted him and whilst she was flattered she was a little upset at being “hidden away”.

She had already made a mental decision that this would be a one off when Joe drove her home. However rather than leaving her at the door, as she had expected, he hung around, peering hopefully up the hallway and she realized he was expecting an invite. She silently heaved a resigned sigh and then invited him in for coffee, an offer that he quickly accepted.

Although Joe was very confident and cocky in the store, he seemed nervous now as he drank his coffee and Maria realized that he was obviously planning to make some sort of move. Oddly enough she felt fairly sanguine about this. She’d had her usual three or four glasses of wine in the pub and if Joe made a play for her, she guessed she wouldn’t necessarily repel him. However if he lost his nerve she had “Omar” upstairs!

Then it happened.

Joe was already facing her on the sofa and as he put his coffee cup down he slid his left arm around her shoulders. He brought his right hand up and rested it gently on her thigh, but went no further, just staring at her like a rabbit caught in headlights. She almost laughed. He was terrified! For the first time that evening she almost felt sorry for him so she decided to take matters in her own hands. Guessing she might regret it she leaned forward and gave him a kiss on the lips.

It was all the encouragement he needed.

He responded to the kiss, and how! His tongue was in her mouth and if pressed she would have to admit she felt a frisson of excitement. His right hand had quickly moved from her thigh and was now curled around her waist as he pulled her closer to him, their tongues now wrestling in their mouths.

If she was hoping for romance that evening, she didn’t get it but she had to admit she enjoyed the next ten minutes.

She realized Joe’s fingers were busy with the buttons of her blouse and soon had them undone. Then his lips moved down her neck to her chest and Joe nuzzled his face into her cleavage, like a baby. She gazed down at the top of his head as he brought his hands up to cup her breasts around his face and then closed her eyes as his hands snaked around her back and felt for the bra catch. She gave him top marks for undoing it at the first go and her breasts fell forward as the catch came undone.

Realizing Joe would find her a bit tangled up she eased herself forward and slipped the blouse off. Joe’s eyes were fixed upon her breasts and she grinned at his eagerness. He quickly pulled her bra away from her breasts and gazed at them for a few seconds before diving in.

She guessed he was a tit man!

He brought the heavy globers up in his hands and nuzzled his face between them, kissing the soft flesh and then twirling his tongue expertly over the nipples. She had to admit he was good and she closed her eyes, lying back as he continued to nibble and chew the now-erect stalks. Still he said nothing as he seemed content to satiate himself with her breasts, but she was now starting to stir between her legs.

Her hands went to his shoulders, rubbing the firm muscles through the soft material of his shirt and endeavouring to guide him downwards. He seemed to take the hint and, albeit reluctantly, he managed to drag himself away from her upper body and kneeling on the floor between her parted legs he gazed at her red faced.

He didn’t seem sure what to do next so Maria took it upon herself to undo her jeans and started to drag him down her hips. It didn’t occur to her until later that night when she was alone in bed that she had felt no embarrassment about stripping off in front of him, despite the rolls of flesh which were now revealed to Joe’s gaze. However he seemed oblivious as he grabbed her jeans and helped pull them off.

She realized her knickers had partly come adrift and Joe lost no time in grabbing hold of these and pulling them over her hips and down. She looked helplessly at Joe as she laid there naked, legs splayed. She suddenly realized how vulnerable she was but also realized that for the first time in a long time she felt absolute confidence in her own body. This was all down to Joe.

She suddenly felt a surge of relief and gratitude and sat up to pull Joe to her, quickly undoing the buttons of his shirt as he had done for her. She admired his muscled torso and quickly fiddled with the belt of his jeans, anxious to see what else would be revealed. Her mind was a whirl. She couldn’t believe that she was going to have a man with a body like this!

Joe quickly stood up and unzipped his jeans, letting them fall to the floor. He was wearing white boxers and Maria noticed immediately that he was already erect. At least she thought he was…she gazed at his crotch where his cock seemed to be lying down his leg rather than sticking out. She glanced up at Joe who grinned at her smugly and then tucking his fingers into the waistband of his boxers he drew them down.

He was enormous!

His cock was semi erect and looked a good 7 inches long already. He was circumcised, and the purple head of his cock twitched in front of her. Fascinated, she reached out and curled her fingers around and under the shaft, drawing it up so that it rested on her palm. It continued to grow. She leaned forward and gently stroked a finger along the top of the shaft. Joe gasped and within seconds his cock had reached full stiffness. It must have been 9 inches!

Maria’s thoughts immediately went to Omar upstairs, but this was real! This was hot, twitching flesh and blood!

“What do you think then?” Maria looked up at Joe who was still gazing at her smugly. He appeared to be back to his confident self. Maria grinned. She knew she ought really to say the right things.

“It’s unbelievable! I’ve never seen anything like it! It’s huge!” This seemed to satisfy Joe who once again knelt between her legs and gazed hungrily at her pussy. Maria guessed there wasn’t going to be much foreplay but luckily she was already soaking from his attention to her breasts and she slid her hips forward invitingly.

This was all the encouragement Joe needed as he quickly grasped her hips and guided the head of his cock between them. Maria suddenly realized Joe had made no mention of contraception, and there was no way he would know she was on the pill. How considerate!

“Do you think you can take it?” He grinned up at her.

“Oh I expect I’ll manage…” She thought again. “But be careful won’t you? Take it slowly… Don’t hurt me.” This was obviously the right thing to say as Joe grinned again.

“Don’t worry I’ll be gentle.” He was as good as his word and slid the first couple of inches into her before resting. Of course it felt fine, but although she was used to Omar, this felt a whole lot better!

“Put it all in… I want to feel all of it!” Maria gasped. She guessed that this was what Joe wanted to hear and he slowly but firmly slid the rest his cock deep into her. She closed her eyes and winced, quite happy but just for effect. However Joe seemed to have lost a bit of control now and started to slide in out of her quite vigorously.

She opened her eyes and saw that Joe had closed his, his hands gripping her hips and his cock now thrusting into her as their bodies slapped together. She decided to lie back and enjoy it and reached out for Joe, pulling him closer to her. Then the familiar feelings started to course through her body. She had to admit he was good…

He kept up a steady rhythm as Maria got closer and closer and suddenly with a grunt she came. It was not quite as good as the orgasms she had had with Omar but was still pretty good and, to his credit, Joe slowed down slightly so she could enjoy it. She realized that he was hugging him tightly to her body and Joe did not seem to object as his head was once again buried between her breasts.

As she came down she felt Joe is cock twitching inside her. She guessed it was his turn.

“You can come inside me if you like…it’s quite safe.” Joe lifted himself up and gazed at her.

“Can I do it from behind?” He muttered nervously. Maria thought about this. She knew all too well what she looked like on all fours from behind! However she guessed he deserved this so readily agreed.
Joe quickly stood up and Maria turned over, resting on the sofa, her knees on the floor, and parted her thighs. She dreaded to think what she looked like but Joe lost no time in sliding his cock between her thighs and quickly found her pussy again. He slid into her easily and taking a firm grip of her hips he started to slide in out again.

“Oh yes that’s lovely…” he gasped. Maria was surprised. This was the first time he had spoken whilst actually making love to her. His hands were now roving over her backside, squeezing and pummelling the flesh as he drove into her.

“God you’ve got a gorgeous arse!” he croaked. This brought a smile to Maria’s face. No one had ever said that before!

“Not too big then?”

“No way babes… it’s fucking lovely!” He was now pounding into her with renewed vigour and Maria basked in this unexpected praise. Suddenly he froze and with a cry he came. Maria felt him spurting inside her and squeezed the walls of her pussy together, trying to maximize the experience for him.

Eventually the twitching subsided and Maria thought that Joe would pull out straight away. However he stayed where he was, his hands still squeezing and massaging the cheeks of her backside. He ran his hands up her back and then she felt him resting on top of her, his hands sliding gently round her tummy. Maria tensed but then relaxed as Joe moulded and caressed the folds of flesh that hung around her stomach and she felt a warm glow of satisfaction as he happily enjoyed her body.

Eventually Joe seemed satisfied and slowly withdrew his now-wilting cock from her pussy. As he moved away she carefully lifted herself up and sat back on the sofa. Joe was still on his knees on the floor, his cock now hanging limply from his waist and he gazed at her, an odd expression on his face.

“That was fantastic Maria.” His face was quite serious and she guessed it was one of the few sincere things he had said that night. However she was grateful for it.

“You were brilliant, thank you.” she replied politely.

“Will I be able to see you again?” He noticed the hesitation. “If that’s alright? I know I’m married but…well…” he was now gazing at her body and Maria realized that she had something his wife didn’t have.

And that’s how all started…

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