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Part 1: Before The Party

My friends and I often met up at a local convenience store, one that
had a lunch counter and a few tables where we would sit and eat cheap
hamburgers and greasy fries and onion rings and plan our weekends.
Today, it was Max, Kyle and me. Max started in right away. “Hey,
Sam, did those little girls find you last week? They were sure

“Yeah,” I said, trying to keep it casual even though memories of my
finger in two pre-teen pussies at once had already sprung to mind and
my dick had sprung to attention.

“How’d you fit all those girls in one little pool?” Kyle asked.

All those girls? Shit, how many of them had been looking for me? I
played things cool. “I thought it was just two girls from the
swimming class I teach.”

“Yeah, it was your swimming class, all right. Your whole swimming
class. And you have some little hotties in that class. Are any of
them starting high school in the fall? “

“ The oldest ones are twelve. They won’t be in high school for another year.”

“That’s good for you, Kyle,” said Max. “They won’t know you’re a
loser for a whole ‘nother year.” I laughed along with Max and let
the subject drop. I’d hoped that my friends wouldn’t bring up the
girls at all. Now that they had, I was hoping they wouldn’t bring it
up again. Particularly because that day last week, when I fooled
around with the girls, was not the last day I saw Krissi. Since I’d
taken her virginity, the flirty attention she’d given me in class had
doubled, and she had been over to my house once and left love notes
two other times. Thankfully, nobody had seen them or I had a feeling
I would be in jail, rather than eating burgers with my friends.

I dipped a fry in ketchup, put it in my mouth and chewed slowly,
thinking back to the second time Krissi had come over. It was around
sunset, probably past her curfew. Always worried about what I was
doing, I wondered where her parents, not to mention little Kyla,
thought she was going at this hour. My mom let her into the house.
“Sam! I didn’t know you were tutoring anyone—and this late?”

“Huh?” I called down the stairs. I saw Krissi standing there beside
my mom, looking sexy in a short jean skirt and a form-fitting bathing
suit top. She was eating a cherry popsicle, lips stretched
suggestively over it. In her other hand was an eighth grade math
book. “Oh, yeah,” I said. “Krissi. Math tutoring.”

“Well, Krissi, I hope he’s better at teaching math than he is at
doing it. Do you two need any drinks or snacks?”

“No thanks,” I said. “We need to get this over with before her—um—“
It was the middle of summer. What was I supposed to say?

“Scholarship exam,” she filled in. “I’m trying to get a scholarship
to Saint Catherine’s.”

A Catholic girls’ school. That’s where Krissi belonged, all right.

We went up to my bedroom. She kept licking her popsicle as she threw
the math book on my bed and pulled her swim top up over her flat
chest. She unbuttoned the skirt and it fell to her feet. The
matching swim bottoms were soon kicked to the side and I gazed at her
in her full glory. She was no more than five feet tall, straight up
and down, with the beginnings of a cute little waist and hips. She
had summery tan skin with no bathing suit lines. I wondered how she
managed that. Her pussy lips were closed; I was dying to open them.
“Krissi,” I whispered. “My mom’s home. You can’t do that.”

“Please just lick me like you did Kyla. I was so jealous. I promise
I’ll be quiet.”

She sat down on my bed, then raised and spread her legs, so I could
see her dripping little pussy lips, spread open. I could barely see
her very sparse pubic hair against her perfect, chubby little labia.
I locked my door, got on my knees and went down on her. I started
with her clit, that already engorged little bud. She couldn’t help
gasping. “Shhh,” I said, raising my face.”

“Hey, don’t stop!” She brought one childish hand down to her clit
and kept rubbing where I’d stopped licking.

“Then be quiet.” I handed her one of the pillows from my bed. “Put
this over your face.”

I kept licking, delving my tongue into her little opening. I was
surprised how tight she was despite the fucking I’d given her less
than a week before. I moved my tongue around inside of her, feeling
her pussy moving. I widened my tongue, withdrew it, and lapped up her
juices. The pillow wasn’t doing the trick; she was still making
audible gasping noises. I licked harder, now finding her little
asshole and licking between that opening and her honey-pot, just like
I had done with her sister. I kept one hand on her thigh and put the
other one on the pillow, pushing it into her face so she would shut

The pillow in the face seemed to push her over the edge. Krissi’s
body began to twitch as I swirled my tongue around her clit. As her
orgasm came, I shoved my thumb up her pussy and my index finger about
half an inch up her asshole, feeling her entire body buck upwards as
she came. It had been so easy. We’d only been in my room for about
five minutes.

I removed the pillow from her head and watched her gasp for breath.
My fingers were still inside her, feeling her light contractions and
the juices flowing out of her pussy. “You could have strangled me,”
she said, “But that felt good. Kyla and I play blackout sometimes,
where we hold each other’s necks and play with our kitties until we
come like crazy. But sometimes we black out first, and that’s fun,

Sounded like these girls could teach me a thing or two about sex.

I wasn’t letting her go without getting some for myself, so I whipped
out my cock, sat down on the bed, and told her to do to it what she’d
done to that popsicle. “Yummy,” she said, kneeling down, gripping my
cock at its base and taking me into her mouth. She was still naked,
so in addition to the blowjob, I got the added delight of looking down
at her childish body. She was a late-bloomer, only beginning to
develop, with thin arms, narrow hips and breasts that barely existed.
I felt them anyway, tweaking her nipples. She pulled back, looking up
at me and swirling her tiny, red tongue around the head of my cock.
My dick was dripping pre-cum; I watched it coating her thin lips,
which were still dyed red from the popsicle.

“Keep going,” I said. Krissi took the suction up a notch and let me
into her mouth again, bobbing her head like a pro. With each bob, she
let me go deeper into my throat. The inside of her mouth was small
and seemed tighter the further I went back. I’d seen my share of
pornos and decided to try something new. I knitted my fingers through
her long, dark hair and pushed her down on my cock. I kept pushing
until she started struggling for breath. Her throat was tight around
the head of my dick and I felt my balls welling up already. I managed
several thrusts, deep into her throat, before pulling out and
unleashing all over her face and hair.

I thought she would be angry, but she looked happy, like this was a
new game of choke. “I did deep throat,” she said, a bit too loud.

“Yes, you did.” She sat there on the floor, naked, with my cum all
over her face, dripping over her smile and down her girlish, dimpled
chin to land on her pre-pubescent breasts. What a load of cum that
had been.

Then, to my absolute horror, I heard footsteps outside the door. I
must have looked terrified, but I guess Krissi was well-schooled in
this sort of thing, because she didn’t miss a beat. “Oh, so that’s
what the hypotenuse is! I understand trigonometry so much better now
that I understand that. What problems should I do at home?”

“Uh, page two,” I said. I sucked at lying. I hadn’t needed to lie
very much in my life.

Luckily, the footsteps were already beginning to move away.

Krissi was already scrambling to find her clothes. Without asking,
she tore the pillowcase from the pillow I’d used to muffle her and
wiped her face. She ran her fingers through her hair, rubbing the cum
in like hair gel. I wondered if anyone would notice that she smelled
like sex.

“Hey, Krissi,” I said before she left. “Want to do this again
Friday? My parents are going to be away overnight. You can bring

“Sure,” she said. She blew me a kiss on the way out of the door and
said, “Love you, coach.”

I’d gotten a love note in the mailbox since then. I was worried that
she thought I was her boyfriend, which I most certainly was not. The
last thing I wanted was to have a steady girlfriend. In fact, I was
thinking of trying to fuck Kyla, who I’d figured was too tight the
first time I looked. But she claimed she wasn’t a virgin, even at the
age of ten, so why not use that little pussy in the way nature

“Hey, Sam. Sam!” It was Max. I had completely spaced out. I shook
myself out of my dream world and finished chewing my French fry. “One
of your little friends is here. Look.” Kyla was on the other side of
the store, using the Xerox machine.

I tried to ignore her, but she saw me as soon as she’d paid for her
copies. She walked across the store, looking right at me. My friends
started to nudge me and laugh. I turned my attention to my cold
plate of fries. It was no use. “Hey, Coach!” Kyla said. “This is
for you.” She leaned and whispered in my ear. “We’ll bring the
girls, you bring the booze and boys.”

I looked down at the sheet of paper. In photocopied girlish
handwriting, Kyla had written: POOL PAR-TAY! SWIM TEAM’S FINAL BASH!
BRING AS MUCH LICKER AS YOU CAN. I had to laugh at her spelling of
liquor. FRIDAY NIGHT AT 8.

I did a double-take when I read what was next. The address for the
party was my home address. They were having their kegger at my place.
I repeated what Kyla had said, over and over in my head. “We’ll
bring the girls, you bring the booze and boys.” Shit. Krissi must
have told her that my parents were away Friday night.

“Hey, what did that girl give you?” Max grabbed the flyer.

“Kegger at Sam’s house! Why didn’t you tell us? I guess we’ll get
to party with those girls after all!”

I guess it was just as well that my friends were coming. If I was
going to go down for this, at least it would be in style. I’d also
had the best idea to keep Krissi Cates as a fuck toy, but convince her
she didn’t want me to be her boyfriend. I was going to get her laid
by someone else. And for some reason, the thought of watching her
take the second cock she’d ever had really turned me on.

I swear I’m not gay, but who’s not curious?

Part 2: The Party Begins

I was nervous as I lay in the pool, waiting for the girls to arrive.
The sky was darkening. Maybe it had all been a joke and they’d show
up an hour late with a video camera to capture footage of Coach,
floating on his back in his parents’ swimming pool with massive
hard-on making a tent in his swim shorts. My friends hadn’t even
shown up. Had they set this up? The possibilities for my humiliation
were endless.

I heard a car pull up. Who would it be, I wondered.

As it turned out, it was Kyle, who stood beside little Ava, another
of the twelve-year-olds from swim team and Brianna, who was eleven.
“Hey, coach, you hard for Krissi again? Well, she and Kyla are
running late. Their mom caught them being little lezzies and is
teaching them a lesson.”

“Hey, Sam,” said Kyle. “I found these two girls trying to haul half
a liquor cabinet in a Radio Flyer. I thought I’d give them a ride.
Max is just behind me. I’ve never seen so much liquor in my life.
I've even stolen a keg from my older brother’s frat house.”

It didn’t take long before Max arrived, also with a car full of girls
from swim team—Audrey, Megan, Savannah and Ling. Everyone watched as
Ava and Briana set up the liquor table, complete with the keg, a beer
funnel, and stacks upon stacks of plastic cups. “Let the festivities
begin!” Ava screamed, taking what looked to be at least two shots of
vodka in one gulp out of one of the plastic cups.

When I’d initially peeped at the girls in swim team, Ava had talked
about how disgusted she was that I seemed to “pop a boner” whenever
Krissi was around. In truth, I was attracted to all of them. I just
hadn’t known it until I’d seen them naked. And if Krissi and Kyla
weren’t here, I was going to play with the girls who were, if they’d
let me.

Ava and Brianna beat me to it. After a few more shots of vodka, Ava
pulled off her top and I laid eyes on Ava’s well-developed breasts for
the second time in my life. Brianna had brought a real shot glass,
which she now filled with Apple Sours and set between Ava’s ample
breasts. “Hold still,” she said, trying to drink the shot. I
laughed and decided to show them how it was done.

“Have Ava lay down,” I said.

They started laughing, but they tried it. Ava ended up covered with
vodka, and Brianna ended up licking it off of her breasts. It was a
sight to be seen—an eleven year old girl wearing a bikini licking a
twelve year old’s developing titties. My cock, already hard, twitched
in my pants, but I wasn’t sure how far I could push things with these
girls. I didn’t even know if they knew what I’d done with Krissi and

I didn’t have to wait long, though. “Coach,” Ava called. “We’re
doing belly shots next. You know how to do that?”

Now, both girls were laying on my parents’ outdoor furniture, pouring
vodka and apple sours into their navals. I bent over slightly to lick
it out and ended up tonguing two very sexy bellybuttons in the
process. I kept my hand on Ava’s hip as I finished her off, and as
soon as I raised my head, both girls were sitting up, smelling of
alcohol and looking very inebriated, kissing me all over my face. Ava
reached down my swim shorts and pulled out my cock. “Ooh, he has a
huge one, Brianna,” she said. Brianna examined me and nodded in

I hadn’t been this hard since my first time with Krissi and Kyla.
The girls kissed down my chest, their hands already wanking my cock in
unison. I felt two tiny tongues lapping against either side of my
member, two small hands on my hips. I looked down to see the two
girls, Ava a brunette, Brianna a redhead, giving me head. They were
shameless, taking turns sucking me into their mouths and taking me
deep. They’d done this before, probably together.

My shorts were around my ankles now; I felt the girls’ hands on my
ass, squeezing, feeling me the way I wanted to feel them. Hey, why
wasn’t I feeling them? I bent slightly at the waist and grabbed a
huge handful of Ava’s big, beautiful tits. She must have been a high
B-Cup and, at twelve, they looked huge. She stopped sucking for a
moment and moaned. “I love having them touched,” she said, and
started rubbing them against my dick. Brianna was still sucking me,
and if she got a perky nipple into her mouth as she was doing it, she
didn’t mind at all.

I was ready to blow my load, and I wanted to do it in multiple
places—their mouths, Ava’s tits, their pussies (I wondered if they
were virgins). I started off in Brianna’s mouth, with her curvy lips
wrapped around me. I was satisfied to watch her swallow my jizz,
rather than spitting it out. I pulled out and shot what was left all
over Brianna’s perfectly curved tits and rubbed it in with my hands.
“That was amazing,” I said.

“Yeah, coach, I didn’t know you had that much in you,” said Brianna.

“We thought you were pretty stuck-up until you started popping boners
for Kyla, you know,” Ava added. “We could have been doing this all
season.” I didn’t know whether to be happy we hadn’t, because I’d be
in jail, or sad that I could have been fucking all of these preteen
mouths and pussies by now.

I looked over to the pool as Ava and Brianna dived in to wash off.
Nearly everyone was in the pool. Audrey and Megan looked like they
were performing some sort of lesbian water dance for Kyle, and Max was
on the steps pumping the Asian girl, Ling, full of cum. Holy shit, I
didn’t know that girl could speak English and had no idea she was a
slut. I decided not to go and watch, even though I was curious. I’d
save that for when I got my little “girlfriend,” Krissi, to fuck one
or both of my friends.

Instead, I walked up to Savannah, who was the only girl who didn’t
seem to be in on the action. “Hey, Savannah,” I said. She was
standing by the liquor table, having a beer and flipping her pretty,
platinum blond hair. “Why aren’t you swimming?”

“I don’t usually do this kind of thing. I’m not a lezzy like the others.”

“So, you like boys?”

“Yeah, but I’ve never, you know, done it.”

“Well, why don’t we swim together? We don’t have to do anything.”

I lowered her into the pool. I’d seen her naked before, but she
didn’t know it. I knew that she, at ten, was another of the less
developed girls. I wasn’t going to pop her cherry tonight, but I
figured I’d get another look at her body if she’d let me. “Let’s
practice your breast stroke,” I said with a dry laugh. “I’ll put my
hands under your body and see how you’re moving.”

She was wearing a two-piece bathing suit, so putting my hands under
her really meant that I got to feel her taut little belly and hard
little nipples at the same time. She did a few strokes in the pool,
then started giggling. “You’re tickling my din-dins.”

“Your what?”


“I’ll tickle your nipples,” I said, really tickling this time. She
flipped over in the water, but I kept tickling. She struggled until
she grabbed hold of me, and then her knee brushed my cock.

“Do you have a boner?” she asked. I nodded.

“Can you show me?”

I was about to say yes, but someone else answered for me. “Of course
he can.” Kyla was standing above me, already naked, with her hands on
her curvy little hips. “But I’m gonna ride him first, and I’m not
letting him say no, or let Krissi go first this time.”

I noticed Krissi by the liquor table, drinking something, and decided
I would deal with her later. Now was the time for the youngest girls
to get what they wanted.

Part 3: The Life of the Party

“Hey,” Kyla said, drawing my attention back to her. “Nevermind my
sister. Why don’t we show Savannah how to do it?” Small as she was,
dangerous as this seemed, I couldn’t resist her. I grabbed her by the
hand and pulled her into the water. She shrieked as she fell, and
landed beside me with a splash. I watched her gain her composure and
begin to paddle in the water beside me. She’d always been an
excellent swimmer.

Still treading water with her legs, she raised her hands to wipe her
face, lifting her dark blond hair back behind her ears. Chlorinated
water was beaded on her face, neck and shoulders. “We’re not ready
yet,” she said. “We need someone to fuck Savannah. Call one of your

I called Kyle, because the girls who had been dancing around him
weren’t putting out. He swam over to me dutifully, looking afraid
that I would look down on him for doing things with the girls.
Apparently he wasn’t looking around. Max was doing Ling doggystyle
against one of the pool chairs now, pouring booze over her head and
licking her back. Thinking about it, it sounded so exploitative, but
the look on her face said she was loving it, and the wiggle of her
hips against Max’s dick, which I could see was about an inch longer
than mine, told me that she’d done this before, and more than once.

“Kyle, Savannah needs her cherry popped,” said Kyla. She got right
to the point, I guess. She was still paddling around me. Savannah
looked at Kyle with a hopeful smile on her face. “And I want to fuck
Coach in a pool, cos I haven’t done it underwater before, and cos it’s
where we first met.” She did a flip, spreading her legs in the air
while her head was underwater. Her pussy lips, covered with trimmed,
blond pubic hair, parted slightly. I knew she’d been fucked before,
but I was still eager. There was something about a girl with her kind
of experience at her age that turned me on. My cock was so hard I
thought I was going to bust my nut right there.

Kyla surfaced, smiling. “Do another of those flips, little girl,” I said.

She did, spreading her legs wider this time, almost like she was
doing the splits. If any of these girls was going to be a slutty
cheerleader in high school, it was going to be Kyla, and she would
likely be the sluttiest. I wondered if she would let me fuck her on
college breaks, for old time’s sake. When she held the split for more
than a moment, I took advantage and dove in, pressing my nose and
mouth between her slightly opened lips, my tongue immediately shoving
into her pussy, rigid like my cock.

I lapped at her for a moment before she came up for breath. “I’m wet
for you,” she said.

“Of course you are,” Savannah said. “We’re in the pool, duh.” Kyla
reached down and stroked Savannah’s hairless pussy lips with her
little fingers.

“It’s this kind of wet,” Kyla said. Both Kyle and I watched little
Kyla play lipstick lesbian. She even ducked underwater and pressed
her mouth against Savannah’s mostly untouched pussy lips and blowing
bubbles against her clit. The bubbles ran along her body and popped
at the surface, just where her little din-dins, as she called them,
set in the water. Kyla had a real talent at holding her breath, and
so we watched her in the water with her blond hair flowing around her
head in a swirl as she gripped Savannah’s hips and got her ready for
us. Finally, she surfaced. “Are you wet now, Savannah?” Kyla asked.

“I think I know what you mean,” she said.

“You’ll know it even better when Kyle and Coach are through with you.
Oh, god. I was going to get to fuck both of them. “I just want
Coach to shoot his load in me! You hear that, Kyle?” She was
paddling upright, hands on her hips just as she’d had them when I’d
seen her in the locker room. “So, boys, you choose the position,

“I want to see her face when I pop her cherry,” said Kyle, gesturing
toward Savannah.

It sounded so wrong that I had to ask, “Savannah, you really want to
do this?” She nodded her head vigorously, and I noticed that she was
stroking her own little clit now. I guess Kyla’s bubbles had turned
her on.

So, I lifted Kyla up, rubbing my face on her pussy, inhaling her
female scent, My tongue lapped up her body as I lowered her onto my
cock. She was just as tight as I imagined. My cock was blocked at
her entrance, unable to make its way through. I looked to my right
and Kyle was doing the same thing to Savannah. I watched Kyle’s dick,
which I noticed was uncircumcised and about the same size as mine (I’m
circumcised) pressing against her opening. “This might hurt a little
bit, sweetie,” he said, and thrust upwards. Savannah gave a little
yelp, bit her lip, and then looked like she was doing okay.

“Hey, Coach, you like to watch!” teased Kyla. I decided to give her
what she wanted. I put my hand on her tailbone and pushed down on her
as my dick thrust up. The head popped into her. “Yes!” Kyla said.
She was insatiable. She grabbed my shoulders and started riding my
Johnson. “Yeah!” She was very vocal about it, so vocal that I
noticed Kyle and Savannah turning their heads to look.

I kept pushing into her, giving it to her relentlessly. It was what
she wanted, after all. I could feel her spread legs, brushing against
my hips, her feet curling against my legs. It was like she was having
an orgasm already, her pussy was so tight. And it was popping, giving
my dick a good squeeze every few seconds. I had never felt anything
like this. She just didn’t stop moving. I was so sure I was going to
blow my load that I had to look away from her. Unfortunately, the
only thing to look at was Kyle, who was rutting Savannah at a slower
speed. She looked satisfied, and was moving along with him.

“Okay, switch.... now!” Kyla screamed, and pushed off my dick. The
way out was just as hard as the way in. My head had to exit with a
pop. The pool water suddenly felt cold. Luckily, Kyla flipped
downwards and got her mouth on me, keeping me eager until Kyle and
Savannah untangled and Savannah slid down onto my dick. She was
tighter than Kyla, and I moved slower to enter her. I could see how
swollen she was from her first time, though the blood had washed away
in the water. She wrapped her arms around me, looking up at me with
moony eyes. Oh, god, I was going to have another little girlfriend.
I should have learned my lesson with the first virgin. I thought of
Krissi—I had plans for her next, if I could possibly get my dick up
for it, and they involved both Kyle and Max. I was going to get her
gangbanged so hard she’d feel it in the morning.

In the meantime, I was about to blow my load just thinking about
things. “Kyla, if you want my load, you better get back on me.” You
should have seen that girl go. She shoved off of Kyle, grabbed
Savannah by the shoulders, and yanked her off me. Savannah shrieked;
I must have hurt her on the way out. I could actually see a bit of
blood dissipating in the water out of her little pussy as she came
off me.

I didn’t have time to think about it. Kyla turned her back to me,
spread her legs and slid down on my dick. I was balls deep in her, my
cock feeling her hard little cervix. Her body was pressed up against
my chest. I could feel the part of her ass cheeks against my pubic
bone. I ran my hands from her pert, developed breasts down to her
little clit and the stretched and rapidly contracting hole that was
taking my cock. I felt myself going in and out of her as I began to
spurt. Now, I was vocal. “Oh, shit, shit, yes,” I yelled out loud.
She came at the same time as me, her legs shaking, her mouth open to
emit a few incomprehensible shrieks of pleasure.

I wondered how it would feel to touch Kyle’s cock or Max’s, as it was
rutting in and out of a tight little girl pussy. Like I said, I’m not
gay, but who’s not curious? Maybe I’d do it during the impending gang
bang. I emptied my load into Kyla, shaking my hips and pressing my
cock as deep as it could get inside of her. It turned me on that
she’d just had my friend’s dick inside her. It turned me on that he’d
probably shot his precum into her, and I wondered what another guy’s
cum would feel like inside a woman if I were to fuck her right after.
As I continued jizzing, I focused on Kyla. Her entire body was
writhing and wriggling. I held her to me, getting the best dick
massage I’d had, ever, from that multi-orgasmic little pussy. She
kept cumming and cumming and cumming. Even after my dick was soft
inside her, she was still squeezing me.

I looked over to see that Savannah had gotten her first load of cum.
She was paddling near me in the water with her little pussy opened,
Kyle’s spooge ragged around the exposed little hole. I grabbed her in
the water and wiped the white jizz off my hand. Then, I turned to do
the same to Kyla and ended up thrusting my fingers, Kyle’s cum and
all, into her puss. Amazingly, her pussy was still contracting, so I
fingered her to her next orgasm, which she had in my arms.

“Once I start cumming, coach,” she said, “I sometimes can’t stop.”
She grinned. “I think of it as one of my strengths.”

“Believe me, baby girl, it is,” I said. I scanned the area. Krissi
was still standing alone; she’d probably watched everything. I pushed
myself up and out of the pool to stand beside her. “How you going,
honey?” I asked. My flaccid cock was soon taking its shape again.
“Wanna try something with me? Promise you’ll do whatever I want?”

“Anything for you,” she said.

I wrapped some cloth from a torn and discarded bikini top around her
head, blindfolding her, sat her in a lawn chair and went to get my
friends. This was going to be the best part of the night.

Part 4: Ending the Party

A few of the girls had gone home already, “lickered” up and smiling.
Those who remained were swimming in the pool or relaxing on the pool
deck with their legs dangling in the water. Max and Ling had finally
stopped going at it and she was backfloating, naked, in the middle of
the pool, a kind of centrepiece to the night’s activities. But I had
one more thing left to do. Krissi had been a dirty little girl before
she’d begun thinking I was her boyfriend. My mission was to turn her
Kyle and Max both seemed keen. Krissi stood, blindfolded and naked,
beside the pool. I led her to the steps where Max was already
standing. She didn’t notice that we’d traded places as he led her
down the pool steps. He sat down in front of her and placed her eager
hands onto his dick. “Open your mouth, baby,” I said, and before
Krissi could realize that it wasn’t me standing before her with his
rock hard cock sticking out of the water, Kyle sneaked up behind her
and pushed her face down onto Max’s dick.

She struggled a little at first, splashing in the water, but it
appeared just for show; it didn’t take long for her to start lapping
at Max’s member like a popsicle. “That’s my girl,” I said. She began
to hesitate. “Go on, I want you to do it, Krissi.” That was all the
help she needed to get her head bobbing on Max’s dick. She gripped
his hips with her hands and let her legs float up in the water. Kyle
took the opportunity to close the gap between them, rubbing his cock
up and down her crack. “Wait,” I said, and entered the water beside

With my thumb and forefinger, I found Krissi’s tight little gash in
the water and held it open, spreading the little hole that only I had
fucked. “It’s all right, Krissi, I’m here,” I said. “But Kyle’s
going to fuck you now.” Krissi jolted upward in the water, snapping
her legs down and closed arond my fingers. Her hard thighs felt warm
and smooth. I wanted to lick them. “Come on, Krissi,” I said. “I’ll
be right here.” I started fingering her, just with my index finger,
my thumb against her clitoris. None of her concern about Kyle’s dick
had caused her to stop sucking Max’s dick.
I felt someone pass in the water beside me—Ling. She caught a glimpse
of us on the way out. “Bye, guys,” she said. “My mom will be missing
me. Thanks for the party, Coach.” My attention turned to Ling for a
moment; I scoped out her tight, Asian body, complete with budding
brown nipples and luxurious black hair that came down to her flat ass.
I watched as she climbed out of the pool, wiping her pussy with a
single hand as she did, sending Max’s cum, with a plop, into the
water. She shook off, flipping her wet, black mane forward, then
back, before walking along the deck to find some swim clothes to wear
home. I was sorry I hadn’t gotten a chance to fuck her.
My attention turned back to Krissi; I felt her pussy and thighs turn
to butter as I continued masturbating her. Her legs spread and Kyle
stepped in. I didn’t let go of Krissi, and held her tight pussy open
as Kyle worked his dick inside of her. She stopped sucking Max for a
moment and moaned as I continued touching her clit and copping a feel
of Kyle’s dick. I wondered if an uncut guy felt different than a cut
one, but at my age, didn’t have the courage to ask her. I watched
Krissi taking Kyle’s cock, watched the movement of his foreskin as he
entered her and the contractions of her pussy around his shaft. I was
touching Kyle as he entered and he wasn’t complaining or calling me
gay. And I so wanted to taste Krissi’s pussy with a dick in it.

Just for a moment, I lowered my head underwater and blew bubbles
against her clit as I’d seen Kyla do for Savannah. I felt her body
wriggle. And, quickly enough that it could have been just an
accident, I lashed my tongue out and let it touch Kyle’s dick as it
was moving in and out, and I got my first taste of a male organ,
through chlorinated water. I couldn’t stay there for too long. I was
afraid that someone would think I was gay, or, worse, that I would
actually turn gay, but I took another lick, this one more deliberate.
At first, I was worried that Kyle would pull away, but he didn’t.
Maybe there was no feeling in his foreskin? Or maybe he just mistook
my tongue for Krissi’s soft, wet labia.

Or—one more thought—he had enjoyed it.

I didn’t dare lick him again to find out. Even if he liked it, I
knew I wasn’t supposed to.

I surfaced, surveying the scene again. Kyle was really going at
Krissi now, either not having noticed my tongue or having enjoyed it,
and Krissi was really going after Max with her mouth. I spanked her
tight, beautiful little ass as it bobbed in the water. Go on, Kyle,
cum in her,” I said, locking my fingers around his dick again,
unabashedly now, as he drove in and out of her. I felt his orgasm
come, at precisely the same moment as Max’s, and held his softening
dick after he pulled out. Not a word was said between us, and I
quickly pulled Krissi through the water and took Kyle’s place at her
cum-leaking pussy. She still hadn’t had her orgasm and I was going to
fix that. And, on top of that, Kyle clearly hadn’t minded my touching
his dick during sex—or after.

I didn’t even need to get hard. The oral sex, male and female at the
same time, had hardened my member instantly despite the number of
times I’d cum that night.

Krissi’s pussy was impossibly warm and wet, easy to enter, and
slippery with Kyle’s cum and the pool water on the inside. Max had
finished off in her mouth and she must have swallowed, because she
turned her head over her shoulder, ripping the blindfold off over her
hair, looked at me, and smiled. I pulled her off my dick, turned her
around, then lowered her down, facing me, onto my cock and fucked the
hell out of her while looking her straight in the face. “See how good
it is fucking more than one guy at once?” I said. “Didn’t you and
Kyla used to fool around with lots of guys all the time?”

“Yeah,” was all she could muster; at least she was grinning. Max had
come up behind her and was running his cock up and down the crack of
her asshole through the water of the pool. I could see this, looking
down, and couldn’t decide what turned me on more—this gorgeous,
pre-pubescent body with its new curves, or the fact that Max was
rubbing his Johnson against it. Krissi started to giggle. Now, she
managed more words. “You’re tickling my booty.”

I could tell he was pressing his cock against her little rosebud.
How I wished I could be back there to see it. I’d licked a little
girl butthole, but had yet to see one fucked. He didn’t have the guts
to do it, though, and I probably wouldn’t have, either.

At the time, we had heard of anal sex, but none of us had ever been
brave enough to attempt it, even with girls our own age, for fear of
being called gay. I think Max knew I had noticed that he was poking
Krissi’s back door, because when our eyes met, he stopped what he was
doing and started rubbing his cock up and down from Krissi’s hard
little tailbone, through her smooth gash, down to her already
occupied pussy, which meant the head of his long, hard dick was
rubbing against my shaft. I couldn’t have been more turned on. I
kept fucking Krissi, feeling her pussy opening up to me, and her
orgasm building. “Feel Max behind you? When I cum, I’m going to slip
you off of me and onto him.” I could see Max’s greedy expression over
Krissi’s shoulders. He was ready.

I flexed my legs and started bouncing her up and down on my dick,
feeling her yielding pussy and Max’s hard dick at the same time. The
water splashed around us. I could hardly hold back my orgasm, though
the number of times I’d already cum that night helped me at least a
little. Krissi came before I did, flipping her head back to land
perfectly on Max’s shoulder. I began to shoot my load; as I did, I
pulled her off of me, reached between her legs and found Max’s cock,
wanking him a couple of times as I did, and lowered her down onto it.
I watched Max’s ecstatic expression as he felt her already contracting
pussy around his dick.

Already in the throes of my own orgasm, I pressed my dickhead up
against Krissi’s stretched-out puss, which was accommodating Max from
behind, and let the rhythmic thrusts of Max’s cock bring the rest of
the cum out of me. I watched my spurting dick through the churning
water of the backyard pool. I watched my own cum dissipate. Max’s
orgasm didn’t take long to cum, and I continued to focus on the
thoroughly fucked little pussy as Krissi swam off him. She was
leaking cum—a mixture of all three of us—as she swam away. I’d never
seen such a mess coming out of a girl before, and it would be a while
before I saw it again.

Krissi turned in the water, looking at me with a smile. “You’re
right, Coach,” she said. “That was your best lesson yet.” She
brought her hand down to her stretched-wide pussy, feeling the results
of our gangbang, and smiled even wider.

I looked around. The porch was littered with liquor bottles. Kyla
Cates sat on a lawn chair, fucking herself with a vodka bottle; she’d
been watching us the whole time. “So, you gonna stop talking about
coach, coach, coach all the time now?” she asked, tossing the bottle
to the side and standing up. She thrust her hips back and forth.
“Now that you’ve been gang-banged.”

I pulled myself out of the water, grabbed her and started tickling.
“I’ll gang bang you next time,” I said, not sure if I was joking. I
definitely wanted to do something else with Kyle and Max, now that I’d
had my first taste of cock. And the best part was, neither of them
had objected to any of it, and they had to have noticed me getting off
on them as we got off on Krissi. But for that night, we were done,
and we had a lot of cleaning up to do, so I grabbed a Hefty bag and
started picking up liquor bottles, used condoms (who had brought
those?) and discarded swim wear.

“We should do this again,” Max said, and I noticed him looking down
at my flaccid dick as we walked side by side. Maybe there was
something to this attraction on both ends. I would find out later on
in the school year, but that’s another story for another day. For
that moment, we all stood there in the dim lighting of my backyard,
exhausted, leaking, packing things away for the night.

When everyone left, I was alone. I scanned the pool deck one last
time to make sure my parents wouldn’t figure out I’d had a party. I
just had to keep this secret from them—and everyone else at school
once it started. I just hoped nobody had a big mouth. The only thing
left on deck was a pair of virtually unused swim shorts—mine. I put
them on and went inside.

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