Thsi story is close to a real story
Hello my name is Nichola I am a normal 16 year old girl (except for the fact I'm 1 meter 40). I have 2 young siblings (twins) a brother and a sister (who are the same size as me) and I thought they were as innocent as angels. Yet I didn't know what happened when I wasn't looking.

One day when my parents were out I decided to go for a walk to town, my sister had gone with my mother, and so that left my dear brother Christopher at home. I went out our back door because it led right on to a sun filled patio.

I had only gone walking for about 2 minutes when I reallized I had left my purse back at the house so I walked back but on the way I saw Jullie who was Christophers girlfreind she was a young 14 year old like the twin she was also very innocent a short like them. I reallized she was heading to our house even though I knew she hadn't being invited so I stalked her all the way back to my house.

Jullie went into the house checking no-one was looking. I followed about 1 minute later she was up in Christophers room talkin which I thought was ok untill I heard Christoper say "lets get going then". I thought go where on a date? Then I heard a mild moaning coming from the room. Jullie had talken her shirt off and Christopher pants off and she rubing his cock in her mouth.

I was about to burst in when I decided to just use this to my advantage. I slpped my hands down my sweat pants past my panties and into my little ass. I just stood there watching while rubing my ass. The pleasure coming from the room and my ass felt wonderful to me alone never mind the other 2.

This was heaven I thought then I heard Christopher yell as Jullie sucked. Then Jullie spit his cum out of her mouth and put it on her petit breast and then let Christopher suck it off. Then when I thought they were done came round 2. Jullie took her skirt and panties and pulled then off. She then sat on Christopher's erect cack and started bounceing like a basket ball. They were screaming with pleasure and so was I.

When Christopher had his second erection Jullie took it to the mouth again but swallowed the cum. When they were done they cleaned up and I quickly hid myself as Jullie left the room while saying "same time next week" and Christopher said "yes but I want to lick you first then you can give me a BJ.

Later went to Christopher and asked how he was he said great not to my surprize. When my parents and sister got back I really wanted to tell Mary (my sister). So later I did and she said she knew. Mary also said that she and Christopher had given lickings and BJs to each other several times (but she didn't say anything about actual sex) but he liked Jullie better.

I was by now sick of this Christopher was 14 and so were Mary and Jullie and they were all haveind sex and I was 16 and wasn't. So I decied Christopher could have a change of mouth and pussy.

Later that week when my parents went out I went to Christopher and saw him screwing Mary in the mouth and barged in. So Christopher I see you like being fucked and having BJs! Well now your geting some of mine! Mary moved to the sided and started mastrubating while I striped. Once I was done Christophers cock got my mouth it was a wounderful feeling and taste.

I sucked for about 2 minutes when he erected it was warm and had a strange taste but I swallowed it. The I went from mouth to cock to pussy to cock. It felt so good I wanted to fuck forever he push ed me off and called Mary over who took the cum and put it om my breast. Then Christopher sucked it off and he said "so how do like your first fuck" and I said "same time next week".

The End?

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2013-02-23 14:49:41
This story is to short and too rushed, work on slowing it down and going detail by detail, have someone edit it before you post, and also work on spelling and grammar

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2010-04-16 12:11:19
rated it negative because you can't spell and the story is too rushed. Try lingering a while on the sexy parts, that's what we read stories for.

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2009-11-03 02:39:29
I rated it negative because you can't spell and the story is too rushed. Try lingering a while on the sexy parts, that's what we read stories for.


2007-01-06 03:38:25
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