Kaylee finds a secret room in Mr. Peters' house.
Kaylee was surprised to hear the doorbell after nine o’clock so she set aside her Algebra homework and peered out the little curtained window next to the door. It was Jennifer, her best friend, and she looked upset as she fidgeted in the December cold on the front porch. They were both in their cheer uniforms because there had been a game that afternoon and while the sweater was actually pretty warm, the short pleated skirt did nothing to keep the chill out. Jen noticed her peering out the window and called out, “Come on Melon, let me in. It’s fucking cold out here!”

She unbolted the door and drew back the chain and let her friend in. Mr. Peters wouldn’t be home until after midnight and Kaylee assumed he wouldn’t mind if she had a friend over as long as it wasn’t a boy. Elizabeth, Mr. Peter’s five year daughter, was already asleep in her bed anyway. Never-the-less, Kaylee wished that she could have kept her out – she was obviously upset about something – and if she was right in her suspicions it was about Johnny.

Jen and Johnny had been in a on-again off-again relationship all sophomore year and every couple of weeks it seemed her friend was crying on her shoulder vowing never to see him again. Of course, she was always right back by his side in no time. Kaylee felt that Jen was obsessed and that her relationship with Johnny, a senior, was just not healthy. Her friend had confided in her that she had given the football player a blowjob on their last date and that she intended to give him her virginity on Prom night; if he ever got around to asking her to prom that was. It was just acts of desperation, Kaylee saw, Jen was giving him her most precious gifts in hopes it would keep him interested. That wasn’t the way it was supposed to work – Kaylee was saving herself for someone who was definitely committed to her and had proven it by marrying her. Not that she ever intended to put a penis in her mouth – Jen said it wasn’t that bad – but the thought of it just sent shivers down her spine. It was degrading to women, and just plain disgusting. Kaylee’s husband would have to be a gentleman, like Linus Larabee.

While she did get tired of Jen’s drama, Kaylee was not wary of her blonde squad mate because it was likely more of the same old story. The truth was, if she and Johnny were on the outs, there was a fairly good chance that it was Kaylee’s fault this time. When she had heard how he had ejaculated in Jen’s mouth and then told her to swallow it – she couldn’t even think about such a thing without gagging a little – she had been pretty upset with him. After the game that afternoon, she had marched right up to him dragged him over to the bleachers and told him in no uncertain terms that he needed to treat her friend with respect. At first he had just smirked at her – in disbelief that she was so nosy. It was that kind of thing that really got her irritated: when guys treated her like she was just a dumb girl. And, like always, he had spent most of the time staring at her breasts. Kaylee was self-conscious about her large breasts as it was and never appreciated the attention they garnered her from just about every boy and man she encountered. (Jen, who had something but not much, was insanely jealous of Kaylee’s boobs and had once held up a small watermelon at the market and loudly proclaimed it the same size as Kaylee’s tit. From that point on, Jen always called her Melon, and it was her favorite game to call attention to her friend’s boobs in any public setting.) She had been fuming at him, railing on about respect and dignity, when he had just stepped in close and said, “Maybe this will shut you up.” Then he pressed his lips against hers and began kissing her.

At first she just froze, in complete shock. The truth was, she had only ever had one other kiss, in Junior High and it had been awkward and short. But Johnny was firmly kissing her, his strong arms pulling her against him, and his tongue in her mouth. Suddenly she was very aware of how cute he was – she had always thought he was attractive – and his cheeks were stubbly, manly, and she liked the feel of them on her face. He didn’t smell good, he was all sweaty from the game, but somehow it was a bit intoxicating – masculine – and it caught her off guard. Without even really thinking at all, she just started kissing him back, in a daze reaching up around his body and squeezing him – feeling his muscles. His hands moved to her breasts and she felt her nipples harden. No-one had ever touched her there before and it felt so good. And then she thought, no wonder Jen is so nuts for him!

It was that thought, not the fact that she had compromised all her ethics and feminist ideals in the span of one chauvinistic affront, that snapped her out of it. She pulled back and stopped him when he tried to kiss her again. “Johnny, we can’t do this. What about Jen?”

“Melon, we already did it. And you can’t take it back now. Look, Jen’s nice. I like her a lot. But you know as well as I do that we aren’t going to last. She’s not long term girlfriend material. And I’ve always secretly wanted you anyway.”

Kaylee hated herself for being so flattered by his words. He was a guy who had only yesterday came in her best friend’s mouth and was now hitting on her. There was no way she could ever trust him. Hell, he had just called her Melon, a nickname she hated! But his compliment went right to the heart of her and Jen’s whole dynamic and it pleased her that someone realized she wasn’t easy like Jen. But she was back in control of her faculties and knew she would not let this happen again. She didn’t date jocks – well she really hadn’t accepted any of the numerous date invitations she received on a regular basis, but she certainly didn’t intend to make Johnny the first exception.

“I would really appreciate it if you didn’t mention this to Jen. It would only hurt her. If you really feel that Jen isn’t long term girlfriend material, then you should break up with her once and for all. Let her move on with her life.” With that, she managed to somehow hold her head up high and marched off, still trying to regain her arrogant composure.

But now she was face to face with a visibly upset Jen and she realized that she didn’t know if her friend knew about the kiss. If she did, would she believe Kaylee that it had been all his doing? That she had been a victim of unwanted attention?

She didn’t have to wait long to find out. Jen plopped down on the sofa and immediately began ranting about Johnny. Apparently he had broken up with her, saying pretty much what Kaylee had said to him. Jen needed to get on with her life. “But he told me it was because he was interested in someone else.”

Kaylee looked at her friend’s face carefully. There was anger in Jen’s eyes but she couldn’t know if it was directed at her, or at Johnny. Inside she was screaming how sorry she was, but she just couldn’t bring herself to confess. If she didn’t already know, then she could spare her friend the pain of knowing that he had kissed her best friend. Confessing did nothing to make things better, so she held her tongue.

“Do you have any idea who it could be? Have you seen him chatting it up with any other girls?”

The cheerleader sat back and played with a long red curl as if deep in thought. “Johnny’s always flirting with everyone, Jen. I’ve told you a million times that he’s a horndog.” This was a very truthful answer: if you ignored the fact that it completely dodged the real question.

“I know. I probably shouldn’t even be upset, right. Good riddance to bad rubbish and all that. At least I still have you.”

Kaylee leaned in and hugged her friend who hugged her back. After a minute or two, Jen pushed her away. “Get off me, Melon – you lezzy slut!” And so they moved on to other topics, although every few minutes Jen would return to the subject of Johnny and his mystery crush.

The whole thing was making Kaylee so nervous, she decided to try and distract her friend by suggesting they snoop around the house. Ordinarily she would never do such a thing, but she was desperate to keep Jen busy with something other than her heartbreak. Besides, Mr. Peters was as straight-laced as they come and they probably wouldn’t find any more interesting than a Playboy in his side drawer anyway.

In the master bedroom Jen found a gun in his side drawer, secured with a trigger lock. It was pretty heavy and mean looking. Guns made Kaylee nervous, especially when Jen picked it up and pointed it at her. “I’d sure like to know who mystery-girl is right now – one squeeze of the trigger and Johnny’s mine again.”

Kaylee laughed and took the gun from her, trying to hide her anxiety, “He’s not worth going to jail for, Jen. Besides, maybe she didn’t do anything to encourage his attention.”

“Oh no, Kaylee, he told me that he kissed her! That she kissed him back! The slut let him feel her up.”

No-one had ever called Kaylee a slut before. She supposed she deserved it, but she wasn’t a slut! It had just been that he had caught her off guard. He practically assaulted her and it only took her a couple of minutes to snap out of it. And she had stopped it. How was she ever going to be able to explain herself to Jen?

Mr. Peters did have pornography, a Penthouse magazine, in his dresser drawer. They spent a few moments looking at the glossy images of women, legs spread and holding their pussies open with their fingers. Kaylee had never seen anything so revolting, although she had to admit the women were very beautiful. None of them had grotesquely huge breasts like hers. She commented that she didn’t understand why slutty girls shaved their pubic hair, and Jen chuckled, pulling her skirt up and her bloomers down to reveal a completely smooth pussy. “It’s because we know guys don’t like getting hair in their teeth.”

“Oh gross!” Kaylee was shocked. Of course she trimmed her bush for bathing suits – that was just good hygiene – but she had never thought that anyone in the real world went bald.

“Of course, Kaylee, you shouldn’t ever do this. Redheads are rare and guys love red pussy hair. But you could leave just a thin strip down the middle. Or make a heart or something; that would be cute.”

It had only been two years ago that she and Jen were kissing their own hands, trying to learn how, and completely ignorant of anything sexual. How had Jen moved so much further along this depraved path?

“Johnny refused to go down on me. Can you believe that? He said he was watching his carbs. And after I ate his come too. Guys have such a double standard. He wouldn’t even kiss me again after I brushed my teeth.”

“Can you blame him? It’s not exactly sanitary. I mean, he pees from there.”

“Remember when Mr. Johnson told us how the Apollo 13 astronauts drank their own urine. He said it was sterile and harmless. It’s not like I licked old crusty urine from a toilet, Kaylee. Besides he was very clean at the time. You’ll see soon enough.”

“Not me, Jen. I wouldn’t date a guy who expected that.”

Jen stared hard at her for a moment, and Kaylee just knew that Jen knew. Johnny had told her all about their kiss and she was going to explode now. But instead Jen just laughed, “Yeah, you probably wouldn’t. You’re going to have the most boring sex life in the whole world, Kaylee. What a waste of fantastic tits!”

Kaylee’s heart was racing, and she felt her face start to flush. “Uh, I need to use the bathroom. I’ll be right back.”

Kaylee went into the bathroom and relieved herself. Then she took a long hard look at herself in the mirror. It wasn’t fair to Jen what had happened. Her friend was hurting, and it was at least a little bit her fault. She had known Jen for a long time, and even though her friend was kind of a blossoming young slut, they were still best friends. She owed her the truth. Summoning up all her courage, she went back into the master bedroom to confess.

Jen wasn’t in the bedroom anymore, but Kaylee heard noises coming from the large walk-in closet. She entered and was surprised to see that the back wall was open. A huge panel had slid aside. Mr. Peters had a secret room in his house.

There was nothing that could have prepared Kaylee for what she found in this room. Even Jen seemed taken aback by it. It was a substantial room, about thirteen feet square, with a concrete floor and cinderblock walls. There were no windows and the only way in or out was back through the closet. One wall was covered with peg board, and neatly organized hung whips, and ropes, and chains, and paddles, and clamps, and – oh my God! Were those dildos? Plastic cocks of all different shapes and sizes were arranged on the wall. The next wall had a large wooden X attached to it, like a cross tilted diagonally. At each of the extremities there was a heavy iron loop, which Kaylee instinctively knew was for tying rope. The last wall, had three large screen flat panel displays on it. Looking around Kaylee saw that there were a dozen or so video cameras set at all angles. What kind of sicko was Mr. Peters?

“Can you believe this shit?” Jen said. She was kneeling next to a large wooden box that was bolted to the center of the floor. The top was covered with padded leather and straps dangled on the sides. It was about table height. It looked ominous but the purpose of it wasn’t evident.

“Uh, I think we better get out here right now. Mr. Peters wouldn’t like us in here.”

An evil grin crossed Jen’s pretty face, “Oh, I think he’d really like us in here.”

“Oh sick! He’s like my Dad’s age.”

“Come on Kaylee. Those Penthouse Pets are only two or three years older than us. You’ve been babysitting for him a lot. I bet he thinks about having you strapped down in here all the time.”

Kaylee was actually kind of afraid at this point. Was this kind of thing even legal? She tried to imagine what it would be like to be strapped down, helpless, while someone violated her. “I want to go, Jen. I’m not comfortable with this.”

As if reading her mind, Jen stood up and approached the box. She went up against it, and Kaylee now saw that there were grooves in the corner in which her legs fit snugly. “I think I’ve figured this thing out. The woman stands here and then bends over the top.” Jen bent over, her stomach on the padding and her small breasts hanging off the other side, and Kaylee saw that her cheer skirt lifted up to the point where her bloomers were in view. “Then she reaches down and grabs hold of these handles.” Again there were grooves in which her arms fit nicely. “Then Mr. Peters straps her in and does his thing.”

“Jen, we shouldn’t be messing with this stuff. For all we know these cameras are on! We need to leave before we get caught.”

“None of the red lights on the cameras are on, Melon. He won’t be home for hours. Quit being such a dork – when are we ever going to get a chance like this again? Here, you try it.”

Jen stood up and motioned for Kaylee to get on the box. She shook her head no. In the pit of her stomach she felt sick. How was she ever going to face Mr. Peters again?

“Come on Kaylee!” Jen whined, “You’ve got to do it. I did it. It’s so weird imagining what it would be like to be restrained like that.”

“I don’t want to, Jen. I feel like we’re violating Mr. Peters’ privacy. It’s not right for us to be in here.”

“Look, just try it and then we’ll leave. I promise.”

Kaylee looked at her friend with a helpless look, but knew she was going to give in. She walked up to the box and tried not to think about Mr. Peters as she put her legs in the grooves and bent over. “Holy shit, Melon! Look how your tits hang!” Kaylee started to get back up, but Jen put a hand on her back. “No – come on – you have to grab those handles.” The young cheerleader frowned at her friend and reached down and grasped the handles. She had to admit that the position she was in was uniquely sexual. She was on her tip toes, and her ass was pointing out, and her tits were hanging down. If she had been strapped down, Mr. Peters would be able to do anything to her he wanted.

“Hey, Melon! Look at this!” Jen was now standing by the television monitors and there was a touch screen display that she was typing on. In the span of two seconds, Kaylee became aware of several things at once: First, there was a loud clicking sound, and she felt clamps close around her ankles and wrists. Second, the room was suddenly flooded with light. Third, there was a mild electronic hum and all the screens came to life and Kaylee now saw herself from several different angles, strapped to the bench. Looking around she saw that all the cameras now had red lights. And last, she watched the door slide shut with a hiss.

“Jen! What did you do? I’m stuck! Turn it off!” Kaylee was panicking and felt like she couldn’t get enough air.

Jen was laughing loudly. “Calm down, Kaylee. I figured out this whole contraption when you were in the bathroom. I’m just fucking with you.”

Kaylee tried to calm down, “Please let me up, Jen. I don’t like this at all.” She knew she was about to cry and really didn’t want to give Jen anything more to tease her about.

Jen walked over to the bench. “This really is an ingenious device, don’t you think?” She pulled a strap from the sides of the bench and pulled it tight across Kaylee’s back. “This lever spreads your legs wide.” Kaylee saw on one of the monitors that Jen pulled a lever near her feet and the shackles on her legs pulled out hard, spreading her.

“OW! Damn it, Jen, stop playing around!”

“Oh, Melon, you must be so uncomfortable. Let me help you.” She went around the front and pulled out a stand. It was an adjustable prop, with a large metal collar on it. Jen fastened it around Kaylee’s neck. Now she could rest her head, which was more comfortable, but she was forced to look forward, her chin pointing out. “Look at yourself, Melon!”

Kaylee couldn’t help but look at herself. She was larger than life on the monitors.

“If Mr. Peters was here, I bet he’d rip off your bloomers and fuck you silly.”

“Come on Jen, this isn’t funny. I want to get up.”

“But you haven’t seen the best part, Melon.” Jen stooped down in front of her and pulled up her sweater and bra freeing her breasts.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“Check this out,” Jen laughed and pulled two little clamps out from a drawer at the base of the unit. She put one on each of Kaylee’s nipples, causing her to scream. The clamps were attached to retractable cords that pulled down, stretching out her nipples.

Kaylee was gritting her teeth, the pain was intense, “GET ME OUT OF THIS RIGHT NOW!” Now she was pissed. Jen had definitely crossed the line.

“Okay, okay. Calm down, Kaylee. I was just messing with you. Let me shut it off.” While Kaylee whimpered, Jen went to the panel and tapped away. “This should do it.”

Kaylee heard some clicking and felt vibration coming from the box. She pulled against her restraints but they didn’t open. Then in horror she watched on the monitor from a side angle as a drawer opened from the bottom of the box between her legs and a pneumatic arm raised up holding a large black dildo. The drawer then began to slowly retract, pulling the dildo closer to her inch by inch.

“Oops!” Jen said, tapping on the controls some more, “This doesn’t seem to be responding.”

“Jen, this isn’t funny! Stop that thing!”

“I’m pressing the release button. It’s not releasing. It worked when you were in the bathroom!”

The dildo made contact with Kaylee, pressing against her bloomers. It was clearly trying to penetrate her and she felt the smooth material of her panties and bloomers pushing inside of her. It hurt a lot, but just kept pressing.

“OH GOD! It’s trying to go in! Stop it, Jen! Turn it off!”

“I’m trying! Damn it, this thing is not responding!”

“OH! FUCK!” An inch of her panties and bloomers had been pushed inside of her by the dildo, and it was tearing her dry pussy. Slowly the dildo retreated, and Kaylee sighed in relief, but then it reverse and slowly began trying to penetrate her again. “Jen! It’s trying to fuck me! Don’t let it fuck me! Please, God, please turn it off! Oh it’s tearing me up!”

Jen saw on the monitors that it was pushing her underwear inside of her pussy. She moved over to Kaylee, and said, “Honey, I think I’m going to have to move your bloomers or it’s really going to hurt you.” As the dildo pulled out, Jen grabbed her bloomers and panties and pulled them down. When the dildo made its way back it now entered her pussy unhindered. Her pussy was still raw, but it didn’t hurt as much. The dildo kept penetrating her about an inch and then backing away – little by little Kaylee felt her pussy dampen and then it actually began to feel good.

“Oh God, Jen. Please stop this.”

“Working on it, Kaylee. I just don’t understand why it’s not working. Maybe I can unplug it.”

There were no wires anywhere on the box, it must have been hard wired through the floor. “I’m so sorry, Kaylee, I’ll turn it off I swear.” She was back tapping on the panel, and then the dildo stopped slowly teasing her and began to push into her very slowly.

“Jen! It’s going deeper! It’s going to fuck me! Shit, it’s going to take my cherry! Please, turn it off.”

Kaylee felt the dildo brush up against her hymen. If Jen didn’t figure it out soon, she was going to be deflowered by this evil machine. Jen then moved over to Kaylee and knelt down in front of her, looking her in the eye. “You know, I intended to give my cherry to Johnny at the prom.” Kaylee bit her lip as the dildo pressed into her, and then screamed as it burst through her cherry. “Now he tells me that he wants to take you to the prom. You, Kaylee. My best friend.”

“Oh God! Fuck it hurts!” The dildo pushed into Kaylee, six inches, seven, eight. The pain and humiliation was intense, and the terror, at realizing Jen knew about Johnny, was only making it worse. She had let this machine take her virginity, and now it seemed she was going to let it impale her.

“It’s a thirteen inch cock, Kaylee. I switched it out from the five incher that was on it when I came in here. It’s going to destroy your pussy. Johnny’s little six inch dick won’t even be able to feel the sides of your cunt when you give it up at prom.”

Nine inches in and still going. The dildo was pressing against her cervix and now began to force its way in deeper. The pain was unbearable, she was stretched wide and deep. “Jen, please stop! I don’t want to go to prom with Johnny. I hate him!”

Ten inches. “Oh, is that why you tongue fucked him! It that why you let him grope your fucking melons!” She tugged on the nipple clamps getting Kaylee to scream again. “Is that why you TOLD him he had to break up with me if he wanted to be with you?”

“No! Jen, I’m sorry. He kissed me. I was just taken off guard!”

Eleven inches of hard plastic cock in her tight body and Kaylee thought she might pass out. She couldn’t believe that Jen was doing this to her. Tears poured down her face. “That’s right, cry you little slut! Tiffany told me she saw you. You kissed him for like five minutes! You clung to him! You let him touch your precious tits! And after all your lectures on how I’m such a slut.”

“No, it’s not like that. It was just an accident. I was confused. Please, stop this. Jen, please you’re my best friend.”

“Fuck you, Melon! I’m not your goddamn friend. You’re a backstabbing little bitch and I’m going to enjoy destroying your fucking cunt.”

With twelve inches of dildo buried inside of her, Kaylee was groaning and couldn’t say anything else. She hadn’t realized she was even able to take so much inside of her. The last inch pushed into her slowly and then the whole machine just stopped. Jen went back to the panel and pressed a few buttons. The dildo began to vibrate inside of her. Jen went to the wall and grabbed a little ribbed clip that she affixed to the dildo so it was pressing up against Kaylee’s clit. The vibrations were driving her crazy.

“Don’t do that! Stop it, Jen! This is rape! Get this thing out of me!”

“You know what? I’m sick of your lying bitch mouth!” Jen grabbed a harness from the wall, and stepped into it. Kaylee didn’t understand what was happening until Jen clipped an eight inch dildo onto the front of it. She had never even heard of strap-ons, but the purpose of it was self-evident.

“Jen, please, we can talk about this. I don’t want Johnny, and you shouldn’t either.”

“I love him, bitch! I let him cum in my mouth! And now, he’s telling me how he can’t stop thinking about your fucking tits.”

“Please, Jen, please stop this!” The pleasure she was getting from the vibrator in her cunt was finding its way through the pain she was feeling in her nipples and cervix. Her clit was sending wave after wave of sensation through her. Kaylee had never had an orgasm and so she didn’t recognize that the feeling that was building up inside of her was going to be so intense. “Oh fuck, please make it st-“

When her mouth made an O in the word ‘stop’, Jen shoved the strap-on into her mouth. “Guess what, you judgmental little bitch, looks like you do suck dick after all! I just wish I could come down your pretty little throat.” Kaylee’s eyes were wide as Jen pushed inch after inch of the cock into her mouth, not stopping when she gagged. The head of the plastic cock entered her throat and Jen didn’t let up until the fake plastic balls were on Kaylee’s chin. She couldn’t breathe. “Oh my, Kaylee, you’re a natural cocksucker – deep throating it on the first try.”

Kaylee really began to panic just as her body released her first orgasm. She was literally thrashing against her restraints, humiliated that she was somehow enjoying this torture, terrified that Jen was going to suffocate her to death, in the most pain she had ever endured. Jen pulled out of her throat, and she gasped for breath and screamed until Jen shoved the dick back into her mouth.

Her mouth was fucked furiously for the next several minutes, as orgasm after orgasm coursed through her from the cock in her cunt. “Take it you fucking good for nothing cunt! Suck my dick, Kaylee! I’m going to tell everyone what a great little cocksucker you are – how you can take the whole thing into your throat. Every guy you know is going to try to get his cock in you. Course I’m going to tell them how stretched out and useless your pussy is now.”

Kaylee couldn’t believe what was happening to her. Her body was completely betraying her as she came over and over and over. She wanted to die. Eventually, Jen got tired of fucking her throat.

“Jen, please, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Please stop raping me!”

“Raping you? Kaylee, you are cumming almost constantly. Who cums when they’re being raped?”

“I don’t want this! I’m saying NO!”

“Your mouth says ‘no’ but your pussy is saying ‘yes’. But you know what, I’m sick of listening to you whine.” Jen grabbed a large red ball gag from the wall and affixed it around Kaylee’s head. She now could only moan into her gag.

“You’re gonna love this next bit, Kaylee.” Kaylee watched on the monitor as Jen pulled some platforms out from the corners of the box near her feet. Jen stood on these platforms, straddling the evil fucking machine that was embedded in Kaylee’s cunt. To her horror, Kaylee watched Jen line up the strap-on with her asshole.

“NNNNNNNNNUU!” Kaylee tried to protest, but the gag was effective. The dildo was only slickened with her own saliva, but Jen managed to get the tip inside her virgin asshole. She screamed silently into her gag as Jen slowly fucked into her. It was surreal feeling a cock in both her pussy and her asshole. And all the while her clit continued to shoot out multiple orgasms. Her whole body was drenched in sweat.

“Oh yeah, I’ve got all of it in your ass! What a dirty slut you are, Kaylee. Taking a cock in your asshole and cunt and cumming because you love it!”

Kaylee didn’t want to love it – in fact she hated it. She hated the humiliation and betrayal she felt. It was very painful – every part of her was sore. But the reality was that every little thing that Jen did to her made her cum again and again as long as that vibrating cock was inside of her. She had lost count of how many orgasms she had had.

Finally, Jen tired of fucking her asshole and pulled out. She came back around to Kaylee’s face. Jen held the cock in one hand and put it up by Kaylee’s nose. She could smell her own shit on the strap-on and tried to pull away from it. “Now, Kaylee, I’m almost ready to stop torturing you. But first, I expect you to clean up my cock. When I take off your gag, I want you to stick your tongue out and lick this ass covered cock clean. If you don’t, I’m going to grab one of those whips and tan your ass until you beg me for the honor of cleaning my dick.”

Kaylee shook her head ‘no’, but Jen just unfastened the gag and stuck the strap-on out for her. “Jen, please. Please don’t make me do this.”

“Melon, I’m going to fucking hurt you bad if you don’t lick my cock right now!”

Kaylee believed her, but she just couldn’t seem to find the nerve to do it. It was so disgusting. Jen got very cross. She went back to the wall again and picked up a large paddle with holes in it.


“HOLY FUCK! Jen, stop it!”


Kaylee screamed as her ass turned bright red with white dots. Jen let her have it a dozen or so times until Kaylee started cumming again. “You are such a slut, Kaylee. You just don’t stop cumming.”

“Please stop hitting me! Stop, please! Please, I’ll clean your cock! I’ll lick it! I promise!”

Jen moved back to Kaylee’s face and she immediately stuck her tongue out and started licking the shit covered cock. “Tell me you love it. Tell me you love licking your shit off my cock.”

“Jen, please. Haven’t I had enough?”

“Do you need another spanking, bitch?”

Kaylee cringed and kept licking, “MMMM. I love licking my shit off your cock. I love it.” Then she came again.

“Well, Kaylee, it seems you are being very selfish. Not only did you steal my boyfriend, but we’ve been having sex for like an hour and you’re the only one who’s came. Before we finish up here, I want you to make me cum.”

Jen slipped her bloomers off, and pulled the thong to the side. Kaylee could see her pussy was dripping wet. She couldn’t believe it, Jen was sexually excited by torturing her. She watched as her lifelong friend bent over at the waist and slowly backed up until her snatch was pressed against Kaylee’s mouth.

“Jen, no!” Kaylee shut her mouth and tried to turn her head away.

“Get your tongue in my cunt right this instant, Kaylee! Don’t make me whip you again!”

Kaylee tentatively stuck out her tongue and tasted her best friend’s pussy. It was creamy and sticky, but it wasn’t foul. Jen began moaning as Kaylee lapped at her. “Oh that’s so good, Kaylee. Come on, slut, get your tongue inside me!”

Jen forced her friend to lick her pussy and asshole for the next several minutes until finally she crested and had an intense orgasm, filling Kaylee’s mouth with her juices.

“Now, will you please get this thing out of me and let me go.” Kaylee was completely sobbing now.

“I’m almost done, you fucking bitch.” Jen retrieved another gag from the wall and put the ball into Kaylee’s mouth. She then insert a flexible tube into a hole running through the center of the gag. At the end of the tube she attached a large funnel.

Kaylee thought she was beyond being horrified, but her eyes flew open wide again as Jen straddled the funnel and began to piss. “Mr. Johnson would be so proud of me, don’t you think? Putting knowledge into practice like this. Maybe I’ll show him the video.” The poor cheerleader’s mouth flooded with piss – Jen reached down and pinched her nose closed. “Swallow it, slut!” There was no other option, Kaylee had to swallow mouthful after mouthful of piss.

Jen began putting things away, switching the funnel gag for a red ball gag again. Then she went back to the wall panel and tapped a few things. Kaylee hoped for a second that Jen was going to release her, but to her chagrin, the dildo inside of her began to fuck her – pulling out almost a full ten inches and then slamming back in. All she could do was grunt in pain as each push slammed into her cervix and caused her tits to bounce pulling against the clamps.

Now Jen ignored Kaylee for several minutes while she was mercilessly fucked by the machine. She transferred all the video of their little encounter to an online server and deleted it all from the local server. Then she shut off the cameras.

“Kaylee, I’m almost done here. Just be patient a little longer.” Kaylee was busy having yet another orgasm, her whole body twitching as the monster dildo ravaged her. Jen pulled out her cell phone and dialed Kaylee’s house.

“Oh, hello Mrs. Stephens. Yes, it’s Jen. Kaylee’s phone died again – I told her to plug it in. I know. I know.” She held the phone away for a moment, “It’s your mom, Kaylee.” She smiled evilly. “Oh, okay. I’ll ask her. Sorry, Mrs. Stephens, Kaylee’s all tied up dealing with Mr. Peters’ baby. Anyway, Johnny and I broke up today and I was hoping you’d let Kaylee stay with me this weekend. Oh yeah, no problem. Yeah, she won’t need any clothes or anything. Toothbrush? Well, I’m sure there’s something around here we can use to clean her mouth out. Yeah, I know, I’m hysterical. Thanks, Mrs. Stephens. What? Oh, well, it seems he’s been cheating on me with some cheap little slut. Yeah. Okay, if I catch her I’ll slap her once for you. Bye.”

Jen hung up her phone and then slapped Kaylee as hard as she could right across the face. “Your mom says hi, bitch! Well, Kaylee, it’s time to get home. There’s a lot of video to edit. I’m going to remove myself from all of it. If you go to the police, or try to tell our parents, I’ll send a copy to everyone you know. Everyone will see how easily you cum and how much you love licking shit off of cocks. But if you’re good, I’ll only show it to a few select people.”

Kaylee was completely exhausted and although furious at Jen, she was just glad the ordeal was coming to an end. She just wanted to forget about the whole thing – she had no intention of telling anyone. Still the idea of spending the whole weekend with Jen after her rape seemed unthinkable. Did Jen really think they were going to still be friends after this?

“Well, see ya at school. By the way, if you show up at cheer practice again or talk to any of our friends, I’ll show this video on the school TV network. Keep your distance.”

Kaylee, her pussy still being pounded, watched as Jen walked out of the room. She poked her head back in for a moment, “Oh, don’t worry I’ll hang out until Mr. Peters get back. To make sure Elizabeth is safe. Oh, and I’ll let him know that your folks won’t be missing you until after school on Monday.” Jen left and a moment later the door slid shut and the lights all went out. The machine kept pumping away, occasionally bringing her to another orgasm.

All she could do was wait for Mr. Peters to come home and find her. Would he let her go or continue her rape? It was only about forty-five minutes before she found out.

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2014-11-22 17:18:19
Great story! Part two?

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2014-07-19 06:25:42
AVHjal Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic blog. Awesome.


2014-02-24 03:32:13
Oh my gosh this is the best story I've ever read. Ugh it made me so horny!!


2014-02-24 03:08:15
Oh my gosh this is the best story I've ever read. Ugh it made me so horny!!

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2014-01-03 06:35:40
Mr.Peters should find Jen and have the pleasure to break her since she acts so high and mighty. That would be pure revenge, however Kaylee and Jen should become Mr.Peters slaves. Great story though. I'm looking forward to a part 2.

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