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A Stud is on the Prowl.
Hi everything is hotting up for the kind of sex a reader like you can only dream about. I am not one to blow my own trumpet; not when women are falling over themselves to blow it for me. I am a freak of hotness. A wink at your girl from me will cause a wet patch fish could survive in. A pout of my lips would see her squirting and having multiples like a Tsunami had struck. So if you want to hang on to your girl; keep her away from me. Do not let her see my pic; or even mention my name, -------Albert (stud) Higginbottom.

Let me tell you how this latest chapter of my sexual prowess has left one woman a trembling wreck lusting for my perfect body. I caught a train to Blackbeach this morning; my boss wanted me at the opposite end of the country. He personally handed me the tickets which would take me there. I took my favourite magazine along “Big Juicy Cunts” it arrives through my letterbox every month. Sid the newsagent is not capable of supplying literature to feed my cultured mind. He told me “I do sell top shelf magazines, but my shelves are not that fucking high”.

I boarded the train and to my dismay there were no other passengers to feast on my personality. It was an express five hours without a stop; at least I would have a chance to increase my masturbation averages. With a bit of luck I might be able to jerk off at farm workers when we pass through the countryside. It will make their dull existence a little more exciting watching me cumm all over the train window as we hurtle by.

All these charitable thoughts were running through my mind when suddenly I heard coughing; not one but three small coughs. My razor sharp instinct told me we were not alone, either me or the one coughing. Then I saw her as she rose in her seat at the back of the carriage. I quickly ran to the back my shoes banging the surface in my eagerness to bring her comfort and joy. I sat directly opposite her and stared in to her wide eyes, her mouth dropped open. I could tell she was overwrought in my presence; I immediately set about re-assuring her.

“Don’t worry babe; you are not as hot as most of my chicks, but I don’t mind sitting next to you”. I know from experience rule number one is putting a girl at ease, before moving on to rule two which is complimenting her. “You got a fine pair of tits there” I said nodding toward her blouse which had the top button open. She was still speechless; I knew she was not used to being around men of my calibre. She buttoned the top button of her blouse and shuffled uneasy in a suggestive way. She was wearing a short skirt and my eyes diverted to her legs. “Woooaaahhh” I said giving her yet another compliment; all part of my shrewd seduction routine.

“Excuse me” she said trying to overcome her inferiority complex. She grabbed her large hold all bag and headed to the toilet slamming the door seductively. Why had she taken her bag I am far too suave looking to be a thief; of course she will have her make up in there. She will be doing her damndest to make herself as hot as she can if she wants to have any chance with me. She was in there for what seemed a fucking long time; I figured she must be too overawed to come out and see me. If only she knew I was willing to give her a good fuck no matter how far below my standards she is; being the only girl on the train I was feeling charitable.

Finally she came out looking so different; she had no mini skirt on and the sexy blouse had been removed; I knew I had her in the palm of my hand. The mini skirt had been replaced by track suit bottoms; and a baggy jumper for her blouse. She took her seat teasingly at the opposite end of the carriage.”Of course; she wants me to strip her completely, I would have had that blouse and mini off her in no time. So that’s her game, bet she has stockings and suspenders under the track bottoms”. I went along with her teasing and walked with a sexy swagger towards her again.

I sat opposite again and nonchalantly said “Babes let me give you a tip, don’t try too hard. I had already decided to fuck you; so all the changing masquerade was pointless”. She was clearly embarrassed that I had pointed out her naivety. She stammered and fluffed her next lines, “Look my boyfriend will be waiting for me at the station and he will not be happy if I am not happy; do you get my drift”? Her voice rose to the end of the sentence confusing me for a second, only a second though as my trained brain quickly deciphered this cryptic message. Her boyfriend will want her pussy to be creampied on arrival; he will probably take her directly to the train station toilets desperate to find a cumm filled cunt to lick out. I could not let them down their happiness depended on me.

I got a huge hard on with the thought of it; luckily I had my “Big Juicy Cunts” magazine so I put it across my bulge to hide it. She stared down at its centre pages which it happened to be open on with a horrified look; I then realised I had probably made the first mistake of my life. She must have wanted to see my bulge it would have been such a huge turn on for her She continued her teasing game by running back to the opposite end of the carriage again. I had to admire her roll playing skills as she yelled “Don’t fucking come near me” she sounded so convincing. That’s when I rumbled it, “All this has been set up as a supreme roll play challenge that only a talent like me can handle”.

“Of course why send me to the opposite end of the country on the day of the firms’ annual party? Had I not been the star last year? I had sung and danced on the tables for the people who did not like listening to speeches. People were still talking about my performance only last week. This must be my reward for my efforts; pity it could only be arranged on the day of the party. Still the firm must really appreciate me; it must have been expensive hiring a train and a first class actress. I should have realised when the boss said he wants me to study Blackbeach traffic light placements; our firm specialise in dental products”.
Still I never let on to the actress and continued with the charade; after all it may have been secretly filmed live with everyone at the party enjoying my performance. I decided to really hot things up as only I can. Bending down I quietly sneaked up to her seat without her seeing me. I pulled my trousers down to my ankles and then announced myself to her. “Wheeeaaayyy” I shouted loudly and began poking my huge erection into her face. The look on her face was priceless; “What a fucking good actress this girl is”. She screamed out “Aaaggghhhh” and ran half way down the corridor to pull an emergency stop handle.

The train stopped almost immediately; I had to take my hat off to who ever dreamed this so realistic scheme up. It was clear however they knew that only I alone was capable of playing the leading part in all of this. Suddenly a man dressed in a security guard costume was running to the carriage. She jumped out and had a few words with him; they must have been discussing the . He boarded and looked down the train at me. I still had my trousers round my ankles. “Oh no they want me to do gay scenes” I thought. “I don’t mind giving him a swift one off the wrist, but I am too masculine to take or pump it up the escape hatch”.

He jumped off the train and started to talk with the actress again. He then began speaking on his phone; I thought “They must be getting instructions on who they want me to fuck first”. I decided to let them sort out their confusion; and as my trousers were still round my ankles it would be an ideal time to give my cock a well earned handshake. Deciding to make the most of the occasion I laid myself out along the entire length of the trains’ dining table. After all it’s not everyday you are afforded the luxury of a train prop for your jerking pleasures. I am very macho and it only takes me a few strokes to shoot the cumm all over my pyjamas when I am in bed.

I began thinking of the young woman down the road from me. All though we have never met; I can see her when she hangs out her washing in the back garden. I have a strong pair of binoculars; it said on the box they are the same ones that secret agent spies use. I can focus on her washing line and get a close up of her panties and bras; it’s like I own that hottie. I was thinking of her green pair which has the smallest of rips in them and began shooting out some of the finest cumm sprays you will ever see. They were going everywhere; I thought “Pity the actress is not here she could be feasting on this lot”. As the last spray shot out I looked up and “Fuck Me” how good is this, and how much is all this costing?

Standing before me was two police constables, male and female. Their costumes were spot on exactly like the real thing. I expected the female to suddenly start stripping but no it was even better than that. The male pulled my hands behind my back and she put a pair of handcuffs on me; “kinky fucker” I thought. She then bent down in front of me and I could tell she was desperate to give me a blow job. However the male must have told her to be patient; because she looked at him in total disgust as she pulled my trousers back up again. It was clear there was a strict to stick to; and she would have to wait before being allowed to pleasure herself on me.

I thought it best not to let them know I had rumbled what was happening and went along with the charade when they said “You are under arrest”. I could not resist a sly wink however at the actress who was pretending to be grief stricken while being comforted by the guard. So with the actress and the policewoman now on the scene; I was guaranteed at least two good fucks. I hoped the two males would be taking sloppy seconds after me; though I would not mind them joining me for a bit of double penetration. If they have uncontrollable urges for my peach of a cock however; I may let them give me a blow job on this special occasion.

So now here I am now in a building expertly made over to look exactly like a real police station. The arrest wagon the sergeant at the desk where I came in not to mention this cell; I can’t compliment the backroom staff enough. So soon it will be my turn “The Star “to perform. I expect to do both women solo; then some double penetration shots with the guard and policeman. Here we go pussy at last: I am being led along a passage I can see the actress hugging with some new bloke. He is giving me a fist up sign; in porn speak that means have you fucked her yet. “I will be screwing her soon don’t worry” hope he heard me through that screen.

Here’s the camera now; oh they want some stills with me holding what must be the catalogue number board. I expect it is for the front of the C/D, cover so people in Sid’s shop etc, won’t know its naughty sexy stud stuff. Now back down the corridor; I can’t get over how convincing this is. Ooh they have put me in a really dark cell; this must be the fucking room at last; probably the ultra red cameras will pick up all my stud routines. “All right girls I know you are in here. Albert stud Higginbottom is ready I have taken my cock out and the first hand to grab it gets first fuck.

Hello--- Hello------ Hello, don’t take too long I might take a star tantrum and go back home and none of you will get fucked”.

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